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My Predictions for the next S.S vs Vandenreich war and the future of this arc

Discussion in 'Bleach' started by Cobalt, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Cobalt Well-Known Member

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    This time the war would take place in the Ice Palace.. and the final battle would take place in the Spirit King Palace. Anyway.. I guess I'll get into how I think the next invasion would take place.

    Before the next invasion we'd kind of get a training and recovering arc. Ichigo would train with the Royal Guard for a little bit and Grimmjow would become a "nakama" Rukia and Renji would recover and train with Hikifune or something. Byakuya would awaken sometime after and would train under the Sunglasses Royal Guard off panel who would be the head of the Shihoin clan. He'd help Byakuya improve his "flash step" which still needs work as well as train him in CQC until he recovers his Bankai. Ichigo would go under the training of Kirinji or Bonze.. this short training arc would kind of be like Goku training with King Kai.

    We'd also get a TBTP Arc before the next invasion.. it would cover Isshin's backstory and his relation with Masaki we'd also see Urahara and Yoruichi's past relationship.

    Ishida would get captured by the Vandenreich at some point. Juha Bach would "mindfuck" him somehow and he would end up getting a super powered Letz Stil or some kind of enhanced Vollstandig. Ichigo would want to invade Ice Palace in order to rescue Ishida(we'd see Ryuuken and Isshin fight with each other at some point.)

    -Orihime and Chad would have some involvement.. Chad would actually get a complete Fullbring. He'd invade the Ice Palace along with the other Shinigami, Grimmjow, and a few Arrancar(Adult Nel, Pesche,Dondochakka, and Halibabes.) Unfortunately Chad would face one of the stronger S.R/Vandenreich members and end up losing pretty badily.Orihime would heal and give Icihgo the temporarily resolve boost every once in a while.

    -Ginjou,Ganju,Tsukishima, and Giriko would get power ups that makes them able to fight against the Vandenreich. We'd see Ginjou's actual Zanpaktou Tsukishima, and Giriko would also get Zanpaktou.

    - The Vizards would return to help out in the invasion.

    -Renji's new Bankai would look notably different. Instead of being just a snake his newly improved Bankai would be a large skeletal ape with the same old snake tail in which Renji would use to control it think this. It would appear in his rematch against As Nodt.

    Uploaded with

    -Luchador would be one of the strongest Stern Ritter :zaru

    -Bambietta would not join Ichigo's "harem." She would however turn good

    -Ichigo would have a climatic battle with Haschwald but he would win with his own strength.

    Main Battles During Next Invasion

    Osho vs Juha Bach - Juha Bach after an epic battle. Juha Bach uses his body in order to gain access to the Royal Palace.

    Shunsui and Ukitake vs OMQ - Shunsui and Ukitake.

    Ichigo, Grimmjow, and Ginjou vs Haschwald, Buzbee, and Vandenreich Ishida - Quincy's win. Ichigo is upset about his lost

    Unohana and Kirinji vs Luchador - I don't know.. I want Luchador to look badass though :lmao

    Hitsugaya and Others vs Scar Lip - Hitsugaya and Others

    Komamura and Others vs Bambietta - Komamura and Others

    Byakuya, Renji, Rukia, Sunglasses RG vs As Nodt and Another Stern Ritter - Byakuya and Co

    Chad vs Unknown Vandenreich Member - Chad puts on a show but get demolished.

    I don't feel like listing the other battles Soi Fon would face her original opponent and Kensei, Rose,Shinji, Mayuri, and Ukitake would face some Stern Ritter.

    The others would face Vandenreich Foot Soldier off panel(Giriko and Ganju they'd get some panel time though.)

    Well that's what I could see happening during the Next Invasion I don't know about the final fight besides Ichigo vs Juha Bach :maybe
  2. MasterSitsu angle's dark assassin

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    I'd rather not ishida getting mindfucked

    I'd rather have him come to the conclusion of fighting SS himself.

    Other then that good predictions.
  3. tanman Hardship of Adventure

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    Wouldn't it be cool if Ishida entered VR as a double agent.

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