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Narutoforums 5th AMV competition Judges Thread

Discussion in 'Anime Music Videos' started by MechaTC, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. MechaTC

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    Sep 26, 2004

    Judges, please rate and comment on all videos.
    The one with the most points between all four judgings will win.​

    1. SSJ3 Goku
    2. Sasuke1_2
    3. MechaTC
    4. uP|iN|fLaM3z

    Judges, cast your votes. Leave comments on all of the videos and leave a rating (out of 10 for each category like on amv.org, then add them for the total score). The video with the highest accumulated scores will win.


    Video A

    Originality: 6/10 + reason/comment
    Visual Quality: 8/10 + reason/comment
    Audio: 10/10 + reason/comment
    Action Sync: 8/10 + reason/comment
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects (combined category for our purposes): 7/10 + reason/comment
    Effort: 9/10 + reason/comment
    Re-view-ability: 7/10 + reason/comment
    Overall: 8/10 + reason/comment

    Total: 63/80 Points
  2. MechaTC

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    Sep 26, 2004
    Juan – Open Your Soul

    Originality: 7/10 | Hmm this song went pretty well with FMA. However It wasn’t anything ground breaking so I couldn’t give you much more than a 7 in this category.
    Visual Quality: 10/10 | Quality was superb. It looked like a DVD rip. Very awesome.
    Audio: 10/10 | Sounded clear to me. Wasn't distracting in any parts. It was fine.
    Action Sync: 9/10 | You had a lot of great GREAT clips that synced really well to the music, but you did leave out a hell of a lot opportunities in the song to furth sync to. If you had, this video would have been hall of fame material.
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 8/10 | Your effects were pretty awesome, but I believe that you could have used more throughout it to get a better feel of the high energy of the song and the action scenes that you were using.
    Effort: 10/10 | Your video was freaken awesome man. Good job on this. I really hope you enter again.
    Re-view-ability: 9/10 | This video really was a good high energy amv. I would definitely watch it again.
    Overall: 9/10 | Great video but could still use improvement to get all 10’s!!

    Total: 72/80 Points


    UpInFlameZ – Cast In The Shadows

    Originality: 6/10 | Pretty well used concept haha. I’m betting you were expecting this >>
    Visual Quality: 8/10 | I don’t know how you did it…but those fansubs look freaking good man. I wonder if you cleaned them up some how? Regardless, they look great.
    Audio: 10/10 | Quality was clean. Sounded good.
    Action Sync: 8/10 | Damn, you have a talent here dude. Very cool syncs. You could have used it more often throughout the video to make it more high energy like the song is, but overall you used it pretty well.
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 8/10 | Your scene transitions and fades were used well. Also some nice overlays to convey new meaning to the lyrics and scene choice (itachi in the beginning). Very cool man, I must say I wasn’t expecting this from a Linkin Park video.
    Effort: 10/10 | Lots of effort that really paid off. It was awesome.
    Re-view-ability: 8/10 | Very catch song..hell it is LP. The video matched well to the lyrics and energy of the song.
    Overall: 8/10 | DARE I SAY IT?!! You made a good amv…WITH LINKIN PARK!! Congratulations!!! XD

    Total: 66/80 Points


    Puffmonkie – Lonely Days

    Originality: 8/10 | It was a pretty sweet amv! I liked the lonely day theme of it. Not focusing solely on action and more on something emotional (and not love either!) props on trying something like this.
    Visual Quality: 6/10 | This was my major complaint on the video. The quality of some of the anime clips you used wasn’t very high. I think it was further downgraded when you exported the video from windows movie maker. Specifically evangelion and bleach.
    Audio: 10/10 | Quality was clean. Sounded good.
    Action Sync: 9/10 | You had a very subtle way of syncing in a lot of the video and some more direct syncs in the more action filled parts. Good job!
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 7/10 | I saw you had some lip syncs and your transitions in the video and such were good. You used them effectively and nothing detracted from the viewer experience.
    Effort: 10/10 | I think you did very very well with Windows Movie Maker. You made one solid AMV with it!! Not easily done might I tell you.
    Re-view-ability: 8/10 | I would definitely watch this video again. I liked it a lot.
    Overall: 8/10 | Very good editing skills, now just work on upping the quality and getting those divx logos out of there and I think you’ll be in the upper ranks of another amv tournament!

