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OL Convo #8: Come to the Lewd Side of the Force

Best waifus

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Alibaba Saluja

ॐ Bhakti Om Prajna Niyama ॐ
Or try and make that into 8 figures in time, and in the mean time gets a tone of stress and anxiety. Peace of mind might be achievable with excessive alcohol.


The feeling you get from possessing material goods pales in comparison to the feeling you get for being in tune with yourself.

Moreover the former is fleeting while the latter is eternal.

Alibaba Saluja

ॐ Bhakti Om Prajna Niyama ॐ
Damn I really need to create content for this convo.

That or get @Shanks out of discord and get @Redline unbanned :catthinks


Getting Redline unbanned would just mean he would get himself a new ban a day later :catdefeat
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