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Our Hero Academia:Second Session[BnHA RP Thread]

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Forum' started by SoulTaker, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. SoulTaker The Ever Living

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    "Welcome to Grand Heroics High! Your future as a hero starts here!"

    It began in China, a newborn beaming with a brilliant luminance, a beacon for how an ordinary world would become so much more. Children all over the world began to manifest powers, their numbers started small, enough for these powers to be considered “quirks”. Abilities unique to a minority but in a blink and miss it moment more and more children were born with these quirks. Before long 80 percent of the world’s population possessed a quirk.

    Of course not all of those born with great power use their abilities for the betterment of man, no there are those who would rather commit themselves to evil. The justice system struggled to adapt the laws around the presence of quirks and in those dark confusing times, those with brave hearts rose up to light the way. Soon, all the world recognized them, and gave them the only suitable name...HEROES!

    Nowadays the journey to being a hero starts here, in the United States of America, specifically San Diego county at the Grand Heroics High…this country has seen hard times, your generation has known profound loss, but to be a hero is to rise to the occasion. Can you be next Symbol of Peace?

    Please see This thread for more information.​
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  2. SoulTaker The Ever Living

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    I don’t think seeing the future is the same thing as knowing the future. I can’t have a dogmatic adherence to my visions, that’s not the way I believe my quirk should be used. Still the futures I’ve seen make me uneasy, I feel as though the battle against evil will be won or lost depending on the heroes these young men and women become.

    February 21st 20xx

    Today was the day that all first years were to report back to Grand Heroics High. The second session began a few days earlier for the first years giving them a bit more free reign in terms of using the practice facilities or getting extra instruction. Being the very first day there was not any official classes in sessions. Teachers would have workshops that were voluntary for students to attend for today and tomorrow.

    The front gate to GHH remained closed even as students and those who came to see them off began to gather in mass around the courtyard in front of the gate. The gates had been set to open at 10 AM with each student reporting to the dorms, they now had the option to put in paperwork for their own rooms. The next two days would be about reacclimatizing to academic life.

    As this was their second semester there would not be anything quite as ostentatious as an opening ceremony and furthermore the
    headmistress of GHH, Gwendolyne Khristie aka the God’s Eye was going to be arriving late. All that was known by the staff was that she was away on business and was to only be contacted in case of emergency, the school’s head of security, Damian Bourne, having the means to contact her. This development would mean that the Pegasus Group’s representative, the Senior Vice-Principal, Richard Castillo, would be the head administrator until she came back.

    However this did not entirely sit right with God’s Eye for reasons that would not be appropriate to discuss right now… She need not use her quirk to always "see" the future as she was a woman who trusted her intuition, so she decided to install a “comfort” measure to put her mind at ease before she left. So as Richard stood in the Head Administrator's office looking out the window as people gathered at the gates, much to his chagrin he was not alone.

    “The little lambs… look at zeem. Les petits agneaux.” Mr.Morgan’s accent betrayed his origins before any vociferation in his native tongue could have. That’s not to say it was an especially strong accent, but rather the way it’s strong notes blended with the high pitch of his voice ended up giving him very unique and distinct vocal mannerisms when he spoke, but perhaps most importantly his words were clearly spoken. “I speend the weekend before this doing some reading on your Grey Wolves and I must say Monsieur Castillo, you certainly have your work cut out for you.”

    “I understand you are new to this so please do not mistake this for hostility,” Richard kept an even tone but his eyes were fixed sharply on the feline in a way that made it quite obvious he didn’t mean what he was saying. “My house is not your concern, merchant. I say this only to keep you in your place which is not only below me but in support of me.”

    “Yes sir and even after Mademoiselle Khristie returns I know that my place will still be working under you. This actually makes me think of a saying when I was a boy living in France , petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.” The feline did not elaborate, this an awkwardly tense silence as Richard was not going to humor him by asking what it meant. Still that told Remy something about Richard and that was all he wanted from any interaction with this man. “Little by little, the bird makes its nest.”

    “Oh are you a bird now?”

    “No Monsieur Castillo, I’ve never been known to fly but I know you have. You seem to be a patient and meticulous man, I’m sure it’ll be my pleasure to work under you.”

    “I generally like to exceed expectations so I would hope it proves to be a learning experience in addition to your pleasure.”

    “Ahhh Monsieur Castillo are you offering to give me some, as zey say, pointers? You hab been doing this longer and are so distinguished at such a young age.” Remy laid it on thick at this point but he was just getting ready to bring it home. “ Actually when I was going over ze freshman class I thought it odd none of zeem have much practice for Showcase Season. What if ve had a little.” He brought his fingers apart to accentuate the point of how “little” the request was, “Competition. You coach a team...how about a team of your Grey Wolves and zey go against a group of students I choose?”

    The proposition made Richard smirk, he was keenly aware of what the Junior Vice Principal was doing but nevertheless the thrill of proving oneself superior was one that Richard Castillo was an addict for.

    “How would this help you become a better educator?”

    “Vell for starters I intend to simply copy what you do." He said it with dry wit and painted on smirk, as it became evident that the Junior Vice Principal was also a bit of a thrill seeker. "And I’m sure you will tell me if I can improve." He followed up his salient point with another before putting a bow on the matter with a question, "So Monsieur Castillo what do you say? Shall we have a Practice Showcase?”

    Meanwhile whenever the students arrive to their rooms there will be a postcard waiting….

    Last semester was your first step into heroics. Now you must take the next step thereby proving you have what it takes to put one foot in front of the other. This is important as I don’t believe being a hero is just another job or a career to be good at. I don’t begrudge heroes who do as long as they’re saving people in trouble. I do believe that this a calling in the purest sense. I don’t believe one can simply just feel the like this is simply what they do, but rather that whatever their motivations are, they must feel as though saving people is what they must do.

    The freshman class is chock full of talent from top to bottom and you must all work hard if you wish to distinguish yourself within it. Do not sit on your hands get up and get out there, seize every day you have here on campus. Put your all into becoming a hero. I am watching all of you.

    Initiating OP Sequence
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  3. Wizzrobevox I'm About To Smash!!!

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    The Bonds Reborn: New Beginning Of Old Connections

    Defeat births helplessness.

    Helplessness births frustration.

    Frustration births resolve.


    The petite blonde called out to the youth as her pace quickened to reach him.

    "Sofia!" Victor replied casually as turned to face the short girl full, hands hidden within his pockets. Her feet barely had to slow their pace before she reached him, causing her to stumble. Her breath was light as she caught herself, narrowly avoiding smack straight into the young man. Breathing in quick, empty succession, eventually she regained enough stamina to form proper sentence.

    "I've... I've been looking all over for...for you!" She began to stand up properly, but a tad bit too soon, and her back remained hunched as she continued. "It's been so long since we last got to chat you know?" Her small frame finally straighten itself out as she stood up properly. With a called heartbeat, she looked over the boy. Suddenly, however, disbelieve covered her face. "Wait...have you gotten taller since last semester?!"

    "Did I?" Victor questioned as he looked himself over. "I don't feel any taller, maybe you just got shorter. You've been drinking your milk, right?" The small blonde wore a shocked expression at the remark.

    "H-hey, don't joke about that! I just haven't hit a growth spur is all!" She grumbled at him.

    "Jeez Sofia, I thought I've told you before, no running in the halls. It's against school regulation." A call yet stern voice called out approaching the two. The slightly taller sister to the worrying blonde appeared with a collected stride towards them.

    "Sis...!" Sofia said in the slightest tone of surprise as reached them. Turning towards the purple haired youth, it didn't take her long to join the conversation.

    "Glad to see again, Victor. You've been training well since we last met, I presume?"

    "Of course!" The teen stated confidently. "I've been training like crazy! I came up with plenty of new moves I'd like to try out as well, It's gonna be radical!"

    "It seems like your usual vim and vigor is as present as always. It's always nice to see that kind of enthusiasm." the girl smiled with a cross of her arms.

    "Oh, oh! Did you hear? There's a new vice principle at the school who looks like a cat! He must be suuuuper cute looking, Remmy!"

    "Seriously...?!" Victor emoted in pure surprise. "That's super cool! We have to check him out when get the chance! I wonder what kind he is, maybe Siamese...oh, or one of those alley cat!"

    "He's still an authority figure, you know..." Remmy shook her head at the over-eagerness surrounding her. "In any case, as heroes in training in our second semester, I can only assume our training will only get more intense from here on out."

    "Oh yeah...that's true." The blonde seemed to groan in pain as reality began to sink it. "Last year was intense as is, I don't even want to think how bad this year will be..."

    "I can't wait, personally. I really want to go all out!"

    "You seriously are hyped up, huh? Just where does all that come from, anyway?"

    "Of course, the most important part of being a hero is pressing forward in adversity, after all." Remmy arms crossed as she allowed her weight to slip to one side of her body, giving of an posture of authority. "And the best way to do that is to have people you can count on help you through it! That's what friends are for, after all." After seeing the excitement for from the two around her for the coming year, Sofia joyously pumped her hands together as she quickly caught on to what her sister was saying.

    "You guys are right! You can count on me to go Plus Ultra too!"

    "I can't wait to see what you two have in store. Your quirks is really amazing!" A smile to make the sun blush radiated from Victor face with a place of his hands on his hips. Sofia seemed to brighten up herself after hearing this, though, her case, it was mostly around the cheek area.

    "I...I won't let you down!" She tried to state, only to come off as a soft murmur.

    "Hm? You say something?" This question seemed to strike a nerve with Sofia, cause her to become frantic as he struggled to find the words to say.

    "In any case, we should get going." Remmy interrupted, saving her sister's life. "We have some dorm shopping to do. We'll see you later."

    "Bye bye, then!" And with a wave, the two girls left the scene, leaving Victor once more by himself.

    "Now then," He smiled his ever present smile as he place his hands on back of his, leg crossing over another. "Guess I'll see who I can run into. Can't wait to see what happens this time around!" He chuckled.​
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  4. Kenju I Run The Asylum

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    Judas Sings the Fall of the Twin Towers
    Ferocious Order

    w/ Jacob @Chronos

    Dimitri Alexandrof

    "Da, da~, my friend here can vouch for me. Can't you tell-

    Like an elevator coming down at full speed then stopping, the two twins confronting Dimitri slid down to their knees. He squinted his eyes at the obvious sign of a quirk. Something was keeping them in place from getting up from their knees. He peeked at their clothes and saw it wasn't being held down by any gravity control yet at the same time they didn't have the expressions of obedient servants that would come from brainwashing. On the contrary, their rigid expressions showed ones of rebellion and agitation.

    "A quirk that tackles on the subconscious eh? Bah, if one such as I had that quirk, I'd have the girl in a more precarious position. Ah?"

    A spoke with his common swift, sharp yet smooth Russian accent. Looking down curiously with an amused grin at the female twin, which was met with an even more harsher glare as she continued to struggle but fail to get to her feet.

    "I'd get to moving if I were you, we're making a scene,"

    The stranger that helped Dimitri, turned and began to walk away in a hurry. He was most likely expecting the boy to follow behind him, but the sound of metal scrapping and clanging said otherwise. When the interloper would turn around, he found several chunks of metal from the seats, stores and floors concentrating into one spot in front and above Dimitri. Most profusley however was the iron sand being sucked from the ground and into that concentrated spot. When all those materials met, they crafted themselves into the shaped of a large bird equal to the size of Dimitri.

    "Scrap Beast: Red Robin"

    Facing the unknown boy, Dimitri straightened his stance and folded his arms while behind the mechanical bird, which had it's sights looked onto his 'savior'.

    "Don't bullshit me, American. Your play is littered with holes. Trying to act all commendable and lion-hearted to a stranger? Yerunda! What are you after?"

    The manifestation of his quirk made its display before the platinum haired youth, gazing upon its grace, his sight focused on its foreign detail. Yet his mien expressed little, his words held strength like that of a ruler “Heroes tend to help the people who need it.”

    Dimitri’s eyes flickered for a mere moment then settled into a lax and unamused gaze. For a few seconds, only the sound of the mechanical birds wings flapping and the whispers of the nearby onlookers could be heard while the boy held a thoughtful look on his face. “It just happens I’m a hero myself. Which only gives me the reason to trust you less. Are you trying to help raise your status with little ventures like this? Da~, with all these people in the mall having their cellphones out is an excellent idea. But if you really used your little brain, you could have chosen to just let things escalate and then beat the shit out of me. Now that would give you a more heroic look, yes?”

    While listening to his own rambling, a cocky smirk seeped onto his cheek as he thought about his own wit. A noticeable dissonance could be felt between the two, but before they could continue on,

    “Well what a coincidence, that makes all four of us heroes. Doesn’t it sis?”

    Those words set off an alarm in Dimitri’s head, and when he turned around, he found the twins successfully standing on their own two feet.

    “Yeah, I just couldn’t stand listening to your bullshit and then next thing you know, I have enough strength to stand up. Is that how your quirk works, silver-head?,”

    “We’re all heroes here, but you two aren’t listed under this mall’s security division like we are, aren’t you? And you just used your quirk on an on-duty Hero. Which means~...”

    The sister cracked her knuckles, eyes-looked onto the green-haired boy that made such creepy comments earlier.

    “Which means that’s a criminal offense, and now we’re allowed to beat the shit out of you two,”

  5. SoulTaker The Ever Living

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    ♪♫♬Yea I'm afraid, like I'm scared as a dog, but I've got a new song, and I want ya'll to sing along

    Sing along

    Cause the whole, world, loves it when you don't get down
    (Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)

    And the whole, world, loves it when you make that sound
    (Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)

    And the whole, world, loves it when you're in the news
    (Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)
    And the whole, world, loves it when you sing the blues
    (Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)♪♫♬

    I'm going to break the fourth wheel here and congratulate all of you for getting to hear my lovely singing voice but this isn't a mixtape. I am going to spin it for you though. Let's start from the top, my name is Bitt Stiles and this ain't the story of how I become the #1 hero. Nah, that's another guy's story but we'll get to that. Still if you want to really understand his story you're going to have to understand my part in it.

    The Story of The Other Guy
    Chapter 1

    There is a special awkwardness to taking a long trip with family, a sort of mutual acceptance once you either run out of things to talk about or you just don't like talking in general. When it's the latter that kind of awkwardness is like wet clothes in cool weather, it's a coldness that sticks to you. Bittan Stiles was not alone in the town car that was driving through downtown San Diego en route to Grand Heroics High. Unlike his first semester he was being accompanied by his grandmother, Shige Nakamura, who could be described in a few words as a legendary hero from across the Pacific. Her steely mien was a holdover from the prime of her hero career, which took place 3 generations ago in the Silver Age.

    "You have a slightly different look about you today, I'm glad you decided to start wearing more presentable attire. You could say that you almost look like Nakamura." The sincerity of her words only served to add to their biting nature. Bitt mumbled incoherently under his breath provoking a stern look from his grandmother. It need not be repeated what he said as they both knew he said it as low as he did because it was no doubt disrespectful.


