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One Piece Spoiler Archive



Black Maria: Ufufufu, stay here forever. I'll -blur- it for you
Sanji: I've gotta go... but... haa haa
Sanji: Whether I look over here or there // WOMAN
Prostitute: Kyahaha
Sanji: WOMAN
Black Maria: Ufufufu
Sanji: WOMAN
Sanji: Is this Heaven...
Prostitutes: This guy is insane!!!

Oh oops, this was already translated before I see now.


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Chapter comes with the 1st half of the "Chapter 1000 coloured cover spread", featuring Zoro and co, LQ preview:

It looks like the complete cover spread celebrating 1000 chapters will be a post-timeskip version of the Chapter 100 cover spread:

From The Legend Begins to The Legend Never Ends.
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From the Korean Leak and Redon

- Title: "The waiting liquor I made for you" (君がため醸みし待酒)
- Yamato Vs. Ace.
- When Ace was in Onigashima, Kaido was on an expedition.
- Ace came to Onigashima to rescue children kidnapped from the mainland.
- Ace says that parents couldn't choose, Yamato respond saying that she wanted to go out to the sea and live freely like Oden adventure.
- After the fight, they get close to each other, drink together, and talk about the young pirates of the sea, including Luffy.
- In the present, Marco tries to fly to the roof with Zoro.
- Marco briefly recalls Ace.
- Queen and King transform and try to stop Marco.
- Tama learns that Luffy is Ace's brother.
- Yamato mentions that Luffy has a "D" in his name.
- Big Mom tells Kaidou to keep Nico Robin alive.
- Kaido asks Big Mom about the girl with 3 eyes (Pudding) on her side, if she cannot read ancient texts yet.
- Kaidou fruit is "Uo Uo no Mi (Fish Fish Fruit), Mythical type" (no more information about the exact model).
- Big Mom gave it to Kaidou the day Rocks fell.
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of infinite solutions

Ace by Boichi (Dr. Stone)
Don Krieg by Kohei Horikoshi (My Hero Academia)
Boa Hancock by Taishi Tsutsui (We Never Learn)
Gaimon by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro (Build King)
Chopper by Hitsuji Gondaira (Mission: Yozakura Family)
Bellamy by Hajime Komoto (Mashle)
Tashigi by Ryuhei Tamura (Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin)
Gecko Moria by Atsushi Nakamura (Agravity Boys)
Shinobu by Ryou Nakama (High School Family)


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Queen shoots at Marco but it passes through like it did with Kizaru.

Only Zoro is with Marco and is being held by Marco's feet lol.

There's no physical clash between Marco and King in this chapter.

It looks like a more dialogue heavy chapter.


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Full summary by redon

Chapter 999: "The sake I brew while waiting for you".

Chapter starts with a flahback. Ace went to Onigashima to help children who are kidnapped there. However Kaidou and high ranking executives from Beast Pirates have sailed from the island at that time. So Ace ends up beating all fodders until he meets Yamato.

Ace's crew urge him to go back but Ace is annoyed that someone this strong isn't even a captain, so he intends to fight Yamato. Though she has no obligation to protect the island, Yamato is bored so she will be Ace opponent.

Ace notices Yamato's handcuff and says her "children cannot choose their parents". Ace adds she can't let they bind her heart too. Yamato is angry and destroys the dragon statue. Ace starts to like her, so he punchs the statue with his fire fist and claims responsibility saying it's his warning for Kaidou.

That night, Yamato and Ace tied up Kaidou's men and then drank sake with each other. Yamato says she'll leave the island as soon as she can take the handcuff off. Then she asks Ace whether the new generation of strong people that are emerging all over the world. Ace says there's "Caven-something", "Kid" from South Blue, "Law" from North Blue, "Bege" from West Blue... But the strongest one will be his brother, who will set sail soon.

Back to the present, Yamato reveals to Momonosuke she is Kaidou's daughter. Momonosuke is terrified but they come to an understanding. Momonosuke asks why Yamato mentioned Ace.

Yamato: "Because he is..."

Cut to Tama, she talks to Nami about how she wants to become a kunoichi as she promised with Ace. Then she learns from Nami that Ace is Luffy's brother.

