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Naruto Fanbook II Compilation

Discussion in 'Naruto Translations' started by Hiroshi, Dec 5, 2009.

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  1. Hiroshi Retired Staff Retired Mod

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    Disclaimer: We express gratitude to 2ch, Bartallen2, Vered, ShounenSuki, Nihongaeri and others, who wish to remain anonymous, as acknowledgment.

    Discussion of the Fanbook can be held here:

    Opening remarks:
    Direct Download of the RAW: ,

    Dragon Ball Spin-Offs

    Naruto Coloured Artwork

    Naruto Black and White Artwork

    • Rivalry of the Sharingan:
      • , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .
    • Omake:
    • Interview:
      • , , , , , , , ,
    • Jutsu Rankings:
      • ,
    • Sasuke and Naruto Information:
      • , , , ,
    • Section on the Moon Plan:
      • , ,
    • New Oiroke no Jutsu:
      • , , , , , .
    • Sketches of the Five Kages and Body Guards:

  2. Hiroshi Retired Staff Retired Mod

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    Mangaka and Messages

  3. Hiroshi Retired Staff Retired Mod

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    Spoiler: Page 128-132
    Translations for pages 128 thru 132 is coming; curtsy of ShounenSuki.

    This is what we know so far:

    * Onoki is the 3rd Tsuchikage
    * Kurotsuchi is a confirmed female.
    * The Godaime Mizukage's name is Terumi Mei.
    * A, the Raikage is the Yondaime.

    The Revelation of the Shinobi World Files: 1st two pages consist of Madara's Eye of the Moon Plan, while the third speaks of the Kyuubi attack, the Bloody Mist and the Moon created by the Rikudou Sage.

    The Fourth talks about Danzou's ambitions; followed by the powers of the Rinnegan. The fifth speaks of the "Curse of Hatred."

    Absolute Secret File 6:

    The power of the Legendary Dōjutsu, the "Rinnegan"

    The Asura Path, the Animal Path, the Preta Path, the Deva Path, the Human Path, the Naraka Path, and finally the Outer Path.

    The wielder of the Rinnegan has seven powers to his beck and call. Giving off a particularly conspicuous vibe is the Outer Path. With the ability that can only be used by Nagato, the "real body" that manipulates Pain, he has the power to transcend even the concepts of Life and Death!! It consumes a large amount of chakra, but when used, it has the ability to even resurrect those who have met with Death.

    [picture of Kakashi waking up after being ressurected]
    ↑By exchanging his own life, Nagato revived Konoha's dead, who had fallen to the attack...!!

    The verb used in Japanese means something like "to master" so I think it he can use them whenever and however he wants. He has full control over the Seven Paths

    Note: According to Shounensuki, all of the Rinnegan abilities, are in fact, Doujutsu Techniques!

    Yes, the 7 Pain Techniques are Doujutsus.

    Eye of the Moon Plan:

    "This method [the Eye of the Moon Plan] is to become the jinchūriki of the 'Ten-Tails,' the aggregation of the nine Tailed Beasts."


    Lighting Country is the Strongest!

    The stars represent the villages' power; from population, military strength and thirdly, economic strength.

    These pages are mostly about the villages and not the Kages themselves.
    Spoiler: Danzou and Kyuubi

    What is the connection between Orochimaru and Danzō!? In order to both shut him up and obtain his experiment data, Danzō is speeding up the search for Kabuto.

    Kyuubi attack:

    According to ShounenSuki: The Fourth, who fought the Nine-Tails, also battled Madara that time.
  4. Hiroshi Retired Staff Retired Mod

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    Spoiler: Ninja World Apocalypse
    Translation by Nihongaeri

    Top-secret File #1
    The ultimate goal of the mysterious Uchiha Madara!!

    Secretly exerting true control over Akatsuki from the shadows, Uchiha Madara, though masking himself and acting as a clown, in reality holds a fearsome ambition!! While Akatsuki's objectives have been stated by its leader Pain to be the creation of the world's greatest forbidden jutsu weapon - a weapon to be used to cause war and force revolution upon the world - Madara's true objectives lie elsewhere!! This is what he refers to as "Operation: Lunar Eye," and it would appear to have strong connections with the legend of the Rikudō Sage, the man known as the "Shinobi God".

