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My Disciple Died Yet Again

Discussion in 'Akihabara Novel Corner' started by Mizura, May 17, 2016.

  1. Mizura Meh Advisor

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    Author: You Qian
    Genre: Xianxia, Adventure, Comedy, Romance
    Translator: Scrya Translations

    This series is absolutely hilarious. As someone else put it, "this novel is basically throwing all the OP tropes into a melting pot and having Zhu Yao beating it into normalcy."

    Note: I read the entire story, first starting with English, then the rest in Chinese.

    The highlight of the series is the main character, Zhu Yao. Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, she is an incredibly fresh character who takes no bullshit, swears like a sailor, is rather perverted, says what she really thinks, but also has a very solid bottom line. This means that there are lines she absolutely won't cross, and she will absolutely aid those she feels the need to.

    However, unlike 'saintly' main characters you find everywhere, her bottom lines Also applies to others, that she absolutely won't allow others to cross: nice as she is, she'll give a finger to anyone who wants to abuse or exploit her (at least without giving her something in return). Throughout the series, her anti-bullshit stats go through the roof. At some points, her stance may seem unrealistic, but by the end of the series, everything comes together and it really does turn out that she had the bigger picture straight.

    And through her, the series parodies the hell out of tropes you usually find in xianxia novels, but also in stories in general: overly dramatic characters whose tragic pasts turn them into entitled jerks once they become strong, harems and reverse harems where the writing expose them for the absurd comedy they really are... and the MC often behaves in the exact way the reader would want to react in those situations: give a good beating to jerks, roll eyes at harems, and not buy the bullshit of the 'weak, sweet, innocent pure maiden who just happens to have a male harem.'

    The story takes a while to really start off: it's pretty long (400 chapters, though the chapters themselves aren't too long), and by the end of the series, you'll find the MC reincarnated into everyone and everything. There is surprisingly little repetition between the arcs, as the scenarios all differ quite a lot while the MC tries to figure out wth she has to do this time to fix whatever situation is at hand. Some arcs are somewhat boring, but as the whole, by the time I reached the end, I found myself sad that there wasn't more (and disappointed that it didn't show more of the other characters: the MC forms some really nice relationships throughout the series).

    Now, the MC herself has her fair share of power, which may make her seem as Mary Sue-ish as the characters she's undermining, except, well, she keeps dying. Also, she always keeps her head straight and doesn't let the absurd situation get to her. Her Master joins her in many of her iterations, and although the two start off on a rocky (but hilarious) start, the two end up forming a surprisingly good tag team, as the MC learns to communicate with him and rely on him and he backs her up with firepower and mad domestic skills.

    The downside of this novel is that it will probably seriously affect your future enjoyment of xianxia novels (and tropes in general). I had read about... half a xianxia novel before reading this, so... yeah. >_>;;

    In any case, the translation is being updated at a pretty fast pace, and although many of the puns are lost in translations, the series remains hilarious. Check it out if you're ever fed-up with tropes.
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