    She knocked him upside the head, hard, the implication of rudeness enough to provoke the physical response.

    "You're so sensitive, all I meant is that your eyes remind me a little of your grandfather. It's not something I had noticed from you before and it was nice until you ruined it with that mouth of yours."

    Shige's words stung similarly to her slap as the sentiment was comforting to Bittan albeit her delivery was very rough and tumble.He knew he shouldn't feel bad for assuming the worst of her words but nonetheless Bitt did. They continued on in silence for the next few minutes.

    "Your mother and father really wish they could be here. I really wish you had come downstairs when they were trying to see you off. I understand your feelings about that father of yours, but your mother is an active hero. You can not take goodbyes for granted when your loved one is a hero. It does not have to be a villain it can easily be an incident or natural disaster, anything can happen in that line of work."

    Her nagging tone had an accompaniment of worry, Shige, was worried for a lot of reasons, none of which she felt were appropriate discussion with her 16 year old grandson. That said she was not doing a good job of hiding that worry, for as cold as she could be she was still Bitt's grandmother, his "obubs", or rather oba-san and bubbeh put together. She was like a second mother to him and in fact she was like a second father as well.

    "Obubs...I get it but I really don't want to talk about this before I gotta go to school. I need to find my tranquilo. I'll call mom and dad, both, since they're never together, but I just think it's horse... stuff the way they act. I get that I've got some stuff to work on but this family man..." He really did not want to get into it, the area was starting to look familiar meaning it wouldn't take much longer for them to arrive.

    "You are actually right...for once." She had a wry smile as she tacked on the end. This was simply the nervous energy of an old woman making her act a little batty but Bitt being away at school gave her a bit of anxiety. He needed a firm hand to guide him.

    "Let's just coast. Take the area in, it's not like back home."

    "You're right this is not like Japan at all." She corrected him without actually doing it, it was truly a matriarchal ability.

    "I'm going to be fine Obaa-san. I didn't get into much trouble last semester. Hey you, mom, and dad said you were just happy I'm not a D-student, I'm a C minus kind of guy. Granny didn't raise no fool, i'm sure I can get to being a straight C this semester."

    "You certainly know how to set lofty goals for yourself grandson. But..." Bitt's small gesture wasn't lost on his grandmother yet, it actually a little heartwarming, and yet there was a grim look in her eye. "Did you just call me granny?"

    "Oh fuck."


    A few moments later...

    The driver stopped around the corner from the school at Bitt's behest.

    "Don't take this the wrong way but showing up with you would taint my swag. Can't have the ladies thinking I'm soft and hang out with you."

    "Yes, I agree I wouldn't want someone I know to see me with you looking all mangy. You're worried about your reputation when you need to invest in some quality time in a barber's chair so your hair can be a boy's length. Maybe then the 'ladies' would find you to be more masculine."

    Bitt and his grandmother shared a long laugh, it was going to be their last one for the time being so they made it count. They may have seemed to have a somewhat antagonistic relationship but there was a whole lot of love being exchanged in their teasing barbs. Bitt grabbed his suitcase and belonging from the car.

    "Call me this semester. I'm always here for you koji. Without you around to give me grief, things, well my days are certainly less eventful. Nothing too crazy like calling every day, just every now and again remember I'm somewhere not being annoyed by you."

    "You know if you're not careful I'm going to get the impression you don't mind having me around Obubs. Nah, don't worry I won't be a stranger. Anyway see ya when I..." Before he could finish the woman he called "Obubs" had wrapped her arms around him like a boa constrictor saying goodbye to a loved one.

    "I love you too. Come on now you gotta let go or else I'm going to say forget it to the whole school thing and live off mom and dad's money." They chucked together as she let go of Bitt and he walked down the street toward the gate of GHH.

    Relationship Course Gained

    Shige Nakamura
    The Queen
    Level 1:
    Bitt can call his grandmother for advice when the going gets tough. She is a wise woman who was a legendary hero in Japan during the silver age. Truly a veteran of the hero business her counsel is second to none as she has seen it all.
  6. Hollow 113 Exp.

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    Ready to Roll
    -2nd Semester-

    Mimosa Merryweather
    Portland, Maine - Merryweather's Residence // 10 Years Ago

    A five year old Mimi was sitting down on her bed, her eyes wide as she's doing her best to try to read an article about her dad. Mum was in the kitchen, humming as she took care of dinner. Petunia had brought the magazine from work and Mimi had been immediately delighted with the fact that it brought a picture of her dad inside. The girl had very few of those, most of them cut outs from a few articles his family had appeared in and only one actual photograph Petunia had taken of him a long time ago.

    The article was hard to understand with her limited vocabulary but she managed to at least read that the lady standing beside him in the photo was his wife and in her arms their newborn daughter. Before she could really understand why, she got up and dashed towards the kitchen to hug her mother while bawling her eyes out.

    -Present Day-

    Winter break seemed to be over in a flash. Freya had come over to spend Christmas and New Year's eve with Mimi and her mum and it was a blast to have a friend sleeping over like that. They had spent several nights awake just talking, playing video games and eating snacks and Mimi can't recall the last time she had so much fun during a school break.

    Still Petunia was reluctant to see the girls board the plane that would take them all the way across the country. She pulled both girls into a bear hug and cried. Hugging her mum back, Mimi smiled as she tried to ease Petunia's heartbreak. "Don't worry mum, we have Easter break soon and we can still call each other everyday."

    "But you're always busy!" Petunia cried. "If it's not school assignments it's part time work, if it's not that it's this! You never ever call and even when I call you it only lasts a minute before you need to go and do something else!"

    Not capable of holding it in, Mimi let out a bubble of laughter. "Don't laugh at your own mother!" Petunia admonished, releasing the girl from her monster grip to look her in the eye. "Look at you, you're getting prettier by the day...soon you'll even get a boyfriend like Freya and forget all about me!"

    "Oh mumma," Mimi laughed. "I don't have time for dating."

    "What?!" Petunia screeched, her voice drowning out the female attendant giving the last call for the next flight to San Diego. Alarmed, Mimosa released herself from her mother's grip and pulled Freya with her so they could start walking towards the deck. "What do you mean you don't have time for dating?! Freya! Is she lying?! Don't lie to me, young lady, there has got to be a boy that's caught your sight! And more than a few falling at your feet! You need to tell mum! This is the spring of your lifetime Mimi! THE SPRING!!!"

    "The plane is leaving mum, I'll call you later!" Mimi shouted over her shoulder as she ran.

    "You always say that but you never do!!! At least bring more of your friends over for tea sometime!" Petunia yelled after her.

    Turning around after handing her ticket to the flight attendant, Mimosa stared at her mother from afar with a look of disbelief on her face. "Mum, we live 3000 miles away from school!"

    "Excuses!!!! MIMI? MIMI GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE! Oh, Freya, you're always welcome dear! Don't be shy! Give me a call too sometimes! You can come over for Easter too! Please come over for Easter too!"

    "Sure Mrs. Merryweather! Thanks for having me over!" Freya shouted back before going in after Mimi.

    Ever the obedient child, Mimi would have done as she was told but, really, she had a plane to catch and she wasn't about to miss it and have to pay for a second ticket just because her mum wanted to give her another lecture on the spring of life. Laughing, the girls boarded the plane and Mimi turned off her phone before it blew up with text messages from her mother.

    "You know, I'm starting to suspect mum might be a little overprotective..."

    "Only a little?" The girls laughed even though they felt a little guilty for leaving Petunia behind like that. Still, if they had stayed to listen to everything the woman had to say they wouldn't have been able to get to school on time.

    A plane ride and a bus trip later, the girls were standing in front of the Golden Eagle's dormitory with giddy smiles. Patting her cheeks to get rid of it, Mimi opened the doors to the building so they could head up and put their things away. Only first years could be seen roaming around campus, as they were expected back in school a little earlier, and it felt oddly lonely.

    "I read on the school online forum we're getting a couple of new students," the blond commented as they went up the staircase.

    "Wonder if any of them will be joining GE..." Freya added.

    "Aah, but that aside," Mimi paused in front of the room's door to look at Freya and tease her a little. "Looking forward to seeing Roman? Hehe."

    Freya's cheeks lit up and her only answer was a nervous giggle as she opened the door and let them inside.

    Their things were all where they had left them but the room had obviously had some kind of cleaning maintenance done and the cupboard and mini fridge of their kitchenette had been stocked with some of supplies. Curiously, there was a postcard left on top of their table.

    Leaving her travel case by the bed, Mimi got herself a water bottle and sat down to check out the message. Freya left her own case by the door and got some of the snacks out onto the table as Mimi read the note out loud for them. Both of them were quiet for a second as the words sunk in but soon they were grinning at each other.

    "The Headmistress won't be able to receive us this semester but she took the time to leave us all a note," Mimi's heart melted with respect for the woman.

    "We won't let her down." The nodded together.
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  7. Chronos The Wild Card

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    Judas Sings the Fall of the Twin Towers
    Ferocious Order
    w/ Dimitri @Kenju
    The boy began to talk, his assumptions all the negative, Jacob began to sense a misunderstanding, his voice rose "No, you don’t--” but the boy before him continued. His words, audible thoughts trampling over Jacob’s. For a moment, he felt his concentration loosen and after the discussion seemed to have ended yet another voice eclipsed the two. From behind, the twins began to rise from their feet. Their will overpowered Jacobs even if momentarily. Their feet stood with their usual gait, their strength returned to them. Their willing to stay down towards what seemed to be a larger authority figure has vanished by them merely conquering their own doubts. In other words, they wanted to stand and so they did. Jacob could augment the density, but then if what they said was true then if wouldn’t be beneficial for either of them. Damn it… if only this boy would’ve listened earlier, they could’ve been long gone from this mishap…

    The green-haired renegade shrunk back at the thought of this potentially ruining his career. His scowl was mixed with frustration and fear. The sudden pressure caused him to lash out at the interloper. Chert! This is all your fault! You greedy and violent Americans are all the same!”

    “Be quiet! You’ll make it worse!” What to do…? What to do…?

    “We don’t have to do this… I’m a student of G.H.H. We’ll take any punishment you want, but inciting violence in this close space will just get innocent people hurt.” Jacob tried to reason with the twins, although he did not believe their statement that they’re heroes, impersonation is also a serious crime, but acting almighty in this situation wouldn’t benefit anybody. His internship with Nikolai could help, but that wouldn’t be fair either… He wouldn’t leave this boy to the devices of the law either. What to do? “You can contact the Principal, I’m sure we’re going to get our fair share of work from her and the law. If you need for me to come quietly, I will. Just don’t put any more strain on the bystanders.”

    “Tch” the sister, brash as she has been so far, clicks her tongue in annoyance. The clear fact she was dissatisfied made it obvious that she wanted a slightly different outcome. On the other hand, the brother displayed a warm smile at their lack of aggressiveness. “Glad that you’re so understanding, I’m positive there won’t be any strong penalties coming your way.”, after making his reassuring statement, the boy revealed two pairs of handcuffs from his back pouch.

    “Wait. Before that.” Jacob stare turns stern. “Although I am inclined to believe that I was on the wrong here, your actions didn’t show any form of heroism.” The intensity of his stare increased. Jacob needed some clarification first… “Hoisting this kid in the air, and merely just laughing at his shortcoming… Can I at least as why? I don’t I have to tell you, but impersonating a hero is a serious offense. You two are also out of costume. Meaning that your assertion was even less likely to be believable. As students of GHH we have some form of freedom when it come to using our quirks outside. And I know for a fact that as it seems, all requirement were meant for me to use my quirk… But if that isn’t the case, then I apologize. But I’ll need to see you Hero license, first. I think by standard practice, I should be allowed at least this much.”

    The boy in green gave Jacob a curious scrutiny. As did the twins over the young hero’s straightforward by-the-books remarks. “You’re an odd one that’s for sure. We have our licenses right here.” after he said that, the two, almost mirroring each other, removed and displayed their hero licenses from their back pockets. The boy’s read; ‘Jet Shin’. While the girl’s displayed; ‘Jen Shin’. “Our Hero names are Lapis & Lazuli,” after Jet finished, Jen stepped in, “and we’re not going to wear some lame costumes. Do we look like kids to you?”. She rudely jabbed. To which the brother gave an apologetic smile for her behavior.

    “Well, are you satisfied now?”

    “Why did your name have to be Jet…” Cruel reality seemed to have stepped in. Why the hell does he always had to have problems with the tall, dark-haired kids. All of which seemed to inherit the same name. What’s next, they also have True Conqueror in their display. “Yes, I’m sorry. I’ll come quietly.” His judgement got the better of him again, he turned to glare at the youth Dimitri. He was the reason all this commotion was happening, but… “I’m sorry to you too. But it seems we’re cornered. I hope whatever you did was worth it, friend.” A slight shrug and a defeated half-smile. “After you Jen and Jet.”
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    Tales from Grand Heroics High



    "So this is where I'm staying for the next few years, huh?"

    Rai Yagami set his suitcase down on the carpet with a dull thud, smirking as he took his first step into the Golden Eagles dormitory. It was large—larger than expected—with a lavish, albeit messy, common room not quite like the organised muteness he was used to in Japan. The couches had clearly been moved around and not put back where they originally belonged, and all around the room, Rai could make out small pieces of discarded trash littering the carpet. Were Americans really this careless?

    Still, it was a place fit for the Rising Sun of Japan. The Golden Eagles were the best, and Rai was also the best: it was practically a match made in Heaven.

    "Are you a new student?" someone asked, approaching him from behind.

    Rai turned around. The person who greeted him was a somewhat tall, sturdy-looking American boy, with strong features, and short blond hair. I'll call him... Ameri-kun, he thought to himself.

    "Rai Yagami, nice to meet you!" he replied energetically with lightly accented English, simultaneously shaking the American boy's hand. "How does it feel knowing that you've just had the honour of being the first student in the school to greet the man who's going to become the greatest hero in the world?"

    The American frowned, going along with the handshake but seemingly confused by his words. Perhaps he was too stupid to understand. It was very possible. After all, the average American student's grades were far inferior to that of the average Japanese student's—that was fact.

    Finally, and decidedly ignoring the last part of what he just said, the stupefied American responded. "I'm Brooklyn Alexander," he introduced himself. A pause followed. "Out of interest... Rai, how do you spell that name of yours?"

    So he was stupid. I wonder if he's aware that he has two first names, Rai wondered as he fished out his student card from his jacket pocket, showing it to Brooklyn. He would have spelled it out himself, but he didn't want to risk any chances of miscommunication. This Brooklyn Alexander was clearly on the slow side of things.

    Brooklyn's frown deepened. "Er, you know this spells 'ray', right? R, a, i?"

    Rai's smirk faded as he frowned back at the American. Does he not understand how phonetics work? It reads... And then it clicked. Ray. It was the perfect name for him to use in this new country. "My friend, I hate to be the one who tells you this, but..." He pat Brooklyn on the back, taking back his student card. "You're wrong. It's okay, though, because you just gave me a great idea."

