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One piece bounty tier list : where the straw hats stand as individuals

Discussion in 'One Piece Manga Archive' started by amanojack, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. amanojack Pirate from the darkness

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    I don't know if anybody will read this thread but i will do it anyway .
    My main objective is to dress a bounty tier list based on the different informations gathered from the manga .
    We know that the strawhats are strong and we are all waiting for the strong pirates to meet the strawhats but at the same time we are not realising where everyone is as a pirate .

    The following ranking is based on bounty only ( hypothetical or not) so it would only take in account pirates with bounties on their head or supposed bounty .

    According to the GRAND TIMES the average bounty of a grandline pirate is 50 millions , with 50 million on your head you are a world threat ( which basically means that you are threat for any blue ) , we don't know the limit for each blue but we know that eastblue was 10 millions , the average pirate or criminal having 3 millions ( according to major brandnew ) .
    Since the grand line pirate average bounty is 50 millions , the biggest bounty you can get in the blues is 50 millions .

    It seems that pirates from the blues go to the grandline when their level get too big for their respective area so the grandline is the place where all the strong pirates reside , hence why a grand line pirate is too strong for a regular pirate from the blues ( depending on which blue we are talking about ).

    When a bounty reach 100 millions the pirate is threat to the governement and the cp9 can be sent against him , its the CP9 class pirates ( pirates who are strong enough so that CP9 are sent against them ) , when it reach the 300 millions bar then it's the shichibukai class ( pirates who are strong enough so that the shichibukai themselves are the one who can deal with them ) .

    The shichibukai level start at 100 millions which is also the basic governement threat level .

    Here are the different bounties shown so far and where they stand :
    shichibukai class :(100 to ????????????????)

    Ener : 500 millions ( estimated bounty if he was a pirate )

    Doflamingo :340 millions (former bounty)
    Gecko moria :320 millions (former bounty)
    MONKEY D LUFFY"the strawhat": 300 millions (actual bounty )

    B kuma :296 millions (former bounty)

    Sir crocodile : 162 millions ( actual bounty as a pirate but frozen since he is in jail )
    Roronoa Zoro "the pirate hunte": 120 millions (actual bounty )

    CP9 assignement class :
    Dorry , brogy , 100 millions

    Grand line pirates (50 to 100 millions):
    Rockstar : 90 millions

    Sir Crocodile : 81 millions ( former but it seems that this bounty was enough to get him in the shichibukai maybe because he was one of the strongest pirate of the first half of the grand line ).
    Nico Robin "the demon child":80 millions (actual)

    Sanji "the black leg" :77 millions

    Bellamy"the hyena" : 55 millions

    Blues pirates ,east,west,south and north(50 berry to 50millions):
    Daz bones :45 millions
    Franky"the cyborg": 44 millions
    Roshio "the executioner": 42 millions

    "Big knife"sarquiss :38 millions
    Shojo and Mikazuki :36 millions
    Mr 2 Bon clay : 32 millions
    Sogeking : 30 millions

    Foxy "the silver fox" : 24 millions
    Masira"the salvaging king": 23 millions
    Arlong "the saw shark": 20 millions

    "Pirate admiral" Don Krieg : 17 millions
    Kuro of the thousand plans, nami "the burglar cat" : 16 millions
    Buggy"the clown" : 15 millions
    Lady alvida :12 millions

    Jango "the hypnotist" : 9 millions (former)
    Higuma "the bear" : 8 millions

    "Cotton candy lover" tony tony chopper : 50 berrys .

    From the blues , the pirates who broke the bounty barrier enough to be know around the 4 blues (those that we know where they come from).
    EASTBLUE: monkey D luffy ( 300 millions), roronoa zoro (120 millions)
    WESTBLUE :nico robin (80 millions)
    NORTH BLUE : sanji (77 millions), bellamy(55 million).

    As you can see the strawhats as pirates are on different level each other , not in strength but in fame and influence , with this list you can see to what group of pirates they belong in the grand scheme of things in the OPverse .

    If there are some things that need to be changed or if you disagree with this list , feel free to correct me or to add something .

    Thanks fo all those who took the time to read this .

    I hope it helped everyone to see where each strawhat stand as a pirate .
  2. OSTIKS Fully Baked

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    In the begginin gof the series Oda was asked what Shanks bounty was, and Oda estimated 600 million.

    I think that when he offically reveals Shanks bounty he will have made it higher than 600 mil, I see shanks as around 800, probably Mihawk at 900 mil and whitebeard at 1 bil, taking into account Gol D. Roger's was 1.5 billion when he died.

    These are just gueses ofcourse, the Whitebeard is debateable, but seeing hiow olde he is he would'vbe had plent of timefor it to increase, he is said to have fought evenly with Gol D., and being the only man to do so, he is also sated as the strongest man alive, and the closest to one Piece (Raftel)
  3. spaZ d[o_0]b

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    LOL shanks will be way bigger than mihawk he is one of the four emperor's of the grand line you know
  4. The Sentry Banned

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    ^^Yup Shanks should be higher than Mihawk, just cus mihawlk said that he isnt a challenge to him as as SWORDSMAN doesnt mean Shanks wouldnt still beat his ass

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