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NBD Meta Convo Thread #1: Homecoming

I’m ok I guess

Me and my wife make over 100k together and were both up for a raise at the end of the year

We just got a house and I own my car

Wife’s pregnant with my first so I’m already wealthy beyond measure in everything that matters


Typical Working Class. Full-Time, getting above the Living Wage, but not by a huge amount. Getting my own place again soon since the collapse of my previous family lol. Life's good right now though tbh.


Shuts down the Sannin camp

Meh I guess average? I just financed my first decent vehicle (my vehicle previous, my first vehicle, was a shitty old 04 Corolla, now I have a 2014 dodge ram) and am financially stable, have a bit in savings etc.

So yeah, average for a single person i'd think.

Mad Scientist

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Enough to be alive.

However, I do possess a 100+ IQ brain and spent many hours on an Internet forum arguing 7G Gai had blatantly pressured Juudara.

Besides, I heard being "rich" is about having an .

Transcendent Shinobi

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In the spirit of april fools. I promise to over hype and wank both characters for the next 24 days. Everyone change your avatar to someone you hate/least liked character and wank that character until april fools.


I guess it's time to bring the old NBD rules back(written from memory and supplemented with new intel):

Every NBD thread is an Itachi thread.

Every NBD thread not mentioning Itachi is still an Itachi thread, just in disguise.

Only an Uchiha can defeat an Uchiha and Itachi is invincible as stated by Zetsu, who fodderized 3 eyed Juubidara, the third strongest Uchiha.

Itachi scales to every feat posted in the NBD and every victory for a character not named Itachi is automatically a win for Itachi as well.

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