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One Piece Spoiler Archive


The Hunter
Chapter 1,011: "Red Bean (Anko) Code of Honor".

In the Color Spread, Straw Hat crew enjoy some ice creams. A giant Nami is eating a gigant ice cream & fruit cocktail in the back, while the other Straw Hats are eating and playing in the food.

- Luffy is on a giant straw.
- Franky eats a chocolate ice cream, his hair is shaped like the ice cream.
- Zoro and Sanji place some giant cookie wafers.
- Chopper and Brook are sitting inside an elegant glass.
- Robin, Jinbe and Usopp are bathing in a glass of juice.

It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a soft serve.

Chapter starts at the edge of Onigashima. Big Mom arrives and creates a new homie called "Hera". It's a female homie that seems to be made purely of thunder. Big Mom uses a new attack called "Fulgora" (Shake and Thunder - 震御雷) it's a massive thunder attack to test Hera's power. The attack hits both Kid and Killer and the side of Onigashima dome.

Back to Luffy side. Kid's power over the metal box weakened, so Zeus frees himself from the box. Law has to prevent Zeus from calling Big Mom back, so he tells Luffy he's leaving the battlefield first. He then transports himself, Zoro and Zeus away.

Kaidou and Luffy smile at each other and start fighting again. Kaidou's kanabou clashes with Luffy's kick and create a huge shockwave in all Onigashima.

Cut to Onigashima 3rd floor. Big Mom's attack hits the side of Onigashima dome, creating a huge hole and blowing Kid and Killer into the castle. Big Mom also enters the castle, but since the hole is so huge, she ends up on a different floor from Kid and Killer.

Kid and Killer run downstairs to find Big Mom and prevent her from going back to join Kaidou. They run into a group of Kaidou's men and Hawkins. Hawkins attack both Kid and Killer. Kid calls Hawkins traitor but Hawkins replies that he's also betrayed by Apoo but he just prefer to not fight a battle he can't win.

Killer stays to fight Hawkins, telling Kid to go find Big Mom since they can't afford to let her run wild.

Hawkins: "Killer, your chance of dying is 92%."

Killer: "I believe in my ability and not in predictions."

Hawkins: "I pray for your good fortune then, Killer."

Killer: "Go to hell. I'm not gonna pray for any fortune from you!!"

Cut to Usopp and Nami in Onigashima 2nd floor. Page One jumps on Komachiyo and grabs on to its tail. Usopp and Nami attacks Page One in different parts of his body (eyes, nose, Adam's apple...) but they don't hurt him.

Tama tells Komachiyo to hang on a bit more, they are heading for the Main Stage. Once they will be there, Tama will give an order to the Gifters all over the castle. After that, her duty will be done and she doesn't care what will happen to her. Tama is shaking with fear.

Usopp and Nami feels guilty they can't make Tama feel safe. Usopp then attacks Page One with a new attack called "Hanabi Bana" (Fireworks Flowers) making Page One fall to the ground. He then follows with another new attack called "Baku Bokkuri" (Exploding Pinecone) creating huges explosions. But Page One can still get up. Usopp and Nami are shocked to see how tough he is. Usopp says it's a shame that Tama's kibi dango only works on SMILE users.

Suddenly, Big Mom appears before them in a really cool panel (we can see how huge Big Mom is, she looks like a kaiju). Usopp and Nami screams, Big Mom remembers them and is about to attack. But Otama shouts.

Tama: "Olin-chan!!"

Big Mom's expression suddenly turns to friendly smile. According to Prometheus, this is Big Mom's "Mother mode" that she sometimes shows toward children below 10 years.

Big Mom: "Oh it is you, Otama! What happened? Why are you in such a dangerous place?"

Tama: "I was worried about you! The last time I saw you, you were taken away at Udon."

Big Mom thanks Tama for taking care of her while she lost her memory. Big Mom says she still remembers how Tama takes her to Okobore Town and treats her oshiruko despite being so poor.

Tama tells Big Mom that Okobore Town has disappeared. Kaidou's men thought the people there were helping the samurai so they burned the whole place down. Big Mom recalls the time she had oshiruko in that town and gets angry.

Big Mom: "Kaido's men...!! How dare they destroy a town that was so kind to me!?"

While they were talking, Page One catches up with them. He shouts at Big Mom to help him to prevent them from getting away. Page One jumps on them and is about to swallow Usopp, Nami and Tama.

Big Mom: "You know... No matter how evil a pirate is...
There is still a thing called "moral code"!!!"*

*(Big Mom uses the same sentence Jinbe said when Drake asked to switch to Luffy's side)

Big Mom then steps in front of them and punches Page One with "Color of the Supreme King" Haki fist. Page One is punched down to the ground with blood coming out of his mouth.