    Before the American could speak another word, Rai promptly turned around, picked up his suitcase, and began to make his way towards his dorm room, his smirk returning. Rai Yagami was undoubtedly the superior name, but there was something about the name Ray Yagami that had a certain ring around it.

    I'm the king, 'round here
    So don't call me no good
    I'm the king, 'round here
    You don't know what you said
    I'm the king, 'round here
    So don't call me no good
    I'm the king, 'round here
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    Breaking Roman
    Roman, The Mad Clown: An Exclusive Club I

    Freya Johanson once asked him, "Why Cyrano? He's a comedian and all, but his story is tragic isn't it?"
    He then replied firmly before leaving the dark skinned beauty a gentle peck on the cheek, "It is because of his comedy that he is tragic. Cyrano is synonymous with the great clown Pagliacci"

    "And I'm fucking Pagliacci aren't I." The french youth said with stated affirmation rather than inquiry. His voice perfectly in tune with the English language, both pitch and tone mirroring that of a native. He spoke with a frailty that was masked by the robustness of his words.

    "Are you really now? Has your hormonal fueled conscious finally short circuited maggot or do you really think you are the tragic one here?" The youth was accompanied by a tall man with a frame easily misconstrued as slim, his face full of vitality bordering immortality, and possessed weary cold eyes that appeared timeless.

    Damian Bourne and Roman Durosier stood together outside the Grand Heroics High gates. Their matching suits suggested a unity and affection that did not exist. Their singular moment of peak embarrassment was accompanied by the fact that the two polar individuals found solidarity and unison in one anther's plight. As per the orders of High Queen & Ruler of All that is Lawful Lady Kito, the two were to appear together at GHH in order to commemorate Roman's first day of the new term. Her informal dictatorial moniker was one that was accurate, both men would rather confront absolute evil than defy Kito Bourne.

    "Did you have to park so damn close?" Roman spat bitterly.
    "Hold your tongue unless you wish to lose it. " Damian's threat was treated with the same credibility as a promise. "And did you have to wear the patching suit?"
    "You know I had no choice on the subject. I can't be at fault if your wife's a mon-" That moment Roman did hold his tongue and his insolence.

    The woman shifting out of the rear passenger seat silenced current and potential rebellion. Before her words could even be said, the quarreling men instinctively put an end to their bickering. Kito Bourne was regal even when she was not trying to be. She was graceful without movement and possessed a warmth that could be felt even when away from the soothing sensation of her touch. Kito Bourne was a princess in name and title, but to the those who caught a whiff of her presence she was excellence. She knew it too.

    "My two boys." She cried with a tenderness that masked a potential for great torment. Her attempt at a hug was answered immediately and the two men, "her boys" embraced her in a warm complete hug. Roman and Damian's matching suits and Kito's earnest happiness conveyed an image of a loving intimate family.

    This sense of kinship quickly registered in Roman's mind and the it's frightening implications nearly made him pale.

    Kito reacted with maternal quickness as he placed a gentle caress against the teenager's cheek. "Roman dear, you're burning up."

    "I told you to get some rest last night maggot, don't you see you're making her upset?" Damian's care for his wife disguised the concern he had for his pupil.

    "Oh hush you. Is it not you who is always keeping him up all night with your stories." She reproached her husband with a frighteningly accurate depiction of his mannerism. "Oh when I was your age I could kill three pen in a bar with a pencil." It's childish Damian, don't you think? Bragging to an impressionable youth about your so called glory days. You sound like an old man with an ineptitude that has made it that the only think he can get up is his beer. Hmph, bragging about your prime before you've even seen it yet. It's a bit sad isn't it, Damian-dear."

    Damian retreated instantly.

    Look at these two, Roman ruminated. They fight like some crazy dysfunctional family. Why did Damian invite me to spend the term break with him and Kito in New York. I would have been fine on the streets.

    His mind found itself once more grappling with the implications that the series of changes in his life held for him. Being with Freya, the presence of Damian and Kito who seemed to resonate with him in every way. He had found peace with them during the past months even though he did not want to. They made him happy and content but they also made him fearful. After all, in this story he was Pagliacci. The clown's good spirit is really just a front for depravity.

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    Daniel Riley
    The Return
    Daniel stepped off of the bus at the entrance to the school with a conflicted mix of feelings. He made no effort to alter them, he wasn't sure which was the 'right' way to push them anyway and these things were better worked out on their own.

    The break had been relaxing, and stressful. Seeing his parents had been a welcome familiarity and a foreign detachment. They had been polite, of course, it would have been bizarre if they hadn't. But at the same time he could tell they were more than concerned with him. Academically he had done well, of course, so he had ample stories to tell them of what he had learned and how he was doing. On the flip side the more practical matters, especially the extracurricular activities, well, generally they were not stories he could tell his parents.

    Oddly they didn't push, they stepped around the elephant in the room with the same awkward grace that he displayed. On more than one occasion he wondered just how much they knew about what happened, he'd have to remember to talk to his roommate and see if his parents were trying to get him to spy for them.

    Still, awkwardness aside, it was nice to have a break and to see his family again. California was nice but it wasn't the same as Nebraska. And when he wasn't avoiding drama he had to admit there were worse problems in the world than parents that were concerned for him.

    He looked up at the entrance as he carried his bags, this was the cause of the other set of mixed feelings. He couldn't deny the feeling that this place had become his home, of sorts. But at the same time it was the source of more pronounced failures than he had ever known. And while part of him was excited to be back, because he had grown and learned more in the first term than he could have imagined, he could feel the dread in the back of his mind.

    Not of injury, while he didn't exactly look forward to those he wasn't concerned with mortality. But the fact that he didn't seem to match up to any of the students physically was a very pronounced fear. He could ace as many written tests as he wanted to, but he knew that out in the real world that would matter for nothing if he didn't have the skills to back things up.

    Shaking his head he walked in to the school. That was not a thought that he had time for. His whole life he had been driven to move forward for success. His friends in soccer had first dubbed him 'Rush' based on how he aggressively charged forward for the ball, fighting for it the entire game. The truth was that was simply his nature, Rush forward, take control, and succeed. If life shifted directions, well, pick yourself back up and Rush again. Ultimately you can't succeed if you never try, and today was a new day.

    He picked things into a jog as he entered the school grounds. There were only so many minutes in the term, no sense in wasting the first ones.
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    Il Sans Espoir: Rappel de la valeur

    "Inutile, inutile, inutile..."

    These words, repeated in a hypnotic chat not unlike that of a forked-tongued prophet insighting fear into the gullible and weak of heart, filled the bubble that Depri found himself in, laid in the middle of the campus on some grass. His face rudely pressed up against the unsuspecting turf as he muttered the same phase over and over again to himself with unyielding tempo. From his perspective, the only reason he wasn't be sinking into the ground, weighed down by the forces of this world rejecting his very existence on this planet, trying to bury him underneath the soil and hide him from sight, was because the ground itself wanted nothing more to do with him than his pachydermic feet stomping around on it's innocence land. Perhaps, however, this was incorrect, and his mind had clouded itself in exaggeration of his in his self worth, or lack there of. Of course, this should have been obvious to him from the start. What grand force would bother with acknowledging his being? If anything, that's too much a compliment to his relevance in the grand scheme of things, who was his to presume that he could hold over such an important place in the mind of anyone, let alone some greater presence?

    And yet here he was, laying down not dissimilar to a corpse blown out into the ground due to a massive car wreck caused by the driver's own ineptitude at being able to apply their motor skills and as a result causing mass property damage, wasting police and emergency resources, ruining heavens above knows how many people's day, and generally being a waste of cells and DNA. Mumbling like a mad man on the brink as returning students and new ones alike took mind to actively avoid such a display of shame and miserable existence, he mind could only wonder at how much of miserable disgrace he was, and how much returning to his family for the break had reminded him of that.

    One might assume that being the offspring to not only a hugely established, rich, successful hero company responsible for the uprising for a fair share of Mighty Elites and out right excellent heroes, but also a family of famous, top ranking heroes, Deprimeun was someone who was accustomed to a certain echelon of living and pampering. Rich beyond necessity, born into successful without needing to make an effort in his own, getting whatever he wished simply because of his pedigree. Yes, one would be safe to assume that kind of life is the one Deprimeun had come from, but this reality is not reality.

    Prestige requires Worth
    requires Use
    requires Reliability

    The Lepires are a family who hold an especially high standard in the hero world for their accomplishments both as heroes as well as directors of heroes, responsible for some of the biggest names on the modern hero scene through careful training, precise selection, and endless grit. Ultra Plus is not motto, it is a life style, a pillar by which one must set their morals by, and must be instilled into everyone and anyone who wishes to associate with this family. Their beginnings as a small pilgrimage during the turbulent times when quirks were still being sorted, where hell awaited those with it in their home country, they saw their chance to make a name for themselves when a most novel idea came about; Real life superheroes. They clung on to this belief, scratching, biting, and climbing their way up the latter with every breath they took and then some to get to being the immovable titans they had become. This, however, was far from enough, for to simply stand at the top would discredit all their actions up til then, to chose to simply to rest on laurels was not an option to this family, they would rise to the top of the top, past the 'Oh-so-great' 7 Pillars, and they would stand at the top of the world as saviors, as beacons of hope to the rest of the country, nay, the rest of the world.

    This, is a few words, is why Deprimeun's worthlessness was simply unacceptable, and his family spared no expense at reminding him of this during the break, especially in comparison to his sister Nadine.
    "So in short, rising to the top of my class in the first semester wasn't a problem in the slightest in the end." Her confident smiled pressed against her hand as she held her face in it. Leg over the other hidden by the dinner table, she swung it carelessly as she continued to speak. "I was worried about the competition I would have there, there was no lack of talented students there, after all. In the end though, I managed to maintain my superiority."

    "That's good to hear, Nadine." A voice, loud, commanding and powerful in in this low and reassuring tone blew over the table, entering from the direction of sturdy looking man of pure white hair, built atop years of grit and strife, battle after battle, Herculean as an insult as father to this generation of the main family. "I had no doubt that you would be able to do so. Any less would be an embarrassment."

    "You've come very far, dear!" A womanly voice called out from a maiden fair enough to make Snow White green. "Your father and I can't wait to see what your capable off this term."

    "You might even be able to graduate early at this rate, yeah? Just like me, talk about high marks!" A tall, lanky looking young man called out from across the table.

    "It'll be, like, so good to have another pair of reliable hands on deck." A girl who's trendiness bordered on the edge between gaudy and beyond gorgeous mentioned as she twiddled away on her phone.

    "We should not get ahead of ourselves. She still has a way to go before graduation, let us not forget." A voice, warm yet straight, cut through setting its flag and establishing it's own working economy and education system. The voice’s owner was very much similar to who you would believe it to belong to. "Leticia, could you please put your phone away at the dinner table?" The girl looked up for only one second, a sharp look of distant crossing her face before doing as she was told.

    "Ugh. Whatever." Then, without missing a beat, the even tempered looking man turned his attention to the shaking ball in the corner of the table.

    "Deprimeun. How goes your school work?" He could almost feel the spoon he was picking up his food fall into his throat. Is in a state of absolute shock, he must have mutter something to the effect of questioning this, but it was far too gurgled to understand in most circumstances. “Is there a problem?” The man asked with curiosity. The eyes of the entire family were on him now, staring him down,analyzing him, awaiting a proper response. He had been in this situation enough time to be able to catch himself and enunciate properly, albeit quietly.

    I...I did will well for the first term. I didn’t top the grades charts or anything, but-

    Unacceptable.” The white man stated in a response and tone Deprimeun could only expect, yet not prepare for. Even as he trained himself he still winced in response at that stern comment

    ‘Doing well’ simply isn’t proper of our family name, Deprimeun. You understand that, right?” The mother voice, despite having less of an edge that his father’s, retained a similar tone perhaps more malicious. “To excel and become the very best at what we do, it’s not so much a tradition as it is a birthright. Generations before us climbed from the very bottom of the deepest pits to reach the heavens.Through endless blood, sweat and tears, through discrimination and complications, through all of that they reach the top. The top that mostly people can’t even imagine properly, the top were even those who give it everything they have don’t come up to snuff, the top where only the highest pedigree can hope to succeed. Don’t you plan reaching there by simply doing well?

    N-no...I mean..yes...I-

    A child who cannot achieve excellence is no child of this family.

    No room for slackers, dude.

    ...I understand.

    Do you?” Nadine questioned. “I don’t believe that’s entirely accurate.

    I’ll try harder this next term...

    Try harder?” Nadine almost laughed as her words grew more venomous with every syllable. “You think this is some participatory event? That giving it your all and trying your best means anything? Do you think you’ll get a nice wittle trophy for just showing up?” From mocking to agitated, her assault unopposed. “Words like that reveal your true nature you know, are you even taking any of this seriously?” Deprimeun could mumble out a single noise in response before she continued. “The only reason you think like that is because you have other people to depend on. You don't have to lift a single finger and you're provided with food, clothes, an income, a home, while the rest of us haven’t had no luxury to be hung up on such things. All of our families responsibilities will fall onto us and we have to be ready to do whatever it takes to not only uphold but surpass our own name.


    Isn't it about time you grew up and acknowledged our situation!?” She snapped. “Because right now, you’re useless to us. Absolutely useless. All you’re good for is leeching of everything this family has fought so hard to get.

    Silence of the dead.

    Scaaaaaaaaarrrryyyyyyy~” The lanky boy proclaimed almost laughing. “Sis sure gets her point across when she wants, eh?

    I’ll be finishing my meal in my room now, mother, father.

    You are dismissed.
    His first night back home was all the reminder he needed of his place in the world, and the all the time afterward was to drive it in deeper still. He hadn’t bother reading the leader the headmistress had sent out, no doubt full of colorful and imposing ways of reminding him what a meaningless pile of garbage he was and requesting at have some dignity this year and not completely embarrass himself.

    Considering he was still on the ground mutter to himself, that proposition was…

    "Inutile, inutile, inutile..."

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    Enter The Emerald Dragon Of Ares
    Honor Before Glory, Glory Before Failure

    The weight of one's life is lessened with the loss of honor. One cannot simply live without honor, and as I rested
    my head against the comfy furniture I thought about my own honor— unbreakable and firm. Yes, a man needs a creed, order must exist in order for there to be baransu—people need balance. I directed my view at the two Ares freshmen moving in and out of the room carrying still wrapped furniture.

    "Aye, Tora you meditating or something? Whenever you've finally unlocked the Avatar State and mastered the elements let me know so you can give us a hand. "The impertinent youth said, just another American barbarian. "That way you can help us lug the rest of this stuff, I wouldn't wanna kill your zen, so take all day."

    I fumbled out of my make shift bed with the grace of a monkey. "Whoops. Me forget about work, sorry Tristan-san."
    The tall oaf known as Tristan smirked, full of derision. The smug fool. "How can you call this work? We're practically slaves here."

    "It's just like Raymond to have us moving his stuff for him. That lazy fucke-" Tristan silenced his smaller and intellectually weaker companion, a neanderthal whose name has even lesser worth.

