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My fanfiction

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by mad-ass, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. mad-ass

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    Jun 24, 2006
    Blue = Kakashi
    Purple = Rin
    (dark)Yellow = Yondaime
    Grey = Konaha reporter
    Pink = Enemy ninja
    There are three things I never forget; the first thing was Obito?s death a couple years ago.

    ?Rin, do you want to go somewhere to eat??

    ?Say Kakashi, is the war over yet??


    ?There are people dying out there, aren?t they? People like??

    ??it was their choice to choose this kind of life.?
    ?It?s honorable to die for the village...?

    ??honor is painful, I don?t like it.?


    ?Hey Kakashi, let?s go to Ichiraku?s ramen...?

    My name is Hatake Kakashi, I have a lot of hobbies...
    I became jounin at the age of thirteen, people call me a genius. That?s because my father was a very talented Sannin, so they think his son will probably have ?good? genes.
    The main reason I?m strong is because I take training very serious, because of that I don?t have time for friends, games, sports or girls. Strength is very imported for me; I need it for my job as a full-time Shinobi.
    Although I?m not an Uchiha I have a Sharingan in my left eye.
    It was a gift from a special friend.

    That day we went to Ichiraku?s, the ramen was nice, they actually have the best ramen of the whole village.

    ?Kakashi, do you know when they send us out again??

    ?That depends on the situation; we?re winning right now, so it?ll probably end soon.?
    ?Hey, by the way, I never said I?ll treat, so you have pay the ramen yourself ^^.?

    ?YOU CHEAP??

    ?HAHAHA, don?t worry I?m just joking!!?


    Hi, my name is Rin, I?m a shinobi?
    But don?t think of me as some big, bad-ass, hairy ninja. I?m just ordinary cute (^-^) girl in a, three men, ninja team. My first teammate is Kakashi.
    He is very strong and talented, although I?ve never seen his face I think he?s cute, but I don?t like his hair though. My second teammate is Obito, he?s a bit clumsier than Kakashi, but he?s an Uchiha so he has the Sharingan.
    He died for the village?

    That time at Ichiraku?s was nice, it was like a date. When it became darker he even walked home with me, we were like lovers, weren?t we ^-^?

    ?Isn?t it cold Rin? Come here.?

    ?Hey Kakashi, It isn?t cold at all, you were just looking for an excuse to hug me.?
    ?You per??

    At the moment I hold her, I caressed her back softly. It was so soft and feminine for a battle hardened shinobi. Then I did something very perverted.

    ?Rin, why aren?t you stopping me??

    ?That?s because??
    ?So wanna come in??

    ?You know, with the burglars these days it?s much safer when...?


    ?Yes Rin-sama!?

    I?ll never forget that night.


    ?WAKE UP RIN!!?


    ?The Rock village has invaded the village, WAKE UP!!?
    ?Put your cloths on, we need to find him!?

    His chakra level was immense when he was fighting; it wasn?t hard to find him. There he was, standing with his elite team of bodyguards surrounded with a whole bunch of dead body?s.

    ?HOKAGE SAMA!! What the heck is going on!??

    ?We?re being attacked by the Rock and the Sand.?

    ?HOKAGA SAMA, we?re losing ground, they?re approaching the center of the village and Jiraiya battalion is asking for reinforcement.?

    ?Damn it!! How could we? Quick let?s go!!?

    And at the moment Yondaime was about to go, I saw nearly a whole Rock and Sand battalion rising up from under the ground.

    ?Kakashi!!! Here?s a map, go to the forest and you?ll find a secret shrine with a scroll in it and than follow the instructions. Quick this is the only way or we?ll lose everything!!!

    ?Rin go to Jiraiya?s battalion and heal the wounded!!!?
    ?GO you two!!!?

    When I went on my way to the shrine I was ambushed by a couple of enemy ninja?s.

    ?Hey kid it?s dangerous alone in the dark, there?re scary men walking around here, hehehe...?

    ?Hmmpff? it isn?t size that counts??

    ?Hehe, bring it on boy!!!

    ?WTF!!! You?re copying me, BASTARD!!!?

    ?Ready to get pwned?!?!?

    After the battle (I WON!! ^ ^) I went to the shrine and I found the scroll. I followed the instruction like Yondaime said. What I saw is something I?ll never forget.

    ?KAKASHI!!! There?s a nine-tails fox!!!

    THE END​

    Did you like it?
    This is my first fan-fiction ever and properly the last.

    Please, no comments on my spelling and grammar, I?m Vietnamese!!!


    Nam Dang