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Naruto Fanfic After Chapter 254 manga

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by ismellbad, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. ismellbad

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    Apr 1, 2005
    alrite i stole this idea from NarutoSasukeSakura but the outcome will probably be way different

    btw- im not going to bother translate the new jitsus i create, im jsut going to give them an english name

    Chapter 255: The Voyage

    In the Sand Village...

    3 familiar figures surrond Temari in the balcony we saw Gaara at in the previous chapters

    Rock Lee: What!? They left without us!!

    Gai: This is an outrage! What are they trying to prove!

    Neiji: Hey hey, its no problem. its a job, not a competition

    Temari: They'll probably need back up...after all they are going after Akatsuki

    Gai: Great! Then we'll be on the way

    Neiji: Wait up! We dont even know where they went

    Ten Ten: Yeah

    Temari: Well we can track them down, but you guys need some backup

    Rock Lee: Bahh! We dont need know back up! We are an ALL STAR team!
    Right Gai Sensei?

    Gai: Yah!

    Temari: No, even if you are an all-star team, we want some Sand Nins
    accompanying you. I would personally go, but i need to guard the village!

    Gai: Then who?

    ???: Me!

    The voice comes from within the building and only his feet are revealed

    Back with Kakashi and them as they jumping tree after tree, branch after branch, etc

    Kakashi: Pakkun! Are we getting closer?

    Pakkun: Yep, the sense is getting stronger

    Kakashi: How much longer?

    Pakkun: I dont know! Damn it! You guys are putting too much pressure on me! AHHH!!

    Naruto: Pressure is GOOD!!

    Sakura: Cmon guys! Lay off the dog!

    Chiyoba: Strange ass Leaf nins...

    Akatsuki HQ

    In the pitch black darkness, the 10 present members of the Akatsuki are meeting.

    ???: Are we ready?

    Sasori: Yeah, but when are we going to get that idiot 9-tails?

    ???: Soon, Itachi and Kisame will be on it shortly

    Sasori's Partner (not sure if hes named yet):Hm...

    ??? #2: Alrite then lets resume with the sealing, each of us will get a part of the Kazekage's monster. Ready to take the monster out of him, Kitasu?

    ???: Yes, I am

    Kitasu is revealed. He is shorter, but better built, than the average ninja. He has a scar that starts from the bottom of his left eye all the way down to the tip of his mouth. He looks tired and looks around Jiraya's age. His ninja head protector reveals that he is a ninja from the Grass.

    Chapter 256: Reiza the Sand Swordsman

    Back with the Team 7 and Chiyobi who are still running through a forrest looking for the Akatsuki

    Pakkun: I think we are about day away from the scent

    Chiyoba: Alrite then lets pick up the pace and we can make it in half a day

    Pakkun: But, but, its getting dark! And im hungry and tired!

    Chiyoba: You dog! Dont you have any strength left?? An old woman is
    outdoing you!

    Kakashi: That's enough.....let's rest, we will get slaughtered by the Akatsuki without the energy we need.

    Chiyoba: Weak ass young ones...

    Kakashi leaps down to the ground where there is a meadow, others follow

    At the Sand Village where we left Gai's group and Temari

    Gai: Who are you?

    Temari: Sigh..

    ???: I am Soku! The unstoppable sand GeninOne day ill be Kazekage!!

    The boy, known as Soku, who answered is a short bald boy with small eyes and looks like a monk. He has strange clothes and looks as old as Konohamaru

    Neiji: This guy is like Naruto...

    Ten Ten: Their fashion taste is similar too...just as bad!

    From the door a second, taller, stronger man appears.
    ??? #2: That's enough Soku

    Neiji: And you are...?

    ??? #2: Reiza the one and only Swordsman of the Sand!!!

    As Reiza and Soku start walking towards the Leaf Shinobi, Chiyobi's brother enters from the door and begins to give Reiza a tough lashing.

    Chiyoba's Brother: And a disgrace to the sand!! I cant believe they made YOU a jounin! Your a piece of trash!

    Reiza is tall man who somewhat looks like Zabuza and has a big ass sword like Zabuza. He doesnt have the face covering and has no face markings. He looks younger than Kakashi and has long hair which is free flowing and black. His shirts have no sleeves. His sword is in a handle on his back.

