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OPM General Manga Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'One-Punch Man' started by Cordelia, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Passiopo New Member

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    Was not a bad chapter but still I think killing of Various was a mistake from One, especially because this series needs some bigger villains in character development.
    But oh well as far I see in the original comic, the main villain already made his appearance so this series will follow mob psycho as finished soon.
  2. Ryxus of the North Blue

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    The main villain has appeared in the original? Who do you mean, I don't remember any character who'd fit the bill.
  3. IdioticGamer A Perv

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    This manga.... Oh how I love it so....

    I think I came.

    Thank you Murata. Thank you.


    Fking King. And Blast cameo...

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    This sequence right here, just beautiful baby


    From Genos starting off with Saitama's meteor smash pose
    The beautiful sense of movement as he rockets along his body shooting at him
    The insane sense of scale
    The use of the sun
    The eye stabbing

    I kinda want to post the rest of Genos's strike,
    But yeah, holy shit, that was fucking beautiful.


    I kinda gave up hope on seeing another gif :wtf

    Plus, it was funny was seeing Saitama and King strolling along afterwards,
    And in the background, you could still see Elder's body explode all the way to his end :hoho

  5. BlueDemon Demon

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    Can't wait for the damn scan...
  6. LordPerucho Well-Known Member

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    One wa shredding manly tears


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    Even more so than the end of the tourney and the Monster Invasion,
    Way more so even
    This feels like an ideal final fight to end season 2
    And after this,
    You just need to bring everyone to Saitama's place for the hotpot
    And that'll be where they close off
    Cause you know, at first he starts off sorta alone,
    But then you end it here with him surrounded by people who care about him,
    And vice versa in a way
    Perfectly warm and cheesy place to leave off

    And oh man,
    I know we've been saying this every time it seems to be approaching, but,
    With 5/6th of the participants already now in the same place,
    We may actually indeed get the hotpot soon!
    For real this time!!! :wtf
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017

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    A supposed summary of what happened at the end:

    I'm guessing you replace senior with elder there at the start, but yeah
    Pretty interesting if true :hmm
  9. Deathbringerpt Dreamer of Possibilities

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    Just on queue for my birthday, Murata know what's up.
  10. Mariko Garchu!

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    Damn, that was savage. :bury
  11. Kevintju Maybe it's time to get a set...

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    Holy shirt that was forking amazing

    Just noticed Genos' memo is acid proof :lmao
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017

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    Here be a rough script of the chapter by an anon


    Posting rough page by page translations for those who don't want to wait. I'm skipping most pages with only sound effects. WIP, will update this post and/or reply to it as I get more pages done.

    Title page
    Not lonely, but a solitary one
    Pages 2-5
    Bang wrecking Garou
    Page 6
    Genos: perfect moves that combine attack and defense into one
    Ge: even though both use the same water stream rock smashing fists, the difference in master is night and day
    Ge: the battle about to reach its conclusion
    Page 7-11
    Garou continues to get wrecked
    Page 12
    Garou: w…what is this
    Ga: these vicious attacks are nothing like damn geezer’s style…
    Page 13
    Ga: bad…this is bad
    Ga: my consciousness is…
    Ga: it means…death…
    Ga: Ahhhh
    Page 14
    Bang: what is that strange movement
    Ba: where did he learn it?
    Ba: he’s moving like a beast
    Ga: I’m not done yet!

    Page 15
    Ga: if I use the fallen heroes as hostages, there might still be a way out!!
    Bomb: I won’t let you
    Page 16
    Monsters get sliced up
    Page 17 Bomb: Bang, we finished the monsters from the hole in the ground
    Bo: it’s just Garou now
    Page 18
    Genos: life signals from monsters still remain
    Ge: not sure why, but I cannot accurately assess their location or numbers
    Ge:if we go down that hole, will we find the Monsters Association hideout?
    Ga: Monsters Association…have I been played? Damn them, so totally unreliable…!!!
    Page 19
    Phoenix man: even though we deployed significant forces to capture Garou alive
    Ph: that Demon Cyborg…the power he possesses is unbelievable
    Ph: even Silver Fang is here, there’s no chance we get Garou away from here
    Ph: but if I leave empty handed after this crushing defeat, I might get eaten by Orochi
    Page 20
    Ph: regardless, I can only hope Garou can escape on his own …
    Ph: ...what a desperate situation… Ph: does this mean I have to plan an exit strategy from MA…?
    Ba: (referring to Bomb) if you were this badly injured, could you still be standing?
    Bo: …if I were 60 years younger, I might be able to tough it out
    Bo: …maybe
    Bo: we’re almost there!!! Let’s finish him before the other heroes arrive!
    Ba: roger

