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Old ways of the hidden

Discussion in 'Konoha Ad Board & Job Center' started by Icegaze, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Icegaze 氷の眼差し

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    Feb 24, 2007
    Summary plot

    Minato is a young Ninja chased from his home as the result of a wicked plot by the Tatsu Clan “Head Clan of the village” usurper. Minato flees east then meets an eccentric wanderer who suggests he takes on a new name “Takeru”; to better blend in with his new surroundings. The two spend some time in a myriad of tunnels which zigzag straightens up only to zigzag again. The wanderer leaves Takeru with a westerner by the name Aoda, who appears to be nothing more than a lazy fat man.

    Aoda soon falls in love with Takeru as a father would a son; they find commonality in the fine art of painting. They travel west by orders of Aoda’s superior; Tagashi Mishima; the man in cohorts with the Tatsu clan usurper. Takeru seeks revenge and aims to kill Tagashi a samurai far more skilled than any other in the land. Takeru will need patience, the art of deception and practice in the forbidden arts to match Tagashi.

    His plans for revenge are delayed by a civil war in the west, during that time Takeru warms up to Tagashi and his resolve to kill him weakens. It weakens not only because of how amazing a man Tagashi is but for how beautiful his sister is. Love for his sister waver’s Takeru hand as he must choose between love and revenge.

    If he chooses love how does he live with his falsehoods? If he chooses revenge what happiness remains with no one or nothing to go back to. Behind the scenes we find out Takeru every turn of fate is part of the inner workings of the faceless man. He is a man, whose name is whispered by few, his name known to none.

    Please read on Pop comics :

    or for HR downloadable version :

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