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Game Pokemon Alpha Blue Mafia



-Post Requirement-Atleast 2-3 posts per phase
-No editing posts
-A cycle consists of a day and a night phase
-No kill shots can be activated in the 1st 24 hours
-Be Patient, My cohosts and me will try to answer every question you have
-Have fun~


Base Form Abilities: Abilities that can be used any time
Evolution Form abilities: Upgraded new form + abilities that can only be activated once in the game for one cycle
Legendary Form Abilities: Forms only unlocked by winning a battle frontier challenge

Safari Zone Items: one shot abilities found on the maps

Wild Pokemon: one shot abilities captured by pokeball items on the map

Rare Pokemon: Roaming Pokemon that appear randomly in the game. They possess two shot abilities and are only obtained by beating the host in a dice roll.

Bag Items: Items you possess that are unlocked randomly at the end of each phase

-2x: Repel: Immune to first 3 abilities that target you in the cycle
-2x: Great Ball: Obtain the closest Wild Pokemon or Safari Zone item your dice rolls too
-2x: TM Item: One shot ability
-1x: Mystery Item: Max Repel, Ultra Ball or HM Item


-At the start of the game phases will be 34 hours long. This will drop down to 24 hours once only half the players remain
Twilight Phases-Once the 34/24 hours pass votes will locked and the phase will enter the Twilight phases. These will vary from 1-2 hours depending if players want to activate any abilities or the hosts still counting votes
Nightphase-Nightphases will be 20-22 hours long. No reaction posts

Player List


Players alive-28

1: Alibaba Saluja
2: Platinum
3: God of Shinobi/Dark Shadow
4: T-Pein/Pocket God
5: Go D. Ussop
6: Cooler
7: Ishmael
8: Vivo Diez-Archie/Whipcash
9: Alwaysmind- Koga/Weezing
10: Sigismund-Pretel/Ditto
11: nfcnorth
12: Iwandesu
13: Natilija
14: Charles101
15: Oddjutsu
16: Hayumi
17: BringerofChaos
18: MSAL/Alwaysmind
19: Alita
20: Seraphoenix
21: Dragon D. Xebic
22: tinky winky
23: Shrike-Steven/Metang
24: Cypher
25: Nessos
26: John Wayne
27: WormJuice
28: Dark Shadow- Eusine/Drowzee
29: Lance
30: PocketGod
31: Tiffany
32: Mitch
33: DeVision
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Status Ailments



Frozen-You are either vote, role or item Blocked
Paralyzed-Host rolls dice. 1-yes your action goes through. 2-no your action is blocked
Burned-You lose access to one of your abilities
Confusion-Host rolls dice. 1-yes your action goes through. 2-no your action is redirected at random
Poisoned-Dice Rolls are subtracted by -2 and have -1 vote attached to you
Asleep-You cannot challenge for roaming legendaries or the pokemon frontier. You get no reaction post to unlock a bag item.
Battle Frontier Mechanics


Battle Frontier: The Battle Frontier are a series of mini games that take place at the end of each dayphase (phase 0 being an exception) to determine who unlocks a legendary pokemon. Depending on the frontier brain will determine the mini game and the players required for it to start. To enter once a Frontier Brain appears you must tag me first to enter. 1st place Gold winner gets to choose their legendary while 2nd place Silver winner has their legendary randomized.

Arena Tycoon Greta(Battle Arena) :
This is a Hangman game. 5 players are required to start this. Player who guesses the sentence 1st wins. A 2nd round will begin to determine 2nd place winner

Pike Queen Lucy(Battle Pike) : This is a lovers mafia game. 10 players required to start this. You will be paired with someone random. Play to win. Best team performance will win 1st and 2nd place

Dome Ace Tucker(Battle Dome) This is an R/P/S tournament. 8 players are required to start this. Once 8 are gathered this will be split into 2 brackets and they each must challenge a player whos not in the tournament. If you lose you lose your spot to them. Winners of each Bracket can reuse their evolved form abilities a second time.