    Page 21
    Ga: can’t even move my wrists…
    Ga: attacking your former number 1 disciple when he’s at his weakest, how despicable of you, Bang
    Page 22
    Ga: this other geezer, isn’t he Bomb, master of the whirlwind iron cutting fist?
    Ga: to think the two reclusive masters of the martial arts world would gang up on me, shameless
    Ga: even if I pretend to beg for my life, Demon Cyborg still won’t spare me
    Ga: If I want to survive this crisis, I have to kill all three
    Page 23
    Ga (or Bang?): it’s impossible
    Ba: do you know how much pain you have caused my number one disciple Charanko
    Ba: Garou!!

    Page 24
    Garou flashback
    Kids: let’s play a hero game!
    Kids: you too, Garou
    Kids: c’mon let’s play
    Garou: huh, sure
    Page 25
    Kid: drum roll~~
    Kid: justice man is here!
    Kid: justice kick
    Kid: aah it hurts!
    Page 26
    Ga: hey that’s dangerous
    Kid: huh?
    Ga: I feel bad (for the kid playing monster)
    Kid: …how about you play the monster
    Kid: justice cross
    Ga: waa (steps out of the way)
    Kid: what’s wrong with you?
    Ga: s…sorry, Tatsu
    Kid: I almost had you
    Kids: what’s your problem, you’re a monster, you’re not supposed to do that
    Kids: let’s pin him down
    Kids: okay-
    Page 27
    Kid: justice man kick!
    Kid: monster Garou defeated~
    Ga: what is this, pre-death flashbacks?
    Ga: these memories disgusts me
    Ga: that kid…right, I remember him…Tatsu, that popular kid

    Page 28
    Kids: hey, what’s going on? Why are you fighting?
    Kids: shall I call the teacher?
    Kids: Garou is being violent
    Kids: we were only playing, but he got mad! What’s his problem
    Ga: I….I can’t take it any more!
    Ga: come Tatsu, me vs. you, let’s figure it out
    Tatsu: ha? What are you talking about, I thought we were just playing
    Page 29
    Ga: I DON’T want to play monster! It’s no fun at all!
    Ga: let’s duke it out, if I win you stop bugging me, that’s the deal!
    Tat: Sabu, Yotsu, hold Garou down
    Ga: despicable….stop…let go! I…
    Ga: aah…damn it!
    Kids: he’s crazy, let’s call the teacher
    Kids: run Tatsu
    Kids: pin him down, pin him down!
    Kids: what happened?
    Kids: you guys should come and help
    Kids: Tatsu was being nice and Garou took advantage of him
    Kids: he’s the worst
    Kids: Garou got serious with Tatsu all of a sudden while playing the game
    Kids: what’s this guy even thinking
    Kids: I feel so bad for Tatsu

    Page 30
    Tatsu is a king among the kids, Tatsu is a bully, Tatsu is nasty
    I’m in the dark, always alone I have no friends
    Tatsu is a good athlete, Tatsu is popular
    I despise the popular ones
    not sure of the order of the following dialogue
    Teacher: why did you get violent?
    Te: I heard you got mad while playing a hero game, is that true?
    Te: can you not even tell the difference between a game and reality!
    Ga: no teacher, it’s because Tatsu is so popular that everyone is badmouthing me
    Te: you were the violent one, weren’t you? What if a window got broken, how are you going to pay for that!
    Ga: Tatsu always…always treats me like a monster
    Ga: NO!
    Page 31
    Ga: I don’t dislike playing the monster
    Ga: am I holding a grudge against Tatsu for playing the hero?
    Ga: no, that’s not it either
    Ga: it’s just that playing the hero game has made me realize how absurd it is
    Ga: the one who’s popular can bully the one who’s hated however he wants
    Te: you are in the wrong, apologize now
    Te: call your parents
    Ga: this is not just bullying, this is a faithful, real life adaption of a kids’ game that is accepted by the public.
    Ga: you are free to choose your role, but the ones who ends up playing hero must have the support of the people, how could that ever be me.
    Ga: naturally, the script in which the one playing monster scores the victory doesn’t exist in the first place. I was destined to lose.
    Page 32
    Ga: what is justice! What is evil!
    Ga: at the end of the day it’s just following the will of the masses, and the masses wants me dead!
    Ga: unforgivable! There is no logic!
    Ga: I can’t explain the reason behind it, but it makes me mad!
    Ga: I will make you understand! Ga: I will deliver my punch on behalf of the disenfranchised!
    Ga: and I reject your notion of good and evil!