    Total: 66/80 Points


    Nightforce – In The Air Tonight

    Originality: 7/10 | Techno Love video?!! :O LOL very cool. However a lot of the meaning seemed to be lost on me as the viewer when the techno part started up. I totally loved the beginning part when he puts cagali in the water to I think phil Collins haha…but then when the funky boing beat starts up and the flashes…oh the flashes…it just turned into a crazy mech action video.
    Visual Quality: 7/10 | About that of a fansub. Not bad, and no subtitles.
    Audio: 10/10 | Audio was fine.
    Action Sync: 9/10 | Your syncs were very sharp. You sure synced the hell out of those beats with the flashes…but I took off a point here because I would have liked to see more syncing with JUST action and no flashes.
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 6/10 | You used a hell of a lot of one effect…the flashes. Oh the seizure flashes D: Those would be better used in small amounts in my opinion. Maybe in a section of the song that has a unique beat like from 2:36 – 3:14 and tried to mix it up in the rest, by not using flashes haha.
    Effort: 10/10 | I won’t deny that making all those beat flashes took a lot of time so A for effort! XD
    Re-view-ability: 8/10 | It had quite a few cool memorable moments in it and I would watch it again, but there’s still a lot that needs to be changed for it to be among my favorites.
    Overall: 8/10 | Very nice video. You had some really cool parts in it that made it really stand out to me. You still need to do a bit of work in the effects area though in my opinion.

    Total: 65/80 Points


    Dark Shadow – Need for Rebellion

    Originality: 6/10 | Well, it was an action rock video. With DBZ no less XD. But overall wasn’t the average Linkin Ball Z video so I didn’t knock too much off. I liked the song choice for Vegita, it was very…him. Hahaha, don’t know how else to describe it.
    Visual Quality: 7/10 | Pretty much that of a fansub. It is to be expected with an amv so no big deal. I’m glad I didn’t see any sub titles!
    Audio: 10/10 | Audio was fine. Couldn't find a problem with it.
    Action Sync: 8/10 | You had a lot of great syncs to your song in the action of your video. There were a lot of spots that you could have expanded upon it though. With an anime as action packed as DBZ, you could have easily taken advantage of them if you tried a little harder. Also a few of your syncs were a little off, particularly those in the beginning. While they were overall very good, I think you could still improve on them a bit more.
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 7/10 | Unobtrusive effects were used very well. They contributed to the viewing experience and didn’t distract. The lip syncs that you used were done fairly well, but I would have liked to see more of them. I think you used them 2-3 times throughout the video. More would have helped.
    Effort: 10/10 | You made a polished video so of course you had to put in a ton of effort. Great job on this video!
    Re-view-ability: 8/10 | Very fitting for Vegeta and full of action. I would definitely watch this video again in a while.
    Overall: 8/10 | Good video, but could still use work in the areas that I specified.

    Total: 64/80 Points


    nyce456 – Somwhere I Belong (Naruto and Gaara)

    Originality: 6/10 | Naruto + Linkin park man…it’s an over used formula. I need to see something new if you want big marks here!! XD
    Visual Quality: 7/10 | Fansub quality but no subtitles! YAY!!
    Audio: 10/10 | Quality was clean. Sounded good.
    Action Sync: 8/10 | You had some pretty solid syncs in there, but they just weren’t used enough. Linkin park songs are filled with beats to take advantage of. You definitely needed some more in this video to make a big impression on the viewer.
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 7/10 | Symbolism was your best tool in this in my opinion. You matched the scene to the lyric in a lot of instances and it worked well. Nice eye for scene selection.
    Effort: 10/10 | I can tell you didn’t just throw action scenes together to make this. You actually chose them, something that a lot of naruto linkin park video creators fail to do.
    Re-view-ability: 7/10 | It’s catchy, I like linkin park, but it needs more to make me want to REALLY watch it again.
    Overall:7/10 | Solid video, but needs a lot of work. I know you can do it, you have a solid set of video making skills, so use them more often next time!! :D

    Total: 62/80 Points
  3. MechaTC

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    Sep 26, 2004
    The 1 and only jj – The End of a Relationship

    Originality: 6/10 | OH GOD!! SCREAMO!!!! XD OK, now that, that’s out of my system…Kinda moshed bit oh “love” scenes between sasuke and sakura (kinda one sides don’t you think? XD) to some screamo music. It needed more to me to get higher marks in this category.
    Visual Quality: 7/10 | Quality of a fansub with no subtitles. You people are learning well!! :D
    Audio: 10/10 | Audio was fine. No problems.
    Action Sync: 6/10 | You had SOME syncs in there but this song could have definitely used more man!! MORE!! You missed SO many good opportunities in there and seeing some of the uninterrupted longer clips near the end of the video just made me kinda go… “what’s next? :/” Needed work on this.
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 6/10 | I think you tried to lip sync in some areas though I couldn’t be sure. I think you needed to think up some more dynamic ideas to make this video snap more to the viewer.
    Effort: 9/10 | You put in a lot of effort, but more was definitely needed. It appeared you got lazy near the end and just strung together some nice touching moments together of Sasuke and Sakura. I mean they weren’t broken up in any scene changes or effects and it was just like watching an episode…with non syncing music. You could have polished this bit a little more.
    Re-view-ability: 8/10 | Despite what you may think, I still liked this video. It totally screamed sasuke to me…(that wife beater) hahahaha. I would watch it again.
    Overall: 7/10 | Good job, but needed a lot of work in the areas I specified.