    Quotation: "Let us make haste with 'Operation: Lunar Eye'"
    Panel: "I am one who knows the truth of Uchiha Itachi"
    Caption: Madara has revealed his past to Sasuke. Still, in regards to the "Nine-tails Incident", there seem to have been fabrications.

    Despite wielding massive power, Madara nonetheless acts from behind the scenes; the reason being that injuries incurred though battling the First Hokage have never healed. As such, Madara intends on regaining his true powers and furthering them still by becoming "complete", and it is this that is the very essence of "Operation: Lunar Eye". More specifically, he intends to become host of the Ten-Tails, the combined form of the nine Tailed-Beasts. Upon possessing this power he would then become capable of casting a great genjutsu he calls "Infinite Tsukuyomi". And by using this power, bringing the entirety of humanity under his genjutsu and controlling them to meet his every whim will be but a trivial task. And thus, will Madara fulfill his true ambition, to claim the world for his own!!

    Quotation: "If I had to say... I suppose my goal is to become complete"
    Panel 1: "Go to Konoha if you must, but you're a bit late now..."
    Caption: Madara's ability to pass all ninjutsu and physical attacks through his body is yet another of his mysteries.
    Panel 2: "I shall deal with the lot of you another time."
    Caption: Madara retains his sharingan. Nonetheless, he still chooses not to reveal the extent of his powers...

    Uchiha Madara, one of the founders of Konoha, was defeated by the First Hokage at the "Gorge of the End" and is said to have died as a result. Even the First Hokage, the very person who fought him, was convinced of his death. So what means, exactly, have allowed Madara to live on!? Mysterious still is the fact that the current Madara pocesses a body capable of causing all attacks to pass through it. Even Madara himself admits to being a "shadow" of what he once was, but what is the true meaning of this!?

    Quotation: "Everyone knows he's long since dead... You say he lives!?
    Panel: "And that is where I died... or so they say. I'm sure even Hashirama himself was convinced of it."
    Caption: Madara's death is a historical fact known to all Shinobi, but nonetheless...

    Top-secret File #2
    The truth behind the "Nine-Tails incident"

    When the Nine-Tails attacked, the hidden village of Konoha was wrought with devastation, ending with the death of even the Fourth Hokage. While there was debate as to whether the attack was the plot of some individual or a naturally occurring disaster, much in line with the suspicions of the Konoha elders, it was a "man-made" disaster caused by none other than Madara himself. Indeed, the great power of his dōjutsu makes it possible for him to bend even the Nine-tails to his own will.

    Quotation: "Some person, working in secret, controlled the Nine-tails and caused it to attack the village."
    Panel: "Konoha can still be rebuilt... I'm leaving it to you, Naruto."
    Caption: The Fourth Hokage, who fought the Nine-tails during the attack, battled with Madara as well!!

    Top-secret File #3
    Akatsuki originated in Kiri-gakure (Mist)!?

    During the period it was known as the "Village of Bloody Mist", Kiri-gakure cut all foreign ties and the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura, ruled with an iron fist!! But there are those who now suspect that Yagura was being controlled by Akatsuki. It is quite possible that the geographic location of Kiri, being surrounded by water and easily cut off from the outside world, was used against itself!!

    Panel: "Without the slightest hesitation... without any pause at all... a young boy, not even yet possessing the title of shinobi, decimated over 100 of his peers, the entirety that year's examinees."
    Caption: In the "Village of Bloody Mist", students were forced to partake in a graduation exam where they would kill one another. Was Kiri-gakure truly going to such lengths to further its own power!?

    Top-secret File #4
    The moon, a creation of the Rikudō Sage

    The Rikudō Sage, known as the father of Shinobi, once, long ago, astonished the world by sealing the Ten-tails!! Its chakra having been removed, the Ten-tails was sealed within a massive sphere, and sent to a place where none might disturb it. According to one Legend, this became what is now known as the "Moon" today...

    Panel: "Besides, in comparison to what is said to be the creation of the Rikudō Sage, the Moon... It's really nothing at all."
    Caption: Possessing the Rinnegan, the same eyes as he Rikudō Sage, Nagato too attempted use a sphere emitting great gravity in order to seal his opponent, the Nine-tails.