Cut to the Live Floor, Queen tells everyone to stop Marco at any cost. Marco tells Robin and Brook to run into the castle. He then carries Zoro and flies to the ceiling.

Marco thinks back to his days with Shirohige Pirates in a new flashback. Ace asks Shirohige to attack Kaidou since he has a promise to fulfilled. Izou and Marco explain that they only knew about Oden's death years after it happened. After that, they talked about attacking Wanokuni many times but stopped since they know what will happen if they attack Kaidou, there will be many sacrifices.

Ace asks Shirohige to let him go alone. Shirohige is angry saying Ace is ahead of himself thinking that he can defeat a man Oden can't win against. Then Shirohige beats Ace up.

Teach laughs and says he understands Ace want to get a "big-name's head". Marco replies that is not what Ace is after. Marco and Izou talk to Ace, they say that as soon as Shirohige gives an OK sign, they will go with Ace to Wanokuni.

Back to present. King and Queen transform into dinosaurs and block Marco. Queen has guns in his mouth and shoots Marco, but bullets run through him. Queen and King say Marco it's no use now, the samurai will be dead soon and, after Momonosuke is killed, the war will be over. While Marco grabs Zoro with his legs, he replies.

Marco: "If you think it can end that easily then you're too naive.
What you're fighting against is the "new era" itself!!"

Cut again to Nami and Tama. Nami says it's OK, they will follow Tama's plan.

Cut again to Yamato and Momonosuke. Yamato tells Momonosuke that Ace is Gol D. Roger's son and the "sworn brother" of Luffy.

Yamato: "Out of all the pirates in the world, the one who you found and brought to Wanokuni is Luffy.
This must be the work of fate itself.
After all, Luffy has a "D" in his name...!"

When Yamato finishes, she pulls out Oden's journal.

Cut to Onigashima's rooftop. Big Mom is waiting for Luffy with Kaidou. Zeus and Prometheus ate cloud and fire so now they are back to 100% strength. Big Mom says Kaidou he can kill whoever he wants but he must leave Nico Robin alive.

Kaidou: "Isn't there a three-eye race girl in your crew? Can she not read the ancient letters?"

Big Mom: "I don't know but I can't wait for her eyes to truly open anymore."

Big Mom asks where Kaidou intend to drop the island. Kaidou replies he'll drop it on top of the castle, the symbol of Kozuki.

Big Mom: "So is the Road Poneglyph there?"

Kaidou: "Isn't it a bit too fast to reveal your true intention?"

Big Mom: "Don't look down on me!
Even right now, I still regard you as my younger brother.
Remember, the day Rocks fell! I was the one who gave you "Uo Uo no Mi, mystical type" (Uo=fish) on God Valley!!
That is the debt you will owe me forever."

Kaidou: "Say whatever you want. Let's just deal with it after..."

Big Mom and Kaidou: "We found the One Piece!!!"

End of chapter. In next issue, chapter 1,000!!!



Crew?: Stop it Ace // Just come back already!!
Ace: Zeh...Zeh... Who the hell are you!! Name yourself!!
Yamato: Haa // Haa // How about you name yourself first!!
Ace: My name is Ace!!!! // The man who is going to take Kaido's head!!


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Korean source

Redon translation

- Luffy reaches the 5th floor, thanks to Shishilian and Inuarashi's group he can reach the roof.
- Marco blocks King and Queen's attacks and throws Zoro to the roof.
- Yamato says that Oden's "logbook" said that "The young and powerful pirates would arrive in the New World in 20 years."
- Ace remembers something Luffy told him about his dream, when Ace and Sabo laughed (maybe that scene from chapter 585?). Although they both believe that Luffy could do it.
- Ace tells him not to laugh, Yamato says he won't because the King of the Pirates said the same.
- Yamato gives Ace a Vivre Card.
- Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid and Killer Vs. Kaidou and Big Mom.
- Kaidou: "Say it again in front of our faces! What do you want to become?"
- Kinemon and the Red Scabbards go downstairs with Law's powers.
- Luffy remembers his friends from Wanokuni.
- Luffy attacks Kaido with the Gomu Gomu no Red Rock (looks like a new attack).
- Big Mom to Kaido: "How did you let him hit you like that?"
- Luffy: "I am Monkey D. Luffy. I will surpass you and I will be the" King of the Pirates ".