    Page 33
    Genos: he fell
    Bang: it’s over
    Page 34
    Ga: no way it ends at a place like this!
    Page 35
    Garou shatters earth
    Page 36
    Bang/Bomb: what?!
    Page 37-39
    Garou lifts tree and swings it
    Bo: this is bad, his body…
    Ba: what’s with this burst of power?!
    Page 40
    Bang: don’t you realize it yet Garou!
    Ba: if you keep going like this, you really will die!
    Ge: Bang, above you!
    Page 41-42
    Phoenix man lands and grabs Garou
    Page 43
    Bo: more monsters!?
    Ba: there’re still a few left!!!
    Page 44
    Ba: !
    Ba: Genos-kun
    Ge: Bang, you saw that just now, didn’t you
    Ge: that thing has become monster, it even befriended one
    Ge: I trust that you won’t object if I shoot both of them down

    Page 45
    Phoenix man (calling to Elder Centipede): Can you hear me!!?
    Ph: I have Garou
    Ph: just finish these guys off!
    Ph: I’m leaving the rest to you!!
    Bo: ???
    Page 46-47
    Ge: spiral incineration cannon
    Ph: Elder Centipede
    Page 48-50
    Elder Centipede emerges and tanks Genos’ cannon fire
    Page 51
    Bo/Ba/Ge: What was that!?
    Page 52-53
    Elder Centipede breaking ground
    Page 54-55
    Disaster level: dragon
    Giant monster insect Elder Centipede
    Page 56
    Bo: w..what…
    Bo: is this a living thing!!?
    Ba: damn, we must protect them (the fallen heroes)
    Page 57
    Ba: up you go
    Page 58
    Bomb using whirlwind iron cutting fist to save the fallen heroes
    Page 59
    Ge: those life signals must have been caused by it…
    Ge: it’s not that I wasn’t able to pinpoint its location, it’s simply too massive

    Page 60
    Ge: completely unharmed after taking the cannon fire
    Ge/Bo/Ba (not sure who said it): an opponent that can easily break my wrists…
    Garou (I think): that centipede…
    Page 61
    Ga: why did you come here?
    Ph: don’t worry, Elder Centipede will handle the rest down there
    Ph: that guy is a literal natural disaster that swallows everything
    Ph: his indiscriminant power of destruction is truly shocking
    Ph: an anti-climactic “hero hunt” as usual, wouldn’t you say?
    Ph: you can’t just knock them out, they must be eliminated permanently
    Ph: heroes who are knocked out will be always come back bouncin’
    Page 62
    Ph: …you just rest easy
    Ph: Elder Centipede will end it all
    Ga: ! (starts struggling)
    Ph: stop wasting your energy
    Ga: those heroes are my prey
    Ph: yo yo, stop moving!
    Ga: damn you, let me go! Unforgivable!
    Ph: hey hey, don’t get angry
    Ph: it’s your fault you didn’t finish them off after all
    Ph: plus, this is a golden opportunity for us to off 2 S-class heroes
    Ph: the S-class heroes are the biggest threat to the Monsters Association

