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Noelle is Everything Sakura Should Have Been!(Video)

Discussion in 'Black Clover' started by DarkSlayerZero, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. DarkSlayerZero

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    Nov 10, 2011
  2. vicucha

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    Jul 30, 2010
    I think to much focus is given on the romantic aspect of Sakura and Noelle when we know Sakura's problems as a heroine and Noelle's strenghs as one go way beyond that. Sakura didn't have to be exactly like Noelle, but yeah she should've been more like Noelle in some aspects, like not being far behind strengh compare to the MC and magic knights in general, having more feats, better on panel development, more involvement with a better role, a more profound background and back story.

    Btw, I read a comment that said something like ""Noelle is a well realised tsundere" or something like that (couldn't find it again) and I have to agree for two different reasons.

    First (and this point has nothing to do with Naruto), because she's a likeable tsundere character whose tsundereness isn't used only for romance. This is important for me, because I find it hard sometimes to like tsundere girls, since the romantic dynamic ends up being annoying for me. But Noelle not only is cool enough that I don't mind her tsundere crush on Asta, but also, the fact that she's tsundere towards anyone because she's to embarrassed to show affection for them feels very endearing for me. It made me realize this is how tsundere character can work for me.

    And secondly, because we know Sakura wasn't really a tsundere, but you have to wonder at times if Kishi had intended that and failed in doing so.

    On the one hand, I think Kishi mustn't have had the intention of making Sakura a tsundere cause I find it hard to believe that Kishi, being Japanese and an anime/manga fan, wouldn't understand the concept that well to pull it off like many of his fellow mangaka have. Especially, since it's a very common trope that doesn't seem too difficult to immitate.

    But on the other hand, Sakura being a failed tsundere would explain some of the characteristic that hurt her character. Like, for example, how Sakura hit Naruto and acted annoyed by him but never in order to hide feelings for him. Or how those types of moments would have turned into tsundere acts during the part two, where Sakura's feelings were initially ambiguous, had Kishi actually confirmed she had developed feelings for Naruto instead of pulling a fake confession. I mean, Kishi's red-herrings with Naruto and Sakura often relied on tsundere implications that were never actually realized. And I may not be that into tsundere characters, but they are still very popular and I can see how Sakura would've worked as one. It's almost as if Kishi toyed with the idea and went half way with it only to always decide against it in the end, leaving Sakura a in terrible position in the process. Because in a tsundere dynamic, all the reprehensible attitudes towards the other are forgiven by the audience due to the romantic payoff. But with Sakura you never got that romantic payoff that softened up her attitudes towards Naruto.
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