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NF Newsletter - October Edition

Discussion in 'The Konoha Times' started by baconbits, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. baconbits Moderator

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    Periodically we'll be releasing a forum newsletter to discuss the latest news and changes on NF. The goal with this is to open more channels of communication between the staff and the rest of the community.

    Go to Issue 1
    Go to official navigation


    Forum Improvements:

    We welcome @White Wolf to the staff. He'll help with our public relations (ANBU section) as well as a few other structural changes you guys have asked for, including updating the smilies, improving our contests to make them appeal to more posters and a few other things you guys have been asking for for a while. We also appreciate you guys' suggestions and comments on how to improve NF. We don't always verbalize it but we appreciate everyone who truly cares about making NF better.


    Http v Https:

    From now on links that have "http" in them instead of "https" will be blocked by our website's filter. The reason has something to do with security but if you want to know more about this issue, check out this link, which I found helpful to understanding the issue (I'm not the most technically savy person):

    Torrent or Stream:

    Keep in mind that NF has always had a rule against links and postings that infringe on someone else's copyright. We have not always been consistent in enforcing these rules but due to a few DMCA requests @Mbxx has added a few scripts that will automatically block that kind of content. Unfortunately the tool casts a wide net that will also catch some legitimate things as well, so words like "torrent" or "stream" will sometimes be blocked. We're working with Mbxx to solve this issue.


    Hidden Village of Art
    • PotF is on hold for now. The staff is looking for ideas to generate more interest and participation. See @ane & @Aphrodite for details.
    Downtown News
    • The Nigerian Embassy (formerly known as the Chatterbox) is hosting the final stages of the Waifu Popularity contest.
    Outskirts News
    • @mr_shadow & @baconbits are going to implement some of our contest points for events being held in the Cafe. @mr_shadow is hosting a contest now where you can guess the results of the CCP's 19th Politburo. Check for details of the contest.
    • Our Mafia section had some of the most activity we've seen in quite some time last month, and they're running some intense games. If you want to learn how to join in on the next round of contests contact @Law for details.
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  2. baconbits Moderator

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    Sorry for the long wait on this one. I'll get the next month's newsletter out quicker.
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