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News NF Newsletter - December Edition

Discussion in 'The Konoha Times' started by baconbits, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. baconbits Moderator

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    Periodically we'll be releasing a forum newsletter to discuss the latest news and changes on NF. The goal with this is to open more channels of communication between the staff and the rest of the community.

    Go to Issue 1
    Go to official navigation



    Congrats to @Pandamonium , @Marcelle.B & @Khaleesi for their promotions to G-mod. @Sennin of Hardwork was modded to cover the Konoha Mall. These promotions will help us cover more sections and be more responsive.


    @Mbxx , @Reznor , @White Wolf & @Platypus have implemented a new sketch feature on posts. This is a fun tool that allows anyone to posts sketches and attach that to your posts. Just keep in mind that the same rules that apply to text and images everywhere else also apply to sketches.


    Downtown News
    • The Nigerian Embassy (formerly known as the Chatterbox) has the Waifu contest still going strong and a mafia game hosted by @W .
    • @ane & @Aphrodite have restarted POTF. Please check here if you're interested in this contest.
    • Also the staff thanks @Shiki for helping out in this section. His help has helped us get some new projects off the ground. And given this section a good burst of energy. The HVOA is hosting a new giveaway thread, where reward points will be handed out for those that participate. You can find the giveaway thread . They're also hosting a Christmas Extraganza, where they're also hosting a . Click the link for details.
    Konoha Avenue
    • This section has been reorganized - the Konoha Library has been renamed the "New Leaf" and the Konoha TV section has been archived. Special thanks to @Platypus for his work on that.
    Konoha Mall
    Outskirts News
    • @mr_shadow & @baconbits want to give special thanks to @afgpride for helping to jumpstart our challenge debates. Since his thread on the issue we've had a number of challenges. If you want to participate join us there. These debates are also open to those from other sections, looking to settle a debate. Visit this thread for how these debates work. We're also redefining how we'll deal with flaming. Join if you want to take part in that discussion.
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