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Orochimaru's rejection

Discussion in 'Naruto Theories' started by andoneballa, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. andoneballa

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    May 5, 2007
    Ok well first of all I gotta say this
    1. If there was already a real reason in the mangas why orochimaru left Akatsuki then my bad. I don't read the mangas. (Im just a bit iffy on the fact that oro just left because Itachi's powers, this is just a theory you know)
    2. If there was already a real reason that the 4th isnt the AL then my bad (not saying AL is or isnt 4th)
    3. If someone already thought of this then aww shit.

    Read this link under orochimaru's miscellaneous information.
    Link removed

    First sentence kinda tell you something?
    So I thought "Oro left because he wasn't the 4th hokage."
    What if the AL did turn out to be Yondaime.
    Orochimaru might have left because he figured out the AL was Yondaime. (Im not sure if akatsuki members know who there leader is or not. I think they do though)
    Since oro didnt become the 4th hokage maybe he just left because of the AL, he hated yondaime is what im thinking.

    Counter Facts from myself:
    Why would Orochimaru join Akatsuki if the leader was Yondaime?
    Im thinking maybe zetsu just recruited him and then he found out.

    Yea... What you guys think? :huh
  2. AbnormallyNormal

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    Apr 3, 2007
    the AL is probably not the 4th, there is no way orochimaru wouldnt know who the AL was... and orochimaru left akatsuki after he tried to take over itachi but got rejected by itachi