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Naruto 622 by Yagami1211

Discussion in 'Naruto Translations' started by Yagami1211, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Yagami1211 The Mad Dog of Shimano !

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    Naruto Chapter 622 : The Other Side !

    Meeting at the river !

    Madara : I'm asking who the hell are you ?

    Hashi : Name is Hashirama, but you would be better not knowing my last name.

    Madara : Hashirama ? Look at this.

    Hashi : ( The way he throws ... I knew it. It's Shuriken Jutsu. )

    Madara : You ... you standed behind me on purpose to distract me !
    I can't even pee when someone stands behind me, that's how I am !

    Hashi : Sorry ...

    Madara : ... No, I mean you don't have to get depressed like that.
    I'm sorry I yelled ...

    Hashi : I didn't know you had such annoying subjective symptoms.

    Madara : Are you sincere here or just mocking me ? I'd like to know !

    Hashi : I know I'm better than you at throwing rocks, at least !

    Madara : What ? you want me to take you on ?

    Hashi : I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you !
    You can throw me to the river if you want.

    Just send me to the other side, please.

    Madara : You're an eyesore ! Go away !

    Hashi : Well ...

    Madara : Wait !

    Hashi : What ? How about you make up your mind ?

    Hashi : This is ...

    Madara : You're a ninja ?

    Hashi : Damn, the war is getting closer.
    I'm going home.

    Hashi : This is Hagoromo Clan's crest !
    I have to go.
    Later, huh ...

    Madara : My name is Madara ...
    you know, not giving your last name to a stranger is ...
    The code of Shinobis.

    Hashi : Our personnality were different, but I felt close to him for some reason.
    I think I know why he came to the river, too.

    Hashi : Kawarama ...

    Hashipapa : Ninjas don't cry. Ninjas are born so they could die in battle.
    Be grateful that a piece of his body was recovered.
    He fought both members of the Hagoromo clan and of the Uchiha clan this time, after all.

    Thoses guys are especially vicious.

    Hashi : Damn it ! Kawarama was only seven, for heaven's sake !
    How long this war will go on ?

    Hashipapa : Until either side is annihilated.
    A peaceful world with no war is no easy thing to accomplish.

    Hashi : So we have to sacrifice children ?

    Hashipapa : I won't allow you to insult Kawarama !
    He was a full fledged shinobi, he died in battle !
    He wasn't a kid !

    Itama : Hashirama brother, are you all right ?
    Tobirama : Defying father ... Seriously, you knew what would happen.

    Hashi : I ...
    Itama, Tobirama ...
    I won't let you die like dogs on the battlefield.

    Hashi : Senju Clan of Love ? Bullshit !
    Full fledged Shinobi ? Bullshit !

    This is just adults leading children to their death !
    We're no better than the Uchiha clan !

    Hashipapa : This is just respect to the enemy !
    As long as a children has a weapon, he'll be dealt like an enemy.

    And turning your children into fine and respectable shinobis is the
    best exemple of love a father can give.

    Hashi : You mean turning us into fine and respectable shinobis so we could be killed in battle ?
    Either we Kill or we're killed ! But We don't even know why we're fighting.
    I mean we can't even give our last name because it's too dangerous.

    Hashi : This shinobi world is seriously messed up !

    Hashipapa : I won't have a brat like you lecture me !

    Tobirama : Father ... Hashirama is just depressed.
    Forgive him, please.

    Hashipapa : Take a stroll and cool down, Hashirama.

    Tobirama : Adults are morons !
    If they want to get rid of war ...
    They can just make a agreement with the enemy.

    Itama : But how would our fathers and brothers rest in peace ?

    Tobirama : Say that and you will die too.
    You and the adults are too hot headed.

    Ninjas should kill their own emotions, create rules and regulations to prevent senseless battles.

    Hashi : A real agreement ...
    To form an alliance, can it be done ?

    Itama : Huh ? What do you mean a real agreement ?

    The Civil War Period.
    The lifespan of ninjas and citizens was around 30.
    What bring this number down is ...

    Hashi : Itama !

    The senseless death of countless children.

    Madara : Hey, it's been a long time. Huh ...

    Hashi : Hashirama !

    Madara : What ? You're already upset now ?
    What happened ?

    Hashi : what are you talking about ? I'm ok.

    Madara : Stop lying, tell me what happened.

    Hashi : Meh ...

    Madara : Come on, tell me ...

    Hashi : No, it's nothing.

    Madara : You're dragging this on. I'm ready to listen ...

    Hashi : I tell you, this is nothing ...
    This is nothing !

    Madara : Come on, talk already !

    Madara : Your brother died ?

    Hashi : I come here because I feel like the river can wash away all this sadness ...$
    Your name is Madara, right ?
    Is it the same for you ?
    Do you have any brothers and sisters ?

    Madara : Yes, we're 5 kids.
    I mean we *were*.

    Hashi : ...

    Madara : We're ninjas !
    Death is part of our lives !

    The only way to not die is ...
    to face the enemy directly, to be frank with him ...
    And to become ally with them, maybe ...

    But that's impossible.
    Because you can't see what's deep inside the heart of people, their thoughts, their guts !
    I truth maybe they're just seethe with rage, you don't know.

    Hashi : Is it really impossible to show the enemy your thoughts ?

    Madara : I don't know but I come to think about it, can it be or can't it be done ?
    This time, I think there might be a way.

    You're not the only one, I managed to reach the other side too.

    His wishes Reach ... the other side !

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  2. Majin Lu Dark Magician Girl

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    Thank you for the translation, Yagami :X3

    I just saw the raw and that page really has the number "5". I wonder why MS and MP translated this part like "I have 4 brothers" or something like that? I mean, it has the same meaning, but just reading some forums, I noticed their translation left some people confused.
  3. Yagami1211 The Mad Dog of Shimano !

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    Madara never say which gender they are, he could have sisters for all we know.

    I'm gonna add something here.


    In 621 When Madara says "Ore ha mou todoita no sa." "I'm already at the top." he uses "Todoku" To Reach in past tense "Todoita" which means "I reached."

    But he never mention what, it was my assumption that he meant the top. ( as a ninja, he means he's N?1. ). there was a multiple possible translations to that.

    But chapter 622's title is "Todoita." translated by "The Other Side"

    The chapter deals with Madara and Hashi's problem with making their thought and feelings clear to the enemy.

    tl;dr they want their feelings to reach the enemy aka "The Other Side"

    Which is why the title of 622 is what it is, it's a metaphor.

    Sending the rock on the other sides just like your feelings can reach your enemy.

    But then what did Madara meant by saying "Ore ha mou todoita nosa."
    Did he really meant that he reached the top or did he really ment "I already reached the other side."
    That he managed to make his feelings clear to his enemy ?

    I hope we will have an possible answer in the future.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2013
  4. PikaCheeka wants to believe

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    Please keep these little fact posts up. I feel like there are a lot of metaphors and turns of phrase in this flashback that get overlooked in the translations.

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