    Chiyoba's Brother: Look at your clothes!! Damn rebel!

    Reiza: He-

    ???#3: Dont insult Reiza sensei like that!

    ???#4: Yeah!

    The answers come from the door. Two girls begin running towards Reiza to protect him for some reason.

    Chiyoba's Brother: Bahh! Ignorant people...I'm leaving...

    Rock Lee: Who are you guys?

    ???#3: Im Akiko!

    ???#4: And i'm Jaso!

    Both ???#3 and ???#4 are girls. Akiko also has a sword clinging to her back and has short black hair and dresses somewhat like Reiza. She is in a similar position as Rock Lee, she is imitating Reiza. Jaso has long blonde hair and wears a long robe and looks shy. She is small compared to Akiko and Soku. Akiko looks the same age as Soku while Jaso looks much younger.

    Rock Lee: Alrite then! Let's get going!

    Temari: Reiza! Use your ground mole and here is a cloth.

    Reiza: Huh? What's this cloth for??

    Temari: Has the smell of Kakashi, your ground mole should be able to track it.

    Reiza: Alrite...Summoning no Jitsu!

    Neiji: WTH?? On the balcony???

    From the ground of the balcony, a small mole with a big face pops up.

    Reiza: Choro! Track this smell down!

    Choro: Uh...okay sure, you havent called me in a while.

    Reiza: Yep..how's it been??


    Reiza: Okay..sheesh...

    i know its kinda crappy but ill get better and i know it doesnt have much action but soon it will
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2005
  2. ismellbad

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Chapter 257: The Reunion

    At night...Naruto and the others are sleeping in an open meadow we last saw them in

    In the darkness more figures appear

    Rock Lee's Voice: Ahh! Finally we caught up to them!

    Gai's Voice: Typical of Kakashi and his group of rookies to rest on such an important mission.

    Neiji's Voice: Damn i'm tired...

    Ten Ten's Voice: Same...

    Reiza's Voice: So this is Kakashi the Copy Ninja...hm...

    Neiji: Huh? Who's this?? It looks like...

    Rock Lee: NARUTO!

    The loud sound awakens everyone and Naruto springs up in shock.

    Naruto: Ahh! WTH!! WHO ARE YOU!!!

    Neiji: Jeez! You didnt have to wake them up!


    Kakashi: What is it at this time of hour Naruto??

    Gai: So i see you're up Kakashi!

    Kakashi: Sigh....Gai, youve come, just as fast as I had expected....Who are these guys??

    Reiza: I am Reiza, the one and only Swordsman of the Sand!!!

    Chiyoba: Bahhh!! Swords!! What a joke!! You are a DISGRACE to your bloodline!

    Reiza: Be quiet old woman!

    Back at the Sand....next to Kankoru's Bed. Kankoru is sitting on his bed facing Temari sideways while Temari is looking outside the window looking at the Sand Village.

    Temari: They're gone Kankoru..

    Kankoru: I wonder if they're enough

    Temari: Hm..

    Kankoru: I mean....they defeated Gaara....pretty easily

    Temari: Don't underestimate the Leaf Nins Kankoru, and dont underestimate Naruto like we did last time. And besides, they have the legendary sibling Chiyoba with them!

    Kankoru: Damn it....I wish i could do something!

    Temari: Same here....how's your condition?

    Kankoru: I'm fine.....that Sakura really has become useful compared to the past

    Some random Sand Servant: Temari, Kankoru. It's time for your meeting.

    Temari: Of course

    The 3 begin to walk out of the medical room

    Back at the Reunion

    Neiji: I think its time we go to sleep....look the Sand guys are already sleeping.

    The Sand Nins are lying down on the grass snoring

    Kakashi: I agree, let's sleep

    Ten Ten: Yawn! Me too

    Gai: Alrite!! It's time to rest up and get our energy. I'm falling to sleep before you Kakashi!!

    Sakura: Yeah, i'm getting tired again. It's like pitch dark...

    One by one the ninjas begin to sleep and after a while only Naruto and Rock Lee are awake looking at the stars.

    Rock Lee: Alrite! Ill sleep too! Naruto you going to sleep?

