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One Piece Spoiler Archive


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Zoro: Hand it over!

Apoo: !!

Apoo: !!!

Apoo: Wait just one damn minute!! You two coming at me at once is a bit too much no!?

Zoro: I want to go and assist Kin'emon and the others!!

Zoro: Fighting with you will just/only be a waste of my time!!



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Ulti breaks Nami's spirit panels translated:

Ulti: I can tell just by looking at you. So say it!! I'm pissed off!!
Ulti: Your captain!!! He said he is going to beat Kaido and be King of the Pirates!
Nami: Sorry!! He's an idiot! Please stop the headbutts!!! I'll leave the island... please... If I get hit again I'll really die...
Ulti: Say it then! "My captain can't ever be the pirate king!"
Nami:*pant* *pant*
Nami: Pirate King? He...
Usopp: That's right Nami, it's okay to lie! Don't be an idiot or you really are going to die!

Nami: .. will definitely become the Pirate King! He will...
Ulti: Huhhh!?
Ulti: I see. Then, die!
Usopp: No, Nami, you idiot! Run!
Nami: But he will!! He will be the king!
Tama: O-nami chan!!!!!
Tama: Go!! Komacho!!
Usopp: Wha- is that?
Nami: O-Tama, why are you here?
Page 1: A dog!!?


No one who translated this page? I like how Perorin giving the facts here

Wanda: Are those the guys who did that to Pedro!?
Carrot: If it wasn't for these guys!!
Perrorin: Pedro was the big fool who went and blew himself up!!
Perrorin: The one who had the suffer the most with the aftermath was me!!!
Pedro: Go and move forward
Marco: Who're you guys?
*Blank bubble*
Marco: That's the thing!


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From the Korean spoiler provider (translated by Akai2):

- Nami asks Tama how she got here. Tama mentions getting on an enemy ship.

- Franky chased by Hacha, one of the numbers, falls into the floor that has Yamato vs Sasaki.

- Law finds the road poneglyph in the basement. He recalls mentioning being a part of the D clan to Robin and how he'll find the poneglyph.

- Scene of Kaido vs Scabbards.

- Luffy, Jinbei and Sanji make their way to the third floor when Sanji is distracted by Black Maria and her female groupies.

- No break next week

More detailed sum from Redon

- The island of the strongest.
- Tama and Komachiyo take out Usopp and Nami. Nami asks Tama how she comes, Tama replies "In an enemy ship".
- Yamato Vs. Sasaki. Yamato is transforming in something like a dragon (picture 1).
- Franky Shogun arrives with Hatcha.
- The floor is destroyed, so Yamato can escape with Momonosuke and Shinobu.
- Law found a Poneglyph. Robin asked him to find a red one to reveal the meaning of D.
- Kaido Vs. Red Scabbards.
- Luffy, Jinbe and Sanji are in 2nd floor heading to the dome.
- At the end of the chapter, Sanji reacts to Black Maria voice in the 3rd floor.
Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 996: "Island of the strongest".

In the cover, Blackbeard is brushing his teeth with a hippo.

Tama runs away on Komachiyo, along with Nami and Usopp on its back. Tama explains that she came here on "an enemy's ship", but gives no further explanation. Nami is fine, Usopp is conscious but he can't talk properly.

Hihimaru (the baboon) appears and blocks Page One, who is chasing Komachiyo. Tama tells Hihimaru to help to stop the enemy for 3 minutes. Nami says the baboon won't stand a chance against Page One and Ulti. Tama replies.

Tama: "Don't look down on us! We came here to fight as samurai!!"

Cut to Yamato. She can't fight properly becouse she has to block bullets from hitting Momonosuke. Shinobu asks Yamato something.

Shinobu: "If you are a samurai, then make a decision. Take Momonosuke-sama and leave me here!"

Yamato: "Kouzuki Oden would never do such a thing."

Sasaki sees that his Armored Troop has lost a lot of men, so he prepares to join the fight himself. Sasaki grabs his sword but then Yamato starts to transform. Her teeth become sharp and there's a growl coming from her mouth. Sasaki seems shocked to see it.

But at that moment, Franky Shogun runs into the scene followed by Haccha. Haccha hits the floor and it collapses. Yamato takes this chance and grabs Momonosuke and Shinobu, then she jumps down below.

Yamato says to Franky that she is leaving Sasaki to him, since Luffy ordered her to protect Momonosuke. But when she's falling in midair, Yamato uses attack "Narikabura", sending a powerful shockwave from her kanabo that knocks out Haccha in one attack. Then she talks with Momonosuke.

Yamato: "You have to live on. The one who will bring this world to its dawn... is you!!"

Cut to underground 2nd floor of Onigashima. Law cuts through Kaidou's men and reaches a Poneglyph. It seems this one isn't a red Poneglyph. Law thinks back to a conversation with Robin.

Law revealed his real name (Trafalgar D. Water Law) to Robin since he thinks she may know the meaning of “D”. However Robin said him that she doesn't know it either, but she's also interested in finding out. Robin told him the only way to know the meaning would be to obtain the red Poneglyphs, which means they need to take down the Yonkou.

Law stands in front of the Poneglyph, thinking about Corazon's words (“D” are the God's natural enemy) and murmurs to himself.

Law: "Cora-san, I really want to know the true meaning of this unfortunate fate..."

Cut to 3rd floor of Onigashima, Kid is running up to the roof with Killer. Kid assembles all metals he found in the castle, so now he has a massive pile of metal parts attached to his arm. Kid asks Killer if this is too much.

Killer: "We are up against the world's strongest pirate. Too much preparation isn't a bad thing!"

Cut to the top floor of Onigashima. Kaidou is beating the Red Scabbards with his kanabo. They put up a fight but all of them are bloodied.