    Total: 59/80 Points
  4. Up In FlameZ♥

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    Apr 29, 2006
    Juan – Open Your Soul

    Originality : 7/10 | Well, it is an original amv but i have seen the song Phenomenon used many times and yours is another i have seen named "Open Your Soul".
    Visual Quality : 10/10 | i assume you have the DVD since the quality was amazing
    Audio : 10/10 | I didn't have any problems with the sound
    Action Sync : 8/10 | Well the syncs that i saw had nice timing but there were many times you had the chance to make more effects at beats.
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects : 7/10 | To be honest i never really saw other effects besides a few flashes and some nice fades. Next time you should add some more effects
    Effort : 9/10 | I am sure you put a lot of effort into this video but next time try add more effects.
    Re-view-ability : 9/10 | This is an action amv with a really good song, i would most definitely watch it again.
    Overall : 9/10 | Great video but improve on some stuff and i look forward to your vid in the next Competition.

    Total Score : 69/80


    Nightforce – In The Air Tonight

    Originality : 8/10 | I agree with Mecha on this, a techno love video?!?!LoL... That is a pretty original concept to me.
    Visual Quality : 7/10 | A decent looking fansub quality with no subs
    Audio : 10/10 | Had no problem with the audio
    Action Sync : 9/10 | Really nice syncs, they were always synced with the beats
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects : 6/10 | I really had to mark you down here. You did no effects but black/white flashes. Try different effects, there are many other effects that can go with those beats.
    Effort : 10/10 | i think you could have put in more effort for more effects but the timing it probably took for those flashes! :0
    Re-view-ability : 7|10 | This type a video isn't the type i really like. Too many flashes, there are some people who really like those flashes but they make me go blind :O
    Overall : 8/10 | A really nice timing/emotional video, but just work on other effects.

    Total Score : 65/80


    Puffmonkie – Lonely Days

    Originality : 8/10 | Not a very used theme, 'Lonely Days' i liked it!
    Visual Quality : 6/10 | Very low quality clips. You had a lot of pixels and wierd blocks of color on your clips. Try getting high quality clips
    Audio : 10/10 | Sounded Fine
    Action Sync : 6/10 | There were many times you could have put more syncs in but the ones you did put in were good(when that one girl gets shot with the loud drum beat)
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects : 6/10 | I liked your lip sync you did and i saw a few transitions, but you could improve on some effects
    Effort :7/10 | For a WMM video this was pretty good, but even in WMM you could make some more effects with those beats
    Re-view-ability : 7/10 | I would only watch this video a couple times because it wasn't that high quality and you didnt' you that many effects, but the theme and song were excellent and many people like these emotional vids
    Overall : 7/10 : A decent video that was made in WMM but work on improving the quality and whatnot. I look forward to your next video!

    Total Score : 57/80



    Originality : 7/10 | Many SasuXSaku amvs out there but not with screamo music! :D
    Visual Quality : 7/10 | Average fansub quality with no subs, nice job there
    Audio : 10/10 | Audio sounded fine (and that song frikkin ROCKS!!)
    Action Sync : 6/10 | You did some nice fades with the music at the beginning but seems like you got lazy and stopped. DO NOT STOP!! Work on more syncs
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects : 6/10 | Only effects i saw were some fades and the radial blur at the beginning of the amv
    Effort : 7/10 | I bet you put a lot of effort thinking about that really original opening(lol) but you could have put more effort into the video where there were many chances to do more syncs/effects
    Re-view-ability : 8/10 | i don't know why but i really seem to like this video, maybe its the song or the editing but i like to watch it
    Overall : 6/10 | I liked your approach on the screamo love thing but there weren't that many effects with beats, Work on these areas i look forward to seeing your video

    Total Score : 57/80

    [Dark Velocity EX] – Need for Rebellion

    Originality : 6/10 | not really that original, being a rock music and vegeta video
    Visual Quality : 7/10 | Average fansub quality but at least you had no subs
    Audio : 10/10 | Sounded fine
    Action Sync : 7/10 | You had some nice cuts with the music but there were a lot of chances to put in more effects
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects : 6/10 | You had some nice lip syncs but there were many drum beats where you could have put other effects
    Effort : 7/10 | I am sure you put effort into this video for the lip syncs and other stuff, but you should try and make more effects with beats.
    Re-view-ability 6/10 | To be honest i wouldn't really watch this video more than a few times. Try improving on sync and timing and your video will attract many viewers
    Overall 7/10 | A decent rock video with vegeta, but just improve on the stuff i told you and enter the next competition!

