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Naruto Forums Rules of Conduct

Discussion in 'The Konoha Times' started by Vandal Savage, Aug 5, 2016.

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  1. Vandal Savage The Magician Supporting Staff

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    Hello! You’re about to read our Global Rules but before you do there's a few things we'd like you to keep in mind:

    Moderation sometimes differs in various ways from section to section; when posting in different sections you are responsible for reading the rules, relevant stickies, and notices. Ignorance of the law does not give you freedom from it and we won't accept that as an excuse.

    Final interpretation of the rules is up to the staff. If you see a rule that you think needs to be improved or changed talk to us. We're open to civil discussion.

    If you are unsure if something is against the rules, please consult a staff member! We will never punish you for asking us about whether you can post a certain image or get away with saying certain things and we would prefer being able to have that discussion with you prior to using the banhammer. And don't shy away from the report feature if you feel someone is in violation of the rules.

    Flaming, baiting, trolling and harassment is not allowed.
    Don't bully or harass members, guys. Refrain from insults and hostile behavior. Snide, dismissive or disruptive remarks are also discouraged. Try to be tolerant without carrying out character assassination (general personal attacks included) or being a general tool when engaging. This applies to discriminatory remarks aswell (e.g. xenophobia, sexism, racism, etc).Threats like telling people to kill themselves are not tolerated, nor is using someone's images without their permission.

    Barating users in an overly sexual, aggressive or otherwise manner that creates discomfort will also not be tolerated.

    Moral of the story: respect one another, be mindful. Constructive criticism/civil disagreement is allowed; barbaric vitriol is not. That’s all that’s asked out of you.
    Leaking Personal Information
    Divulging users personal information without their consent whether it be images, videos, or other information is not allowed on Naruto Forums and will result in an immediate ban.​

    Spamming is not allowed, either.
    Do not repeatedly post things unrelated to the topic (reaction images, gibberish, or spam). Don't post in a thread that has died out (i.e. necroing).​

    Got a personal affair with someone? Take it outside.
    If you have some kind of problem with someone, use an IM program like Skype, Discord, the Conversations feature or profile posts. The forum and its members have no part in your personal issues, so don't make them be your audience, please.​

    Posting porn is not allowed.
    This includes images or sets depicting genitalia, bare breasts or depicting sexual acts. Linking to websites with such content or writing graphic pornographic content is also not allowed. Posting such material is grounds for a global forum ban and a restriction of BB Code privileges.

    If you want to post sexually explicit content then, post it in the Konoha Bathhouse. You must be 18+ to gain access, no exceptions.
    If you're unsure how to join the Konoha Bathhouse read about it .​

    Rep abuse/rating abuse is not allowed.
    Don't abuse rep or ratings, folks. Getting a group/person to rep/rate something (either positively or negatively) is an abuse of rep. Don't flame or harass people through rep; what you say through rep is subject to the same rules of decorum as any other commentary you make on NF. As for ratings, handing out repeated negative ratings is also not acceptable.​

    Duping is not allowed.
    Note: They're automatically banned. Don't use them for ban evasion, rep abuse, cheating, harassment, or flaming. Duping might also lead to a ban on your main account, especially when done repeatedly or with malicious or questionable intent.​

    Don’t pass the size limit on your signature.
    Your total signature space allowed is 700 (Width) x 400 (Height). The absolute maximum file size limit is 3MB (3072KB). This is for the entire signature, not just individual files. Repeated file size violations will lead to a signature ban.
    Anime/Manga links/Images/Other.
    When posting content from anime/manga due to DMCA it must be from NFs list of approved sources, as seen in this thread .
    The forum does not host illegal content nor does it serve as a repository of where to locate illegal material, so avoid doing it.

    Thanks for reading, now go have a blast on the forums! If you're new do check out the Beginner's Guide !

    So, with that – welcome to Naruto Forums, post away!

    — The NarutoForums.com staff

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 7, 2018
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  2. baconbits Super Moderator

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    Rules have been streamlined and updated.
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  3. White Wolf Super Moderator

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    A new year, a new updating. Rules have been streamlined and updated again to reflect recent changes.
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