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Naruto has my favorite females, here's why

Discussion in 'Akihabara Lounge' started by Silnaem, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. Silnaem This Time is not Ours to save

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    Mar 16, 2017
    In the Naruto related sections, you'll likely hear the opposite of this. Many complain that M. Kishi doesn't know how to write female characters.

    Well, that may be accurate, but . . .

    In most manganime, females are little more than sex objects for fan service (says a lot about your 'art' if it's not a service unto the fans in of itself, or at least what you think of it). Even if they do have epic stories and personalities, their bodies are thrown in your face so hard it's hard to see them for who they are.
    My favorite 'short' manganime, Akame ga Kiru, in terms of cast (i consider it a shorter version of Naruto), has some of my favorite characters (my all time anime favorite as well). However, the way the females, cool as they were, were defined in respect to their sexuality (who likes who etc) took a bit away from them. My favorite personality among them, Schere, was also the most sexualised. It's like the authors don't want us to appreciate the girls as characters, or something.
    Likewise, no, even more so, in other manganime, the females are oversexualised to the extant that one cantrappreciate their character becuase their 'other' qualities are shoved in your face. I mean, come on!

    On the other hand, M. Kishi didn't sexualise his females as much.
    Now of course thet do have such qualities, but its not the main thing about them. From the start the girls all had epic backgrounds and stories that only a heartless soul couldn't appreciate.

    Okay, most manganime have someof that, so what's the difference?
    The difference is best seen when you note any thoughts of Naruto females initially triggers thoughts of who they are as opposed to their measurements.
    Let's see who was sexualised in Naruto: Tsunade. How much was that done, compared to her role in the story being fleshed out? Not much. In fact, we were simply told she had a chest measurement equivalent to the number of sins a man can commit in a year (as per Jap beliefs/customs), nothing else. No poses, awkward situations or anything like that. Thus it was easier to appreciate the character.

    Now you can say that they didn't have enough pwrsonality or whatnot for your liking, but you cannot deny that M. Kishi respected his females