    Top-secret File #5
    The ambitions of the new Hokage, Danzō

    Known as the "Shinobi Blight" (warning: liberal translation), Danzō's past is defined by an endless stream of dark rumors. In the past, Danzo once sought the title of Hokage in opposition to the moderate Hiruzen, who later became Third Hokage. But defeated still, Danzō maintained the existence of Root even after its dismantlement by the Third, and had waited ever vigilant for a chance to take the position of Hokage. Now having finally attained his sought after goal of becoming Hokage, he has now finally begun to put his plans to motion both in an official manner and behind the scenes!! His ambition is the unification of the world of ninja. What will be the next move of this man who has no reservations in using any means to meet his own ends!?

    Quotation: "After all, it should serve quite well in tending to my right eye and right arm."
    Panel 1: "Do not interfere... I'll handle this myself."
    Caption: His right eye is the Sharingan of Uchiha Shisui. And his right arm is what he has "up his sleave"!? (Hey, that pun actually kind of translated!)
    Panel 2: "And then I transplanted it onto my own body, that's all."
    Caption: Danzō and Orochimaru were involved with one another!? In order to keep him silent and retrieve Orochimaru's experiment data, Danzō continues to search for Kabuto.

    Top-secret File #6
    The power of the legendary dōjutsu, the Rinnegan

    The "realms" of Asura, Animal, Preta, Deva, Human, Naraka, and finally Heritic (note: chocolate for whoever figures that translation out). He who possesses the Rinnegan is capable of utilizing seven different powers. And of those, the one that stands out most is that of the Heritic realm. Used only by Nagato, the main entity in control of Pain, its powers transcend even the very concepts of life and death!! While it consumes a great amount of chakra, by using it one may even bring back to life individuals who have already met their end.

    Quotation: "The power of Nagato's eyes allow him to use jutsu that grant mastery over life and death."
    Panel: "!" "Woah dude, where am I!?" "!" (Note: This is not what the panel actually says)
    Caption: In exchange for his own life, Nagato revived the fallen victims of his attack on Konoha!!

    Top-secret File #7 (Note: Lucky Seven!)
    A "chain of hatred" that begins with the Father of Shinobi!!

    The Rikudō Sage spent his days spreading the word of Shinobism (Note: Translator's prerogative here) in an attempt to bring peace to the world, but ultimately he approached his death with without realizing his goal and the remaining work was left to his sons. Possessing the eyes of the sage, the elder son sought a peace by way of power, whereas the younger son, inheriting the body of the sage, sought a peace by way of love. Of the two, the sage chose the younger as his successor, and the older son, finding the decision unacceptable, chose to fight his brother!! Time passed and the battle continued with the elder son's descendants as the Uchiha and the younger son's as the Senju!! The battle between Madara and Hashirama was indeed inevitable. What now will happen between Naruto and Sasuke...?

    Quotation: "And the two of you shall be the next pair chosen by fate."
    Panel 1: "And so I'm going to believe in what Pervy Sage believed in. That's my answer.
    Caption: Naruto suppressed his feelings for vengeance and chose a path of peace!!
    Panel 2: "Legend has its beginnings in fact... The Rikudō Sage, a long while ago, did spread the word of Shinobism, determined to bring about peace... but before he could realize his goals, his time ran out."
    Caption: Future destiny was sewn as the Rikudo Sage chose his successor.
    Panel 3: "Damn I have to go so bad" (Lawlz)
    Caption: The Senju clan inherited strong bodies, pulsing with life!!
    Panel 4: "Admit it! You killed Mister Fuzzies!" (Lawlz again)
    Caption: The Uchiha clan inherited intense chakra and powerful eyes!!
    Panel 5: "It PnJ time biatches!" (Honestly can't think of anything remotely funny here)
    Caption: Now that he has obtained the Mangekyo Sharingan, will Sasuke tread the same path as Madara!?
  5. Hiroshi Retired Staff Retired Mod

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    Spoiler: Regarding Raikage, Onoki, and Mizukage
    The Raikage, A, the Mizukage, Terumī Mei, and the Tsuchikage, Onoki, are the fourth, fifth and third kages of their villages. Onoki's dust release abilitycan rearange molecules.
    Spoiler: Great Shinobi Wars
    Let's see...
    those pages are about the Great Shinobi Wars
    The part with Minato is about the heroes of those wars: Minato, Sakumo, and Hanzō
    It says nothing special about them
    Those pages do confirm that the uprising of Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan against Hanzō and Danzō was during the Third war
    Spoiler: Messages from Mangaka to Kishiomto
    Messages from Mangakas to Kishimoto :

    Tite Kubo to Kishimoto :

    Congratulations for thoses 10 Naruto years.
    The charm of the Naruto manga is for me, the unique design of the characters.
    I wanted to draw a lot of characters here, but I had doubt on who to draw.
    Please, continue to create such interesting characters.