    "Are you fucking stupid man?! You know not to call him that, Jabberwockee isn't a chump, and you never know if he's listening." Tristan's gaze slid imperceptibly toward my direction and then darted back to the nameless fool. His gesture expressed secrecy. Watch your mouth, his buddy is with us, all this was conveyed with a simple gesture, one that was supposed to be hidden. Americans, as transparent as water.

    "Ah, baka. Tristan-san no worry, I won't tell Mr. Raymond." I said with false sincerity.

    "See, Tora's school. What did I tell you. Chinese chinks have this code, it's that bushido creed. They can't snitch because of honor and shit, else they got to cut their bellybutton. I read about it in a book man, shit is wild." I often find myself wondering why I allow these barbarians to speak so freely.

    The two immersed themselves in their laughter. Honor is everything and without it one loses their face. Honor necessitates that I cut these two down for their insolence and disrespect. I restrain myself before I can entertain the idea. No, that is what Toranaga would do, and you are not Toranaga—not to these sub-humans. I must exist as Tora to these barbarians. The act of speaking pidgen—fragmented English and an accent thick in tone, was a mere convenience. I often find that Americans are slaves to their predispositions. They allow their naturally flawed judgements to drive them. What these barbarians see is a small and stout tan skinned youth—green hair being the only glaring addition. They let their guard down and instantly see me as inferior, unable to see the disparity between tiers. Speaking pidgin reinforced that flawed view and provided a kind of self protection.

    "Where is Raymond-san?" I spoke sharply, cutting into their laughter. Their brutish laughter ceased and they looked at me with puzzlement and contempt. To them I was still Tora, the five-seven monkey, the Jap they mistook as Chinese(ignorance is appalling. in these Americans), but the reality that I was The Emerald Dragon did not change. They began to understand that difference clearly, the act of calling Jabberwockee Raymond was evident enough to emphasize that we existed in different worlds. Strength was law at The Ares School of Heroics and it's authority and prevalence meant that Tora-chan would always be above them.

    "He's chilling at the mall, probably checking out the Grand Heroics chicks." Tristan said.

    "Ooo, I hear it's their first day back too. Wanna go down and meet him up? The dudes in Chula Vista are always talking about them San Diego girls. There's this one Freshman with weird eyebrows, but her rack man —she's got huge t-"

    "Women no good for young hero." I interjected the nameless fool's hormonal rambling.

    We hauled the rest of the furniture forward, finishing the hard labor.

    "Come on Tora, don't be a pussy. You'll be missing out." Tristan paused and allowed himself to sink into rumination, yes barbarians can think. Surprise.

    "GHH kids are among the best in the nation. That use to be us back in the day before they came along. Don't ya wanna check out the competition? See what kind of threats there are to Ares?"
    I gave his words heavy consideration. I found my answer. While these buffoons sought the comfort of the false illusion of women, I would witness first hand the capabilities of Grand Heroics. Yes. I was not like these sub-humans. As shinobi I was duty bound to observe potential enemies to the realm.

    "Yes I go to mall and see kids of Grand Hero school. Bring meiyou to Ares School, I will."

    "Dope!" The two cried. We sat our backs down after the hard labor, thinking of the day that awaited us.

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    Michael Young
    Back to School


    As he stepped off of the bus from the airport and struggled slightly to drag his bags through the bus door, Michael took a deep breath as he made his way to the entrance to the high school. While part of him was glad to actually be back at working towards his Hero career, he still wished that the break between semesters was longer than the paltry week he had.

    Spending time with his family was just what he needed to help deal with all the crazy events the semester before. While his parents were mostly concerned about his grades and the friends he may have made, his cousins tended to ask more personal questions. Sun in particular tried to grill him to see if he found a girlfriend during his time there, to which Michael immediately denied. Of course, such denial ringed hollow considering the vast majority of contacts he had built over his first semester were girls his age. Sun, in his infinite mercy, decided to proclaim Michael's supposed "conquests" to all in the house, calling him a 바람둥이 (player). Such an incident prompted a half hour discussion with his parents and aunt Bora to explain everything.

    After that outburst was finished, of course, someone else demanded his attention; this time, it was his grandfather Gun, wanting to know just how his grandson's training was doing. After describing the details of his missions, Gun scoffed and said that he needed to take his training more seriously. To this point, he took Michael under his wing; for the next three days, Michael would have to contend with the absurd challenges grandpa Gun had left for him. First it was walk across this river by using several submerged bamboo shoots as stepping stones. The catch was that he was able to use his Quirk, but had to cross without getting wet. Then it was time for him to sit on the floor of a pool and attempt to leave the pool while dry with his Quirk.

    The hardest task he had been faced with was when he had keep himself warm while sitting on top of an ice cube in the middle of a large freezer room. The catch was that he could not melt the ice cube at all, nor could he heat the room by a single degree. Michael had to deal with these arduous tasks on top of his grandfather's classic "sparring" (if one considers getting beaten like an empty drum sparring).

    Michael grimaced. Days later, and his body was still feeling the effects of his training efforts. As he reached the front of the school, he pushed the soreness of his body from his mind as he began to run towards the front door. As he ran over, he caught glimpse of a few of his friends, as well as some faces he did not recognize. Amongst the group, there was one specific person he ending up bumping into.

    That one person was Bittan Stiles. "Oof! Sorry there - " Michael immediately stopped as he recognized the person he knocked into.
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    Stained Hands- New Dawn

    His fingers were claws, wrapped around the throat of a helpless child. His breath was hot, wet, predatory, his knee planted over his victim's chest. Blood, warm and sticky, he could taste it, feel it. Was it his own, or that of his prey? Either way, it nourished him, kept him strong.

    The knife. Not one he grasped in his hand, but one that grew from his arm, as though an embodiment of his hatred. He tasted blood as his jaws met into a grin. He clenched his teeth of twisted steel in anticipation, and his arm plunged down into his victim's-

    Donovan Wong awoke. He registered the sweat across his form. The 15 year old Golden Eagle couldn't quite remember what had shook him to wakefulness. At the same time, he had experienced this phenomenom often enough to figure it out easily enough. That incident, his first step into the world of heroes. For a few weeks after that, he'd thought that he'd consider backing out, stepping away from this nightmare, the world that had only brought him anger and despair. But he'd never truly believed he would have truly backed off.

    Part of it was his mother, of course. She'd insisted he'd leave the Grand Heroics High after their massive screw-up. She was partly right of course- even if they weren't directly involved in the affair they were responsible for...well, massive irresponsibility in letting a bunch of kids go around fighting an elite criminal ring. 'Course, the main reason was 'for his safety'. He had emerged from that conflict rather fucked up, looking like he'd gone 10 rounds with Godzilla. Of course, Donovan would hear nothing of that crap- the more that naggy bitch went on, the more he sought to prove that was a mere pebble in the road.

    But moreso, he felt like turning back would be sweeping this under the carpet- he had to move forward, tackle this head on. If he gave up on becoming a Hero, that'd br as good as admitting to the depths of what he'd done to the life of a boy his own age, that he had murdered-

    He gripped his fist together to break from this...guilt trance, if it could be called that. It was then he registered that he had already changed out into his sports gear and was chewing on some oatmeal in the Golden Eagles mess. He was one of only 3 people in the mess, and the sky was still a deep blue. He'd risen earlier today for good reason. Today was a big day- not the big day, but still.

    And sure enough, the captain burst into the mess. He wasn't really late, Mikey was just an overenthusiastic fellow. In this instance he was slightly justified- he desperately wanted the cup for the Golden Eagles.

    "Oi, Don, get your ass to the grounds! We can't start without ya!"

    "Yeah, be right on it."

    Rolling his eyes slightly, Donovan downed the rest of his oatmeal and got to his feet. Entering the Grand Heroics high, the last thing he wpuld have expected would be to end up in Golden Eagles Rugby Team. He had something rather more...intellectual in mind, something he could truly be passionate about. The greater part of Donovan's life could be defined by quirk training...and studying. Most studying, really. Both academically and for personal interest. High school, he believed, would have represented a furthering of such passions. This was not to say he disliked the Rugby Club- on the contrary, he quite enjoyed the sport and the company there- but he could not help but feel he had signed on out of desperation, hoping to competitve and physical activity would drive the guilt from his mind.

    He was in the field now. The air was almost virulently cold, made moreso by that he had taken the form of concrete- Donovan's quirk he referred to as Adaptive Empathy, which enabled him to take the material of anything- well, most things he touched for upwards of 10 minutes. He could take the properties of 2 if he had been so inclined- but ever since his first mission, he had been unable to do so.

    Donovan's skin was now a dull, rough grayn and he might have been an odd sight had the other members of his team not been 'suiting up'. Dredger was taking the form of some prehistoric theropod- an Abelisaurid of some kind, likely a Majungasaurus. Donovan never had a anything more than a fleeting interest in prehistory but during that period he consumed its knowledge voraciously, as he always did.

    "Oi, if you guys aren't finished dawdling 'round there, we gotta make sure we are all on the same page as to how we are gonna maul the Red Lions, yeah? Get over!" Mikey called to them on his thick, if undefined accent from across the field. The 3rd year upperclassman and captain of the Eagles' Rugby team had been itching to have a go at the Lions for a while now, who had crushed them for several years, all 3 of which he had been privy to. This time, they met in the semis as waa fairly apparent- even if the Support and General departments had been stepping up their game lately, this championship was always going to be between the 3 main Hero houses- the Eagles, Lions and Wolves.

    "Alright, first off, Dredger, no biting. We all know how that nearly ended up the last match. Your main job is to run interference, cockblock those ruddy bastards with your size, tank any sneaky shit they have in mind. You go all Jurassic Park on them again and it could be game over right there for all of us."

    He turned back to the rest of the team. "'Kay, I expect you lot to know this already, God help us if any of you don't, but let's go over- Jim, Oliver and myself will be taking the frontal offense. No doubt they'll have planned for that, so Big Jack will take charge behind with his boys for the counterattack. Rest of you will need to be flexible- defense and offense- focusing heavily on defense has never worked with the Lions' quirk strategies so we need to press hard on them. Dredger should take care of most of the defendin'. We all in on that?"

    The team asserted their agreement in unison. Smiling slightly, Mikey continued.

    "All the Lions are tough little buggers, but the few we have to focus on- Lex. Shithead's been a rosy little thorn in everyone's sides for years, because apparently that kind of crap falls under fair play. Dredger, the Jacks and I can keep him at bay. Calthus brothers-keep them apart, or things might get messy. Rest is a matter of your strengths and weaknesses, you should know by now how to cover each other, yeah?"

    Donovan scratched his chin- he had left it slightly unshaven lately out of uncharacteristic irresponsibility. "I got a bad feeling about Collins, Mike. Dude's been more front and centre lately amongst the Lions, think we should give him more notice?"

    "Ah, that snotty brat with the sonic blasts. Those things...dodge them, tank 'em...shouldn't be a damn problem if you aren't a wuss." Donovan laughed with the rest of the team. "A'ight, enough boring chatter....teams of 6, you know the drill."

    Donovan smirked as he stepped into the field. Today, he'd shut that crap from his mind, rip the Lions several new ones, and do the Eagles proud. And hopefully, that would end the darkness that had marked this winter.
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    Il Sans Espoir: D'une Manière Ou D'une Autre Toujours De La Manière D'autrui

    "Hey, hey, HEY!" A powerful voice, armed in authority, bellowed out from a yet unknown source onto the field. Booming with the concussive force almost mimicing a cannon firing during a seafaring excursion met with adversity. Brown, leather clad boots guilded in golden buttoning and laces marked their presence in the earth as they stomped forward, scuffing the all too present scratch marks already on them. The marched forward, carrying an authoritarian with light brown hair, matching brown vest and trousers, and in hand totting a black riding crop in and with a clear disposition to use. Reaching the area that the white hair child lay he wasted no time in getting his attention, cracking his crop violently as he spoke. "Hey, hey! What's the big idea here, kid? What's going on!?"

    Deprimeun, at first unaware of who exactly he was referring to, moved his eyes to stare at the young man. Upon further observation, he was more than likely a second year students, the air that surrounded him brimming with experience and maturity. His brows were fairly thick and furred down with a scowl to stare down back at him, though it wasn't nothing compared to looks people normally give him, it was still of note. His chest was as broad as a puff adder staring down a massive beast, his size most definitely betraying his height. It seemed as though there was some kind of threat in the immediately area, causing him to bring forty his most intimidating stance, though what this devilishly threat could be he had not the slightly of a clue. Whatever it was, though, Deprimeun hoped it would go solve with as little conflict as possible. He had been laying down mumbling for a while and hadn't heard any sort of commotion go on, even with the sounds of his own self deprecation, he more than likely could have heard some kind of unusual event to spur on such a response.

    "Hey, hey, HEY! Who exactly are you anyway!? You're making a scene, already! Chanting your weird satanic mumbo jumbo on the ground, don't obstruct the mood going on here!" The young man asserted, snapping his riding crop to the side to punctuate his points.

    In a moment, Deprimeun worthless, dope-like mind managed to completely ascertain the situation that was going on, and with it, felt an oncoming wave of shame and self loathing at his current behavior. How could be so selfish? So dense? So immeasurably immature? He had done nothing less that strain the feelings of the people around him with his display of shameless self importance, acting out in public his own miniscule problems when the new semester had just begun. When hopes and dreams where at their highest, friends meeting together once more, rivals once more pushing each other to their limits of capabilities, a fresh, new start to move forward in life and let go of the pains of yesterday. His excistance here served as a blockage to that, no, rather, a plague upon it, reaching deep into their bodies and slowly killing that enthusiasm, decaying and draining it like dried fruit in the desert morning.

    "Hey...ain't that the kid that's been acting like a weirdo since the front gate?"

    "You mean the one who can't keep from shaking in his boots?"

    "I think I remember him from last semester too..."

    "Wasn't he always like that, or am I thinking of someone else?"

    "Wonder what his deal is..."

    "Who cares, just avoid him, alright?"

    "I guess."

    "Yeah, he just seems like bad news looking at 'em."

    Of course, how could he had forgotten? His foolishness really knew no boundaries, how could he had forgotten so easily? Caution, he had completely forgotten about caution. Regardless of intent, when people see someone like him, someone so wrapped up in his own weakness and worthless state of being, they clearly want to avoid being involved in such a situation, it was simply human nature. Being around someone like that, a constant annihilator of moods, totting doom on shoulder and gloom on the other, is like forcing one's self to agree to allow bugs to crawl all over them. An unpleasant experience with no benefit, no point, only discomfort and awkwardness. This was all magnefied by the face they were all suppose to be heroes. Heroes! Beacons of light and hope to inspire others and bring heart to those heartless. How would one expect to become one with such a demeanor? There is no place for someone like that.

    Rising to his feet, somewhat dazed due to being in a trance for so long, he turned to bow to his senior. "I apologize for my behavior." In response, the stern looking man clicked his tongue as he crossed his arms in a dissatisfied manner.

