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Official: Rain delay: God vs Vince Wrestling Thread


The Sith Lord
Well Jericho and Tyson bury the axe so continuity is saved........ I think.:hmm

I mean this is the same Tyson that betrayed DX, then next time he turned up betrayed Jericho for DX. So it's basically Tyson being Tyson, being friends with the group you last betrayed.

fair enough. but you never know.

Honestly, I'd love to see Walter going against the main roster guys. Him vs Heel Roman could be a nice stiff match, especially if Roman tries to be smart, putting on the old vest and then in 2 minutes gets it ripped off.


Conti vs the Bunny........ will someone please look after Negative One, Hardy is on the loose and if Impact Wrestling hit a kid with a car then there is no telling what AEW will do to a child.:huh



Life & Hometown
Taima is saying that the triple threat was so great the main event is gonna have a hard time following.
I had trouble focusing tbh, so maybe i'll have to watch it again. I'm not invested in any of these teams, unfortunately.
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