Cut back to the main stage of Onigashima. Big mom flies back into the room, everyone panics. But Big Mom says.

Big Mom: "Don't worry. I only have business on the top floor, where Kaidou is."

Chapter ends in the 2nd floor. Luffy's group is about to reach the stairs to the 3rd floor. Sanji suddenly hears the sound of a woman coming from third floor, she is screaming and playing "yoi de wa nai ka" ().

Someone is pulling the woman kimono's obi off, Sanji is shocked...

END. No break next week.


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Brief summary of the Korean spoilers, translated by redon

- Chapter 997 title : "Homura (Fireworks)".

- Sanji is caught by Black Maria.

- Several Shinuchi go to the stairs of the 4th floor, but Luffy climbs a path made by samurai.

- Zoro is enraged when he sees Kiku's severed arm fall from the sky.

- Zoro defeats Apoo and gets the antidote.

- Chopper discovers the structure of Queen's virus and says that he will make an antidote for everyone.

- Queen is going to attack Chopper but Zoro stops him enraged.

- There is an earthquake, they don't know where it comes from (Brook mistakes it for Zoro's Conqueror Haki).

- Marco asks Zoro and Robin if he can help.

- Yamato says something about a dragon flame that makes the island rumble.

- Kaidou envelops the island in a cloud and intends to take Onigashima to the Flower Capital.
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Full summary.

Chapter 997: "Homura" (Flame).

In the cover we can see Sanji trying to meditate in a temple, but he's getting distracted by Nami playing volleyball outside. A tanuki monk wielding 3 swords, is hitting him.

The sounds Sanji heard was from 2 of Black Maria's subordinates, it was all an act to lure Sanji into a trap. Sanji gets caught in a spider's web, he's surrounded by Black Maria and her subordinates who look like Japanese demons.

2 new Shinuchi are blocking the stairway between 3rd and 4th floor. They are Poker, a rattlesnake Smile user and Mizerka a girl user of the gorilla Smile (both have cool designs). The samurai make a hole between floors and make a ladder for Luffy and Jinbe to climb up directly to 4th floor. Poker and Mizerka are ignored.

Big Mom flies up to the roof through the hole Kaidou made when he flew up to the top floor of Onigashima.

In the main stage, Zoro notices something is falling down. It's Kiku's arm. Then Zoro decides to get serious. He walks to Apoo, who's busy fighting X Drake, and defeats him using the Ittouryuu (one sword style) .

Zoro gives the antibody to Chopper and leaves the floor to him. Chopper announces that the virus is fused with gas that cools the body down. If infected people warm their body up with fire, the virus will stop spreading.

Chopper tells everyone to warm up their bodies while he makes the antidote. He will cure everyone, including the enemies. Queen is about to shoot Chopper with his bazooka but Zoro sends a shockwave from his sword and destroys the bazooka.

Zoro: "I'm not here to play your games! I'm here to cut down Kaidou, the strongest guy in the world!!"

Suddenly the whole Onigashima island starts shaking. Brook thinks if it's Zoro's Haki and if he’s using Haoshoku Haki, but it's not. Zoro tries to find a way to go up but King and Queen are still guarding the hole in the ceiling. Marco flies into the room and offers help.

Cut to everyone on the island reacting to the earthquake. Heart Pirates try to join the fight but because of the quake, their submarine cannot get close to Onigashima island.

Cut to Yamato, she's taking Momonosuke to the port. Yamato says Momonosuke's life is very important for Wanokuni, so she will help him to leave the island. However when they reach the port there's no ships... and no sea.

We finally discover why the island is shaking. Kaidou used "Homuragumo" (Flaming Cloud) to lift up the entire Onigashima to the sky. Then he flies it to the Flower Capital in Wanokuni. At the end of the chapter we can see Kaidou standing alone…

Kaidou: "Let's begin the "world of violence"!!"

END. Break next week.


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Scream; kaido is making onigashima float !!!
Scream; huh ?
Scream; now, the island will be transferred to the flower capital
Kaido ; are you satisfied...?
Kaido ; the kouzuki are over
Kaido ; wano will become the “fort” of the pirates with the “new onigashima project”...!!!
Kaido ; let it begin, “the world of mayhem” !!!


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Subordinate 1: Another fool guided by his sense of justice [また鼻 の下をのばした正義感が一人]
Subordinate 2: The Strawhat pirates' "Black leg Sanji", with a bounty of 330m. What a big shot!
Sanji: Untie the rope and I will overlook this...! [縄を解け今なら見逃してやる ]
Subordinate ?: Oh~ how scary
Translation by @PuckTheGreat from baratie.xyz

Inside the Dome - The Live Floor

???: Big Mom is headed for the roof!!

Zoro: huff...huff...

Zoro: Thank goodness, I thought we were gonna have to deal with her rampage here again....!!

Zoro: ?

???: *falling of rubble*

???: Go after Apoo!!

Zoro: .........

???: Take the antibody from him!!

???: *drops*


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Translation from Puck:

Zoro: I'm too late...it'd be nice if I could just fly there but...
Zoro: regardless of what route I take, it won't be easy to get through
Marco: "Strawhat's crew"!!
Robin: "Marco the Phoenix"!!
Marco: Yup, in the flesh!!
Marco: Why are you guys who make up the main force dawdling around on this floor?
Marco: Is there anything I can help you with?
???: !!?
Nami: What exactly is this "shake" I wonder....
Tama: It's scary! or rather, no it's not scary!!
Komachiyo: *bark*
Luffy: Is this an earthquake? Jinbe what do u reckon?
Jinbe: Hmmn...The terrain of this Island is pretty peculiar...
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