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"Namikaze Satellite" translation, onegai!

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Ikke AshLEE, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Ikke AshLEE

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    Dec 3, 2004
    Hello. Would anyone mind translating this song for me, please? It's one of my favorites, and not understanding it bugs me. If there's already a translation someplace a link to it would suffice.

    Thanks in advance! ^.^;;

    "Namikaze Satellite"

    Hamidashita kaze wo atsumete mitai na
    Nami no saki tsutatte kanata he kaketeku
    Kakugo wa kimatteru michi wa tookute mo
    Egaita mirai he tsuduiteru
    Haruka na koko kara kanata no kimi he to
    Ano hibi no kaze to kakera wo todoketai
    Sabishiku wa nai yo itsumo koko ni iru
    Dokomademo kaze ga tsunaideru
    Toki ga bokura wo sekashite
    Kodou ga SUPIIDO agetetta
    Yume no naka de mezamete mo
    Onaji hikari wo sagashita
    kagayaku hoshizora no shita
    Kazoe kire nai seiza to kage
    Nemure nai yoru tadotte
    Kasuka na hibiki motomete

    Deai to wakare wo kurikaeshite mo nao
    Boku wa konnani mo kodomo no mama da
    Awai IMEEJI nante
    Michibata ni houri nagete shimaetarana

    Tsugi ni kimi ni au toki wa
    Motsureta ito wo hodoite
    Akiru made hanashi wo shite
    Dekiru dake egao de iyou
    Hanayagu machinami wo nuke
    Asayake ga hoho wo someteku
    Sono saki ni kimi wa nani wo
    Nani wo mitsumete iru darou
    Nani wo mitsumete iru darou
    Toki ga kasoku wo tsudukete
    Kaze ga bokura wo tsunaide
    Sabishiku wa nai yo ima mo koko ni iru
    Dokoma demo kaze wa...
  2. DragoNero

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    Apr 8, 2008
    Took me ages to find it... n now ive lost the site but i've saved it as part of the meta data :)

    Here ya go:

    As though gathering up the crowded out wind
    Following along with the waves, racing into the distance
    I'm deciding to be resolute, even though the road is far away
    I'm continuing on to the future that I've sketched out
    To you, who are far away from here
    I want to send a piece of it, and the wind from those days, to you
    I'm not lonely, you'll always be here
    The wind connects us, no matter where we go
    Time urges us along
    The speed of my pulse increased
    Even though we were awake within our dreams
    We were searching for the same light
    Beneath the shining starry sky
    The uncountable number of constellations and shadows
    Follow the sleepless nights
    I search for a faint echo of it

    Even though the meetings and partings repeat themselves now
    I'm still this much of a child
    I can't cast the fleeting image
    Over to the roadside

    The next time that I see you
    I'll untangle the tangled threads
    I'll talk until I get tired
    And I'll smile as much as I can
    Slipping away into the brilliant streets
    The morning sun colors my cheeks
    Ahead, what are you gazing at
    Just what are you gazing at, I wonder?
    Just what are you gazing at, I wonder?
    Time continues to fly by
    The wind connects us together
    I'm not lonely, even now you're here
    No matter where we go, the wind will...