    Total Score : 56/80


    nyce456_-_Some Where I Belong (Naruto and Gaara (FV))

    Originality : 6/10 | Linkin park + Naruto = Not original at all....
    Visual Quality : 6/10 | When you did some fades, i noticed some really bad pixelation, so it is lower than fansub quality
    Audio : 10/10 | No problems with sound
    Action Sync : 6/10 | You had a few syncs with naruto flaring up his chakra and the drum beat but there were many other chances to put syncs
    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects : 6/10 | I didn't see many effects, but you did some fades and cutting clips together
    Effort : 7/10 | I think you could have put a lot more effort into a linkin park video by making more effects because linkin park songs have a lot of beats but most people who make vids with linkin park don't do many effects with those beats
    Re-View-Ability : 7/10 | I don't really watch linkin park amvs anymore (even though i still make them hehe). Generally i like videos with lots of effects but some people don't like that and like emotional videos like this. But i still love linkin park so i would watch a couple times
    Overall : 7/10 | Not a bad linkin park video, just improve the quality and fix up some of your effects

    Total Score
    : 55/80
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2006
  5. Ssj3_Goku

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    Sep 27, 2004
    Here are my top 2 amvs actually they both tied i could not come to a conclusion which was better than the other i found them both pretty equal in terms of Anime Music Videos. Great job to both of you :thumbs
    ( I will have the others up with in the next couple of hours )

    One thing I will say is when doing AMV?s make sure you edit , not edit effects but make sure that ?is this the right scene for this part of the song?? and stuff like that takes a longer time to get the music video done but in the end it pays off.

    Juan ? Open your Soul

    Originality: 6/10 ? This song I have seen in many AMVs though it?s a good song the concept of the AMV was nothing to spectacular but overall it was ok just nothing that I have not seen done before.

    Visual Quality: 10/10 ? I assume you got the DVD to this. The quality was really high and I was shocked because it even beat my DBZ shutup video I made.

    Audio: 10/10 ? Standard Mp3 Quality.

    Action Sync: 9/10 ? the action was synced decently well with the song although certain parts could have been done a little bit better.

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects : 8/10 ? The effects that I seen where good though I found some parts where a flash would not have been necessary and I seen a lot of room for more effects especially in the action parts it would have made the overall AMV much better and cooler . They where timed well but I thought this area could have been done a little bit better. Good editing skills just keep at it and soon you will have it down perfect.

    Effort: 8/10 ? Decent amount of effort had to be put into this one to get DVD quality footage and the little bit of effects that you used where done well. I think overall if you pushed your self a little bit more you could have made this one of the best AMVS I ever seen. Though still it?s a good amv and you did a good job you should be proud.

    Re-view-ability: 8/10 ? Honestly the song was good and the whole FMA thing behind it was cool though I could not see my self watching it more than two times. If you added a little bit more effects and what not I think that would have pulled me more into the video.

    Overall: 8/10 ? Great Quality, Decent song choice, Nicely Timed. I liked this AMV though I think just a little bit more I would have scored you higher than what I did. This video has a lot of potential in the effects / action department and i will be looking forward to your next video. This video inspired me to even enter in the next competition, maybe :wink Also great credits :kthumb

    Total: 67/80 = 83.75% (B-)


    Upinflamez ? Cast in the Shadow

    Originality: 6/10 - Naruto AMV's are starting to get overplayed. The AMV was good but the concept has been done many times before.

    Visual Quality: 8 /10 - I assume you used DB subs and cropped it a bit that or you used Raws. Either way it looks quite nice.

    Audio: 10/10 ?Standard Mp3 Quality, at least you did not use .WAV files. If you can use ACC format it is probably the best sounding quality out there even better than 322kbs MP3s.

    Action Sync: 9/10 ? For the Action that was in this video it was synced well with the song. Though a few spots I felt should have been worked a little bit more, overall was good.

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 9/10 - I would have given you a perfect score on this department out of all the videos you did the most effects and timed them pretty well. Although I felt that the effects when saskue got kicked into the wall could have been done differently just felt awkward to me doing it like that. But overall you did very well in this department and used different effects instead of just one. Hopefully your next AMV will display more effects. I think this video you had more potential for different type of effects, overall I was very pleased in this department and also nice intro as well.

    Effort: 9/10 ? AS an AMV maker myself and I know how long it takes to do different effects in AMVS and how long and hard it is to do. Not many people do effects to this detail and the people that do spend enough time figuring everything out and timing it all right.

