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Official One Piece clip request thread

Discussion in 'One Piece Anime Archive' started by Dead Bones Musician, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. I got permission from Hokage Naruto to do this thread, so let's start this.

    As the title suggest, Request clips from One Piece here. You cannot request full episodes. Be sure to include what format you want the clip(s) to be in.

    I'm going to upload all my One Piece clips (all WMV format) for all to enjoy. I have 29 clips, and I will be uploading them onto megaupload into 5 seperate folders. It will take me a while to upload them, and I probably won't upload all of them tonight.

    Keep checking back to see what I've uploaded.

    file#1 (5 clips - 61.7 MB)
    episode number - name of clip
    11. Kuro?s plan
    116. Sanji vs. Mr. 2
    151. Blackbeard
    207. Donquixote Doflamingo
    82. Dalton vs. Wapol

    file#2 (6 clips - 60.3 MB)
    episode number - name of clip
    114. Stand up for your Nakama
    145. Buggy meets Ace
    257. Sogeking
    260. Franky?s attacks
    41. Sanji vs. Kurobi
    77. Sanji in Mr. 3?s house

    file#3 (8 clips - 59.5 MB)
    episode number - name of clip
    163. Ordeal of Love
    243. CP9 Unmasked!
    253. Brochette
    264. Enies Lobby CP9
    29. Luffy defeats Krieg
    36. Bellemere?s goodbye
    49. Zoro receives the Yubashiri
    53. The world is waiting for our answer

    file#4 (6 clips - 60.3 MB)
    episode number - name of clip
    19. After Kuina?s death
    3. Zoro vs. Marines
    64. Truth of Whiskey Peak
    75. Miss Goldenweek attacks
    85. Chopper?s flashback
    95. Ace vs. Baroque Work ships

    file#5 (4 clips - 64.2 MB)
    episode number - name of clip
    218. Opening scene [raw]
    231. Paulie and Lucchi
    240. Blueno?s bar
    65. Zoro vs. the Mr. 5 pair
  2. Hitotsumami

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    Feb 26, 2006
    Heh, this is awesome. ^_^

    I have two requests:

    1) The part on Jaya where Cricket was telling Luffy about a liar, and Luffy kept gaping at Usopp. Heheh.

    2) The part where the crew discovers Nami and sick and act like idiots. Heh. ^_^
  3. ez

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    Sep 28, 2005

    I'll request it now :) 119 Zoro vs Mr. 1 (towards the end wmv or avi format)
    273 - Luffy Gear 2 pwnage of Blueno
    Sanji vs one of arlong's mermen(after he gets out of the water to kick his ass) I think it's episode 39

    Usopp noise if you can find it :p

    127 - Luffy vs Croc end of the fight

    (If you can somehow do those O_O)
  4. Slips

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    Nov 24, 2005
    You need a water 7/sea train highlights :thumbs

    Zoro cutting the train
    Strawhats owning the franky family
    Luffy/Zoro trashing the buildings just before AL
    Zoro vs T-bone
    Zoro/Luffy 300 pound cannon

    Man that arc has a shit load of highlights
  5. Due to problems with megaupload, the clip files shall be delayed. I do not know when I shall get them up, or even if I will ever get them up.

    Until then, I am sitll able to upload the clips individually. The only things I can offer is what I have listed in my first post. I have clips, not episodes. Also, I will not be on the internet much this weekend. But if I see a request I can give, I will get on it right away.

    Sorry, folks. Shit happens sometimes.
    I can do that. :) Check back in a short while.
  6. Sanji vs. Kurobi - end of fight
  7. Stand up for your Nakama!
    Ms. Merry Christmas insult Luffy's dream, and Usopp and Chopper decide to extract revenge for their captain.
    "Due to a rather huge problem with the New posts function, the thread creation in Telegrams is now being moderated." -Grrblt
  8. narutosushi

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    Oct 8, 2006
    I have a request about where Luffy fights Blueno on ep. 273