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One Piece Spoiler Archive


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More details from redon in Arlong Park Forums.

Hakai (覇海) is an upgraded version of Hakoku (覇国). Big Mom and Kaidou have the same pose than Dorry and Brogy, but we see the attack from above them. The attack is devastating, probably the most powerful attack in all One Piece until now (in TOP 3 100% sure).


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More supplement info:

Supernova barely managed to escape the Hakai attack.
Zoro used "Homurasaki" and "Rokudou no Tsuji" to slice down Prometheus. And Kidd took Big Mom's attack on purpose so that he could 'Repel' the metals on his arm to throw her off.



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Zoro: This is bad

Killer: There's no way of avoiding it!!!

Kaido & Big Mom: Hakai!!!!

Kaido & Big Mom: Huh!?

Zoro: Get outta the way guys!!!

Luffy: Zoro!!

Zoro: Before you're wiped out!!!



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Kaido: The 'Voice' hasn't disappeared
Big Mom: So they escaped? Impressive!!
Law: You alive, Zoro-ya?
Zoro: Ugh....!!....!! I think so...!!
Kidd: Good job stopping it, even if it was just for a moment, thanks....!!
Killer: Straw Hat is!?


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Roof top of Onigashima!

Big Mom : Let's attack together Kaido!
Out of the 5, let's see how many of them will survive this attack! Mama mama!

Kid : Trafalgar! With your abilities, can't you just send one down?
Law : If I could do it, I would have done it a long time ago. Their hakis are so huge that it's not possible to move them.

Kidd : It's unfortunate!

Luffy : Hoi! a big one is coming!

Kaido : Hope your body can do it, old hag!
Big Mom : Who are you talking to, kid?!


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- Chapter 1,010: "Haoshoku" i.e Conqueror's Haki
- The chapter begins with the fall of Big Mom.
- Luffy looks like he's defeated.
- Kaidou attacks Zoro to free Prometheus.
- Law changes with Zoro and attacks Kaidou.
- Prometheus is going to help Big Mom.
Kid: "The goal is to separate them !! Leave her to us !!"
- Zoro: "Kid, Killer ... !!"
- Prometheus saves Big Mom and asks her for something (we don't know what).
- Zoro: "This is my limit, if this doesn't work I'll leave the rest to you."
- Zoro uses the Ashura attack against Kaidou (we don't know if the old one or a new one).
- Kaidou: "It can't be ... Conqueror's Haki? Enough is enough. Brain Myung Bagua !!"
- Luffy recovers and talks to Kaidou.
Luffy: "When you hit me with your bat, I understood everything ... !! Did you use the Conqueror's Haki?"
- Kaidou: "Only the powerful can do it !!"
- After this, Kaidou falls to Luffy's attacks (one is the one in the image).
- Luffy: "At some point and in some way, you will fall."
- Rest next week.


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More info based on Korean spoiler:

Zoro tells Law that this attack is the best he can do so if this doesn't work, it's up to him.
Zoro chants some dialogue with the Asura technique (provider omits some of the wording)
Zoro attacks Kaido with it.
Kaido: "You also have King's haki?" (Some dialogue omitted by the provider). It's no surprise that this attack will leave a wound."

Kaido attacks Law with Thunder Bagua
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from Redon in ArlongPark Forums

- Zoro tells Law that the attack he is going to launch on Kaidou is the best he can do, and that if it doesn't work, he leaves the rest to him.
- Zoro has some dialogue with Kaidou while using the Asura attack and then attacks him.
- Kaidou: "It can't be ... Do you also have 'Conqueror's'? This is going to leave a scar on me."
- Kaidou attacks Law: "Enough is enough. Raimei Hakke !!"
- Luffy recovers and talks to Kaidou.
Luffy: "When you hit me with your bat, I understood everything ... !! Did you use the "Conqueror's"?"
- Kaidou: "Only the powerful can do it !!"
- After this, Kaidou falls to Luffy's attacks (one is the one in the image).
- Luffy: "At some point and in some way, you will fall."
- Rest next week.
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This Leaker(?) says that Law is fine, he thinks Law avoided Thunder Bagua a it seems that attacks with Haoushoku gives damage even before hitting.

Ashura's name this time is Bakkei(which means drawing the sword) Mouja no Tawamure(which means prank of the deceased)

Another question asks if kid and killer leave the roof going after BM and if Haoushoku attack have names.

Leaker says that Kid and Killer said to leave her to then and disappear.
Haoushoku attacks don't have name but there something like dragon ball's Ki waves between the place they hit and the punch(there is someone saying 'but if he didn't touch me, but the leaker didn't say who, he said there was an expression like that so I will not say anything about this)

And Zoro seems to not know about Haoushoku as he was saying or had the expression of ' what are you talking about?'

The rest of this question is his opinion about how Haoushoku attacks work so I'm not typing about that.

And about if Zoro hit Kaidou with Ashura or not, he hit him but he said that he at least wanted Kaidou to fall, but there is blood coming out(from Kaidou I guess).


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Alternative translation

Q : Is Zoro's technique the Asura弌霧銀?
Leaker : Asura Bakuen
Q :
Did Zoro's attack made a big wound to Kaido ?
I don't think so ?
Leaker :
It did.
Zorro said he wished he had at least fallen.
Q: Is Law okay after being hit?
Leaker :
Law is conscious.
The last thing he said was that the attack didn't hit him.