    Re-view-ability: 8/10 - I would watch this AMV about 1 or 2 more times, the effects in the video make it more appealing to watch it more than just once and that?s a good thing and you should be proud.

    Overall: 8/10 ? Good AMV not the best naruto one I seen but its up on my top 15 naruto AMVs. I think if you go for a different approach like instrumental naruto AMVS like 007Vegita or something like that then the Naruto amvs would be different and unique. I was overall pleased with this video and I think you should be proud of yourself for making a good Linken Park AMV because a lot of AMV makers out there make really bad ones but you did not. Also Good Credits :kthumb

    Total: 67/80 ? 83.75 % (B-)
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2006
  6. Ssj3_Goku

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    Sep 27, 2004
    Nightforce ? In the Air Tonight.

    Originality: 8/10 ? I gave you an 8 because I hardly see people doing techno stuff anymore so this was pretty original concept.

    Visual Quality: 8/10 Average Video quality.

    Audio: 8/10 ? reason why I am giving you an 8 in audio is that this song does not go to well with the theme your trying to portray and I think the music department can help you out here.

    Action Sync: 8/10 ? action could have been synced much better and I took notice to a lot of repetition of some clips through the AMV. Plus with the many flash effects it ruined the atmosphere of the AMV as a whole.

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 7/10 ? Yes you did have a lot of flash effects and timed them well but you used too many and a lot of them where just out of place and seemed not to belong in that part of the amv. I mean during the clapping part of the song I see no reason to put that many flashes there unless you changed some stuff with the video behind it but you did not and left the video the same with just white flashes while he was putting her into the water. Really just felt awkward and unneeded I think you could have done a much better job in this department. It seems you have the timing skills down your just not putting the effects in the right places and making it flow well with your AMV. I also recommend trying other effects to.

    Effort: 7/10 ? I honestly think you could have made a better amv if you put more thought into it, I watched this video many times and I just think you where worried about your timings with the flashes more than the AMV itself.

    Re-view-ability: 6/10 - I honestly thought this AMV could have been much better, I honestly think many people would not watch this more than once it just feels out of place and the effects ( the flashes) and made the amv feel very unpleasant. Plus the techno song really just feels too weird.

    Overall: 6/10 - Overall the video quality was all right your timing on your flashes where good but I think if you put more effort into the video I think you would have made a much better AMV. Please work on the areas I mentioned you got the timing skills with the effects but you need some work in a few areas. I hope your next video will be much better and I will be looking forward to it.

    Total: 58/80 = 72.50% (C-)


    Puffmonkie ? Lonely Days

    Originality: 8/10 ? I think this video was pretty neat how you mixed emotions (being lonely) with more than just one anime character. Was a cool concept, I liked it well done.

    Visual Quality: 6/10 - Seen some Divx Logos in the video (yes I downloaded your new one as well) plus some of the subs you used where not high quality. I understand your using WMM, the best way to get high quality out of WMM is by making the clip an uncompress AVI format using V ? dub and then putting it in WMM this will make the quality much better I have done this back in my WMM days. Also if you are having trouble with the Dvix logo I can help you on that as well.

    Audio: 10/10 ? I found nothing wrong with this song or quality, it was a good song to choose for the type of theme you where going for. Nice choice!

    Action Sync: 6/10 ? I think your syncing can be done better with this amv some clips where ok but some clips felt out of place and should have been in different areas of the AMV.

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 6/10 ? I seen you did some transitions which where nice though some could have been worked on a little bit more. I also liked how you did your lip sync in the one part was decently well but not perfect. I will give you props for doing this in WMM I did not try that until Sony Vegas, was a good first try and I am sure your next lip sync will be much better. Overall in this department for using WMM not to shabby I have to say but you still could push more out of WMM.

    Effort: 7/10 ? Even though you where using WMM I think you could have done a few things a bit better like what scenes your going to use on what part of the song. Overall not bad though just a little bit more ?oomph? sota speak and I think you will have WMM down. If you need WMM help I have done a lot of work in WMM and some other judges have as well we can help you and I am always online either on narutofan or AIM or MSN and I will try to help you as much as I can. This goes for any one really.

    Re-view-ability: 8/10 ? I liked this AMV the theme was good the song was good i think the video is good to watch more than once.

    Overall: 7/10 ? Overall it was a decent AMV the theme was good and the song was. Though with some errors like the Divx logos and the Quality and how the amv flows with the clips could be worked on. Also I liked how you did your credits nicely done something different and that?s always good.

    Total: 58/80 = 72.50% = (C-)
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2006
  7. Ssj3_Goku

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    Sep 27, 2004
    Nyce456 - Somewhere I Belong

    Originality: 6/10 ? Seen this concept done in naruto with this song as well quite a bit. It?s a cool concept but its getting overplayed.

