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Obito & The Uchiha Massacre

Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki' started by JuicyG, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. JuicyG Well-Known Member

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    Jun 29, 2014
    Assume these follow things happened

    1. Obito was never crushed by a boulder and presumed dead
    2. Obito grows up in the village as he did before
    So now the time comes when the Uchiha clan is planning a coupe. Danzo still wants Itachi to massacre his village in order to avoid war.

    What would Obito do?
    How does he react to the news of his clan wanting to attack the village?
    How would Danzo think of Obito?
  2. Emperor Palpatine Well-Known Member

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    Oct 16, 2013
    IIRC, kid Obito loved his clan as much as he loved Konoha. My interpretation of how the events would go:

    -Obito returns to Konoha as a hero due to the success of the Kannabi Bridge mission. For his efforts he is promoted to Tokubetsu Jonin, pending promotion to full Jonin when he completes the jonin exam. The Uchiha clan also sees his potential, gradually letting him in to the top brass, despite his young age. He is a war hero and Tokubetsu Jonin after all.
    -Madara never finds Obito, so he'll have to make do with finding some other poor Uchiha kid to manipulate. Let's call him Bob Uchiha because why not.
    -As Madara finds Bob instead of Obito, the whole Rin fiasco never happens.
    -Madara's manipulations allow Bob to awaken his MS. Obviously it's much weaker than Obito's because which MS isn't? Plus Bob is basically fodder. Madara dies and Bob takes his name, wearing a mask.
    -With Zetsu's help Bob learns of Kushina and attacks Konoha with the Kyuubi. It doesn't go as well as Obito's attack because he doesn't have a hax MS like Obito's and he dies to Minato. Kyuubi gets sealed in Naruto, Minato and Kushina die, blah blah blah.
    -Uchiha are distrusted and segregated as a result of the Kyuubi attack. Obito is obviously not ok with this. He starts to question his love for the village. Still, he has faith in the system, and decides to change things when he becomes Hokage.
    -In the next few years Obito earns his promotion to full Jonin. Rin marries him, becoming Rin Uchiha. Don't ask me how that happens. Anyway they have a kid, let's call him Jack Uchiha. He also continues to rise through the Uchiha's ranks, become Fugaku's right hand man.
    -Meanwhile, Itachi is a rising star among the Uchiha, being an obvious prodigy by the time he enters the academy. Graduates at 7, Sharingan at 8, Chunin at 10, etc, joins Anbu at 11.
    -When Itachi joins the Anbu at 11, Obito is 20. Him and Rin married a year ago, and Jack is a newborn. He became a jonin 2 years ago, and has very recently become Fugaku's right hand man. A bit young for that position but he is older than both Itachi and Shisui, the only 2 other named Uchiha besides him and Fugaku.
    -The Uchiha top brass begin plotting a coup.
    -Obito furiously opposes the coup, trying to convince the rest of the top brass to instead negotiate a more peaceful solution with Konoha. Probably involves some Naruto-like promise of fixing everything once he becomes hokage.
    -Some attempts at negotiation may be made, but do not go well. Coup plans proceed despite Obito's protests, albeit at a slower rate. And Obito does sympathize to a degree with the coup proponents, knowing the way Konoha is treating them, even if he still vehemently disagrees with them.
    -When Itachi becomes Anbu captain at 13, Obito is 22, Jack is 2.
    -Coup plans are nowhere near as advanced as they were in canon, due to Obito's efforts. Shisui sides with Obito, and does not try to use KA as it is not necessary.
    -Danzo, however, sees that the bottle will burst eventually. He tasks Itachi with massacring the Uchiha clan.
    -Itachi first assassinates the strongest Uchiha: Shisui by catching him off guard. Fakes the suicide note. Awakens MS.
    -The Uchiha begin to suspect Itachi. Obito naively trusts him. He might even successfully lower suspicion towards Itachi somewhat.
