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Naruto Battledome Index - Read Before Posting

Discussion in 'Naruto Battledome' started by Axass, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. Axass

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    Dec 4, 2004
    This is a list of the most popular battles which ever took place in the Battledome, aka the ones longer than 5 pages. Thanks to occasionalutopia for the original idea.

    To quickly find the battle you want, I suggest you to use the "Ctrl+F" search function both on Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    [Note to Mods and Smods - When merging threads remember to merge the new one in the one listed here, or else replace the old url with the new one]

    Naruto Part One:

    One on One:

    Akamaru VS Pakkun
    Gaara VS Itachi
    Gaara VS Jiraiya
    Gaara VS Kimimaro
    Gaara VS Orochimaru Without Arms
    Gaara VS Sasuke
    Gaara Without Sand VS Naruto Without Kyuubi
    Gai VS Itachi
    Gai VS Yondaime
    Haku VS Gaara
    Haku VS Temari
    Haku VS Zabuza
    Hinata VS Ino
    Hinata VS Temari
    Itachi VS Jiraiya
    Itachi VS Kimimaro
    Itachi VS Shodai
    Itachi VS Tsunade
    Itachi VS Yondaime
    Itachi VS Zabuza
    Jiraiya VS Kabuto
    Jiraiya VS Orochimaru
    Jiraiya VS Yondaime
    Jiroubou VS Sasuke
    Kabuto VS Gai
    Kabuto VS Itachi
    Kakashi VS Gai
    Kakashi VS Hiashi
    Kakashi VS Itachi
    Kakashi VS Kabuto
    Kakashi VS Kimimaro
    Kakashi VS Kisame
    Kakashi VS Sasuke
    Kakashi VS Tsunade
    Kankurou VS Shino
    Kimimaro VS Gai
    Kimimaro VS Haku
    Kimimaro VS Naruto
    Kimimaro VS Sasuke
    Kisame VS Kurenai
    Kyuubi VS Shukaku
    Lee VS Jiroubou
    Lee VS Neji
    Lee VS Sasuke
    Lee VS Shino
    Lee Drunk VS Neji
    Lee Drunk VS Zabuza
    Naruto VS Gaara
    Naruto VS Kimimaro
    Naruto VS Lee
    Naruto VS Sasuke
    Naruto VS Zabuza
    Naruto Without Kyuubi VS Sasuke Without Curse Seal
    Neji VS Gaara
    Neji VS Haku
    Neji VS Sasuke
    Neji VS Sasuke Without Curse Seal
    Nidaime VS Itachi
    Orochimaru Without Arms VS Gaara
    Sakumo VS Sandaime
    Sakura VS Hinata
    Sakura VS Itachi
    Sandaime VS Itachi
    Sandaime VS Orochimaru
    Sandaime VS Yondaime
    Sasuke VS Itachi
    Shikamaru VS Sasuke
    Shino VS Neji
    Tsunade VS Kisame
    Yondaime VS Orochimaru
    Yondaime VS Sakumo
    Zabuza VS Kabuto
    Zabuza VS Kidoumaru
    Zabuza VS Kisame
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  2. Axass

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    Dec 4, 2004
    Group Battles:

    Gai and Tsunade VS Kabuto and Itachi
    Hyuuga Clan VS Itachi Without Mangekyou
    Hyuuga Clan/Uchiha Clan VS Kaguya Clan
    Hyuuga Clan VS Tsunade
    Hyuuga Clan VS Uchiha Clan
    Itachi VS Hyuuga Clan
    Itachi VS Mizukage, Raikage, Tsuchikage and Kazekage
    Itachi and Kisame VS Yondaime
    Itachi and Orochimaru VS Jiraiya and Tsunade
    Itachi and Sasuke VS Jiraiya and Naruto
    Itachi and Yondaime VS Jiraiya and Sandaime
    Jiraiya VS Konoha
    Kisame VS Genma, Anko, Ibiki, Ebisu, Raidou and Shizune
    Kisame and Zabuza VS Kabuto and Kimimaro
    Konoha Police VS ANBU
    Mist Seven VS Uchiha Clan
    Naruto, Sasuke and Shino VS Sound 5
    Rookie 9 VS Kimimaro
    Sandaime VS Yondaime and Tsunade
    Sandaime and Yondaime VS Sannin
    Sannin VS 20 Jounin/Special Jounin
    Sasuke, Obito and Kakashi VS Neji, Hinata and Hizashi
    Shikamaru's Rescue Team VS Kimimaro
    Shikamaru and Sasuke VS Shino and Neji
    Sound 4 VS Itachi
    Sound 4 VS Kimimaro
    Tsunade and Jiraiya VS Orochimaru
    Yondaime/Jiraiya VS Kakashi, Gai and Neji
    Yondaime and Naruto VS Sasuke and Fugaku