    Eichirou Oda to Kishimoto :

    Congratulation for thoses 10 years of serialisation, Kishimoto-san.
    I hope it will go on again. Sometimes your situation went from good to bad to good again,
    a lot of things happened.
    Anyway, we both scatter sparks around. Since whe both understand eachother, please continue to workd hard from on now.
    And take care of your health.

    Toriyama to Kishimoto :

    Kishimoto-kun, Congratulation for thoses 10 years of serialisation.
    10 years, it's long.
    And even though You're not really a tough guy, thanks to hard rigour, you did it.
    Well done !
    Your popularity is still as awesome as ever.
    Continue like this.
    Spoiler: Information on the Kages
    Well, it does say that the Tsuchikage's Dust Release manipulates molecules
    Doesn't say
    It also says nothing about Darui's Storm Release
    C's genjutsu was Lightning Release, though
    And Kumogakure apparently encourages Nintaijutsu and kenjutsu
    It says the Mizukage has two kekkei genkai: Boil Release and Lava Release
    Yeah... Gaara's absolute defense is still in good shape, despite Shukaku being taken by Akatsuki
    Kankurō is Suna's greatest puppeteer
    Spoiler: Poll Results
    "Let's pick out famous episodes"(more famous parts of the story. It's not limited to battles, but the entries can cover multiple chapters)

    1: Sasuke vs Itachi
    2: [Team Kakashi's] Reunion with Sasuke
    3: Pain's assault [on Konoha]
    4: Gaara's rescue
    5: The Battle with the Immortal Combo
    6: Jiraiya vs Pain
    Spoiler: Regarding Hidan
    A飛段は生きてる。 . でも栄養を摂らないと死んじゃうし、そろそろ腐ってるねコレ。

    Q: Is Hidan still living?
    A: Hidan is living. (plus more, I think about his body rotting)
    Spoiler: Information on the Villages

    Population 5/5
    Military strength 3/5
    Economic strength 2/5


    Population 2/5
    Military strength 3/5
    Economic strength 2/5


    Population 2/5
    Military strength 2/5
    Economic strength 2/5


    Population 3/5
    Military strength 4/5
    Economic strength 5/5


    Population 4/5
    Military strength 4/5
    Economic strength 2/5
    Spoiler: Translation of Oiroke no Jutsu
    Page 1
    1 Naruto: E-he-he-he-he
    2 Jiraiya: Unn⎯

    3 Caption: The Fanbook Tradition ? A Special Manga illustrated by Kishimoto-sensei!

    Title: Kai no Sho: The New Ero-Ninjutsu Perfected!

    Naruto: Huh?
    FX: Sputter, sputter (pusu pusu - fire going out)
    4 Naruto: Hey, the fire went out!
    5 Naruto: Pervy Sage! Can you light the fire again with your Katon Jutsu?
    Can?t eat this thing half-raw?
    Jiraiya: Unn⎯?
    6 Jiraiya: Hold on a moment ?
    I?m just about to get a mental picture of my idea here?
    Naruto: Can?t you do that after lunch?!
    I?m starving from all the training!

    Page 2
    1 Jiraiya: Let?s see? this character?
    mumble, mumble
    Naruto: ?.
    FX: Gyu-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru (Naruto?s stomach growling)
    2 Naruto: Fire!! Fire!! Fire!! Fire!! Light the fire!!
    FX: Guwa (fists up sfx)
    3: Jiraiya: Daah!! You just made me lose my train of thought!
    FX: Kah (anger sfx)
    Jiraiya: Are you trying to ruin my masterpiece?!!
    4 Naruto: All you ever write are those crappy books that don?t sell anyways!
    FX: Kah (anger sfx)
    Naruto: Lunch is way more important that those books!!!
    5 Jiraiya: Ahhh!! Ahhh!! How dare you say that, Naruto!
    Just for that, I?m not going to listen to you!
    Jiyara: As a punishment for mocking your Master,
    no lunch!!
    End of discussion!!
    I?m going into my concentration mode,
    so you can forget about talking to me!!!
    6 Naruto: Nu-gu-gu-gu (growling)
    FX: Puru (shaking in anger)
    7 Naruto (thinking): Dammit!! If that?s how it?s gonna be?!!!
    FX: Suh (making a hand sign)