    Visual Quality: 6/10 ? The quality was a little bit below normal sub quality.

    Audio: 10/10 ? song fit well with the theme and the audio quality was good.

    Action Sync: 6/10 ? good syncing though you still need to improve in a few areas and this song had a lot more opportunity for more syncing.

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 7/10 ? effects that you used where nicely done and the transisons were allright.

    Effort: 9/10 ? I seen that a lot of effort went into this video to get it all done and most naruto videos I seen are just half assed and I can safely say that this was not.

    Re-view-ability: 6/10 ?Good song, although I could not see myself watching this more than once I seen this concept done many times before.

    Overall: 7/10 ? Solid AMV, need some work in a few areas , you seem to be getting used to AMVS just a little bit more time and effort and I am sure you will pull off something better.

    Total: 57/80 = 71.12% = (C-)


    [Dark Velocity EX] ? Need for Rebellion

    Originality: 6/10 ? Dbz rock video seen many done before this song you used fit well but nothing in this video that has not done before so I took off a bit because of that.

    Visual Quality: 6/10 ? This video quality was not that good I little bit below standard sub quality, though it is kind of easy to find higher quality dbz clips out there.

    Audio: 10/10 ? this song fit vegeta well though the mp3 could have been better quality.

    Action Sync: 6/10 ? there where a lot more opportunities in this AMV for more syncing. Plus some of your syncs where off like in the beginning and with an anime like DBZ I am sure you could done a bit better in this area.

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 7/10 ? Good lip syncs though they could be a tad bit better. The Effects other than the lip sync where allright but nothing to great and could have been worked on I felt some where kinda off as well. Plus after a certain part of the video I hardly seen any effects at all which I think you could have added more in there to make the video more appealing.

    Effort: 7/10 - I think you could have put a little bit more effort into this video to make more effects and clean up some of the effects you used so they would flow better with the AMV. Just a little more time and effort and I think you would have done much better.

    Re-view-ability: 6/10 ? this video was a nice vegeta video but I think I would not watch it more than once. If there was better syncing and a bit more effects to draw me into this video I would be in the mood to watch it more (Especially since it?s a DBZ video much potential with that anime.)

    Overall: 7/10 ? Not a bad video but you need more work in the areas I mentioned, I will be looking forward to your next video.

    Total: 55/80 = 68.75 = (D+)
  8. Ssj3_Goku

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    Sep 27, 2004
    The one and only jj ? The end of a relationship

    Originality: 6/10 ? Seen many Loved based themes between saskue and sakura; sorry but could not give you much points on this.

    Visual Quality: 7/10 ? the quality was ok but some of the clips where not as good as some others.

    Audio: 9/10 ? The song went really well with the AMV and fit the theme really good. Though I recommend 192kbs Mp3 or above, it will sound much better if you use that. Plus the intro part you should have faded that song out when you where going into the amv it did not sound to good when the intro was over and the bulk of the amv started.

    Action Sync: 6/10? honestly you did not use many syncs at all and it would have made your AMV flow much better.

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 5/10? only effect I seen was really the intro and I liked the intro the blur effect around the paintings using the strobe light was good ( I see your a fan of 007vegito eh? :thumbs) overall that was good but during the AMV is where you got hurt the most, there was many chances for you to add more effects especially during the long clips which just felt like it dragged the AMV along if you did something there to make it flow better the viewer would not get bored so easily from watching the video.

    Effort: 6/10 ? there had to be some effort to get the intro down right but overall I think you could have put more effort into the video to make it an amazing amv I suggest more effects and better timing and work on the syncing as well. You have the theme locked down and good choice in the song but the areas I mentioned above need worked on.

    Re-view-ability: 7/10 ? I will be honest even though I hate saskue and I am a huge naruto X sakura fan but this song went well with this video and the theme was good so I would watch it at least more than once.

    Overall: 6/10 ? I think you need to work on your timing/syncing/effects the most. When you get that packed down I am sure you will produce a terrific AMV.

    Total: 52/80 65%= (D+)
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2006
  9. Sasuke1_2

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    Apr 23, 2006
    Juan - Open Your Soul

    Originality: 7/10 - I just started listening to this song a few days ago and here it is in your AMV! =D Well, it certainly wasn’t overdone before and it went nicely with The Conqueror of Shamballa. Honestly though, there could have been more stuff done to it to make it better.

    Visual Quality: 10/10 - Quality wasn’t choppy or bad at all. It was very nice and clean. Probably from the DVD. Great job.

    Audio: 10/10 - The song was crystal clear. Smooth, no distractions, and perfect volume.