    Page 63
    Ph: you experienced it firsthand, didn’t you
    Ph: there is such thing as battle compatibility
    Ph: if our advisor Gyoro is right, in the entire Hero Association, there are only four who could take on Elder Centipede
    Page 64
    Ph: The wielder of unparalleled supernatural power, “tornado of terror”
    Ph: The sole commander of a military force that’s beyond even HA’s control, “metal knight”
    Page 65
    Ph: The strongest human “King”
    Ph: And…the one who almost killed Elder Centipede, the strongest hero, “Blast”
    Page 66
    Ph: Elder Centipede is working with Monsters Association in order to seek revenge against Blast
    Ph: he just can’t wait to lure the hermit Blast back onto the battlefield
    Ph: unfortunately…those two down there (Bang and Genos) do not possess the power to turn the tides in their favor
    Ph: Silver Fang has obtained unmatched power through martial arts, but that only works on opponents of a similar size
    Ph: Demon Cyborg’s capabilities are terrifying
    Ph: but he carries nothing on-board that will threaten a monster of this size.
    Ph: He cannot go beyond the destructive firepower of his weapons
    Ph: that is the limit of Demon Cyborg
    Page 67
    Ph: with a lineup like that, they are surely doomed
    Ge/Bo/Ba: It’s coming!!!

    Page 68
    Page 69-70
    Elder Centipede charging against the three
    Page 71-72
    Ba/Bo: Whirlwind water stream air-blasting sky-splitting fist
    Page 73-75
    Impact, Elder Centipede cracking, Bang and Bomb posing
    Page 76
    Ge: what a technique (flashback of Bang and Bomb talking about their technique: it’s a killing blow, but it has openings, my understanding is they needed Genos’ attack to act as decoy in order for their combo to land, because it’s not yet perfect)
    Ge: it even shattered such hardened shell…
    Ge: this must be
    Ge: the pinnacle of technique/skill
    Page 77-78
    Ba/Bo: it’s not over yet x 10
    Page 79
    Elder Centipede pushes Bang/Bomb back
    Page 80
    Ba: ouch…that was careless
    Bo: but we got it
    Bo: the impact will ravage its body
    Bo: turn into powder, monster
    Ba: for two old folks like us, using this grand technique once is our limit
    Ba: great thing we landed
    Ba: a little help, Genos
    Page 81
    Ba: it’s over
    Page 82
    Elder Centipede molting Page 83
    Ba: it can’t be
    Page 84
    Ba: this guy just molted!!!
    Ba: and it’s even bigger than before!?
    Ba: how could this be
    Page 85
    Bo: we cannot defeat that thing…!
    Bo: and we need to protect the unconscious heroes…
    Bo: what shall we do!? Bang!
    Ba: it’ll catch up to us if we tried to run
    Ba: this forest park is just outside the city limits …
    Ba: if we leave we’ll get civilians involved

    Page 86
    Ge: Bang, I will fight it
    Ge: try my best to lure the centipede over here
    Ge: you guys grab the injured heroes and get out of here
    Page 87
    Ba: Genos kun
    Ba: you want to go alone
    Ba: can’t say I agree with this plan…
    Bo: I know there’s little chance of success, but don’t be reckless
    Bo: the future belongs to the youths
    Genos’ flashback of Dr. Kuseno: whatever you do Genos, don’t be reckless
    Page 88
    Ge: am I really going to…
    Ge: leave this monster be
    Page 89-90
    Ge: That is not
    Ge: possible
    Page 91-92
    Genos fighting Elder Centipede
    Page 93
    Ba: this is madness
    Ba: cannon fire cannot harm it
    Page 94
    Ge: whether it’s this thing
    Ge: or the monster from yesterday (Gouketsu)
    Page 95
    Ge: or Garou
    Ge: they’re all part of the Monsters Association
    Ge: this fight
    Ge: is unavoidable
    Page 96-97
    Genos attacking Elder Centipede from above
    Page 98
    Ge: Dual Blade Rush
    Ge: that’s what you have to do to fight them
    Page 99
    Ge: I’m participating
    Ge: destroy

