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Online Art Class Reviews

Discussion in 'Art 101' started by Loni, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Loni Hero

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    Online Art Class Reviews

    Please feel free to post your experience with online courses here.

    Hello, my name is Loni and I’m an artist. I thought I’d give a brief review my experiences with some online art classes. This list is in no particular order.

    Your experience may vary.

    I suggest that if you pay for any of these premium courses, keep a notebook. Streaming content cannot be re-watched after your membership expires. If the content can be downloaded, then download it and keep it to watch again later. Refer back to your notes and try what you’ve learned.

    Pace yourself with the time you have to learn and how much you’re willing to pay if it is monthly fees.

    Don’t be lazy, take a course… it will be worth the time and money.

    Ctrl Paint <How to Use Photoshop to Paint> (Free and Premium Content)

    CtrlPaint.com is an excellent place to learn photoshop. All the information in the free library may not all stick if you just watch the short videos but if you keep a notebook and use what you’ve learned a few times, it will stick.

    The premium content is worth the price as a bundle for $50 or each subject part for $10 if you want to space out the amount of money you spend.

    I purchased the Basic Rendering bundle for around $50 and found it insightful. The best part were the videos on perspective, I learned some things in it that I’ve never come across anywhere else. I would rate the site and purchased content, an 8.5/10 based on quality and ease of understanding.

    Proko.com <Human Anatomy for the Artist> (Free and Premium Content)

    Stan Prokopenko teaches anatomy in an entertaining way but the videos can get tedious to watch sometimes. The bottom line though is that you will learn and that may be all that matters. Do the assignments and practice and the time you spent learning will be well worth it.

    The Proko bundles range from $59 to $1300. I bought the portrait drawing bundle for $59 and it taught me not only how to draw but also what to look for on the heads you draw. If you’re looking to learn how to draw accurate portraits you may want to turn to the Schoolism.com class on realistic portraits. Stan does not teach you how to measure to draw an accurate likeness.

    Overall the site and premium content I’ve used gets an 8/10.

    Skillshare <Classes Taught by Common-Place and Industry Experts> (Few free, and Premium Content)

    heckling their guest of honor

    Skillshare is a site where people that are experts in whatever you can name come to teach a class on what they are experts in. You can search the site for classes before you decide to pay, in case you want a particular subject like creative writing or making comics.

    The site has free content but the paid monthly $15/month or yearly membership $99/year is the majority of everything worth learning. Once you pay, you can stream any and all classes until your membership is up. Each time you log on, classes in your interest areas are suggested so that you feel like you never want to cancel your membership which you can cancel at any time.

    I was on Skillshare for over five months off and on and Skillshare’s value and quality gets a 9/10.


    If you use Photoshop, two essential Skillshare courses for it are Hardy Fowler’s “Painting with the Power of Photoshop series” and Patrick Brown’s “Characters in a Scene: Sketch to Digital.”

    Schoolism <Classes taught by Industry Experts> (Premium Content only)

    Schoolism is a very affordable, online art school. You can pay a monthly $30/month, $299.40/year or $1000 for assignment feedback, critique, and certificate of completion in the offered course. Once you pay, you can stream any and all classes until your membership is up.

    I have only just started taking courses on Schoolism so I don’t have a review yet. It wouldn’t be fair to review the site based on three weeks of course work.

    YouTube <Here are Some Artists Worth Learning From> (Free Content)

    Djamila Knopf <Cell Shaded Anime style>:


    Matt Sanz Art <Vibrant Scenes for Background and Landscapes>:


    Dave Greco <Excellent Character Design and Twitch Livestream>:


    Eric Anthony J <Awesome Portraits and Opinion Talks>:


    Yong Chen <Lessons Using Traditional Mediums Such as Pencils>


    Mikey Mega Mega <How to Draw Anime Inspired Themes>

    heckling their guest of honor
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