    Action Sync: 9/10 - Great! I found your actions scenes did go well with the song…well maybe it could have been a bit better since there is still more stuff you could have done, but majority was good!

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 7/10 - Now I found that the effects you put in were great, but could have done better. There was so much more that could have been done. If you added a bit more, I bet your mark would have been a bit higher.

    Effort: 8/10 - I looked like you put a lot of effort in to it but I found that there was still more you could do. Other than that, great job!

    Re-view Ability: 9/10 - I would definitely watch this video again. You make the song that I love so much flow well with FMA. Why wouldn’t I watch it again? =D

    Overall: 9/10 - Great job! I was so surprised too since, no word of a lie, I was going to use the same anime, the FMA movie, and I was going to use the same song! There goes my originality, lol. You should enter again! I would really enjoy rating your video again if I judge in the next competition! Great job again!

    Total: 69/80 = 86%


    UpInFlameZ - Cast In The Shadows

    Originality: 6/10 - Well, I’m afraid I can’t give much here since you know how much Naruto and Linkin Park videos have been used already. But wait until I talk about the rest of your marks! =D

    Visual Quality: 9/10 - How did you do it!? OMG. Anyways the quality was good. May not have been DVD quality but it was frekin good.

    Audio: 10/10 - Sounded perfect. No problems there.

    Action Sync: 9/10 - Very good! The action scenes you incorporated in the video went nicely. Though I felt there was room for more on some parts.

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects : 10/10 - Yes I know. Some of the others believe there is more room for improvement but I believe you deserved 10. Almost every part of the song had some effects in there and the type you used were amazing. You made this Linkin Park video top most of the others I’ve seen, no lie!

    Effort: 10/10 - Do I need to say that you put in a lot of effort? Just look at it and there you go! Great frekin job!

    Re-view Ability: 9/10 - Yeah, I’m definitely going to be watching this again. Your skills made me faint from the awsomeness! *faints*

    Overall: 9/10 - For Linkin Park and Naruto…sure, the originality wasn’t the best…but overall, you definitely made a stunning AMV that should not be missed by anyone! Excellent job!

    Total: 72/80 = 90%


    Puffmonkie - Lonely Days

    Originality: 9/10 - Wow, nice mixture of anime shows. I liked how it was more emotional and not all action. Very well done!

    Visual Quality: 6/10 - Now this was a big problem. Your video had a lot of parts where the quality was pretty poor and then some parts were ok. If it wasn’t for the parts that weren’t poor, your mark would have been lower I’m afraid. And that cursed DivX Logo! >< That needs to be taken out as well. I’m pretty sure it tells you how on the rules for the AMV Competition but if you can’t find it there then I’m sure me or any other judge can help you.^_^

    Audio: 10/10 - Nothing wrong here. Your music was clean with no distractions.

    Action Sync: 7/10 - Well, I felt you could have had more parts to match the song. There was one part I really liked which was where Rukia put Renji’s hand away from her and it went perfect with the song so I see you know how to make the video and music go together…but one part is not enough.

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 7/10 - Well you had some decent transitions and some lip sync but I felt there could have been a lot more improvement.

    Effort: 8/10 - I can see you took a lot of time to go through the clips and put them all together. However, I believe you could have got more out of WMM and made the AMV better overall. As the section implies: Good effort! =D

    Re-view Ability
    : 7/10 - I would probably watch this AMV over again but probably if I had enough time after watching other ones. Basically, if there was more done to it, I believe that the my re-view ability would be a lot higher.

    Overall: 8/10 - You could have done better but you showed that you definitely have the skills to make an AMV. I hope to see you in the next competition! ^_^

    Total: 62/80 = 78%


    Nightforce - In The Air Tonight

    : 8/10 - Just as it has been said before…Techno Love video? xD Wow…I am stunned, and I don’t know if it’s from the constant flashes or the crazy beat. Either way, it was pretty original in my eyes since I don’t see many of that.

    Visual Quality
    : 7/10 - The quality wasn’t superb but it definitely wasn’t bad. About the quality of a fansub. Also there was no subtitles so good job.

    : 10/10 - Your audio was good as it was clear.

    Action Sync: 9/10 - Now for this section here, I have to agree with Mecha. Your action syncs were amazing but you would have had 10 if there were less flashes. My eyes will never be the same…<_>

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 6/10 - Seizures anyone? <_> Ok, constant flashing will just kill the AMV. I would have been better if you had only a few flashes, not flashes everywhere on the video. I’m sure the others will agree with me too. This was one of the biggest problems in my opinion.

    Effort: 8/10 - I must agree with Goku on this. There should have been more effort put into the whole thing instead of concentrating on mostly the flashes…or so it seemed. Do you get what I’m saying? However I won’t deny that it was hard to get those flashes working in the right place for you so I have you an 8.

