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NBD Meta Convo Thread #1: Homecoming


Andriod’s Boss, “We know you have been spending most of your day posting on an Internet forum about Ninjas. Your fired!”

Andriod, “Please sir no, I have a cat and I promised my 4 blow up dolls I’d bring the food to this weeks tea party”

Andriod Boss (thinking), “Dam this is depressing”

Andriod’s Boss, “ugh...yah this was just a prank that’s all it was.”

Andriod, “Oh haha yeah, and I was joking about Pretty Princess Sunshin and the Tea Party too...”

Andriod’s Boss, “Just try to focus on work more”

Andriod, “What did you say... I was posting about this funny April fools joke on my Ninja battle forums”.

Six Paths Scaling

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did you show your boss your tier list?

in all honesty tho if this is true hope you can bounce back from this and secure yourself another job soon man :thumbs
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