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Full chapter summary from redon:

Chapter 1,000 summary, one of the most special summaries I've written in all these years T_T

Chapter 1,000: "Straw Hat Luffy".

Luffy reaches the 5th floor of Onigashima and finds out that all of Kaidou's subordinates on this floor were defeated by the Minks (it seems Jack is nowhere). Luffy finds Shishilian and talks to him.

Shishilian: "Straw Hat, this is all we can do to help you."

Luffy: "It's OK! I don't forget how you gave your lives to protect Raizou."

Shishilian cries as Luffy walks up to the Top floor of Onigashima.

Cut to Live Floor, we can see Queen and King trying to stop Marco. Queen stretches his neck (like Inspector Gadget) to attack Marco, it seems he's a cyborg or something ike that. But Marco, in phoenix form, locks both King and Queen's necks with both of his wings. Then he throws Zoro up to the ceiling.

Cut back to Yamato. She says she picked up Oden's journal at the riverbank on the day that Oden's castle was burned. It seems someone saved it from the castle. Yamato tells Momonosuke she will give him the journal.

Yamato: "You were born on Shirohige's ship and then spent time on Roger's ship, right?
They once said that 20 years in the future, a new generation of strong people will emerge and come into the New World.
And that future is now!
I once thought Ace would be the one leading them, but when he died I realized something else..."

Flashback of the night where Ace and Yamato were drinking. Ace let slipped what Luffy said him and Sabo about "what he will do at the end of his dream" (in chapter 585). Ace panicked and told Yamato not to laugh at what he said or he won't forgive her.

However Yamato was in tears when she heard the words Luffy said, because she remembers that words are exactly the same words Roger said to Shirohige and Oden after his fight with Shirohige (in chapter 966). Ace and Sabo really believe Luffy can do it.

Yamato: "I won't laugh about it since there's a great man in Oden's journal who said exactly the same words Luffy said."

Ace: "A great man? Not bad. I'd love to drink with him."

Yamato: "Unfortunately he is dead."

Yamato then made Ace's Vivre Card and taught him what it can do. She said goodbye to him and told him the Vivre Card will bring them together again.

Back to present. Yamato tells Momonosuke that one day Ace's Vivre Card disappeared. After that she found out via newespaper that Ace was Roger's son and that he had a brother who's also a pirate.

Then Yamato explains to Momonosuke what Oden said in his journal regarding how the new generation of strong pirates will emerge to defeat Kaido 20 years in the future.

As she narrates, we see Luffy reaching the top floor of Onigashima to find Kid is already there, and Law used his powers to get there as well. Then we see Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer and Law in front of Kaidou and Big Mom in an epic double spread.

Kaidou: "Linlin, do you know what this brat once told me what he wants to become?"

Big Mom: "I know, he's an insolent. He once said it to me too when he destroyed my castle."

But Luffy walks past Kaidou and Big Mom without paying them any attention. Then he kneels down next to Kinemon, who was bloodied and lying on the ground along with other Red Scabbards.

Kaidou: "Hey brat. Say it again in front of our faces! What do you want to become?"

Luffy: "Sorry for being late, Kinemon."

Kinemon: “I’m so ashamed!
I cannot face Oden-sama in the afterlife anymore.
Luffy-dono, can I ask you to bear the burden of Wanokuni for us?”

Luffy: "Of course I will do! This is my friend's country!!"

Kaidou swings his kanabo at Luffy. Luffy tells Law to help transport the Red Scabbards to the floor below. The he jumps and avoids Kaidou's attack.

Luffy actives Gear 3, then we see flashes of Wanokuni characters' faces and voices until now (Momonosuke, the Red Scabbards, Yasuie...). Then Luffy uses a new attack called "Gomu Gomu no Red Rock" (ゴムゴムの業火銃拳 (レッドロック)) to punch Kaidou in the face. Kaidou's face is on fire as he falls down.

Big Mom: "Hey, what the hell are you doing Kaido!?
How can you be punched down like this!!"

Luffy: "I am Monkey D. Luffy.
The man who will surpass both of you...
and become the "Pirate King"!!!"

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