    Re-view Ability: 6/10 - Once again, I must agree with Goku. The AMV could have been a bit better and the I must say that the flashes tend to annoy me. Some are ok but it’s too constant and it just gets annoying. I might watch it again if I feel bored…

    Overall: 8/10 - So there were some issues with it…so what? You still did pretty well overall so give yourself a pat on the back! =D If you enter again, I think you’ll do even better next time.

    Total: 62/80 = 78%


    Dark Shadow - Need For Rebellion

    Originality: 6/10 - Well I can’t say it was too original since there have been many DBZ rock videos before. Considering I also have tried it before. xD

    Visual Quality: 8/10 - Pretty good. Look like fansub quality and it had no subtitles. Very good!

    Audio: 10/10 - Nothing was wrong here. Everything was clean and sounded fine.

    Action Sync: 8/10 - You had some great action syncs. However, I felt you could have had more. There were a few parts in the song that were just…how do I say…lacking in action? Do you know what I mean? There could have been more.

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 7/10 - You had some nice effects and some well done lip syncs. However as Mecha said, I think there could have been room for more. Even ignoring the facts of the lip syncs I think there was room for a little bit more in the effects department. Great job though!

    Effort: 9/10 - Well I believe there could have been just a tiny bit more effort but other than that…holy crap this AMV was awesome as it shows!

    Re-view Ability: 8/10 - I’d definitely watch this video again as it was awesome. More could be done to it but it’s worth watching again.

    Overall: 8/10 - Overall, this is an awesome AMV. I hope you enter the competition again as you have the skills to create an awesome AMV. Great job!

    Total: 64/80 = 80%


    nyce456 – Somwhere I Belong (Naruto and Gaara)

    Originality: 6/10 - This has been done to death. -_- I wish I could give you higher in this category but I’m sorry I just can’t. I’m tempted to give 5/10 in the next competition sadly. >_>

    Visual Quality: 8/10 - Fansub quality with no subtitles. Very good.

    Audio: 10/10 - Nothing wrong here. Well done!

    Action Sync: 8/10 - I saw that you used a lot of good action syncs here. Very well done however I found there was still room for more.

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects - 8/10 - Now I must say, you really did a nice job with effects, especially how you made each part go with the words of the song though once again I still see room for more.

    Effort: 9/10 - I think it is safe to say you did well. You would have had 10 though if you just went a little bit more beyond than what you did like adding in more effects and more action syncs. Other than that, great job!

    Re-view Ability: 8/10 - I don’t know what it is…maybe the way you chose your clips and put it with the music? I think it could do a bit better but at least it wasn’t a regular Linkin Park - Naruto AMV like others. I guess that’s what makes me want to watch it again more those ones. Great job!

    Overall: 8/10 - Another great Linkin Park music video in this competition. Great job and keep working hard to make your AMVs even better!

    Total: 65/80 = 81%

  10. Sasuke1_2

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    Apr 23, 2006
    The 1 and only jj – The End of a Relationship

    Originality: 6/10 - I have to agree with Mecha and Goku on this one. The concept has been done many times before and thus I can’t give you much more than a 6.

    Visual Quality: 7/10 - No subtitles and fansub quality! Good job!

    Audio: 10/10 - Nothing wrong here. No distractions or bad quality on audio.

    Action Sync: 6/10 - I have to agree with all the judges on this one. You had some good syncs but there was so much more room to add more!

    Lip Sync/Effects/Special Effects: 6/10 - I didn’t see much to be total amazed by. Also as Mecha said, I couldn’t quite tell if you were trying to lip sync some of the words on the song with Sakura. I did like the effect in the beginning there since…well…let’s just say I think everyone knows where you got that from! xD

    Effort: 6/10 - Well you had some effort in there but I found a lot more room for more. The whole AMV seemed nicely planned out but when put together…I don’t know…you just didn’t bring it out the way you should have. There is more room for improvement.

    Re-view Ability: 7/10 - So what if it wasn’t as great as it should have been? It still is good enough to be watched a couple of more times. So give yourself a pat on the back for that! ^_^

    Overall: 7/10 - Overall, it wasn’t all that bad but as I said before, there can be a lot more done to it. Don’t limit yourself!

    Total: 55/80 = 69%


    Sasuke1_2’s Ranking
    1) UpInFlameZ - Cast In The Shadows
    2) Juan - Open Your Soul
    3) nyce456 – Somwhere I Belong (Naruto and Gaara)
    4) Dark Shadow - Need For Rebellion
    5) Puffmonkie - Lonely Days
    5) Nightforce - In The Air Tonight
    6) The 1 and only jj – The End of a Relationship
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