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Mugiwara's Adventure on Kage Shima

Discussion in 'One Piece Harbour' started by Hitotsumami, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Hitotsumami

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    Feb 26, 2006
    I've always wanted to do a great fan-fic of One Piece, and since I'm a pretty well rounded writer, I decided to give it a go. As a quick warning, if you are not up to date with the most recent chapter ( or at least most recent episode ) do not read ahead.

    Thank you.


    One Piece

    Mugiwara's Adventure on Kage Shima

    By: Hitotsumami​


    Chapter One:

    Approaching Shadow Island!

    There is an island in the Grand Line that hasn't been touched for over 22 years...

    A log pose has not pointed toward this island in so long, that even the terrible stories that spread from it started to vanish...

    But now, a group of pirates are about to be taken in by the shadows that lie ahead...

    Shadows that may be impossible for even this crew to escape...

    "Nami!" cries Luffy, standing on his heels as he looked outward to sea, holding his straw hat firm in his right hand. "Nami! Come look!" Luffy spun around to see what was holding her.

    The deck of this small ship was primarily empty right now. The Going Merry was it's name, a small caravel. However, it's size puts it at a large disposition toward the sea, escpecially a sea like the Grand Line, where no one ever knows what might fly at them next. But nonetheless, this small ship has stood it's ground.

    Usopp, who was part of this certian pirate crew, sat on the mast, looking down at Luffy's sudden call. Usopp was the average scaredy-cat with a dream of becoming a brave warrior of the sea. At the moment, he was working on fixing a certain area of the mast after it had been previously damaged. "Luffy?" he muttered, looking down.

    All of a sudden, the door to the cabin of the ship opened up, and out walked Nami. Nami, who was the ship's navigator, was a "devil-woman" as some people called her. She had an extreme lust for money, and a quick fist to stop anyone from bothering her. However, beneath all this wickedness, was a heart... Well, not really. "Huh? What is it Luffy?"

    Behind Nami was a taller man, a man with blonde hair that always covered his left eye, and wearing a black suit. This man was the chef of the crew, named Sanji. His most noticable feature is his eyebrow, which seems to curve at the end. "Hmm? Have we reached an island yet?"

    A small reigndeer suddenly popped out from beneath Nami's feet. This was no normal reigndeer, however. It was one who had eaten a Devil Fruit, a fruit with the ability to give the user a remarkable power at the cost of loosing the control of the body when submerged in water. This reigndeer had eaten the Hito Hito no mi, a fruit changing him into half human. "Oh! Is it an island? Which one is it?"

    Luffy shook his head. "It's not an island!"

    Nami blinked, then looked ahead to where Luffy was pointing. In front of her sat the most thickest amount of darkness she had ever seen in her life. Dark clouds seem to actually sit on the sea itself, making seeing impossible. Thunder roared and a few strikes of lighting traveled it's way across the never ending clouds in almost an instant. "This.. is bad. It's a huge storm, but I can still make out a small landmass in the center of it."

    Out from the back of the ship walked a man with green hair and three swords strapped to his waist. This man was known as Roronoa Zoro, one of the greatest swordsman in the entire world. "Huh? Is it dinnner already?"
    Nami, ignoring the enterance of Zoro along with everyone else, whipped out her map of the grand line and quickly scanned it over. "This can't be right. The map says that the next island is still a long ways away. Yet there is clearly an island right infront of us." Nami looked down at her log post and seen that it was pointing forward, right toward the island. "An island not on this map?"

    "Shadow Island," said a voice from behind everyone, and everyone looked to see that a woman by the name of Nico Robin had appeared. She was the crew's archeologist. Her grim outlook on things usually frightened the rest of the crew, as she seen it simply as fact.

    "Shadow Island?" asked Nami, looking over at island. "It's not on the map though..."

    "That's correct," said Robin, taking a few steps toward the rest of the crew. "Shadow Island, the only island in the entire Grand Line that never sees the light of day. Most people a brought to the island by the legend that a large treasure lies in the center of it, left by Gol D. Roger. It's legend that this treasure is 1/1000 of the total sum left on Raftel, yet the treasure would be enough to make a man live happily without working another day in his life."

