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OL Convo #7: Its currently all in the making, I check.

NF 2020 Features that we had, but did not deserve!

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I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.
Damn. Watched Shaq's reaction to this.
I didn't know about this song.
Em be slaying like always. Damn.

Alibaba Saluja

ॐ Bhakti Om Prajna Niyama ॐ
Inspired by @MrPopo, this is the list of characters I simp from works I'm currently following weekly:


- Mihawk
- Zoro

Black Clover:

- Julius
- Fuegoleon
- Licht
- Luck
- etc

(Truthfully I simp like 95% of the characters here)


- Ousen
- Ouki
- Tou
- Kanki
- Riboku
- Kyoukai
- Yontawa
- El Sei
- Mouten
- Etc


- White
- All of Zahard's Princesses :foxlove
- Khun Aguero
- The Chad Eduan


- Baam
- Karaka
- Yama
- Evankhell

(This is like 70% here, but only because ToG has a LOT of characters)


- The GOAT

You know who he is :Mshad

Solo Leveling:

- Sun Jin-Woo. Another GOAT

I am the Sorcerer King:

- Lee Sunghoon. One more GOAT

The Gamer:

- none. But nice to read.

I guess this is all



of infinite solutions
I came across this thing.

Dunno what the right answer is either, but would be glad if someone figured the logic



of infinite solutions
Think i figured it..it's B

if you add first two images from every row, the third image comprises of all lines from first two images except those that overlap get cancelled.
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