    Battle Royale:

    Five Hokage
    Konoha Elite Jounin
    Sakumo VS Yondaime VS Itachi
    Sound 4


    Rasengan VS Chidori
    Rasengan Kyuubi Level 2 VS Chidori Seal Level 2
    Sharingan VS Byakugan
    Taijutsu VS Ninjutsu


    Best Genin
    Dream Fight
    Fighting Tiers
    Greatest Hokage
    Itachi VS Anyone
    Most Overrated
    Most Underrated
    Pairings Tournament
    Swimsuit Contest: Hinata VS Temari
    Ultimate Jounin Exam
    Who Won: Kankurou VS Shino?
    Who's Hotter: Ino VS Hinata
    Who's Hotter: Temari VS Tayuya
    Who Whines More: Sakura VS Hinata​
  3. Axass

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    Dec 4, 2004
    Naruto Part Two:

    One on One:

    Gaara VS Deidara
    Gaara VS Gai
    Gaara VS Naruto
    Gaara VS Yondaime
    Gaara VS Zabuza
    Gai VS Sasori
    Gai VS Tsunade
    Hinata VS Sakura
    Itachi VS Deidara
    Itachi VS Gaara
    Itachi VS Naruto 4 Tails
    Jiraiya VS Kakashi
    Kakashi VS Gaara
    Kakashi VS Tsunade
    Kimimaro VS Sasori
    Kisame VS Gaara
    Kisame VS Tsunade
    Naruto VS Gaara
    Naruto VS Itachi Without Mangekyou
    Naruto VS Kimimaro
    Naruto VS Neji
    Naruto Kyuubi VS Kakashi
    Naruto 4 Tails VS Sasuke
    Neji VS Kimimaro
    Neji VS Kyuubi
    Neji VS Tsunade
    Sakura VS Haku
    Sakura VS Tenten
    Sasori VS Itachi (Click for old thread)
    Sasori VS Jiraiya
    Sasuke VS Kabuto
    Sasuke VS Kimimaro
    Sasuke VS Neji
    Sasuke VS Yondaime
    Sasuke VS Zabuza
    Sasuke Without Sharingan and CS VS Sakura
    Tsunade VS Kisame
    Tsunade VS Sasori
    Zabuza VS Neji​
  4. Axass

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    Dec 4, 2004
    Group Battles:

    Akatsuki VS Jiraiya
    Gai, Neji, Lee and Tenten VS Itachi
    Hiashi, Neji and Hinata VS Kisame
    Hokage VS Akatsuki
    Itachi VS Akatsuki
    Itachi VS Gai and Lee
    Itachi VS Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura
    Itachi VS World
    Itachi and Sasuke VS Jiraiya and Naruto
    Jiraiya/Yondaime Vs Kakashi, Gai and Neji
    Kakashi and Gai VS Itachi
    Kakashi and Naruto VS Itachi
    Sannin VS Akatsuki
    Sasuke Without CS and Naruto Without Kyuubi VS Neji and Lee
    Sound 5 VS Kakashi
    Tenten, Hinata, Sakura, Ino and Temari VS Sound 4

    Battle Royale:



    Amaterasu VS Kyuubi Chakra Shroud
    Better Taijutsu: Kisame VS Itachi
    Who's smarter: Kakashi VS Shikamaru​
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