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OH! I think i figured out something about Akatsuki!

Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki Archives' started by Mayume16Suzana18, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Mayume16Suzana18 Anything for Hidan-kun

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    May 30, 2007
    anyways, I couldnt hav time to find the original thread about akatsuki theories so I decided to make a fresh start.

    Well, hav u noticed that Kakuzu's ring "Hoku" which stands for "North" actually symbolizes the position of Taki-gakure. If u study the Naruto world map, his village is located North of Konoha. Would dat mean something?

    And Kisame (the name means (as u all know) Demon Shark) and he is a possible Biju at first. Say, If you hears his name and which suggest you the word "sea" it means, NO WONDER HE HAD THE RING "MINAMI" (stands for South). The sea is located south of the lands in the Naruto world.

    As for Uchiha Itachi's ring "Scarlet/Crimson" it would suggest that he had the ring because of his eyes. Sharingan = red/crimson

    anyways, post ur thoughts!:nod