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Most Important Existences (Who has more reason Survive)

Discussion in 'Konoha Library Archives' started by Ackwell, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Ackwell

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    Jul 25, 2006
    This is not a Theory. Something to discuss.

    This is basically a little writup I came up with at work tonight. It's based on who's existences are most important, and worthy. It is my belief that these goals they must accomplish are reasons they stay alive and continue living, this story has already made that idea clear.

    Sasuke can't die until he kills his brother. (Important)
    Naruto can't die until he's Hokage and protects people. (Important)
    Rock Lee must prove he can be excelent without Nin/Gen jutsu (Mediocure)
    Sakura must end up with Sasuke (Pathetic)
    Itachi must gain ultimate power through Sharingan/Akatsuki (Important)
    Akatsuki must gain the Tailed Demon animals and be the strognest (Important)
    Ten Ten wants to be like Tsunade (Pathetic)
    Gai wants to see Rock Lee become great (Mediocure)

    The thing is, Orochimaru, is the most Ambitious character in the Narutoverse period. His goal stands above ALL others.

    Orochimaru : Understand the meaning of life. The meaning of the world. Gain true knowledge and perhaps be worthy of being called the Ultimate Being. Live Forever. Know all Jutsus.

    Yep. That's something to work for.

    And that's something the powers that be (God? Kishimoto?) will grant based on how important that goal is to the individual. If killing people and doing harmful things that will take away your soul/character/friends/honour perhaps is important for Orochimaru, than he is working VERY hard to complete his goal, which is the hardest one out of all of them.

    The reason Orochimaru is the ultimate character, is because he has used sacrifices in order to do this. People die day in and day out in Narutoverse, whats a few people here and there?

    The thing that most don't seem to understand, is that Orochimaru was very much like all the other Konoha nins, got along with them and everything. He would make jokes at Jiariya and laugh at him when they were young. Oro/Jiariya were best buds I'd imagine. Since Jiariya said he went through the same thing Naruto is with Sasuke.

    Along this entire Naruto Journey, so much of the basic storyline is about self confidence, self goals, and having that goal that you must accomplish. That's your reason for living.
    Naruto CANNOT die until he becomes Hokage.
    Sasuke CANNOT die until he kills Itachi.
    These MEANINGS they have are their true strengths.
    That's why Orochimaru is granted more luck and advantage to keep him from dying, and to keep him from completing his goal. He's been in Akatsuki, stolen whatever knowledge he could, got out of there, and has still avoided death. He's fucked with Konoha, KN4, Jiariya/Tsunade (With no Arms), and even proved his Existence was more important than the Thirds, when he was able to kill The Third and not die in the process. Meaning the powers that be decided he had to complete his goal, however the powers that be also granted the Thirds goal, he protected Konoha that day, and passed on the will of fire to the others. For Orochimaru It's the powers that be that still grant him his Jutsus and Existence.

    In The future, two more Existences face off in a battle, that battle will be Orochimaru (Goal completes when he has sharingan, all knowledge of jutsus, lives forever) vs Sasuke (Goal completes when his brother is dead. Goal also completes 100 percent if he revives his clan)
    Sasuke will have to battle Orochimaru in order to save himself from the Transfer process. If Orochimaru transfers into Sasuke, he dies. He becomes overtaken. He loses. Existence worth nothing. No point in Sasuke being on the planet.
    Orochimaru doesn't NEED Sasuke in order to continue forever or to complete his goal. This would just be a MUCH easier and quicker way for him to complete his goal.

    But in the battle of Goals that must be completed

    Sasuke staying alive to kill brother/revive clan > Orochimaru gaining power quicker

    If Sasuke stays alive, he can kill His brother, and REVIVE the famous and feared Uchihas, the most deadly ninja kliq ever. That is why Orochimaru will fail in taking over Sasuke.

    Much more reason to stay alive.

    Some of you may think that he will just give Orochimaru his body so they can both try to kill Itachi.
    Sasuke is one of the smartest Nins in Narutoverse.
    He is witty, and also sneaky/snakelike himself. He is gaining power his way.