Kid heard Big Mom and is coming. Zeus arrives at the scene. Ulti catches up with them and is shocked to see Page One got punched. Her body is shaking while Kaidou's men are in panic around her...

End of chapter.


The Hunter
More details from redon

-Hawkins overtakes them and attacks Kid with his "Warabide Tou" (Hand Sword Provided with Straw). Kid manages to dodge the attack and Hawkins stands before them.
-Killer tells Kid that he will stay fighting Hawkins and that he is going to stop Big Mom, since they cannot allow her to run free around there. Kid leaves chased by several of Kaidou's subordinates.
-Hawkins transforms into a huge voodoo doll.

-Ulti: "My Brother..."


of infinite solutions

Translations thanks to @PuckTheGreat

Inside the Castle - 3rd Floor (Kidd & Killer Side)

Kidd: Curses...! we got blown pretty far away. Where the hell are we!?

Killer: We are one of the floors in the castle....

Killer: Doesn't seem like she's coming after us

Kidd: She probably lost sight of us coz of how massive the hole she opened up was

Fodder: Kiddd.....

Kidd: She's downstairs! Hurry!

Kidd: I won't allow her re-group with Kaidou...!!

Fodder: That's Captain Kidd and Killer!

Kidd & Killer: !!

Fodder: Take them out!

On the roof

Zeus : Mama!! What happened!? Are you okay!!?
Zeus : Huh!! I’m free...
Zeus : Where are you mama!? I’m coming!! I’ll help you!!
Law : So Kidd’s power has weakened...
Law : Big Mom is back at the castle...it would be troublesome if that thunder cloud went looking for her...!!
Law : Huff huff
Law : Hey! I’ll leave it to you here and take them with me strawhat-ya!!
Luffy : Sure thing
Zeus : Huh\

Kidd: This is bad...

Killer: What an enegertic old lady!

Killer: Also...!!

Killer: Anyways! Let's get the hell outta here!!

Hera?: Ahahah~ahahah

Hera?: ahahahahahah!!!

Kidd: What the hell....!!

Kidd: We already captured her lightning homie didn't we!?

Linlin: Let's have a little test run!!!

Linlin: Show me what you got Hera!!

Killer: ....!!?

Hera: Ho~hoho<3

Hera: Yes~Mama<3

Kidd: ...!!

Linlin: Fulgora!!!

Killer : You go ahead of me. don't let Big Mom get away
Kidd : Shi- i'm counting on you!
Fodder : Kidd is running away!!
Hawkins : I'm saved. I wouldn't have been able to take on both of you
Killer : You're putting quite an effort into serving kaido. What a good boy
Hawkins : You can say whatever you want, but the chance of you dying here is 92% !!
Hawkins : Pitiful Man Slayer Kamazou
Killer : Another fortune huh, our strength is what matters here!! Fafafa!!

age One : Wheeze wheeze cough
Usopp : Gyaa he got right back up!!
Usopp : What’s with these dinosaur power users
Page one : That nose bastard!!!
Usopp : Too bad the Kibi dango works on smile users only
Big Mom : Show yourself Kidd !!!
Usopp : huuuuuuuuuh!!!
Tama : Oh
Usopp & Nami : Big Mom !!!?



Well-Known Member
No chapter this week, but according to a Korean source, this is what happens:

The Straw Hats join the Red Scabbards.

- Kiku says he will take care of Kanjuurou. Izou is worried about Kiku's arm.
- Nekomamushi meets Shishilian who tells him that Pedro has died. They also tell him that his murderer is on the island and they go after him.
- Momonosuke says there are 2 voices on the roof.
- Sanji takes Zoro with him injured.
- Kawamatsu and Izou join Sanji.
- Page One has fallen, Ulti tries to attack Big Mom.
- Komachiyo falls, Ulti hits Tama.
- Big Mom is enraged at Ulti for hitting her friend.
- However, the one who attacks Ulti is Nami.

Usopp: "Wait a minute, Nami. We have to run !!"

Nami: "No. I can't take it anymore. Someone who hits a child ... !!
I'm going to finish her right here !!!"


Well-Known Member
Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums. Chapter of 15 pages (instead of 17 pages).

Chapter 1,012: "Itching".

In the cover, Kid is creating a metal bird while a family of little birds is making a nest on his head.

Chapter starts with the Red Scabbards on the 3rd floor, they are running to help Momonosuke. Izou asks Kiku whether her arm is OK. Kiku replies that for a samurai this wound just feels like an itch. Then she mentions that her heart also itched a bit the day Izou suddenly left Wanokuni. Izou apoligizes to Kiku for suddenly leaving her behind.

Kawamatsu asks Izou what he think will become of Wanokuni once they open the country to the world. Izou says they can talk about that once they survive until morning.