    Page 100
    Ge: if this is me being reckless
    Ge: !
    Page 101
    Ba/Bo: Genos kun!!!
    Ge: at this rate, I’ll…
    Page 102
    Page 103
    Genos recombines
    Page 104
    Ge: Jets drive arrow
    Page 105-106
    Genos kicks Elder Centipede tooth, which cracks
    Page 107
    Ba/Bo: he’s inside its mouth
    Elder: it’s over…
    Page 108
    Ge: ! digestive acid
    Elder: I’ll melt you in a few seconds
    Ge: it’s you who are going to melt
    Page 109-110
    Ge: Super Spiral Incineration Cannon
    Page 111
    Aftermath of Super Spiral Incineration Cannon
    Page 112
    Bo: …!!!
    Ba: he finished it!!
    Page 113
    Elder Centipede tanks the hit, is fine
    Page 114
    Ge: at the end…
    Ge: I am unable to…defeat…
    Ge: nor able to protect…

    Page 115
    Ba: let’s get out of here
    Ba: Bomb!
    Ba: grab the rest of them!!
    Elder: futile struggle
    Ph: what’s the matter
    Ph: you were still responsible for taking out half of the heroes, it can’t be that bad
    Page 116
    Ga: not like that!
    Ga: This is not what I had hoped!!!
    Ga: I…I wanted to beat them with my own strength!
    Ga: only then I can be a symbol of terror…!!
    Ga: that’s the purpose of the hero hunt!!!
    Ph: symbol of terror? You? Hahahaha…
    Ph: in your current state, if you went back there, you’ll just end up getting trampled to death with the rest of the heroes
    Ph: right now, you do not possess the strength to disobey Elder Centipede or executive members of the Monsters Association
    Page 117
    Ga: guh
    Ga: sooner or later…I’ll show you what I’m capable of…
    Ge: how could I…
    Page 118
    Ge: what am I missing…!?
    Ge: are there several others like that?
    Ge: in front of those monsters…
    Ge: what can I do, besides look on with envy…?
    Bo: Bang! This is bad
    Bo: at this rate it’ll get outside the forest park!
    Bo: there will be casualties in the city!!

    Page 119

    Bo: at this rate…I won’t be able to walk
    Bo: how old do you think I am
    Ba: I’ll leave it to fate…
    Ba: brother

    Page 120

    Ba: for the last time in my life, I’ll give it my all

    Page 121-122

    King: Elder Centipede~!!!
    K: yo! Pest!!!!!
    K: I’ve brought your target – “Blast”!!!!

    Page 123

    Ba: !?
    Ge: that voice…King!!?
    Ge: Blast!?
    Ba: what…!
    Bo: !!!? Look!!
    Bo: it’s stopped chasing and is going towards another direction

    Page 124

    Elder: Blast…?
    King: thaat’s….riiiight!
    K: the very one that beat the crap out of you and made you wet yourself, the hero Blast!!
    K: if you want to fight him again, come over here!
    K: why are you so scared you can’t move?! Straighten up!!! Hey, if you’re about to shit yourself you should go home!
    K: a bug like you, you must want to run back underground and suck on your mom’s tits!!!!

    Page 125

    Association staff: King arrived at the location near S city where Elder Centipede has reemerged!!!
    Staff: thank god! It’s King, he’ll have a solution…
    Staff: …there are several other heroes onsite
    Staff: when I warned him their battle might cause collateral damage and injure the innocent, he told me “I hope you could give me information that can provoke Elder Centipede”
    S: he might have wanted to lure the monster to him and fight it one on one.

    Page 126

    Staff: it sustained grave injuries at the hands of Blast in the past, but escaped with his injuries underground
    S: it would be great if we could finish it off this time…
    S: even though it’s top secret information, I still told king the past between Blast and Elder Centipede
    S: and explained to him if the battle were to become dragged out or increase in scope, it might causegreat disaster for the surrounding areas …
    S: what did he say?
    S: he just said “understood”.
    The roar of the King Engine……

    Page 127

    K: luring it here so no one else gets involved…
    K: finish it off with one shot before it escapes underground
    K: damage must be contained…blowing it back into the city is not an option…
    K: there’s very limited time to make your decision
    K: that’s it

    Page 128

    K: …
    K: …Saitama?

    Page 129

    K: Saitama~!!!?
    K: it’s about to

    Page 130

    Shot of Elder Centipede charging

    Page 131-138


    Page 139

    Saitama: ah

    Page 140

    Sai: Genos, is that you?