    "If that's the case, then it won't be happening again, yeah?" He seemed to ask rhetorically. Even so, Deprimeun replied with a curt "Yes." In response. The situation, for the most part, had seemed to blow over, and with the main trouble removed, the young man then turned to the crowd forming around them. "Hey, hey, HEY! What's the big idea!? He's already up! Get on with your days already! You don't have long before classes start! Get a move on!" He reprimanded scornfully, and with that the students began to scramble in various direction, mumbling something about the militant of a student and his viciously authority with only being a second year.

    Deprimeun began to shuffle away meekly as the crowd moved and dispersed. He really had no idea of what to do until classes started, not like there was much he could do. Without anything close to friend here, and his stuff moved into his room, he had no direction. No purpose. He moved without reason, and he continued to walk, to where he didn't not know, his shoulders and head were too slumped towards the ground to see anything besides it, he just hoped he didn't bump into anybody.
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    William Westley

    Westley removed the pan from the oven and placed it on the countertop. "Bake the sponge cake for twenty to twenty-five minutes," he read aloud from a page displayed on his smartglasses. "Okay, that's done. Now what...?"

    He stared down at the sheet pan and the sponge cake that just finished baking. "Let the cake cool down. If you wish, trim the crust," he continued reading.

    "Of course I'll trim the crust," he announced, placing his hands on his hips and puffing out his chest. "I'm the best, so anything I make should also be the best!"

    Even Westley doubted this, however.

    He considered himself to be a man of many skills, but at the same time, he recognized that there were some – few and far between but nonetheless some – skills that he did not possess. Among those, there was one that he would never be able to master, no matter how many online tutorials he watched.


    He didn't think that he could create a culinary masterpiece the same way that everything else he produced (or purchased) was one.

    Maybe he shouldn't have kicked out the Grand Heroics Cooking Club. He had waltzed into the clubroom and told its occupants that he buried a briefcase with a hundred thousand dollars somewhere on campus.

    "If you can find it, then it's yours for the taking, but you better watch out, somebody else might get there first!" Westley explained as the club members rushed out the door, practically tripping over one another.

    "Heh," the young man laughed as he locked the door behind him, at that point having the clubroom and all its resources to himself.

    In retrospect, maybe one of the club members could have been useful. He could have had him or her show him how to bake this cake. He didn't want him or her do to it for him, of course, because otherwise, he might as well have just hired a professional.

    Even eliciting outside help felt wrong, however. "This is something I have to do alone," the young man decided. "It has to be me who bakes this cake."

    He sighed deeply to himself before returning his gaze to the sponge cake.

    He reached for a knife that he set aside prior to starting and ran the knife across the perimeter of the cake, culling the edges. Then, he brushed it along the top, removing any crustiness from an otherwise perfect specimen.

    Next, Westley flipped the sponge cake onto a metal tray. He brushed his knife against the once-bottom, now-top of the cake, again removing any imperfections.

    Finally, the young man reached for a round cookie cutter. Once firmly in his grasp, he began pressing it against his sheet of sponge cake.

    "Perfect~!" he exclaimed, holding up the circular piece of sponge cake, destined to become one of two layers per mini-cake.

    "Prepare the diplomat cream and set aside," he read aloud, setting his knife down. "Okay, that part is already done because, you see, somebody of my pedigree has the foresight to do these things in advance. It's called multitasking and is the reason why people like me are successful."

    He pressed his finger against the device, scrolling down. "Brush the first cake layer with delicious homemade raspberry jam. Then add bananas, chocolate, and the diplomat cream," he continued. "I don't have homemade raspberry jam, but I'm sure one of these plebeians has some store-bought stuff around here somewhere."

    Westley hated store-bought food with a passion. If somebody didn't get his or her food from the source, then what was the point? That person might as well go outside and eat a handful of dirt with a side of tree leaves.

    Still, desperate times called for desperate measures. If he was fortunate, then she wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Though, if she couldn't, then what did that say about her and her pedigree? Did he really want somebody would couldn't tell the difference between artisan raspberries and store-bought ones?

    "The heart wants what the heart wants." The young man resigned himself to his fate, heading over to the refrigerator in search for some raspberries.

    "Though," he thought aloud, grabbing a jar of crushed raspberries and various other refrigerated ingredients that he would need. "According to this other article, princess cake is made of alternating layers of sponge cake, pastry cream, and a thick-domed layer of whipped cream. You're not supposed to have fruit or chocolate. I have no idea why this novice has me putting raspberries on mine."

    "I have the mind to write them a stern letter. Maybe I'll even threaten to foreclose on them and whatever squalor they call a home,"
    he grumbled. "That'll show 'em."

    As Westley approached the counter, placing the raspberries down, an idea came to him.
    "Aha! That's it! I'll put raspberries on the princess cake! If she tells me that they don't belong, then she's certainly the one for me! She gets bonus points if she identifies that these are store-bought raspberries and not artisanal ones! You sir, William Westley, are brilliant!"

    Westley then grabbed a butter knife and used it to slasher the raspberry jam on the first of many mini-cakes. Once the jam was equally distributed across the sponge cake, he laid down several strawberries, then some banana slices, and then some chocolate chips. Finally, he wiped the butter knife, dipped it into a jar of diplomat cream, and spread it across the amalgamation of chocolate and various fruit.

    As he did this, he read, "Place the second layer on top, pressing down slightly. Then, with the diplomat cream, make a dome on top about one to two inches high."

    "Alright, time for the second layer. You're on a roll here, Westley,"
    he nodded with approval, carefully placing a second layer of sponge cake on top of the diplomat cream.

    He spent the next couple minutes molding a dome of diplomat cream on top of the second layer, starting with a two-inch tall dome and then using an offset spatula to smooth cream along the sides.

    Then, as per the instructions, he coated the cake with powdered sugar.

    "Place the cake in the refrigerator as you prepare the marzipan," he read from his smartglasses. "Hah, little does this plebeian know that I've already prepared the marzipan. I'm the best, after all, and the best doesn't wait until the last-minute to do things."

    He continued onto the next step. "Roll the marzipan out very thinly. Then, cut out rounds that are large enough to cover the entire cake. Finally, drape the marzipan over the cake and smooth out any wrinkles with your beautiful hands."

    Westley blinked, staring down at his hands.

    "Why, yes, my hands are beautiful. Thank you for that, random blogger."
    He smirked, quietly deciding that maybe he wouldn't foreclose on whomever wrote this tutorial.

    The young man got back to work, following the instructions to the letter. First, he laid out the marzipan. Next, he cut them into rounds. Then, he draped the rounds over the cake. Finally, he moved onto refining his work: smoothing out the wrinkles, trimming the edges, and adding a rose-shaped candy on the top.

    "Excellent," Westley leaned in, admiring his now-finished baked good. "One down. Only five more to go. This went... better than I thought."

    Westley found himself surprised by how well this went. The last time he tried to cook something, he ended up burning down his kitchen, and yet, not was the kitchen still standing, but he had created something that looked halfway decent.

    "I'm the best~!" Once more Westley placed his hands on his hips and puffed out his chest. "This is the best Swedish princess cake ever."

    Westley's smile grew even wider. "She's gonna be enamored by my superior cooking ability, or as the unwashed masses like to say: bitches love cake~!"
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    Stepping Stones

    -A Visit to the Nurse's Office-

    Mimosa Merryweather
    Nurse's Office - GHH

    Midst snacks and laughter, Freya and Mimi finished putting away their things and were free to do whatever they wanted. Having a few places she wanted to visit, Mimi left the room first and headed downstairs to leave the dormitory. Already, there was some sort of commotion going on in the common room but the girl chose to flash through it without giving it much attention. The freshmen got the campus to themselves for a couple of days, she was going to use and abuse the opportunity to visit all the places that would, otherwise, be quite bothersome to visit.

    Midsummer Night's Dream was most definitely not one of those places. However, it was on the way and Mimi couldn't help visit the place she worked at as a part time waitress. The building was closed at the moment and all the girls had given their keys to Mrs. Vince before they left for Winter break. Suzy and Caroline are second years and Yuuko's a third so neither of them would be back yet, Mrs. Vince herself was away in Paris.

    Christmas is a time of the year you should absolutely spend, at least once in your lives, underneath the Eiffel Tower's lights with a lover in your arm, she had said.

    Laughing to herself, Mimi took her phone out and snapped a quick picture of herself with the café's logo in the background to post on twitter.

    There wasn't much of a reason to stick around so Mimi resumed her walk around the campus. There were lots of places to go but one in specific she had to prioritize.

    It was an idea that came to Mimi during the break. She'd already participated in a class that taught her the very basics of first aid geared at survival, however it wasn't enough to satisfy her. No matter what kind of hero the girl became, she never wanted to feel unable to help someone due to lack of knowledge. Each and every little thing this school could teach her, she would learn.

    For that reason, the girl had written a letter to the school's famous trio of nurses requesting an appointment to ask some questions during the first day of school. Mrs. Beckett, the purest soul Mimi had ever had contact with, had immediately replied her doors would be open.

    And damn if Mimi's heart didn't melt when she got close enough that she could see the doors really were left open.

    With a big smile, the girl knocked on the door as she peeked inside. Mrs. Beckett's office was light and warm, clean but without the sometimes overwhelming scent of antiseptics that seems to follow doctors around. A place where students can relax and feel safe.

    "Good afternoon!" She greeted, letting herself inside. "Mrs. Beckett? My name is Mimosa Merryweather, I wrote to you a week ago. There's something I'd like to request..."
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    Nursing Trio
    - Sense of Duty -

    Her hands flowed like gentle rock of the ocean's wave in a day before storms, though her mind knew what she should do her body failed to respond cohesively and more so rapidly than before. Yet the most defining quality was etched on that gesture which gave her a gleam so similar to the morning sunrise. A soft smile, default to her demeanor towards every day. Adjusting her glasses that steadied at the bridge of the nose, hands cradling the ear of the cup which produced the steam of the morning tea. On the other a piece of paper. "Good morning!" the voice of a young girl reached her ears, Ogre was laying. Though he did not stand from the comfort of his nap, his eyes opened and his tail wagged with subtlety and calm. Banging softly on the wooden surface of the bed. A youth of blonde and luminescent iris on the eyes. Drawn immediately towards them, the elderly nurse brought out a big smile of content.

    "Welcome, welcome! Ms. Merrywather, I've been so excited to meet you in person. You can call me Priscilla or Lala if you like! Please, please come in! Don't mind gandpa, over there. He's just a bit tired at the moment and can't help but lay down. Come, take a seat."

    Bengie who was carried some heavy boxes came in later. His steps heavy, his stature as tall as tall can be. His mask hid any defining features, his eyes however peered their gentle scheme across their office. Soon their natural presence beget the peaceful atmosphere. As the young girl, Mimosa made her way into the room. Bengie, with large hands and gentle sway made a cup of tea, and handed it over to the youth. Patting her head before standing next to Priscilla, she tapped his arm in forms of thanks which he did not seemed to pay much attention to, but appreciated anyway.

    "I was reading the card again, you see. You have really pretty hand writing. I'm sorry that you had to arrive when Bengie was reorganizing some things, so there's a bit of a mess."

    The giant stood deadpan, his silence however soothing like a giant tree in the center of a lonely hill. "I don't get too many cards from students, you see. So seeing a cutie like you pop-in along with this card made me very happy. So, honey, what is it this nurse can do to help you?"
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    Stranger Things Epilogue:

    "We have only one story. All novels, all poetry, are built on the never-ending contest in ourselves of good and evil. And it occurs to me that evil must constantly respawn, while good, while virtue, is immortal"- East of Eden

    Heroes find solidarity in one indisputable truth, chaos is prevalent and ultimately it is in our nature to disrupt. This in turn necessitates a hero's purpose. Those who police justice and stand on the side of order are burdened with the task of overcoming chaos. The golden eggs of Grand Heroics High in their first term, came to a realization that all golden eggs face at some point; sometimes the bad guys get away.

    GHH Freshmen, Roman Durosier and Victor Von Rikter were assigned their first investigation as part of their school's internship program. Unexpectedly, they found themselves drawn into revenge fueled crusade and a town's secrets that endured for generations. A faceless man known as The Ringmaster kidnapped several children from the town, and although his efforts were thwarted by the combined endeavors of professional hero Katrina Henderson, and the two eager freshmen, The Ringmaster had already murdered several of the town's elderly, forcing them to enact in his sadistic game of survival. Shortly after Katrina overcame The Ringmaster's powerful quirk, the mystery man escaped to the shadows, taking the town mayor's children with him, in one final act of revenge.

    "We failed." Victor stated bluntly, his face did not match the gravity of his words, and was seemingly unperturbed in light of the mission's failure.

    Katrina sniffed out the boy's disappointment and was aware of it even if he had not been. "That is true yet also false. The children are rescued, and all with the exception of two are accounted for. Five of the oldest citizens in this town have been murdered. Two realities, two different outcomes. One is success, the other failure."

    Roman, tense and hardened by not only the mission's failure but his own. His face darkened as he recounted his dismissal by Katrina's hands. He disobeyed a direct order in order to satisfy a feeling he could not understand.

    Katrina turned to Roman, who was standing behind her, almost sensing the inner turmoil. In her profession as a psychologist angst had a distinct odor, it was as distinguishable as the smell of sweaty gym socks. He reeks of it, she thought.

    "That man, The Ringmaster. Would you label him as evil?"
    She asked her students, her speech seeming to threaten ready made binaries of good and evil.

    "Yeah. He did bad things and hurt innocent people, because of that he is a criminal." Victor answered.

    Roman said nothing but his nod showed approval of Victor's words.

    "It's easy when you put in those terms isn't it? The Ringmaster hurt innocent people, that is a fact. However, in the past was he not also hurt? He was innocent once wasn't he? Listen well you golden eggs. Good and evil, you'll find a simple definition of the two classification in any textbook on heroics. But good and evil is not black and white. Everyone, even the greatest of heroes has the capacity for greatness and chaos. What makes a person great, what defines a hero is how they can reconcile the two."

    The weight of Katrina's words overshadowed the raging sound of police sirens and the thundering siren of first responders approaching the scene. Both boys were once again thrust into an impossible situation, one that was outside the scope of either of their capabilities, and once again they wondered what it means to be a hero.

    Roman's uneasy pacing was the only sound in the empty hallway. Grand Heroics High took pride in it's ability to breed excellent heroes, the finest breed. These golden pupils however, were still children, whose minds were still developing. The Student Counseling and Psychological Services was an unlimited resource to the student population, one rarely sough out.

    Roman gathered his breath as he attempted to ease himself. His anxiety alleviated, he allowed himself a final exhale before going about hit business.

    You're angry. I understand that. You feel entitled to your anger, to some degree you believe it makes you stronger, tougher. I won't presume to know about your problems, I won't be so bold as to declare that I can fix whatever torments your heart, but I do know this. Use anger as a weapon, and you will sooner find yourself defeated before you can direct it at anyone.