    Nami eye's started to light up. "A great treasure you say?"

    Robin gave a small island, crossing her arms. "But with every light, there's a shadow." She looked up at the crew. "The island is known to be a place where no one ever returns, or should I say, ever returns sane. The island has been said to be a place of purde darkness, a power so strong that it can easily rip the most powerful crew apart. Up to this day, Gol D. Roger has been the only man to come from it with a smile still on his face. Basically, whoever steps foot upon the island is cursed for eternity."

    Nami gave a sigh, spinning around and looking forward as they approached closer to the island. "We should stay away from it."

    Sanji looked ahead, spotting the small dark mass that seemed to be the island. "But we couldn't do that. Your Log Pose needs to be set on this island before we can move on to the next, right?"

    Zoro blinked, taking one step forward. "So, dinner?"

    Nami gave Zoro a grim look, then took a glance at her log pose that was sent forward. "You're right. We're going to have to stay on this island for at least a day. But, the legend..."

    Usopp jumped down from the mast, landing on his feet looking forward beyond Luffy toward the darkness. "There's no way to pass it then? Well, I guess it's up to me to take on everything that's ahead!" Suddenly, Usopp gave a triumphant pose, stretching out his fist.

    "You're going to be the first to want to leave the island," muttered Sanji, looking down at Usopp's strange position.

    Usopp gaped up a Sanji, then spun around to face Luffy. "Well Luffy?"
    Luffy spun around, a large grin on his face. "Gol D. Roger was here once? Then we definitely have to go!"

    Zoro looked at them all. "So dinner isn't ready?"

    "Go back to sleep!!" yelled everyone as the Going Merry came closer and closer to Shadow Island.

    "We're inside the shadow's now," said Chopper as he held on tightly to part of the ship. "How are we supposed to steer toward the island in this darkness?"

    Nami squinted her eyes. "Even here, I can still make up the island ahead. The problem is, I dont' know what's in the water between us and that island."

    Robin also stared ahead, Sanji at her side. "And what are we supposed to do when we reach it? There's no day light."

    Robin looked over at Sanji, although she couldn't see a thing. "There is no sun light, but there is a light source. Spread across the island are flower's that emit a glow. Gather enough of them together and you have enough light to see 30 feet ahead."

    Luffy gave a large laugh. "Wow, the island's kinda glowing!" He his his fist on his hand as if he suddenly figured something out. "It must be a mystery island."

    "Did you not here the explanation Robin just gave!?" yelled everyone.
    Nami sighed as the small dark island began to grow closer. "If only we had some kind of light to help us see further. Then I would be able to tell if --," but she was suddenly cut off by the boat taking a large plunge upward, lifting off the water and thrown into the air. "W-What's going on!?" yelled Nami, grabbing part of the boat to stay on.

    The boat quickly came crashing back down, and now something stood in the way of the Going Merry and Shadow Island. It was a pair of two giant, blood red eyes.

    Chopper stared in horror, his jaw dropping. "It's a Sea King! It says--," but before Chopper could get another word out of his mouth, the giant, shadow covered Sea King gave a large swing of it's tail, knocking it back up high into the air. A second later, they were back on the water with a giant splash, soaking everyone.

    "Luffy!" Nami called, hugging tightly to the railing of the ship. "Kill that thing now!"

    Luffy gave a large grin and stood up, fixing his straw hat. "Allright then! Gomu Gomu no..."

    "Wait, Luffy!" said Sanji, jumping down beside Luffy. "Let me take care of this guy." Even though Sanji was the ships chef, he also had an incredible ability.

    Luffy blinked, then nodded. "Okay!"

    Sanji grinned, closing his eyes. "Watch now Nami-swan, Robin-chwan, as I gracefully destroy this thing."

    To be continued...
  2. Ai_Kotobuki

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    Sep 27, 2004
    Good stuff, maybe blow the minds of the warped kids on the 4kids forums with this or something. Cause some despair to them :D