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Naruto: The Legendary Shinigami

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by FuryCraze, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. FuryCraze Member

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    Welll, this is my first fic. Hopefully you like it.. I just wanna get a few things out in the open here first. This story will probably take place in the bleach world only. I may make a sequel that takes place in both or sumthin like that, but thats not until i actually finish this story.. im hoping to have a nice and long fic too so you don't gotta worry bout that yet. Oh and Narutos gonna be very ooc, so dont complain please. This is my fic and i can make anyone how i want. Its hwy its called FANfic .. not .. CANONfic.. or sumthin like that..O and b4 I forget this starts at the end of the VOTE fight between Sasuke and Naruto. Anyways, ur probably bored of me babbling now.. so im just gonna get to it! Enjoy!

    ?Hm..So this is how it ends, huh?? Naruto said as he looked at his lifeless body on the ground. Sasuke seemed to be staring off into space. ?Happy Teme? You finally got your damn Mangekyou Sharingan.?

    Sasuke was staring at the waterfall. He thought that he'd be happy to get the Mangekyou, but he doesn't feel anything at all. For some reason, hes just empty. ?Sorry.. Naruto..? He whispered.

    Kakashi chose this time to jump down into the valley, beside Naruto's body, with his ninja dog Pakkun. ?I was too late..? He said sadly, then he noticed Sasuke starring into the waterfall, like he didn't even notice Kakashi was there. He looked to Naruto one last time, in sadness, before picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder. He turned to Sasuke, and called his name. The only move that told Kakashi that Sasuke heard him was the slight turn of his head. He was still in his own world it seems.

    ?You coming, or not?? Kakashi asked, not really in the mood for fighting. fighting. Sasuke was silent for a few moments, then spoke, ?...Hai..? He still didn't look at Kakashi. He just turned and started jumping up the valley. They began their trek back to Konoha, unaware that Naruto was watching them leave.

    Naruto sighed, before thinking.. What the hell is he supposed to do now? Hes dead. Thats a given. He has a chain thats connected to his chest. That had been cut by Naruto when Kakashi started jumping up the valley wall. He figured it just connected him to the body, or something like that, he doesn't really care-. Wait.. What about Kyuubi? Is he still sealed inside him? Naruto closed his eyes and concentrated. Oi! Fox! Get your ass up! He yelled into his mind. There wasn't any answer. Weird.. He thought. Maybe it went back to it's own realm? Whatever, he can think about that later, now he has to figure out what to do.


    A hollow(Adjective, not noun) scream filled the air, and Naruto went stiff, with eyes wide. ?What the fuck was that!?? He yelled.. well.. pretty much to himself. He started looking around until something hit him in the side, and sent him flying into one of the statues.

    As he got up holding his head, a little blood flowing from his forehead, ?Damn that hurt!?He looked at the.. thing that hit him. It was huge, and seemed to be screaming constantly. It had a weird mask that seemed to be made of bone or something. He got into a stance quickly, and glared at the thing.

    He just died and this thing tries to attack him? ?Bad idea, Bud!? He yelled, and charged. Now some people may think of this as stupid.. Attacking something that he has no clue what it is.. But Naruto really isn't having a very good day.

    Naruto jumped and was about to punch it's mask but the thing swatted him away like a fly. Naruto growled as he got up from the destroyed boulder he smashed into, but before he could charge again, someone with white spiky hair, in black and white robes jumped down with a sword, and slashed the things mask, causing it to scream in pain before dissolving into the air.

    The boy sighed as he turned around to see Naruto laying in the rocks, with a confused, yet intrigued look on his face. He started walking towards him, after sheathing his sword. The boy had a smirk on his face as he held out a hand to Naruto. ?Hitsugaya Toushiro.? Toushiro introduced himself. Naruto accepted the hand and pulled himself up.

    ?Uzumaki Naruto? Naruto smirked back, but then got a confused look, ?Soo.. What the hell was that?? He asked.

    Toushiro got a more serious look, ?That, was what we Shinigami call Hollows. They are corrupted souls, that turn into monsters, and feed off of other people's souls. They are attracted to high amounts of reiatsu which is spirit energy?

    Naruto nodded and raised a brow, ?Your a Shinigami? Sorry, but its just I would of thought that you'd be a bit scarier.. or something.? He said.

    Toushiro smiled ?believe it or not, I am, but im not exactly from this demention. For some reason you are special, because this is the first time anyone from Soul Society has been here.?

    Naruto nodded, but then went back into confusion, ?Soul Society?? he asked.

    Toushiro nodded, ?Yeah, its where people go after they die in my demention.? Naruto nodded again. ?So, do you have anything to do, before we go?? Naruto thought for a moment, before his eyes turned sad.