    Page 141

    Sai: you really are here
    Sai: just like King said
    K: by the skin of my teeth…that was a close call…
    Sai: it’s all good, we’re here aren’t we
    K: huh? Saitama, you sound…happy?
    Sai: I feel awesome for some reason

    Page 142

    Sai: it’s a great stress release after getting owned by you in video games
    K (thinking): it’s still bothering him …
    K: that’s not it…I thought I told you it’s because of your inflexible, singular approach towards battles
    Ge: Saitama sensei, can I ask you a question
    Sai: what?
    Ge: what am I missing?
    Sai: huh
    Sai: power, I guess?

    Page 143

    Ge: …!!!!
    Ge: thank you very much
    K: aaaaaaahhhhhh…that’s no good Genos…
    K: you cannot use Saitama as reference
    Ge: sensei has guided my path with his battle
    Ge: the symbol of great strength, that is my goal…
    Ge: I will be there

    Page 144

    Ph: Garou…he has finally lost consciousness
    Ph: rest easy
    Ph: we’ll soon be with Orochi


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  13. Eternal Flame Burning

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    Wow! Even without really knowing what they were saying, that was amazing overall.
  14. IdioticGamer A Perv

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    Trophy Points:
    Who needs the language barrier when Murata speaks through acts of badassery and fine writing?

    In all seriousness though that means something. But really the translation helps, saw that on reddit eariler
    Gave me another excuse to keep rereading
  15. Wolfgang Grimmer Magnificent Steiner

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    yusuke murata is unbelievable
  16. Raidoton Well-Known Member

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    Translated chapter is out on mangastream.
  17. Deathbringerpt Dreamer of Possibilities

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    Is there any archive for UltimaeKing's translations? I don't think I even want to read Niggastream's dribble.
  18. Tayimus Number One

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    ...Murata has officially ascended to the God Tier of manga artists.
  19. perman07 Per ler mer

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    Holy shit, that chapter was sick! Might have been the best One-Punch of the manga as well!
  20. Yoshua #1 Kale Fan

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    Damn, that's a long ass chapter. Elder Centipede is actually pretty fucking amazing. Sad he's gone, but he would've been way too much trouble for the S class heroes to beat later on.

    Nice that Saitama is back to feeling happy too. Makes me wonder, given his monster, inhuman strength, would losing his emotions turn him into a monster?
  21. Deathbringerpt Dreamer of Possibilities

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    Bang absolutely destroyed Garou's punk ass. I loved how Garou's rock smash water fist strokes where drawn more haphazardly and intensely to convey how pissed off and desperate he was compared to Bang's smooth and clean strokes. Good shit. That ear flip was fucking sweet, straight out of a ridiculous kung fu movie.

    Also Bomb casually kicking Garou to a nearby monster and purposely missing his rings of death while making flesh donuts out of them was a stone cold fucking move. I love Bomb's intimidation game.

    Genos also had a pretty solid showing, he actually forced Elder to also regenerate while fucking himself in the process but not too much, he's getting much better and his non-part in the later part of the MA arc is totally gonna be beefed up. The only thing that's kinda weak about the series lately is that Saitama's role seems to be smaller and smaller since this original content barely involves him.
  22. doctorpain Member

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    Here you go
  23. Weiss dog = god

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  24. Weiss dog = god

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    who is Elder Centipede closest to in power ? :hm

    Monster Gouketsu ?
  25. LordPerucho Well-Known Member

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    Chapter was godly.

    The fight vs Elder is probably the best of this arc, and Saitamas punch the best since the one on Boros.
  26. LordPerucho Well-Known Member

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    One interesting fact is that Blast tried to capture Elder in the past, never had intentions of killing him.

    Its a good way to keep the hype on Blast imo.

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    We give mangastream shit a lot,
    But I gotta give em props for getting their cleaning/redrawing and lettering done for this absolutely mammoth chapter done in a little over a day.
  28. Vault Time: Donut of the heart

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    That was a beautiful chapter
  29. Black Mirror ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͠? ͟ʖ ͡?)=ε/̵͇̿̿

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    Saitama as always trying to get credit for S class heroes work.

    After seeing that, King will get enormous hype again.
  30. Zhen Chan Silver Spoon Coon Hoe

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