    Page 3
    1 Naruko: Sir Pervy Sage~~~ <3
    Won?t you light the fire? <3 (uses super sexy voice)
    FX: Bon
    4 FX: Kyepi⎯ (sparkle eyes!)
    5 Jiraiya: Katon-Ryuuka no Jutsu!!!
    (Katon ? Dragon-fire Jutsu!!!)
    6 Naruto: Oh yeah! Toasty roasted with one shot!
    FX: Ju-u-u (sizzle)
    FX: moku moku (billowing smoke)
    Jiraiya (thinking): Shoots, I over did it?

    Page 4
    1 Naruko: Yay-!
    Jiraiya: ???
    Jiraiya (thinking): What a pity? Truly regrettable!
    Just a little more and it would have been a perfect match with my mental picture of my book?s heroine?
    2 Naruto: Itadakima-su! (Thank you for the food!)
    FX: Bon (releases jutsu)
    Jiraiya: Wait a sec, Naruto!
    In exchange for lighting the fire?
    3 Jiraiya: It?s your turn to light the fires of my literary inspiration!
    FX: Shubi (Thumbs up! sfx)
    Naruto: Why are you acting all smug and talking like a big shot?
    They?re just a bunch of boring books anyways.
    4 Naruto: A thong?! (T/N: It?s called a ?T-back? in Japan, because it looks like a ?T? from the backside)
    Naruto: What the heck is that?!
    5 Jiraiya: A thong! You know, the one that?s shaped like the letter ?T? and wedged between the butt-cheeks?
    Jiraiya: You know, like this!
    caption (on the butt-cheeks): Gui (sound of the strap digging in)
    FX: Kui-kui (hand motions the letter ?T?)
    Naruto: Oh? that, huh. The one riding up the ass, right?
    FX: Suh (making a hand sign)
    Naruto (thinking): He sure is loud?
    6 Naruto: Alright ? here it goes. Henge!!
    Jiraiya: Thong!!!

    Page 5
    1 FX: Bon
    Sumo Naruto: Dosukoi!!! (a call used by sumo wrestlers)
    FX: Gui (sound of the strap digging in? [T/N: oh, this is so wrong?])
    2 Jiraiya: !!
    FX: Ga-n (utter disappointment sfx)
    FX: Dosa (thump - falls down on the ground)
    Jiraiya: Nu-o-o-o!!!
    3 Jiraiya: So wrong!
    FX: botsu.. (mutter)
    FX: Muku (sound of getting up)

    Page 6
    1 Naruto: What?
    2 Jiraiya: That?s a mawashi!!
    Jiraiya: I wanted a pretty gal, not a sumo wrestler!!! Besides?
    3 Jiraiya: A thong!! A thong!! A thong!! A thong!! A thong!!!
    Gimme a girl with a thong!!
    4 Naruto: Da-h!! Shut up!!
    Old man, you keep going on about this thong?
    Jiraiya: A thong!! A thong!!!
    5 FX: Don (Bam)
    Jiraiya: T?
    6 Naruto/FX: (small letters) Dosukoi!
    Naruto: K-O
    FX: Zazah..
    Caption: This was how the strict and difficult training continued during those 3 years.
    Caption: The New Ero-Ninjutsu Perfected!! ? The End
  6. Hiroshi Retired Staff Retired Mod

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    Raw Text:
    Spoiler: Questions from Fans

    Q忍犬は口寄せされるが忍猫も口寄せできるか? 口寄 口寄
    Aできます。 A Yes. ただし来ないことが多い。 . 猫は気まぐれなんで。 . 犬ほど忠実じゃありません。

    A NARUTOがアニメ化してキャラデザインを西尾鉄也さんにしていただいたこと。



    A死んじゃってるねコレ。 . 残念ながら。

    A飛段は生きてる。 . でも栄養を摂らないと死んじゃうし、そろそろ腐ってるねコレ。
  7. Hiroshi Retired Staff Retired Mod

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    Other Managaka Drawing Naruto

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