    ?Yeah, I wanna go see one person before we leave. She's the leader of my village, and I was pretty much her last precious person..?Naruto said, and Toushiro nodded sadly. ?It'll take a while to get there so we better leave now before one of them Hollow things come again.? Toushiro nodded as they jumped up the valley, and started hopping through trees.

    Toushiro noticed that Naruto didn't really have a problem, and that he could do things that humans aren't supposed to know how to do. Like jumping up a 150 foot cliff, back at the valley. ?Hey, Naruto, how is it that you can do things that normal people aren't supposed to be able to do?? he asked.

    Naruto looked at him, ?In this world there are people called ninja. We have techniques that use something called chakra. We can use it for different sorts of things.?He replied.

    Toushiro nodded, ?Must be something similar to our reiatsu. We use techniques and other sorts of things with it. You'll probably learn all about it when we get to Soul Society. You seem to have an extremely high amount of reiatsu, to be able to attract a Hollow that was that big but it seems something is blocking it so i cant sense it.? Toushiro finished giving Naruto a confused look.

    Naruto shrugged, ?Dunno, I've never even heard of reiatsu.?

    They continued with small talk for another 10 minutes until they reached the village, Naruto didn't really feel like seeing his friend's reactions to his death, he just wanted to go see Tsunade.
    They landed by the window of the Hokage's tower and Naruto jumped in. Toushiro decided to stay outside, because Naruto probably wanted to do this alone.

    As Naruto jumped in, he could see Tsunade staring blankly, at her desk. She had a saucer of sake in her hands, and there were tears coming our of her eyes. She was whispering to herself.

    ?Why, Naruto? Why did I have to loose you too??

    Naruto let a tear fall down his face. He hated seeing her like this. He knew she couldn't see him, but hopefully she might be able to hear him or something. He walked up to her and took his thumb and wiped the tears from her face, and her eyes went wide, and she looked up. She took her hand and put it to her cheek, and she could feel a hand there, cupping her cheek, but she couldn't see anything.

    ?Na.. Naruto?? She whispered, her head leaning in to the invisible hand, while her hand clutched it.

    Naruto smiled sadly and leaned next to her ear, ?Don't worry Tsunade, we'll meet again soon..? He said.

    Tsunade's eyes widened as she froze, and clutched the hand tighter, with both hands. She was trembling now. She heard him. It was barely a whisper, and it was hard to make out, but she heard him. He was here! ?Naruto!? She yelled, ?Please, don't leave!? She cried more.

    Naruto smiled again. ?Don't worry, I promise you'll see me again. A promise of a lifetime..? he said sadly.

    Tsunade smiled, despite the situation. He promised.. And he Never brakes a promise. All there is now is to wait..

    Naruto smiled as he saw her smile. He leaned in and gently kissed her forehead, and immediately her eyes widened, and a light blush came to her face. A dead, 13 year old boy was making Tsunade blush.

    Naruto hugged her and whispered a goodbye, before he got up and left, gliding his hand across her cheek as he did. As his hand glided across her cheek Tsunade closed her eyes, determined to burn the feeling into her memory so she wont forget..

    So she wont forget his promise.

    First chapter! Im not exactly satified with the end, but I didn't want to go too far into the story, and end up having a 4000 word first chapter and have no one like it and have it all be for nothing.. so ya.. just so you know, the other chapters will be longer, dont worry, this is just the prelude. Anyways this is probably gonna be a NaruHarem, with 4-6 girls, so vote and show me who you want in the pairing. And remember! Tsunade can be in it because Age really doesn't matter when your a death god and you can live forever.. i mean really Rukia said she's lived 10 of Ichigo's lifetimes, and people still have them as a pairing. So who cares if Tsunade is 40 years older, Rukia is even older than her :D. SO THERE! Lmao. And i already have an idea of who i want in it, but you might persuade me to change some of the girls. ( O and before i forget, chances are, the only Naruto characters that are gonna be in this story are Naruto Kyuubi(she can be in the pairing too.. and before all you female Kyuubi haters start going ?KYUUBI IS NOT A GIRL!? im just gonna say FUCK YOU!) and Tsunade.

    I also have a website for it. "Sasuke is still pure." Come check it out. I'll be posting news, and sometimes I'll post pictures that i've drew of the fic. Check it out if ya want.
  2. Codi Kenhai The dawn is still my enemy.

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    This is very interesting. Keep it up.
  3. Kakashifan727 Proud Kakashi fan.

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    Interesting concept.I like it! If only I knew more about Bleach.........

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