Factory Head Noland(Battle Factory): This is a Trivia Game. First 2 players to answer the question obtains the legendary

Palace Maven Spencer(Battle Palace) : This is a hurt n heal game that will take place during nightphase. 7 players required. Winner gets 1st choice while 2nd place will be at random

Salon Maiden Anabel(Battle Tower) Who ever rolls closest to 100 wins 1st place while lowest number wins 2nd. 5 players required

Pyramid King Brandon(Battle Pyramid): This is a Dethy Mafia Game that will take place during the nightphase. 5 players required. Best performance will get 1st choice while 2nd best will be at random.
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Legendary Form Unlockables (Battle Frontier) Part 1



1: Mew: Target any player and copy their evolution form

2: Red Gyarados: Base Form abilities have no effect on you. Just evolution and legendary forms

(Water Gun) Redirect an incoming Evolution Form or Roaming Legendary ability to any player

(Dragon Rage) When one player from your same alignment has been killed or lynched you can activate this to role block a role

(Splash) Target 3 players in the game. Your base form abilities will bypass any protection they have next cycle

(Item Incinerate) Destroy 1 Repel, TM Item, and 1 Great Ball item from any player

3: Moltres: Killshots and Super kills have no effect on you

(Flame Body) Any player who votes for you or targets you with abilities will have half their abilities burned for the next cycle

(Fire Spin) Target any player, host rolls a dice of 5. Depending on number determines how many phases you burn 1 random ability. If its 5 kill them

(Gust) Redirect an item ability to someone else.

(Scorching Sands) Pick 2 numbers in the game. Players who land on the numbers have half their abilities burned for one cycle

4: Zapdos: Redirect any incoming action to someone else

(Pluck) Target a player and steal any 2 items they possess

(Thunder Wave) Paralyze the next 2 players who activate actions for a cycle

(Thunder Shock) Target 3 players and paralyze them for a phase

(Charge) Make one of your base form or evolution form abilities bypass any protection

5: Articuno: Freeze, Sleep and investigation abilities have no effect on you in the game

(Ice Beam) Role block any player for 3 phases

(Mind Reader) Target any player and find out their role. This ability bypasses any protection and cannot be negated or copied

(Peck) Target 4 players and subtract -1 from their dice rolls

(Triple Axel) Activate 1 Base Form/ Bag Item/Evolution Form ability

6: Tyranitar: Redirect any action that misses due to Sandstorm to any player

(Sandstorm) Everyones first actions after this appears has a chance of missing

(Stomp) Target any player to item block them and attach -3 votes on to them for the rest of the game

(Iron Defense) Pick any Mafia Team or Cult and become immune to their actions for one cycle

(Ice Fang) Dice/Vote Block a player
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Legendary Form Unlockables (Battle Frontier) Part 2



7: Ho-Oh: Reincarnate a player back into the game as Legendary Dog Trio (Entei/Raikou/Suicune) and mason with them

8: Suicune: Protect 2 players from actions for one cycle

(Mirror Coat) Copy 1 evolution form ability in the game

(Sheer Cold) Burn, Poison and Paralyze status abilities are uneffective for one cycle

(Aurora Beam) Role Crush a player for a cycle

(Water Absorb) Absorb any action that targets you in the cycle

9: Deoxys: You have usage to both Deoxys and your pokemon for a cycle

(Neutral Form) Activate one of your TM Items

(Attack Form) Amp one base form or evolution form ability

(Defense Form) Protect yourself from 4 actions that target you in the game

(Speed Form) Obtain any item or wild pokemon on the map

10: Mega Latios: You have 2x vote power

(Recover) Recover all bag items, items or wild pokemon abilities you have activated

(Memento) Revive a player for 2 cycles

(Heal Block) Protect any player from actions for one cycle. Role block any player that targets them for a cycle

(Levitate) Obtain the closest wild pokemon or safari item that your dice rolled

11: Primal Groudon: Items cannot be activated for the cycle

(Bulk up) Increase vote power by 5 for one cycle

(Hammer Arm) When activated the lynch cannot be stopped, redirected or tampered by mafia via vote stacking for the phase. Obtain 4 bag items from lynched player

(Fissure) Remove a player in the game for 3 phases

(Lava plume) Target a player with a kill shot. If it fails burn 3 of their abilities for one cycle

12: Primal Kyogre: Evolution Forms cannot be activated for a cycle

(Muddy Water) Hide your identity from investigations and ability actions next cycle

(Ancient Power) You have a one shot investigation, role block and doctor ability

(Brick Break) Target 3 players and destroy 3 repel items

(Scald) Target any write up and negate a action

13: Rayquaza: ???
Rayquaza test



Only those worthy can tame the mighty rayquaza. Are you worthy? Roll of 90. Only 70 and up will be considered worthy of Rayquaza

Go D. Usopp

Certified Memelord
sup ningens :Mshad

i couldnt be first cuz u god dem said after 5 or 6 hours then suddenly boom here we r thanks to alwaysbaba

not that i am complaining or anything :baka
Day-0 PokeNews



(Stored Power) Activate any evolution or legendary form ability

(Levitate) Obtain the closest Safari item your dice rolled in the phase

A Rare Pokemon has been spotted on post #34. First to reach it can challenge to obtain this pokemon
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