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Monster FC

As the new owner of this FC, everyone should read/watch Monster :amuse

Spoiler: Plot
It is a story of a Japanese doctor named Dr. Tenma who saves a young boy's life, but as a result, he created a monster. Dr. Tenma must now undo what he has done in order to prevent the devil from creating mass murders...

Why should I read/watch Monster?
Simple. It has great suspense, great character development (even for side characters), and every chapter/episode will leave you on a cliffhanger :omg


Kuchiki Byakuya
Captain Pip XD


Dark Travis
Wicked Child

Banner: Will make some giffies :plot


-------------Here you go Capt. Pip - DO THIS JUSTICE!!!!:yell Monster is freaking awesome!! ------------
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Have you been naughty or nice?
Monster owns you and everyone else, therefore I have to join because it is such an awesome anime and manga.
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Cthulhu Fhtagn!

But I just don't understand how ppl can not love Monster.
Why they don't join?? (Maybe cuz ther's no banner?)

Anyway, won't u mind making me a co-owner Tobi? It would be nice, cuz Monster is just great.

BTW I read only manga, what is anime like?


Have you been naughty or nice?
The anime follows the manga very closely, and I think it is just as good as the manga. Awesome seiyuus, nice music and pretty good-looking animation.
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Wicked Child

Anti-Social Heretic
*pokes fc* Hello?

As a fellow Monster fan, I have to join this fc as well. I am saddened however at the lack of...fanclubby-ness here. :S

If any of the other couple of members live in the US, have you picked up the first volume of Monster out by Viz? The moment I found out it was licensed and coming out in the US I literally had a spazz attack. When I had the opportunity to hit up Barnes & Noble I made a beeline for the manga section and lo and behold there it was! Three copies in fact. I startled the three teenagers who were debating the worth of Naruto (rather Kishimoto's artistic ability) by letting my hand just snake out and grab hold of first volume.

This series has to be one of my all-time favorites. I, for whatever reason, cannot get enough of Johan.


Newbie...hahaa...hahahaha .....
Definetly joining this fc. it's really sad when a manga such as this one doesnt have a big fanbase here...this and the Ippo fanclub are lacking...


Cthulhu Fhtagn!

new memebers:wtf

The owner will add you to the list when he'll have time to do it.
...just finished reading the manga yesterday...so good...
so true

I have to see the anime, though.


Cthulhu Fhtagn!
welcome Tiesto422

your right about the banner, but I'm very bussy right now (I barely have any time to check out on NF:()


I must join. I just finished watching Monster yesterday. And overall the series was amazing in every way plot development, characterization and just being interesting.


<font color='#FF9900'><b><marquee>NARUTARD</marque
Joinage please - I'll get some manga scans in here soon too, as well :love
Thanks for letting me be owner, Harlita :amuse I shall take good care of this place :woo

*will be adding everyone's names too :D

never saw this before, can someone link me?

Monster Pimping Thread

Just request there for manga/anime and you will enjoy Monster :thumbs

I'm currently on episode 68 and the suspense is killing me XD


you didn't think that I wouldn't join did you?? :p

good job taking it over and trying to get it active Pip :hi5
Well, I had a feeling you would join sooner or later :ninja

and yes, I've taken control over this FC :dance

oh yea..I just finished watching Monster and the ending's...<insert another word for crazy> :twitch

Don't worry, I won't spoil it for you =P


now I wanna know :arg

I gotta go finish it off now so we can discuss later in spoiler tags :bees


that's fine by me :shifty

I'm actually surprised we got to see as much of him as we have in the anime. :amazed
but that's good :wtf

Even though Johan is a madman, seeing him makes me happy XD

I never watch an anime that had an evil character this crazy :amazed
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