    Katrina's words were met with scorn initially. She had just benched Roman, and the bitter youth had decided that he wanted nothing to do with the pro hero. Now he found himself wondering if she was right. Would he self-destruct before ever amounting to anything, before putting his parents' killer to justice? Or to the grave, he thought,

    Wielding great courage he gave the door a brief knock before letting himself in.
    "Ms. Henderson. I need your help."

    @Wizzrobevox @Hero
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    Stepping Stones

    -A Visit to the Nurse's Office-

    Mimosa Merryweather
    Nurse's Office - GHH

    "Then please call me Mimi as well," the girl was quick to request once she had sat down with the teacup in her hands. The classic chamomile was a delight to her senses and she found herself thanking Bengie for the cup a second time.

    "And thank you for having me. I'm glad you liked my note," she added before pausing for a second to gather her thoughts.

    "Being a student in Grand Heroics High, I feel my horizons are broadened every day by all that I experience here," Mimi explained, looking at her cup with a smile before meeting Lala's eyes again, yet this time with a serious expression. "You know it better than anyone out there how dangerous the life of a hero is, how quickly the tables can change and have us go from winning to losing and, ultimately, getting wounded and possibly killed."

    The small tremor in her hands when she said that swayed the cup a little before Mimi picked it back up to take another sip. Even with the darker evil kept at bay by the existence of the Pillars, the mortality rate of heroes is still pretty high...an issue everyone considers and finds a way to deal with on their own. This merely being Mimi's method. "I never want to see the day where I or a colleague of mine dies because I don't know how to properly keep them from bleeding out or don't know how to correctly perform CPR."

    "We've had classes before and I'm sure we'll have more," the girl said. "But those tend to generalize what they teach in order to reach everyone in the classroom."

    "If possible, I'd like to learn much, much more."

    This was the part where she asked exactly what she had come here to ask. Mimi felt a tad bit nervous, not because she feared being rejected - she was sure Lala would definitely be able to point her in the right direction with a few books or an acquaintance even if she herself couldn't teach her - but because the girl had never needed to request extra help out of a teacher like this. Mimi had always kept her research independent. Maybe it was also because she was a little proud but, mostly, she just didn't want to ask if it was something she could do herself.

    "In other words," she swallowed. "I'd very much like to become your assistance."

    So far, Lala had listened to her patiently, her kind smile encouraging the girl to speak without fear. Still, Mimi felt the need to explain further. "Please don't think I'm asking for purely selfish reasons...though it is, a little..." Her eyes fluttered down for a moment. "Part of my dream and reason for having become a hero is to help anyone who comes my way, no matter what. If someone asks me help to fix their window because they have no one else to do it, I want to help them...but I wouldn't be able to if all I ever did was focus on learning how to fight."

    "I realize you must be a busy person but I promise I would never take my duties lightly!"
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    Nursing Trio
    - Sense of Duty -

    Her words didn't fall short, she didn't falter in every sense of her devotion to improve. Priscilla listened patiently, blowing the steam of her cup, turning the spoon in a circle, forming a small cyclone on the center of her tea. If nothing Mimi knew the steps that it took to try and improve, at end her eyes wavered, perhaps her thoughts were conflicted. Or more so her heart, wounds were something Priscilla had a sense too. Her nature, you could say, was to eliminate them. All the three in this room were proficient, they knew, in fact, their quirks were the sole purpose as to why they had elevated to this position. Or so people would think... "You have a heart of gold." Said Priscilla, taking the last sip of her tea, while she placed her cup at the table. Bengie held her hand, quirk resonating within her, allowing her to stand from her wheel chair, soon as Ogre notice this, he stood and shook himself awake. A strong stretch, followed by a long yawn and the old Shiba Inu paced himself next to Priscilla, a pet of his fur and a small lick to the center on her hand and Priscilla could sustain herself and walk. Orge was indeed a good bot. She rose her index at Orge, turning it in a circular motion, gesturing the old grandpa to follow her, she walk in font of the young girl. Stare in her eyes, and placed her hand on top of hers.

    "Never let anybody tell you differently. You already passed your first lesson. There's nothing in this world that can't be accomplish without a few friends." Her gentle words held honesty, and her belief in youth was strong. Her quirk didn't matter, what matter is her genuine desire to help. A desire that burns intently in the four. Bengie who stood silently could sense the young girls good nature, yet a bit stern. A beast who has roamed for so long has seen many types of people. Priscilla who's heart held the warmth of the world wouldn't deny a student their request. She wanted to help anyone who needed help. A giant like him couldn't help himself but feel moved by this desire. Ogre who follow closed behind so obediently simply wagged his tail, like the old man he was. It didn't matter your birth right here, perhaps the youth has been through many, many struggles. Has suffered through many, many things a youth shouldn't. Perhaps not, maybe it her merry desire to simply aid those that couldn't aid themselves. To help he or she who couldn't stand on her on two feet. Maybe, this was her calling after all. She would experience the worst part of the field, witnessing man, woman and children undergo pain of the body, and worst of all a crumbling of the soul. "The first step to anything is
    acknowledging you have a something to improve. Remember that in this field, people will trust you. And you will probably not always be able to keep your promise to them. Never blame yourself because of that. Always keep that light in you bright. That warmth will always translate, and their hearts will be at ease. One thing is certain: I'm rooting for you, Nurse Mimosa Merryweather." A nod was delivered.

    "When would you like to start?"
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    Stepping Stones
    -A Trip to the Nurse's Office-

    Mimosa Merryweather
    Nurse's Office - GHH

    ...Nurse Mimosa Merryweather...?!

    For a second, Mimi felt like her heart was going to burst with happiness. She had been accepted! Standing up as well in respect towards her new teachers, the girl took a giddy step forward - teacup still in hand. "Thank you all so much for this opportunity! I promise you, your time won't be wasted!"

    "I'd like to start as soon as possible," she explained, trying incredibly hard not to gush. "If it's alright with you, I'd like to spend an hour everyday here after classes. You don't have to actively teach me every single day, I learn a lot by observing alone. If you also have any tasks for me, I'll gladly do them," Mimi added with a nod of her head before reaching into her handbag to get out a small notebook and a pen.

    The girl jotted down her number and removed the page so she could hand it over to Lala. "That's my number, please call me if you need anything at all," she told the trio.

    Another door wide open for the teen to step inside. Being accepted to GHH was like receiving the master key to a castle. On one hand, Mimi felt a little bad because it was like she was abusing the kindness she was constantly being shown, on the other she wanted to avail herself of everything she could. So, instead of feeling bad about it, Mimi would do her best as an assistance and be of as much use as she possibly could.

    However, a thought at the back of her mind worried about how much she was attempting to tackle at the same time. Mimi prided herself with being the kind of student who signed up for every class available unless it already conflicts with another class's schedule; besides that, she also has her gymnastic club to attend and her part time at the café. Was she on the path to overexerting herself?

    No, she decided. Smiling at Ogre, who wagged his tail when his eyes met hers, she patted him on the head and allowed herself to relax. Everything would work out, she's always had good management skills and there were still several hours of free time a day she could spend relaxing. Besides, she enjoyed each of those activities and it was much better to have a schedule filled with things she enjoyed doing rather than being idle all day.

    “I should tell you, I only know the very basics of treating an injured person,” she explained, thinking it would be best to let Lala know what she had learned so far so the lady could decide how to approach her teachings. “Cleaning and disinfecting a wound, wrapping it and giving the correct support to temporarily aid a broken bone or a sprained muscle,” the girl numbered as she thought of the things they had learned back in class.

    “I'd like to still go over those topics again though, if that's alright,” she added with a cheeky smile. “I look forward to working with all three of you."
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    The Bonds Reforged: Beach!!!

    "I like cereal, I like cereal, but I don't like drinking milk~

    I like learning, I like learning, but I don't like studying~

    I like French toast, I like French toast, but not bread that's French~

    The jolly tones reverberated across the expanse that was the hill leading to the beach. A goosestep after another, Victor had been travel like a vagabond awaiting more familiar faces to greet upon their return to the GHH. Given his circumstances, he didn't leave very far from the school itself during the break, so he had already familiarized himself with the layout of the land, every shortcut was like a vein on his hand he could trace from memory. He had been walking around in a most unusual pattern within the limits if the school, but to someone like him it was as ordinary a route as a transit highway, all roads connection unto each other at some point.

    He had managed to greet plenty of familiar faces during his trek, but another problem had come up during this time, an emptiness, a feeling of missing out. It was an insatiable feeling burning from the depths of his core, a rolling storm from the pits of his center that demanded to quick and deft handling. The question of how do to so was answered with only a short recollection of his first day at GHH, where he was saw what would become nothing less than a obsession during his stay at the academia. That distinct shape unlike anything he had seem before, that eye catching color that stood out in the calming blue waves, that vigorously enchanting form he simply could not get out of his mind. With any luck, he would be reunited once more, and so he travelled onward, across the grassy plains and buildings of stone and metal, through the man made fields of tears and dreams, and here he stood, looking down at the the meeting point of sand and sea. Instead of what he was looking for, however, he happened upon a certain conversation.

    "I'm telling you man, it's crazy." A boorish looking youth proclaimed to the small group of teens huddled at the foot if the hill. "The guy's a total freak. They say he comes from behind when ya least suspecting it and then," Winding up his fist, he crashed it into his open palm, exasperated with a vocal "WHAM!" Startling the rest of the group "Cut into ribbons."

    "Scary..." Another young, somewhat roundish teen replied. Without need of invitation or reason outside curiousity's sake, Victor slid from the top of hill directly into the conversation.

    "What are you guys talking about?" His words blunt with intrigue as he moved towards them, catching their attention.

    "Oh hey," The boorish one replied. "Long time no see, Victor! What's happening?"

    "Nothing in particular, I've been wandering around the premises for some time now greeting everyone." He explained to the group. "What were you guys talking about? it sounded pretty intense."

    "He was talking about that Jack the Ripper villain that's been making headlines as of late." An impoverished looking teen cut in. "He's been going after heroes, usually pros, but his latest victim was just a student up in Lakewood." His eyes began to avert the group, staring at the loose ground as he rubbed his arms. "They were on their way home from a sidekick mission when he got them. Slit their throat and carved them up like a piece of meat." His words began to shake along side him as he spoke of the rabid butcher in increasing detail. "And they got off lucky, the rest of his victims had their internal organs played with, removed, rearranged...some of them even had their body parts stuck onto things like trashcans and stuff..."

    "The crazy part is he hasn't killed any of his victims." The gruff boy noted.​


    "Yup, all alive and kicking. Well..." The brutish boy reposed "As much as you can be after going through something like that. The experience alone could probably mess you up for life. Besides that, though, none of them are in life-threatening danger, but they aren't capable of doing any hero work. Medics are having a hard time finding a way to deal with it, since the organs are still functionally working, but they way they're arranged is super risky."

    "It's like their still working in their proper place, but cut up and twisted around from what I hear." The rounder teen chimed in.

    "What kind of quirk can do stuff like that? I never heard of that kind of power before." The rough looking boy shook his head, unable to give any clear response.

    "Dunno, must be something really messed up to be able to do things like that." The cheap looking lad scrunched up tighter into a ball, seemingly trying to retreat from the thoughts of what kind of being was capable of such deeds.

    "I hate hearing about stories like this, they always freak me out!" Burying himself into his body, he shut his eyes with the force of steel cage. Such a response of would be typical, even expected from many a person who learned of such actions. The purely human nature to these actions would more than enough to cause an uncomfortable sensation across the surface of the skin.

    "At least it's not all bad." Victor replied in a straightforward tone. The group turned their attention to him in surprise hearing such a nonchelant comment, even the raggedy looking teen opened his eyes a bit, staring at a face rather composed and unmoved by the news. "Nobody died, right? That's something to happy about. Plus it's only a matter of time before they find some way to help those people get along. If there's a quirk that can do something that crazy, there's probably one or two that can reverse it, yeah?" Victor explained with his classic outlook, simple in nature, but not without some form of thought. "He's probably just doing it to scare people. If he really wanted to kill them it wouldn't be a problem at all for him." His postulations were surprisingly logical leaps from the extracted information, if not a bit light to the potential gravity of the situation. Despite even this, however, combined with his brimming confidence on the matter, the nerves of the three seemed to have been calmed substantially. The disenfranchised teen even managed to pull from himself as he relaxed, though holding onto his knees to maintain his comfort.

    "I suppose you do have a point." He replied, more still than before. Victor reassured him with a nod.

    "So, it's just some guy trying to scare everybody? Seems pretty far to go for a prank..." The ruddy teen sighed. "Guess there are all sorts of messed up people in the world." The tense air surrounding them had dissipated with this apparent revelation. While the situation was far from being one entirely comfortable, the idea of it being a mentally obtuse prankster looking for attention rather than serial butcher with murderous tenancies was enough of a difference to calm their thoughts.

    "Well, now that that's been settled," The plump adolescent arose from his posterior with a newfound relaxation. "How about we hit the cafeteria? Nothing to calm the nerves like some good old fashion meatloaf!" He jauntily proclaimed. The tough looking teen gave him a sideways look in response.

    "Didn't you just eat a little while ago?"

    "Yeah, but that was a little while ago!"

    "I could go for some nourishment myself, I forgot to eat anything since yesterday." Victor chimed in.

    "How do you forget something like that....?"

    "I call dibs on the sea salt fried chicken." The budgeted boy cut in.​

    "What!? But I wanted that!"

    "You snooze, you lose." He smiled coyly.

    "One moment we're talking about some freaky villain and the next it's about what your gonna eat. Talk about a leap in tone..."​
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    Jacob Connor

    “Fuck off”

    In the realm of possibility, all things are viable. Time weaves a very particular thread, such silked in mystery and moreover drowned in possibility. Like a space, a singularity has many uses, all unseen. The past has already been carved, what’s done now will be endless in the annals of history. History of which is settled in a house of glass, what is now forever was once a maybe. The present is chucked full of maybe’s, every man is a slave to possibility.

    “You could never teach me the way.”

    And seeing the stakes, a thin line was weaved. Held in stride over a hovering blade. A broken boy realizes his crown is made of ash. He has been reduced to his base and that ash has created the fertile ground for which her hands will plant a seed so that he may grow and fulfill the promise of his quirk.


    The future is like a torrential downpour with every rivulet being a vision of what could possibly come to pass, however the near future was much simpler to conceive, it was more akin to a waterfall with a start and end point that was much more apparent. That didn’t make it any easier to change the possibilities, the future, specifically the near future had a very strong current surging forth, knowing what will happen does not mean you can change what will happen, not always. That was what made the God’s Eye the perfect person to wield this quirk, not her ability to see the future but to change it.

    There was not much of the near future that needed to be evaluated by the God’s Eye in this particular case. So when she entered the room and glimpsed a tiny bit of what was to come she was fairly certain there were not magic words to stimulate a different response.

    “I know you may not be able to understand why that needed to happen but you have to understand that this was so you would both let me and my staff do our jobs.”

    Power began to return to his bones, like a current that had manage to remove the stone his strength rejuvenated his movements and finally he was able to sustain the burden of his own body. The screams of pain had hushed into small intervals, the memory of his incident in Pennsylvania surfaced once more and his distaste settled once again.

