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    Come enter in this week's GotW and PotW!
    Deadline for both contests is February 28 at 9 pm UTC.
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PotW 144 -- In-Game Photography

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Photo of the Week 144

  • The theme for this contest is In-Game Photography.
  • In-game photography (also known as screenshot art, screenshot photography and professional gaming photography) is a form of new media art, which consists of photographing video game worlds. - Wikipedia ()
  • If your game doesn't accept screenshot commands, try using Fraps. Consoles and Steam have screenshot functions as well. Ask in the discussion thread if you experience technical difficulty.
  • For ideas on what would count as an acceptable entry please see the following:
    1. A screenshot from a 3D game with a fully controllable first-person or flying view.
    2. A screenshot of a carefully set-up scene. Carefully putting together some type of scene within a game, either using the normal characters or imported sprites/mods. You can even submit sources for the mods you have used in crafting your scene.
    3. A screenshot of some sort of specific gaming moment, such as a speedrun with your timer or an incredible game-winning moment. A description to help explain the image may be helpful here.
  • For some examples of past In-Game Photography entries, please check , and .
  • Screenshots need to be new and taken for the purpose of the contest.
  • Entry needs to be taken by you. No stealing screenshots!
  • You need to have some element of control. Therefore screenshots of pre-rendered cut-scenes are not acceptable.
  • You're not obligated to have professional equipment to participate. A working computer and print screen button is more than sufficient.
  • General section and global rules are still in effect.
  • Post your entry in a new thread in the Entries and Misc section. .
  • It's recommended to use a site like , Postimg or to host your upload.
  • Entries are due by Sunday, January the 31st at 9 PM UTC.
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