    Naruto: Yep....but i gotta go to take a tinkle..ill be right back

    20 minutes later

    As everyone is sleeping, including Rock Lee, Naruto is on the highest branch of a big ass tree looking at the stars and moon

    Naruto: And so it begins!
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2005
  3. ismellbad

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Chapter 258: Strength of the Sand

    At Akatsuki HQ. Once again in their cave, the members of the S-Class Organization begin to stir again.

    ???: The sun is up, how much longer?

    Kitasu: Gimme a few more hours...dammit the the Sand Demon is too deep within the boy....it's like they're one person

    Sasori: Don't underestimate the boy....after all, he is the Kazekage

    Back with Naruto and all of them. The sun is rising over the mountains and the tall trees. Pakkun the dog is sitting on the branch just above the allied teams of the Sand and Leaf.

    Naruto: Yawnn! It's morning time to get up.

    Pakkun: So you guys are finally up

    Naruto: Pakkun! Where were you??

    Pakkun: I couldnt sleep with you guys. Making such a racket and all..

    As Naruto and the others wake up they start to get ready.

    Kakashi: Alrite I see all of us are up. Let's go

    Gai: Smart of you Kakashi

    Sakura: Already??

    Kakashi: Yep get ready, lets go

    Naruto: But I'm hungry...

    Kakashi: Have a soldier pill

    Kakashi tosses Naruto a small red pill to calm Naruto's growling stomach. Naruto immediatly pops it in his mouth and each of the ninjas begin to climb the trees again.

    Back at the Leaf Village...in Tsunade's office. Tsunade is at her chair sitting down while Jiraya is looking all over the room pacing about.

    Jiraiya: You know Tsunade, you better watch out with village affairs

    Tsunade: Hm?

    Jiraiya: Attacking Akatsuki like that is idiotic Tsunade. They have members in there that are stronger than both of us Tsunade.

    Tsunade: I know Jiraiya. Dont call me idiotic or else ill..

    Jiraiya: You'll what??

    Tsunade: Never mind..

    Jiraiya: Well what im saying is that be careful. And Tsunade, one more thing...

    Tsunade: What??

    Jiraiya:This is serious...and its concernign the condition of the Sound Village

    Back with Naruto and them...once again running about

    Sakura: How much longer??

    Pakkun: I think we can get them in an hour....and only 10 minutes and this insane pace we're going in! Im tired!!

    Chiyobi: NO! We keep going!!

    Pakkun: Oh yeah!! Rest, or im going to stop going at all!

    Kakashi: What?? we can't do that.

    Naruto: why you stupid dog...

    Reiza: C'mon let the dog rest

    Pakkun: Thank you

    Pakkun leaps down to the ground and the other reluctantly follow.

    Naruto: Fine, a 10 minute rest

    Pakkun: 20 minutes or I stop

    Naruto: Fine, 20 minutes

    Pakkun: hehehe! Stupid humans

    10 minutes later...

    Chiyobi and Reiza are having a heated discussion. Reiza is lying down lazily on the ground drinking from his water jug.

    Chiyobi: Thats it you disrespectful, ungrateful, piece of shit!! Im taking you down!

    Reiza: Bring it on elderly woman!!

    Reiza gets up and Chiyobi begins to get in her figther pose.

    Chiyobi: Why you....I'll show you the true strength of the sand..

    Sakura: Woah woah...calm down..we're a team

    Kakashi: Let it go Sakura, we need to settle this grudge now or never,
    because we are a team

    Gai: That's right Kakashi, exatcly like i was thinking. Not bad!

    Chiyobi: Alrite then....lets watch me beat your ass!!

    Reiza: In your dreams. Everyone back off

    Everyone backs off and watches the fight, including Pakkun. Everyone is interested to see the powers of the legendary woman and the swordsman.

    Reiza's Team: Go Reiza!! YOU CAN BEAT HER!! Woo hoo!!!

    Neiji: Hm...so we will see the power of the Sand

    Naruto: Let's see what this old woman can do..