    “Job at what? That was clearly something I tried to avoid.” His vision teetering between stable and blur, this was common. This was similar to what had occurred long ago. A version of over extension of his own quirk. It seemed Jet had better understanding of such, therefore even after he pulled from where there was nothing he could keep his footing. “That fight shouldn’t have happened. We could’ve settled whatever we had without pandering to Jet’s wish.”

    “That’s a very passive take all things considered but I don’t think there was any other way. It’s a very rare and unique likeness that your quirks share, it’s a phenomena that even I find to be curious. It was important to know what would happen if your quirks interacted and we did so in a controlled setting. So yes, Mr. Marquise’s interest did align with the school’s, but no one was pandering to him. His situation is quite troublesome on its own.”

    Silence overtook him. What could she expect him to say? What he already thought about the school and modern heroics in general was in fact being displayed right before his periphery. He and Jet had become lab rats, all constructed to meet a criteria of doubt… Being used like that felt awful, it felt degrading, in fact… it felt borderline insulting. Thinking again of the time that had been spent here, the thought came again at the base of his thought. Would have it been best to return to Pennsylvania? The world had enough heroes. He didn’t need to be apart of them, someone somewhere would best him in whatever regard. He needn’t this treatment.

    “You could never teach me the way.” His voice drove a small whisper. Emotion ran passively across the tune of that phrase. His thoughts metastasized doubt and confusion. “Well, you got what you wanted.” The boy spoke, without much left to say. “I will see you, Principal.” His head turned to the window of the infirmary. Though his body was in recovery, his mind began to swirl upon the thought. The moment he recovered, he would call his parents and tell him that this time, he certainly would return back home.

    “I wouldn’t say that this is what I wanted but rather what had to happen. That said maybe at this stage of your respective developments it might be best to put some space between you and Mr. Marquise, just for the time being...”


    A prescient bolt strikes, a flash of the future stricken across the mind of God’s Eye. It is hazy and unclear but she knows how it makes her feel, she knows there is an urgency and unease in keeping this boy here. In dealings of faith one couldn’t be too hasty, the future was a complicated thing and this wasn’t the future per say it was an inkling of a future.

    “This is the right school for you, Jacob. I can show you the way.” She said it flatly showing her confidence and resolve in spite of the lack of mental preparation for what she was about to pose. “Showing you the way does not necessarily mean leading you, not yet. You’re my student for the foreseeable future….” She paused realizing the impending crypticness of her speech, but being my student does not mean being on this campus. I think there’s a naivety to you because you have to see more. Maybe our study abroad program would help you get a better view of why we must take chances to create a better tomorrow.”

    Turning his head towards the principal once again, his brow rose in doubt of what she suggested. The intervals between her pauses were, if anything, slightly concerning. Like if reciting the words she already knew, yet did not use very often. Jacob gaze wandered towards the sheet as her suggestion began to recruit another thought. “So you’re saying it’s because I haven’t seen enough, yet… What exactly are you…?” It’s to be expected. An educator’s ideal is to teach, merely adjusting to a student's wishes to dropout was never the first option, or an option at all. He didn’t need to speak a single sentence to the principal for her to see through what he thought, no contact beyond just a bitter exchange and slight conversation. Perhaps there was a tinge in the eye that slipped, maybe it was a record of Mr. Ryan’s previous experience with him. Jacob’s mind went through all alternatives, but never once did it occur to him that she was a pillar…

    The empty platinum hue of the sheets function properly as a canvas for thought. Like a necessary plain that allowed easy access to an amalgamation… A myriad of jumbled up thoughts trying to form a sentence. “You know, I don’t expect you to understand… No- more so I don’t think in a world like today anyone would agree…” Suddenly, his mind stopped… and the words escaped him, a ruminating silence engulfed the room and soon he rose his head to hers, to the crown which engulfed the eyes of the principal in their mystery. “When was the last time you were… When was the last time someone treated you like a human being? Not like a pillar, or a figure-head? A person.” I wonder what he was saying…

    “A part of me thinks that you’re avoiding that, I think. Like if that side of people is unnecessary for you. Living in the glimpse of your quirk, like a shadow of your gift.” He reminds himself of his quirk, and all the implications that were brought with it. “It’s not like I want to give up on becoming a hero, probably to some extent, I do. I don’t agree that the ideals these students have is adequate. No- not that. More so, they think that this is some type of game…” What was he saying?

    “What I mean is-- being normal isn’t really that bad, either. Maybe we need more of those in the world. No- I guess I think that… If we talk honestly, not as pillar to a civilian, not as hero to soon-to-be hero, not as a teacher to a student. But as people, take out your quirk and your ideals out of the equation for a minute. I think that you and I both know that it wouldn’t really be bad to pursuit something more… common. ”

    The reaction provoked by how earnest Jacob was as he took one filter off and put on another until he managed to get the words out. His burgeoning maturity had shone but it was his naivety that was even brighter. God’s Eye, no Gwen rather, she felt a tinge of guilt, like a threat being pulled taught she would default to being stone hearted but given the uncertainty around this boy she allowed herself to deal away with pretense.

    “It’s not that simple, Jacob. The quirks are ostensibly a blessing, I truly believe the world is a better place for having quirks in it. The world, believe it or not, was full of even more hate and evil in than there is today. Not everyone wields a quirk that gets the hero classification. If these are our blessings then it is the duty of those with quirks that can be classified as heroes to save everyone.” Her tone was grim as ever and she almost seemingly sense it however unintentional it may have been, but there was more. “I’ve spent more time living my life as a hero as opposed to being a normal person. That other portion of my life was spent wanting to be a hero. Most people don’t know this but when I was a girl I use to keep a ledger with all of the heroes in it. That ledger was how I found the rest of the Pillars.”

    “The hero life is not for everyone Jacob. I’m not sure if this was the happiest future for me but I can genuinely say that for as lonely or harsh as this life can be I’ve seen some pretty amazing things. The experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met along the way, some of them are actually pretty great. That’s not something I’d ever admit to them.” There was a life in her that was somewhat uncharacteristic, like she was almost showcasing a modicum of passion with the words she was speaking. “I’d be lying if there were things I didn’t want to change, but in spite of not having a normal life I’m happy to do this. I’m happy to protect others so they can have that normal life.”

    Jacob didn’t understand. For all of what she said was scrutinized and ingested properly into his cup of thought, in fact it was wholesomely cogent. Yet, what he did not ingest was the humanity behind this hero, there was more soul that he ever seen in the woman, and those shreds of humanism touched a very tender boundary of his very self. Sacrifice… the words cycled around him, the bitterness that traveled upon the gesture of the word roamed on the tip of his head, a slight annoyance rose at each repetition, his head felt heavy… but not enough to cloud judgement. Her words… she too, was human. Like anything else, behind all that responsibility there was a woman like any other that aspired, thought, and hoped. Even so there was even a tinge of a small girl mixed within the mesh that composed the figure that was the principal. A side of him could sense his own hypocrisy, the word Sacrifice was also so conveniently implicit in his demeanor, in the gait of his step. He did not sacrifice men, but then again he would easily place himself on the line. Repeated attempt rapidly exchanged themselves in numerous fashion.The memory replayed in vivid detail the event of the fight… How he denied the harm towards his opponent, even going as far as to save him from imminent danger, to merely get shot in the head by an unyielding sense of supremacy. How he jumped into the helm and fought to help the people of his city, how in training he would purposely he take the brunt of everything to appeal to the safety and general success of the course without a thought to his own safety. She was right in more ways than one.

    Yet he didn’t understand. Which is why, she was right. There was an ignorant section in him that even he couldn’t deny, he had questions with no answered revolting across a plain of infinite thought. The clash between what he knows and what he could know were tugging at the strings… The words of the grandfather rose once more “Jacob… You have a heart of gold Don’t let anyone take that from you…” Which battled intensely with the word ‘Sacrifice.’ Who was he? Was the question that imminently rose from the sense of his heart. What was he? Was the inevitably decision of his quirk and ability.What should he be? The determining factor which will build the future. What has she seen that he hasn’t? There’s far too much trust into this that he could fathom currently, but not that it mattered because from the seams there was a little glimmer of pity, and a large sense to aid towards this woman from the boy.

    “My grandfather always used to say that it’s not my place to save the world. No hero should hold that burden. It implies carrying something too heavy for only a pair of shoulders... And up until recently I didn’t fully get what that really meant. My grandfather was cryptic and… realizing it he wasn’t really a very good man. Not because he had a lot of enemies from his profession… At one point, I think no of us liked him very much.” He remembered a fight, father against daughter. Husband against wife… A young woman, definitely mom and another, slightly older woman with a tall man standing between the two. Gran’pa and Gran’ma... Fighting, anger… passion and tears. But what was the fight about exactly? “I was too young to remember, but that came back again, also very recently.” Like a lost child, the boy who for the majority of his life has encased himself in silence and self reliance has begun to unravel. “I held respect for my grandfather, but… There’s no denying that regardless of his greatness, he had a lot more blunders than I could never count for. And the older I get I see these, and become less ignorant of who I thought he was… But, he wasn’t wrong when he said that. And I can never deny that he wanted to fix a problem… even if it was through me.” Finally the voice rose from his gloom into a more accepting and proud tone. “Even the greatest hero can’t do anything alone. Each hero balances their own weakness with other’s strength, a hero cannot save the world. It’s not their job, it takes people, the myriad to save it. A hero is a catalyst that will instill change. A hero’s purpose it to help it… And I will become a hero, not with the purpose of surpassing you. That haughtiness is unbecoming of a hero… and in my case a King. ”

    The words of his grandfather naming his quirk resounded upon himself. She was right, the answers probably lies somewhere else, with other people, with other sights and luxuries and torments around the world. He had to accept that he was ignorant about too much, he could not conclude like this when someone… of a few others, have place this much effort and faith upon him. If anything… he needed to take the responsibility of at least trying. “I will take the mantle… so people like you who has ushered the help and safety for my generation, can finally rest and live a life of peace. I strive, Principal, to be able to give you a well deserved vacation. Something someone like you and many of you, need very dearly. And you too can taste the other side of the spectrum. And enjoy the normalcy too. Enjoy not only being the God’s Eye. But until then. Miss principal, I’m sorry. I was insensitive to you earlier. Please, explain to me what are the plans you have for me.”

    This is the story, the start of my road to becoming a great hero

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    Judas Sings the Fall of the Twin Towers
    Ferocious Order

    w/ Jacob @Chronos

    Dimitri Alexandrof


    Metal cuts through the air. Sending a surge of wind blasting in the faces of everyone. Skirts fluttery and glass windows shakes. The sight of a metal bird enters the gaze of the two groups and then makes a swift U-turn. The hurling gale momentarily blinding and stunning the twins protecting their faces. As the time is opportune, the glorious monstrosity sweeps past Jacob, allowing the one riding the bird, Dimitri, to grab a tight hold onto the other boy and swing him on the back of the bird behind him. "You imbecile, are you trying to ruin the both of us!?" His complaints raided down like an adult having to pick-up a troublesome delinquent. Only the positions were reversed. "I'm not gettin-"

    But before they could get to safety, the mechanical bird known as Red Robin, bent harshly into the shape of a 'V' and plummeted like a boulder crash landing onto the the hard plated floor. The resulting crash sent reverberating shock to their bodies. When Dimitri managed to turn his head, the boy's dizzy vision found Jen's hand reached out as if it were grabbing something invisible. "Telekinesis?!" he spat out, trying to connect the dots but the receiving words denied that. "You talk big but you're just an idiot aren't you? It's magnetism,"

    Dimitri blinked his eyes back to focus as he became slightly tittered off. He slapped his hand down hard onto his metal creation. His muscles tightened and more so did the muscles in his brain,

    "Don't think that's enough to stop me, bitch!"

    With further strength put in. Dimitri's Scrap Beast, forcibly swung it's wings as hard as it could as if smacking the ground and launched from the cracked surface. The pendulum had once again swung the other direction. Since one sibling's power wasn't enough, the brother also extended his arm, but he was too late and the metal creature escaped their area effect, returning to it's original performance without disturbance.

    "Well, looks like they're out of range," the brother spoke casually as if it were but a pebble in his path. But the haughty sister lashed as she ran forward, "Then don't just stand there you moron. Are you gonna just let him call your sister a bitch?!". Without anything to counteract that, the easy-going brother shrugged and followed behind in pursuit.

    "Is that it? It is like they're trudging through snow compared to how fast we're going," Dimitri commented as he looked behind, noticing the widening gap of distance between them and the twins. Their height was just on the second story of the mall and the regulars, who were used to this sort of happenings, either casually glanced or took a simple picture. After all, just about everyone had quirks, and it wasn't unnatural to use a flying ability to travel faster. If anything, they only weird thing was the fact they were flying so fast in the mall that lured the attention of others.

    Dimitri, adjusted his seated position. Right now he felt they had nothing to worry about and relaxed himself. Seeming to be used to this, the Russian lad crossed his legs leisurely as if to disrespect the twins despite the fact they couldn't clearly see him. "What, do you have no respect? I do believe a 'thank you' is in order. 'Spasibo'!
  26. Chronos The Wild Card

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    Judas Sings the Fall of the Twin Towers
    Ferocious Order
    w/ Dimitri @Kenju
    His feet held their balance on the Red Robin's back, his hand arced with devotion and strength, the resounding sting of the pitch of his power gathering at the pit of his hand, curling his five fingers into a fist with prejudice, the silver-head boy slams his hands on the green haired Russians cheek, effectively booming the pulse of his Quirk's second, more violent nature unto his flesh. Removing him from the flight of his bird, quickly as such, without a moment to falter, his entire leg began to power up, slamming his heel to the back of the metal bird, sending it plummeting the ground, before he leap of it to land on top of the ruffian. Jacob's eyes were gleaming intensely through the surge of the conqueror's strength, his knee weight on the center of Dimitri's chest with enduring will. He was wrong to face the twins, he tried to see a happy medium, but it was evident. The problem here was in fact this kid, foul-mouthed and foolish. "How about you thank me, for saving you the trouble of damaging your record further, you Tupitsa." The didn't know much Russian, but he knew enough to called the boy a dumbass. Much like the situation with Jet, he couldn't abide to this type of behavior, he acted upon his own right to sustain this boy still on the ground while the twins arrived. "Stay still, you're digging a bigger hole for the both of us!"

    The boy struggled, he was far more adamant about this than Jacob expected. The twins were trailing closer behind, he just needed to hold him for a bit longer. He didn't want to cause him any more harm than necessary, but it was also evident that he didn't have any desire to comply to what was obvious to be the better choice. Gritting his teeth, Jacob soon placed his other foot on the bend of his left hand, restricting any movement, if it was necessary, he would use his conqueror ability to keep him at his knees, but he wanted to avoid that scenario at all cost. Looking at the distance, the twins seem to get closer and closer. The sister was ardent to slam some sense into this kids behavior and Jacob knew for a fact that if he got in the crossfire, he'd get clobbered as well. He needed to think fast...