Kinemon says they are outnumber on all fronts, so they should split up and go help everyone. Kinemon will go save Momonosuke alone. Kiku asks to be the one to finish Kanjuurou once and for all. Kinemon allows it and tells her to come with him. The rest of the Red Scabbards split up and go different ways.

Nekomamushi runs into Shishilian and Bariete (the monkey Mink). He then learns that Pedro is dead (remember Nekomamushi arrived to Wanokuni at the beginning of he battle) and the killer is also near on this island, currently fighting Carrot and Wanda. After knowing that, Nekomamushi jumps ahead of the others.

Cut to Yamato, Momonosuke and Shinobu, they are in the attic. Yamato says they shouldn't stay together since the “Marys” will spot them. So Yamato created a cute looking (but obviously fake) Momonosuke dummy and she will take it with her and act as decoy. But Momonosuke and Shinobu looks at Yamato and can tell that she's obviously "itching" to fight.

Before leaving, Yamato asks Momonosuke how is Luffy. Momonosuke says Luffy is still doing fine but the "voices" up there are down to just to 2 people.

Yamato: "So it has turned into 1 on 1 fight... I must hurry!!"

After Yamato leaves, Momonosuke opens Oden's journal...

Cut to Sanji, he's on the 2nd floor. He's running to help Momonosuke and fighting Kaidou's men while he's carrying a huge cross on his back. That cross is Zoro, that is heavily injured. A little flashback starts. Law, Zoro and Zeus appeared above Sanji and Sanji had to carry Law and Zoro. Sanji asked Zeus for Nami, but Zeus got scared and flied away.

Law heard Big Mom so he said he's going to follow her. Then he told Sanji that Zoro broke about 20-30 bones in his body, so Sanji should treat his wounds first. Sanji tied Zoro to pieces of woods and put so many bandages on him that Zoro looks like a huge cross.

Sanji: "Who the hell made you this injured!?"

Zoro: "Kaido and Big Mom."

Sanji: "OK, that's understandable. How's Luffy?"

Zoro: "It seems he's understood something. He will surely win!!"

Sanji: "No need to tell me. I already know!!"

Back to the present, Zoro is sleeping while Sanji is complaining and fighting Kaidou's men. Sanji then runs into Kawamatsu and Izou. They tell him Kinemon is already going to save Momonosuke so Sanji doesn't need to go there. Zoro suddenly wakes up and tells them that they should go to help people at the “Live Floor”, then he goes back to sleep again.

Cut back to Big Mom. Page One has his head stuck into the floor, it seems he's heavily injured. Ulti runs toward Big Mom in rage. Nami says to Big Mom that Ulti is the one behind whatevers making Big Mom angry.

Big Mom: "Shut up!
After I've finished with these guys, I'll deal with you "Straw Hats" later!!"

Nami then tries to side with Ulti instead.

Nami: "Ulti-chan!! Let's take down Big Mom together!!"

Ulti: "Shut up!
After I'm finished with Big Mom, you guys are next!!"

Ulti then jumps at them and uses her "Ulti-Mortar" to knock down Komachiyo. She then slaps Tama. Big Mom is enraged and steps in front of Ulti.

Big Mom: "How dare you hurt my friend!?"

Ulti: "How dare you hurt my brother!?"

But suddenly, Nami jumps at Ulti and hits her with a thunderbolt, knocking Ulti to the ground.

Usopp: "Hey, wait Nami! Aren't we running away!?"

Nami: "I can't anymore... after what she's done to a kid...
I'm gonna crush this woman here!!!"

End of chapter. No break in next Jump issue.


The Hunter
Fodder : It's Black Leg Sanji with a bounty of 330million! Get him!!
Fodder : Uwah!!
Fodder : Look! He's carrying something on his back!!
Sanji : Wheez Wheez
Fodder : Could it be....Pirate Hunter Zoro!!!
Fodder : Huh!? a big shot carrying another big shot!! (big shot refers to their bounties)
Sanji : Watch your mouth!! Huff huff!!
Sanji : Don't get in my way Marimo!!
Sanji (flashback): Aaah!!

Sanji: ... I know! you don’t have to spell it out to me!!
Sanji: That aside, left with me, I’d have already dumped you off somewhere but...!!
Kawamatsu: Sangoro-dono!
Sanji: Oh! It’s you, !
Sanji: So you lot are safe! That’s a relief!!
Sanji: Huh!? I was just headed over to check on Momonosuke!
Kawamatsu: Kin’emon has headed off to him so he’s in good hands!!
Zoro: if it’s somewhere that is need of help, then head to the Live Floor...
Zoro: *snores*
Sanji: Don’t just request something and dose off again you dolt!
Zoro: *snores*
???: Let’s hurry!!
???: The number of victims on our side are increasing
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