    Chiyobi: So, shall we begin?
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2005
  4. ismellbad

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Chapter 259: The Fight

    Chiyobi: Alrite let's begin

    Both fighters square up to each other and give their overdramtic looks. Chiyobi rushes right at Reiza with incredible speed and begins her assualt using her fists. Reiza is caught unready but manages to block all of her shots at him. Chiyobi attacks with a double fist punch, but Reiza catches it. Chiyobi then kicks Reiza in the chest and jumps away. She then jumps right back at Reiza and hits him in the face with a roundhouse kick. Reiza goes flying to the ground and spins out of control. He gets up and Chiyobi then hits him with double fisted punch to the chest. Reiza is pushed back but manages to get his balance. He looks beaten and has one knee on the ground and is using his hand to support him back up.

    Chiyobi: Weakling....i didnt even break a sweat and your there panting.
    Reiza: Dammit...

    Chiyobi begins to preform several handseals in fast motion while Reiza watches helplessly.

    Chiyobi: Time to end this....Sand Tidal Wave Jitsu!!!

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge sand tidal wave appears behind Reiza.

    Reiza: What...the....hell...

    Naruto: Shit! She's good

    Kakashi: Wow..

    Gai: Man...

    Rock Lee: Crap..

    Neiji: This guy is screwed

    Sakura: I guess we underestimated her..

    Neiji: Big time...

    Reiza's Group: C'mon Reiza!! ITS NOT OVER!! WOO HOO!!

    But even Reiza's group starts to lose energy and eventually stops

    Chiyobi: Bye bye it's over

    Reiza: Argh...

    The Sand tidal wave gets bigger and bigger and slowly starts to cover Reiza. Reiza has a look of helplessness on his face, but he's standing up on his two feet. As the huge wave begins to overwhelm him and cover him his mouth slowly turns into a little smile than begins to grow.

    Sakura: A grin??

    Kakashi: Hm...

    The wave crashes and sand is all over the place and even reaches Chiyobi's feet. Chiyobi has a look of triumph as she sees a huge carcass-looking lump in the sand.

    Chiyobi: Thats right!! I win! I havent lost it after all!

    Kakashi: Shit..

    Sakura: Gasp

    Naruto: Oh my...

    Chiyobi: What? Did you underestimate me that much?

    Suddenly a sword appears on Chiyobi's neck flaming with chakra.

    Chiyoba: Ugh...what's this

    Reiza: You underestimated me..and all of you too....big time!

    Reiza is behind Chiyoba grabbing his big ass sword rite up to her neck

    Reiza: Good game, I should stop picking on the elderly

    Chiyoba: Dammit...

    Reiza puts his sword back on the handle on his back and walks away

    Reiza: Let's go!

    Reiza jumps off into the forrest as the rest of his comrades are shocked and recollecting themselves.

    In a dark room two figures are covered in shadows. Soon, the faces are revealed.

    ???: Tsuchikage! It's ready

    Kabuto: Good! Things are going according to plan. The new Sound 5 will be created on this day!

    Kabuto dressed up in strange clothes, has now replaced Orochimaru as the Kage of the Sand

    btw - Tsuchikage = Kage of the Sound (i just made in the Ground nation b/c it seemed more logical than Water nation or Thunder Nation and the Rock Village no longer exists - it would be logiccal to think they were once Ground Nation's Ninja Village)
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2005
  5. ismellbad

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Chapter 260: The Akatsuki

    Next to a lake a man sits on a rock looking at his reflection. A woman is walking towards him from a forest. Both of their backs are turned and that is all we see.

    Guy: What do you what Chasoki?

    Woman: Nothing, nothing, just checking up on you.

    Guy: Hmph, leave me alone, there's nothing you can offer for me

    The woman's face if more revealed. Shes pretty without a ninja head

    Chasoki: Is that so??

    Guy: Leave now, or Ill kill you..

    Chasoki: You know that you need me and that I'm almost as strong as you, Sasuke!

    The guy's face is also revealed and it is Sasuke. He looks a bit older and he has a huge black coat/robe on covering his whole body other than his face. He still has the long black hair. He's grown significantly taller and has a stony look on his face express no emotion except for boredom.

    Sasuke: Almost is the keyword.....what did you come here for?

    Chasoki: The boy you were after....the nine tails....he's finished with his training and out of Leaf Village.

    Sasuke: Interesting.....have you heard anything on the other?

    Chasoki: Still missing...we better watch out Sasuke, for you to backstab him like that and still fail isn't good..