    On the far end, on top of the mall's ceiling, hid amidst the shining gleam of the sunlit rays that peers from the ceiling window's in a silhouette. A man's eyes trained on the current standings of the event occurring right before him. With bow and arrow at hand, the quiver on his waist slid from side to side, with incredible balance the tip of his legs sustained his weight upon the of a rope with relative ease like a bird that stands on the edge of a broken twig. Masterfully, without a single form of doubt or trouble, the image of his person began to surface from the seems of his illusion.

    "Youth that trains under the Human Sin. It behoove upon me the right to smite you with guidance of the my Arrow. Tis is my right to gain that which the devil couldn't. With the silver that you sold the mighty Father, the traces of treason write your flesh, inscribes your blood. The scent has been traced. I found you... Judas."
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    Vino Ventonelli, The Rated R Hero
    Unadulterated, Unfiltered, & Unpredictable

    "You're packed and you're stacked 'specially in the back"
    wanna thank your mother for a butt like that"

    Strutting down the courtyard with unrivaled charisma, the tall youth motioned his eyes toward the dazzling landmarks. Firm and robust with a pneumatic fullness to compliment, Vino imprinted on himself the image of the San Diego's national treasure. Yes, it could be truly claimed as a native prize, one that was informal and known only to him. The rear of the average Grand Heroics freshman was worth ten men in value, taken from the red head's collection of colorful sayings.

    "Can I get some fries with that shake-shake booty
    If looks could kill you would be an Uzi"

    Vino continued humming to the pleasant tune, finding the music of Americans to be a worthy area of praise. He recited the words with exactness, matching the track in tone and delivery, making sure he had appropriate "swagger", another engrossing American creation. He continued his recital internally, always discrete and guarded, it was one thing to admire a landmark but disgracing it? No that was a big no-no for the Ventonelli. Women could be passed through, like visiting a new city and passing to the next after your time there is done, all in the spirit of polygamy of course.

    "Shoop shoop ba-doop
    Shoop ba-doop
    Shoop ba-doop ba-doop ba-doop
    Shoop ba-doop

    He had reached the conclusion of his newly discovered tune. With unconventional quickness he had swiftly made his walk through the Geey Wolf dormitories. Reticent, shifting in temperment, and unpredictable to a fault, the Grey Wolves were the loose cannons of Grand Heroics. Their misadventures last term had given them the notoriety of being a breeding ground for potential "Turner's", the select few that become disillusioned with the idea of lawful good.

    Vino, one to reject the opinions of the masses scoffed at any criticisms given by the other houses. He lived life under his conviction. My fate is in no one's hands but myself, no one directs me, I follow no one. He said silently in Italian.
    His thoughts met an unpleasant stop at the sight of the paper taped to his door. It stated a summons request from the Vice President Remy. Vino Ventonelli had been called upon, and his fate was far from his own hands.
  28. SoulTaker The Ever Living

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    It had been a few hours since the front gates had opened, students had time to see to a few affairs as we headed into the middle of the afternoon.

    “Dzese are the studeents I choose for my team. What say you, monsieur Castillo, wheech of your five students will you call upon for our competition?”

    Richard did not say anything simply standing up from behind God’s Eye’s desk and pressing down on a button that served to activate the school’s PA system, an intricate web of speakers volumized appropriately so as to not be booming.

    “The following students are to report immediately to the outdoor training fields immediately. Colette Eagle, Daniel Riley, Ervine Leathers, Vino, and Yeshua. Also Mimosa Merryweather, Bitt Stiles, Dimitri Alexandrof, Victor Von Rikter, Michael Young, report there as well.” There was a sterile tone to how he addressed the kids from the Grey Wolves and an outright dour one when he referred to everyone else.


    Bitt had finally finished and unpacking and decided to go for a walk around the campus that would be his home for the next few months again. He really just wanted to mind his own business but life had a real sense of humor as it put a familiar presence in front of him.

    Michael Young was a “rival” of Bitt’s. Their parents having more of a competition surrounding them more than anything, but all of that mental conditioning to go against each other left them in a weird space. Despite going to the same school they had barely seen each other from August when school started to now. It was odd how rarely that had interacted to this point.

    “It’s nice to see you too buddy thanks for the bump.” Bitt was deliberately sardonic as he said it. Michael had something before the voice of the Vice Principals was heard over the loud speaker, with Richard requesting both Michael and Bitt to come to the training fields.

    “I’m not with that. Training exercises with Castillo and some dude I ain’t ever heard of? Hell nah fam. Why us?” He grumbled knowingly resigned to his fate as he knew it would probably be worse if he didn’t report.


    “Hello studeents, I am junior vice principal, Monsieur Remy Morgan. You all know dze senion Today you are here for a training exercise. It is a simulated combat drill to prepare you all for dze Showcase Season.”

    “In short, Spring is the time when we will be competing against other schools from around the world in a variety of different contests. The most traditional of these contests is the FIGHT. This will raise your stock to heroes, agencies, and sponsors. While not every hero need be physically strong in the traditional sense, every hero must possess strength. FIGHT is a contest meant to cultivate that strength, iron against iron, and that is why all of you are here.”

    There was a somewhat uncomfortable feeling emanating from a few of the ten students who had gathered. Some not wanting to participate for a number of reasons, but to be suddenly called by the Vice Principal to the training fields on the very first day? Well it wasn’t their first day but some of the students hadn’t even gotten to unpack their bags yet. There was a devious air around the Vice Principals as they had horn like auras cautioning the students not to ask too many questions.

    “Why us though?” The laserbeams the VP’s had shot at each other were now being shot at one blue haired boy in particular. The feline instructor's gaze a tad bit sharper as he felt his pupil's skeptic eye glancing over him for his appearance.

    “C’est la vie. That’s life. We chose you because you checked in. Now wee took ze liberty of setting dze teams. It's seemple Grey Wolves versees All.”

    “You’ll be sparring on the field in for your series of one on one battles.”

    "Now I am a new teecher fer all of you but I have been a pro for quite a few years. Agencies really do look at dzese showcases because the taleents here become skeels out there. Take dzese seriously for your develeepment."

    The Matchups
    Ervine Leathers v. Dimitri Alexandrof
    Colette Eagle v. Mimi Merryweather
    Vino v. Victor Von Rikter
    Yeshua v. Bitt Stiles
    Daniel Riley v. Michael Young

    @Tenma @P-X 12 @WorkingMoogle @Kenju @EvilMoogle @Hollow @Karma15 @Wizzrobevox @Cjones

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    The Bonds Reforged: Meeting Before Battle!

    Savory flavors rushing like rapids during a flood, overtaking the senses. A gentle sweetness wrapped around and around like a blanket cradling a infant. Grandiose spices and herbs to compliment the dish, an edible confetti to celebrate the arrival of the meal upon the pallet! By god! There was nothing quite like the feeling of taking in a meal that makes your mouth water even as you eat it, makes you want to expand your stomach's capacity to accommodate how much of it you want to desire! In other words, the food flowing down Victor's maw was a heaven unto itself.

    "Magnificent! Marvelous~! It melts in my mouth~!" He almost wept, wiping stray sauces and herbs from the corners of his mouth with one if his chest napkins. This display of worship to the culinary arts was not lost on the group he came there with.

    "Even through cafeteria food is usually to be all gruel and frozen chocolate milk...I guess they go the extra mile for students here." The improverished boy proclaimed. "They really do go the extra mile."

    "Can't become proper heroes on an empty stomach." The doughy teen chortled, face stuffed to the brim with enough sugary confectioneries to give a dentist a heart attack. The brutish boy, having his food be assaulted by this wave a pre-chewed food stuffs, was far less jaunty in his demeanor.

    "You could stand to miss a few meals. Mind keeping the slobber to yourself?" Victor had already consumed his third plate at this point, yet still eyed the remaining dishes with a ravenous eye.

    "What should I try next? Perhaps the exotics beans? Or maybe the sea salt fried chicken?" He asked, looking over the table with a curious look.

    "Hey, hands off the chicken Vic. I already called dibs." The cheap boy interrupted. It was around this point, however, that the PA system, an intricate web of speakers, opened with it's classic static waves before giving way to the authority figure's message.

    The following students are to report immediately to the outdoor training fields immediately. Colette Eagle, Daniel Riley, Ervine Leathers, Vino, and Yeshua." Out of all those names, only one had immediately stuck out to Victor.

    'Colette, huh?' He thought as he stared up at the speakers like they were some kind of television screen 'I haven't seen her yet, wonder what she's been up too...' The voice, however, was not yet done.

    "Also Mimosa Merryweather, Bitt Stiles, Dimitri Alexandrof, Victor Von Rikter, Michael Young, report there as well.” The grim tone that followed the names of the students afterwards was not lost on Victor, but it was more a slight oddity than anything else.

    "What was that announcement for?" The thuggish boy questioned.

    "No idea. I suppose should get going though, even though I still wanted to eat more..." Victor gripped as he stared longingly at the plates full of food.

    "Don't worry, I'll eat enough for the both of us." The scrappy-looking child replied casually as he cut into his meal.

    "Oh, good." Victor said with relief. Standing from his seat, he patted himself down and began to pick up his plates. "Be sure to tell me how that chicken tastes later."

    "Roger dodger!"


    "Alright! This is awesome!" Victor shouted joyously at the reveal of what they had all been gather to do. This was just the kind of chance he had been waiting for. Despite his training over the break, it'd be inaccurate to say he was satisfied with solo practice, he had been craving the opportunity to see how well his moves had kept up against his classmates. It certainly didn't make things worse that he had no idea of what the quirks of any of these people were.

    The suspense and intrigue of discovering his fellow students powers only added onto his child-like glee."I was worried I'd have to wait way longer to get to go all out! You guys are the best Vice Principals ever! I can't wait to do some damage!" Excitedly, he scanned around the room with unabashed ancipation for his opponent. "Okay, which one of you guess is my opponent? Let's give it our Plus Ultra out there and knock around a good bit!"

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    Ode to Trouble

    The light was fading, creating new shadows and dark patches around me. Eyes glimmered from tree hollows. The wind wailed between distorted trunks, carrying the sickly stink of wood rot. I moved slowly, ignoring the briars that caught at my cloak, the damp leaves that grimed my skin. It was a perpetual awning of night that envelops all the forest. Strangely enough, in spite of that, there is a single glow of light that stands in the center of all this. It doesn’t cut through the shadows nor does it dispel the darkness, but it just simply lights the way.

    A solitary luminescent beam enveloped around a body, my body.

    I lifted my face, letting the light and shadow dance across my skin. Bees hummed in and out of the pennyroyal. I inhaled its minty smell and continued on, delighting in the sound of my feet sliding through the leaves. I lifted my face, letting the light and shadow dance across my skin. Trees stood utterly still, statues in a living museum where no leaf dared to fall. I could hear the sounds of branches creaking, feet shuffling through detritus, squirrels chattering, leaves rustling, wind whistling around the trunks disturbing the leaves. Beyond all of this; however, a green meadow hidden in the folds of the forest, encompassed in a great luster akin to my own. There is an earthy smell of beginnings and endings to it. The other side, this field, it’s beautiful, a stark contrast to the gloom I inhabit on the other side.

    “. . . . . . .”

    I always see this place.

    “Y. . . .”

    I want to go to this place.

    “Yes. . . .”

    And as I always stare, yearning to know more, a figure appears. Standing opposite of me, small and petite, bathed in shadows, it simply stares with a smile. We stand in silence, looking at one another, until I reach out hoping to end what feels to be an eternal silence and, just as I, the figure does the same. There's something that draws us toward one another, it feels familiar and comforting. I want to see who it is, I want know if it is really a person as I attempt to grasp it's hand, yet no matter how hard I try, with both of our palms outreached to the other.

    “Yesh. . . .”

    We never seem to get any closer.



    Immediately he was snapped back to reality, violet orbs scanning his surroundings for the call of his name.

    Crossed-legged on the sidewalk and still like a grand monument, he was outside the gate of GHH. Everyone around him had already gone, except for an imposing shadow before him. In a kimono of jubilant pink alongside a pastel-pink mane that undulates at the winds whim.

    “Senji. . .you aren’t supposed to be here. Why are you?”

    This was a repeat occurrence, Yeshua had observed, whenever those images of midnight-taiga and ghost-silence filled his mind he would quickly awaken to the sight of his guardian standing before him. Senji, in response, would only give a wisp smile and say:

    “Because you called me here~~”

    A vague answer he would never expand on.

    “I was in that world again, the portrait of this figure, constantly calling for me, reaching for me, there’s such a familiarity to it like. . .I know who or what it is, but Senji.”

    Looking up to his older counterpart, there was something in his stare unlike the dissonant melancholic-serenity he bore. Instead it was replaced with a pensive longing to discover something or someone, he didn’t know, hadn’t seen, yet that called to his soul.

    “The voice is growing fainter and its likeness is ever fading. And soon I feel it will vanish and forever be out of my reach. What should I do?”

    Asking for any form of guidance for this unusual problem that plagued his person. Senji only simple placed his hand upon his shoulder.

    “Adhere to vigilance and peace of mind. Your psyche is plagued, young master, of doubt in what you believe. What is calling out, reaching for you hand, Is the manifestation of possible failure you fear in pursuit of what you believe to be right. Do you remember what you said to me when you saw Garrett Rhodes for the first time?”


    “Do you remember why you were enrolled in this school.”


    “Everything else is tumultuous clamor to impede your progress. Push it away and you will be able to see things more clearly in time. Now you have more important things to do.”

    Giving the young man a tap on the shoulder and pointing him toward the gate.

    “You have date with a few other students and the vice principal~~.”

    Stepping officially onto the school grounds, the beginning of the new semester, Yeshua turned to give thanks back to the man he considered a mentor and departed through the doors of GHH. Once he was sure he was out of distance, Senji revealed a sleek phone from beneath his sleeves. The keyboard beep with each tap, dialing out in a sing-song manner.

    “It’s Senji ♥"

    “. . . . .”


    “. . . . .”

    “Uh huh~”

    “. . . .”

    “Hisashi implemented a failsafe in case of emergency, the memories are just one part of that I’m sure. He isn’t one to simply, as he says, “Take an L like some pansy-ass stoolie.”

    “. . . .”

    “Yes, in fact I believe the administration here will do more good than harm and this little meet up he has now with the Vice Principal should only aid us; although, he’ll need a nudge."

    “. . . “

    “So, I shall proceed to the next part of the plan to eliminate that girl he calls Ebony ❣"

    Now. . .

    A sparring match between students or, as was more bluntly stated, Grey Wolves vs All. Normally a kid of tranquil quiet Yeshua, briefly, fidgeted and came across visibly annoyed. He had the same question of his other peers that stood in this room. Why exactly did it need to be them? A one on one sparring match? A showcase? They were being paraded around. What’s worse is that this “sparring match” to him looked more a cover between two feuding adults.

    “I'm being asked to beat up a classmate known as Bitt?”