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NFL: Week 14 predictions!!

Discussion in 'Konoha Recycling Heap' started by The Butcher, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. The Butcher Choppin' it up!

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    Aug 29, 2005
    Sorry I made the thread, I saw Gold Knight usually does, but its almost wed night and I didn't see it, so I thought I'd lead the way.

    1. Chicago @ Pittsburgh: This game is going to be a test of defense, which both teams have alot of. However unlike Chicago the Steelers actually do have a offense, and a multi-dimensional one at that. The steelers need this game alot more then the Bears do at this point, if they lose one more they'll most likely be out of the picture as far as the playoffs go, the homefield advantage doesn't hurt them either.


    2. Cleveland @ Cincinnati: Well this should be intresting. The last time these two teams played the Bengals won 27-13, at that was @ Cleveland, since then the Bengals have gotten nothing but better. Look for this to be a blowout, and for Chad Johnson to get fined again after another endzone preformance.


    3. Houston @ Tennesse: I was honestly hoping for the Texans to go 0-16 but that didn't happen now I'm hoping they win some games so the Jets could pick up Reggis Bush, so to stick with that, here is a game I think they could actually go out and win. Hey they got close the last 2 weeks, third times the charm.


    4.Indianapolis @ Jacksonville: Hm. I don't think anyone on Indy's schedule can beat them but SanDiego. Things might have been diffrent if Leftwitch and Taylor were playing, but they aren't, by no means will this be a blowout, but look for the Colts to join a very small club @ 13-0.


    5. New England @ Buffalo: This rivalry is pretty solid, New England is having a not so NE type season, but they'll still make playoffs and the Bills even if Mcgahee has a good day won't be able to stop that.


    6. Oakland @ N.Y. Jets: It is really beyond me on how the Raiders could be so bad with a offense with so many weapons. The Jets however have gone through 5 diffrent quarterbacks this season alone, have a offense that depends on a ageing running back and a pretty solid defense, but as I said earlier about the Texans, I was the Jets to fall comfortably into the 1st pick slot.


    7. St. Louis @ Minnesota: Surprisingly the Vikings are making a run for the playoff's now I don't see that happening but a few weeks ago they were 2-5, now they are 7-5 kudos to Mike Tice for turning this team around, and with the way things are going in St. Louis that wont be changing this week.


    8. Tampa Bay @ Carolina: This game is extremly important in the NFC south, because the only team in that division that isn't in the playoff race is the NO Saints. Anyway Carolina is my pick to win the division, and could possibly make some noise in the playoffs as well.


    9. N.Y. Giants @ Philadelphia: My team the Giants vs a team that at the begginning of the season seemed like a sure lock for the NFC championship. After all the hardships with TO and the MNF blow out against the Hawks I don't see this team picking it up against a Giant team that's on a role.


    10. San Francisco @ Seattle: Oh boy. That's what pretty much sums this game up SF is one of the worst teams in the league, in one of the worst divisions. And seattle is argueably the best team in the NFC right now, with Shaun Alexander having a MVP season, and oh boy will it continue going on here.


    11. Washington @ Arizona: Kurt Warner has only one 1 game for the Card's this year, meanwhile Washington has Brunell and one of the best recievers in the NFC Santana Moss, they should hook up for a few yards, yea thats it a few.


    12. Baltimore @ Denver: Denver needs to make up for last week, and they can't miss a beat either. If Jake"No-Mistake"Plummer stays true, look for this to be a blow out, if not the Ravens D could make this intresting, but I doubt it.


    13. Kansas City @ Dallas: KC needs to go on a run, and with my team being the Giants I need the Cowboys to be stopped short. Larry Johnson is going off and here's hoping he doesn't stop.


    14.Miami @ San Diego: The Chargers are in my opinion the 3rd best team in the league, and Miami happens to be..well not the 2nd best team in the NFL.
    Look for the Chargers and LT go go nuts.


    15.Detroit @ Green Bay: This game could be better then it seems to be. The Lions are bad, and well so is Green Bay, Brett Farve needs a win, and won badly, hopefully the future Hall of Famer can pull one out over the stumbling Lions.


    Boy that was longer then I thought. Hope you guys enjoy them, and of course add your preds and opinions.