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Oden vs Sabo


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- Oden from kaido flashback
- Sabo can use entei
I see them at similar levels who takes it?


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We really need to see more from Sabo. By feats I would give it to Oden. Actually scarring Kaido, even Kaido from 20 years ago > stalling a Fujitora that wasn't even trying.

Also I don't think giving Sabo Entei helps that much. A swordsman of Oden's caliber should easily be capable of cutting it in half. Sabo probably has better luck combining his logia powers with his martial arts style like he usually does.


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Either way likely. Though Sabo has greater potential for sure. EOS Sabo will be comfortably above Oden.

Draco Bolton

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Oden can probably cut fire if this scrub of Kinemon can. I wouldn't be surprised if he manage to troll Entei.

Knowing that on top of that I see him, from a global point of view, at least at the same level as Sabo.

Oden somewhere between mid and high diff.

OG sama

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Oden beats Sabo pretty damn badly if we go with what’s been shown.

Like, not only is Oden stronger but he should be able to cut fire, so Sabo is at an extreme disadvantage.

But…. we have no idea how strong Sabo is right now.

It’s very likely that Sabo got some boost fighting Fuji. In that case, I wouldn’t be surprised if this could go either way… even though Sabo has absolutely nothing on Odens resume for this to be a fight.

If Luffy is a Top Tier right now I got to imagine Sabo should be closing in as well, I wouldn’t put Sabo above the Current Luffy or even going forward as there’s no need. But I think the chances of them both being Top Tiers right now is very very high given there’s just no way Sabo is going to fight two Admirals and Luffy two emperors and that not kinda correlate somewhat.

But that’s all just an assumption until we learn more about what happened on the holy land and Sabos current whereabouts.


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Oden wins. Injuring Kaido >> anything Sabo’s done. Sabo isn’t taking an attack from Oden. Oden wins mid-high diff. Oden is Admiral Lvl, Sabo is not


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Sabo should be stronger when we next see him. So I'd say him. Oden imo is below Rayleigh.

OG sama

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Not sure how you can put an Admiral in bandages in a fight and be downplayed as much as Sabo but ok.

People just don’t care for Sabo around here clearly.


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Oden wins for sure.

Kaido > Fujitora

Sabo gave Fujitora some trivial wounds.
Oden wounded Kaido to the point to leave him a scar.

Do the math about who is stronger.


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Yeah, Oden wins this as of now. From feats, to hype and portrayal. He outclasses Sabo in all of the categories pretty much. I will add that I don't really think Sabo is that close to Admiral Level. In Mariejois, the Admirals were outnumbered 2 on 1 against the Revolutionaries and the implication is that they won quite handily. Fuji having some bandages in his head implies that he was hurt, but not by much if I had to say. Post MF Garp and Sengoku also had bandages and yet they were barely hurt during the war. I'd say they won with around Mid Diff more or less. The seemingly little severity of Fuji's injures after not too much time of the fight, as well as the implication of the Revos being defeated decisively makes me think that.

It's also not sure if the Admirals could really afford to go all-out with everything they had due to their duty of protecting the Holy Land. Not sure about Green Bull's abilities, but Fuji has some serious fire power with Moko and his meteorites. I would logically imagine that he would have been unable to spam those abilities and other highly-destructive techniques on that land plagued with Celestial Dragons he has to protect. In other words, I personally believe the Admirals had non-favourable conditions that restrained them during that fight.

I view Oden to be around Admiral Level. I definitely wouldn't give him any less than that considering how Kaido still thinks he would be one of the few people capable of fighting him even to this day.

So, until Sabo shows upgraded feats, Oden Mid Diffs at worst IMO.
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