It seems that the attack with the High King color takes damage before it hits.


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Question asks about Napoleon and Zeus. Also about prometheus's request.

Leaker says it's difficult to understand(what happens with Zeus). He is not sure if Zeus was making the box float and trying to go to save Mom and Zoro cut him or if Zoro cut him because he broke the box making it float.

About prometheus is what the korean leaker said, Zoro kept cutting prometheus and Kaidou attacked.
We don't know what Prometheus asks.

Also he says that Zoro's attacks doesn't have Haoushoku in them. He says that Haoushoku attacks have a black lightning effect like Kaidou's Thunder Bagua attack and all of Luffy's attack but Zoro, 's attack didn't have it.


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Chapter 1,010: "Color of the Supreme King".

In the cover, Pudding and her homies are using eyedrops.

Zoro is cutting Prometheus into so many pieces that it can't help Big Mom. Law comments how crazy Zoro is, saying that he wouldn't be surprised if every bone in Zoro's body is already broken.

Kaidou: "Damn! That pathetic Linlin... Now I'll have to help her too!!"

Kaido attacks Zoro (calling him "Pirate Hunter") and orders him to let Prometheus go to help Big Mom. Law warps Zoro out of the way and appears right in front of Kaidou. Then he shoots his "Injection Shot" right at Kaidou's neck, making him cough up blood.

Kaidou attacks Law with his kanabou. Law uses a new technique called "Curtain" (抗菌武装 (カーテン)) to defend himself but Kaidou blows out of the way.

Kaidou: "How troublesome is your ability, Trafalgar!!"

Both Prometheus and Napoleon use this chance to jump down to save Big Mom. Zoro complains why Law helped him since it allows the homies to go help Big Mom.

Law: "Just let them go. If someone has to end up dying because of my plan, I'd prefer my plan fails."

Kid says this is more than enough already, since the goal was just to separate the 2 Yonkou from each other. Kid and Killer then run towards Big Mom's direction, saying that they will take on Big Mom themselves.

Cut to below the island. Prometheus saved Big Mom right before she hits the sea. Big Mom praises Prometheus then complains how useless Zeus is. Prometheus says Zeus has always been slow, stupid and just a burden for Big Mom.

Prometheus: "Mama, I have a request."

Cut back to Kid and Killer. They stop at the edge of Onigashima. Kid comments how there's something weird going on with the clouds...

Back to Onigashima's rooftop, Luffy is unconscious with his eyes turning white. Kaidou laughs, then says that it's just like last time. Even after passing out, Luffy wouldn't stop staring at him. Kaidou wonders whether he should crush first, if Luffy's eyes, brain or heart.

Zoro tells Law that the next attack he uses would be the last thing he can manage to do. If it doesn't work, then he's going to die so he's leaving the rest to Law.

Zoro: "Hey Kaidou! That guy is our captain.
If you wanna crush him, then crush me first!!"

Zoro draws his swords.

Zoro: "Kiki Kyuutouryuu: Ashura (Ghastly Nine Sword Style: Asura)
Bakkei Mouja no Tawamure (Drawing Sword, Playing with the Dead - 抜剣 亡者戯)!!!"

Kaido is struck by Zoro's attack with lot of blood coming out.

Kaido: "Brat... Don't tell me you have the "color of the supreme king" too!!?"

Zoro: "What the hell are you talking about... I have no idea myself..."

Then Zoro falls to the ground.

Zoro: "I gave everything for this attack. Too bad it can't manage to bring Kaidou down...!!"

Kaido: "You did more than enough. This is gonna leave a scar!!"

Kaido is about to finish off Zoro with his kanabou. Law attacks him but he and Zoro are blown away by Kaidou's "Raimei Hakke".

Kaidou: "It's such a shame. If you all come with me, we'd have taken the world together!!"

Suddenly, Kaidou hears Luffy's voice from behind him.

Luffy: "With you? We would never want to go with you. We all love "samurai", you know?"

We can see a little flashback to when Hyougorou teaches Luffy not to just force Haki out, but let it flow to his fist and into enemy's body.

Hyougorou: "Your power will bloom in the time of crisis!!"

Luffy: "My attacks were still too shallow...
But after taken you kanabou, I now understand.
"Color of the Supreme King" can be used to "cover" yourself as well!"

Kaidou: "Worororororo...!!
It's true, but only a handful of people can manage to do that!!!"

Kaidou attacks Luffy again but Luffy blocks the kanabou with his feet without even touching it. There's lot of black thunder coming out from around his feet. Luffy then jumps at Kaidou with black lighting around his fist. He then hits Kaidou's stomach and chin (without touching him) until Kaidou hits the ground.

Law: "They aren't even touching...!!" (He uses the same phrase Oden said when he saw Roger and Whitebeard clashed).

Luffy: "Zoro, Torao... Thank you for protecting me until now.
Both of you can go downstairs now!!
Tell the other... that no matter what happens, I will win!!!"

End of chapter, break next week. One Piece will be back with Jump cover and Color Spread (probably with 7th japanese Character Popularity Poll results).


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Kaido: That brat, don't tell me you also have the "Colour of Conqueror's" too?!

Zoro: Huh?.... What the hell do you mean! I don't remember!!

Zoro: I put all I had into that one blow...!! I was hoping to at least make you drop...!

Kaido: You did enough. This wound will remain...!!

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