    -Obito and Rin are... let's say "having fun" when screams begin to fill the night sky. They quickly stop what they're doing and rush to Jack's room. He's thankfully safe for now. Obito looks out the window to see what the hell is going on.
    -He sees the corpses of his clansmen everywhere. Just as he begins to put two and two together and realizes what is happening, Itachi enters the room.
    -Any love Obito has for the village instantly vanishes. He asks Itachi if he's killed them all, to which Itachi says he did. Obito hates Konoha for wiping out his clansmen and he hates Itachi as well. But he knows he needs to protect his wife and son. So he begs Itachi to just kill him, to let Rin and Jack go. He promises they'll flee, far away where Konoha will never hear of them again.
    -Itachi simply draws his sword.
    -Obito realizes his pleas are falling on deaf ears, and rushes to fight Itachi. He yells at Rin to take Jack and run. He knows he's no match for Itachi, he may be a jonin but Itachi has the Mangekyo and has just wiped out the entire clan.
    -Itachi brushes Obito off. Obito watches in horror as Itachi brutally murders his wife and his two year old son in her arms.
    -Obito completely loses it. As Itachi swings his sword to kill Obito... he finds that the sword simply passes through, as if Obito weren't even there. When Itachi looks into Obito's eyes, sure enough, Obito has awakened the Mangekyo. But that's not the most frightening thing about his eyes. No, the most frightening thing is the look in them, one of complete bloodlust. There's no telling what he'll do now that he has the Mangekyo. For the sake of Konoha, Itachi must kill him now.
    -Against an Obito with both Kamuis, there is only going to be one result. Itachi dies horribly.
    -Obito goes on a rampage throughout Konoha, indiscriminately killing everyone he comes across. Civilian, ninja, it doesn't matter. Before long, teams of Anbu begin to come to fight him, only to fall before the seemingly untouchable Obito. Danzo himself finally appears to clean up Itachi's mess.
    -Obito, realizing he's low on chakra, finally begins to think rationally. Could he take on Danzo with his chakra as low as it is? He knows too little of Danzo's abilities. Even if he could, Konoha's forces would probably overwhelm him eventually. He needs to live to avenge his clan. To avenge his wife and son. He teleports away. Unbeknowst to him, Zetsu watched the whole thing.
    -Obito and Itachi are jointly blamed for the Uchiha massacre. Itachi's death is attributed to some of his victims fighting back.
    -For a short time, Obito dons a mask and becomes a rogue ninja for hire. He doesn't have a Zetsu body, after all, he needs to eat and he needs to evade the pursuers Danzo no doubt sent after him. He is empty inside, doing whatever jobs he gets, murder, assassination, you name it. The mysterious masked rogue ninja makes a bit of a name for himself.
    -Obito is eventually approached by Pain and Zetsu (the latter having approached Nagato directly after Bob's death). Pain offers Obito a place in his organization, Akatsuki. Pain explains that the completion of Akatsuki's plans (the plan he tells Obito is the one he originally told the rest of Akatsuki) will mean the end of the shinobi villages, of the system that took his clan, his wife and son from him. Zetsu adds that they will allow him to personally burn Konoha to the ground to avenge his wife and son. This satisfies not only Obito's desire for vengeance, but also the idealistic kid still inside. He can avenge his family and help end the system that caused their deaths. He joins.

    Whew. Sorry for the wall of text.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  3. Rifulofthewest Well-Known Member

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    Jan 15, 2018
    In fact that would be a better backstorie than the one that Obito really has, would explain his hatred of konoha and his fixation by Sasuke ... although itachi is dead in this version, so he would fuck the boy's head to take revenge on konoha (and and in the process to do what the bastard villains do to get revenge by proxy), I suppose ... and the death of Rin would be better than the original convenience, part of Madara's convenient plan (have I mentioned how convenient Rin's death is?) .
    The only fault is that the mention of Jack's age, that is so suspicious, was the chronicle of an announced death.