    Sasuke: I know, you dont need to worry about me....go! worry about yourself and leave me

    Chasoki: As you wish

    Chasoki returns to the deep dark forrest leaving Sasuke alone. Sasuke gets up from his rock and from begins to smirk.

    Sasuke: Uzimaki Naruto...

    Back with Naruto and his crew. All of them are sitting down covered by some bushes and tree. They are over looking a cave in which the Akatsuki are located at.

    Pakkun: Alrite, they're in that scary looking cave....I'm out of here, bye!

    Kakashi: Pakkun! Wait!

    Sakura: Too late...

    Kakashi: Nevermind...alrite as team leader I think that we're going to have to split up. Our goals are to get Gaara out of there. We dont need to attack Akatsuki, just get Gaara out. Got that?

    Everyone: Yep, yes, alrite

    Kakashi: Good

    Chiyobi: Wait a minute....I have my own mission, I must contact my grandson, Sasori of the Red Sands.

    Kakashi: Okay sure. We're making two groups, one retrival group who will get Gaara out of the cave and one group who will cause a distraction to obviously distract the Akatsuki.

    Naruto: Wait, how do we even know that Gaara is in there

    Kakashi: We dont we ju-

    Gai: just have to risk it....Kakashi! I'll lead the distraction team!

    Kakashi: Alrite we have 12 members. I want 8 distractors and 4 retrieval Ill be on the Retrival team.

    Chiyobi: I'll be there too

    Rock Lee: I'll stay with Gai Sensei

    Neiji: I'll go with you, Kakashi. I have the Byakyugan.

    Kakashi: Good. Nartuo, I want you to come with us too, your mass Kage
    Bunshin will cause them confusion inside the cave and help me retrieve the body.

    Naruto: Sure

    Kakashi: The rest will distract and probably fight the Akatsuki.

    Distraction Team: Alrite!

    Kakashi: Neiji, Naruto, Chiyobi-sama, let's go!

    Akatsuki HQ

    Dark Figure #1: I sense outsiders....12 of them...

    Dark Figure #2: Hm...probably from the Sand...

    Sasori: Great....I'll have the pleasure of wiping them out..

    Sasori's Partner: I'll go with you

    Dark Figure #1: Better watch out guys....I sense a familiar chakra....the chakra of the Nine Tails....

    Dark Figure #3: So the nins from Konoha are here...hehehe....

    Dark Figure #4: Too bad Itachi and Kisame arent here...

    Sasori: Enough talk...Let's go..

    Kitasu: Wait...I need all of you guy's chakra to help me....wait....

    Sasori's Partner: How much longer?

    Kitasu:....just 10...10 more minutes and this boy will be useless and we will each have Sand Molding Techniques!

    Dark Figure #1 is revealed as an old man. He has long white hair and a pointy beard and lots of wrinkles. His head protector shows a eye looking symbol and has the familair line through it,

    Dark Figure #2 is a tall, muscucular man. He is bald and has a Kenshin looking scar on his cheek. His ninja head protector shows he was once a ninja of the Rock.

    Dark Figure #3 is a girl. She looks shockingly young only a bit older than Sakura. She has long red hair and has a look of determination in her eyes. She is shorter and smaller than all the rest. She is a ninja from the Leaf Village.

    DF #4 is not revealed other than his eyes, which glow like a light.
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  6. Neon

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    Jan 26, 2005
    First off post this on FF.net and put a link here, it's much easier to read then.
    Secondly the fact your using a play format show's you lack good writing skills, how about actaully writing in paragraphs?
  7. Sunslayer

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    Mar 31, 2005
    Don't be so harsh man, he may have bad structures, but he's not too shabby, keep it up mate.
  8. Rayana_Wolfer

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    Jun 18, 2005
    Realistic! :D It's good, since that could realy happen in the manga! Don't stop please and put a " :guns end" on it!
    I would sujest another battle involving Sasuke and Naruto, but... it sounds to much obvious, don't you think?
  9. 123godzillanarutofan

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    Jan 10, 2007
  10. Vaeny

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    Jun 9, 2006
    Sasori's Partner = Deidra
  11. Yondaime Hokage

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    Nov 28, 2006