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Questions and Complaints FAQ: READ THIS before making a thread

Discussion in 'Questions & Complaints' started by Taxman, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Taxman Rail Tracer Lord of the Lock

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    This is a place to make sure your questions have not already been asked before which will save you the trouble of making a thread *and possibly being ridiculed*

    Think of this as a FAQ for people who don’t know about the FAQ located here:
    Naruto FAQ subforum (http://www.narutoforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=117)

    and here:

    The FAQ (http://www.narutoforums.com/faq.php)

    you can use Crtl + F as an aid to move through this FAQ

    so let’s get started.

    ~Avatar and Signature FAQ~

    Spoiler: what is an avatar?

    An avatar is an image that represents you as a user on this forum. On this forum, the red squared area is your avatar:

    Spoiler: How do I put up my avatar or change my avatar?
    Go to your User CP located here:

    Go to Edit Avatar:

    And use the second option of direct upload:

    You have successfully uploaded your avatar.

    Spoiler: I keep getting the error “Direct uploading has been disabled”

    The function to upload your avatar via a url link has been disabled for awhile and you can not use it to upload your avatar. You must use the direct upload feature:

    Spoiler: I use the direct upload feature for my avatar, yet I still get an error
    You can not upload bitmap files as your avatar. Make sure that your avatar is either a jpeg, png, or gif and that the file fits the member limits

    Spoiler: what are the avatar size limits?
    For regular members they are: 125x125 and 100kb

    For senior members they are: 150x150 and 341.8kb

    Spoiler: I've put up an avatar and I know it is an animated gif, but why is it only shown as a still image and not animated?
    It means your gif is exceeding the limit that is put on avatars. Make sure the image size is 125x125 or below and under 100kb *if you are a senior member, that would be 150x150 and 341.8kb*

    Once it fits those limits...it will be animated.

    Spoiler: I know that my avatar/sig uploaded, but why isn’t it appearing next to/under my posts?

    Make sure in your user options that you have “show avatar” and “show sig” as checked in your User Options


    and that you didn’t accidentally upload your avatar as your profile picture. Check by viewing your public profile by
    A) clicking on your user name in a thread and selecting “view User’s public profile”
    B) clicking on your user name at the bottom of the main page in the User list

    Spoiler: what is the difference between my avatar and my profile picture

    An avatar is what shows up next to your posts while a profile picture is what is shown when someone views your public profile.

    Spoiler: My user CP states that my limit is now 32kb, what happened?

    your file size gets reduced if you are reputation banned
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  2. Taxman Rail Tracer Lord of the Lock

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    Spoiler: what is a signature?

    A signature is a group of images, words, etc that is shown under your posts as a further indication that you posted in a thread.
    Spoiler: a sig

    Spoiler: How do I put up a sig/change my sig?

    If it’s an image, first you must upload it on an image hosting site, such as www.imageshack.us (http://www.imageshack.us) , then copy the “hotlink for forums(1)” coding it provides, go to your User CP -> Edit signature and you’ll be taken to a screen with a box that you can type in as if it were a post. Paste the coding from the image hosting site into the box and click preview changes to see if that’s what you want it to look like, and then click save changes

    Spoiler: what are the rules for a signature?

    Read the rules here:
    http://www.narutoforums.com/announcement.php?f=104&a=241 (http://www.narutoforums.com/announcement.php?f=40&a=130)
    also remember that it’s against the rules to have a signature displaying adult content

    Spoiler: Where can I request an avatar/signature?
    You can request signatures/avatars in this forum (http://www.narutoforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=48). Be sure to read the Rules (http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=117620) before posting.

    Spoiler: I don't want to see avatars or sigs anymore, what do I do?

    Go to your user options and uncheck "show avatars" and "show signatures"

    Spoiler: How can I block avatar and sig images so that I can't see them anymore (other than disabling signatures and avatars)

    1. Install Firefox
    First of all, if you use Internet Explorer you'll need to switch to Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is just a different kind of browser only much more secure and with better features. Obviously if you're already using it just skip this part.

    You can download Firefox here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/switch

    Don't worry about the switch as Firefox will import all your customized setting when you install it:

    Firefox imports your existing settings from Internet Explorer. An import wizard will run when you first install Firefox (and is also available later through the File menu, File > Import), and it imports your Favorites, options, cookies, stored passwords, and a variety of other data. This saves you time customizing Firefox to fit your needs.

    Remember to let it become your default browser as you probably won't need Explorer any more.

    2. Install Adblock Plus
    Now you will need Adblock Plus, an add-on for Firefox which will let you freely block images you don't want to load (surprisingly enough, including adverts).

    Download this here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1865

    Don't forget that after you install it, you need to click 'Restart Firefox' for the changes to take effect. It will close your browser and re-open it exactly as it was before (you won't lose any pages you were viewing).

    3. Begin Blocking Unwanted Images
    Now you've got that installed the rest is easy.
    Whenever you want to block a still image, right-click it and the following menu appears:

    For flash, instead of right-clicking, hover over the image until a block button appears

    4. Note that you can block the following:
    Signature Images:
    If someone has a signature image that's offensive, too large or just fugly...now you can simply block it. Instead of complaining about it to us =P.

    It will never load again.

    You can block these too, only be careful. Make sure you select 'Adblock Image' not 'Block images from...'

    The reason for this is avatars are uploaded to the server so choosing the other option may block all images from www.narutoforums.com...not (http://www.narutoforums.com...not) just the users avatar.

    Youtube Videos: These can be blocked in exactly the same way as flash. Just hover over the video until the block button appears

    [Don't worry, you won't block the video altogether, you will still be able to view it on youtube. You'll simply be blocking it from loading on the Forum pages.]

    For more information on Avatars and Signatures, read this thread:
    official signature and avatar guide (http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=96108)

    ~Posting FAQ~

    Spoiler: Why doesn’t my post count go up?
    There are certain areas on the forums where the posts do not count and will not be added to the number that appears under your avatar.

    These sections include:
    The Konoha Times
    Academy Registration
    The Fanclub section
    The Blender
    The Chatter Box
    Pachinko Parlour
    Staff Conference Room
    The Frequently Asked Questions
    The Landfill

    Spoiler: why does my post count go down?
    Your post count will go down if a staff member has deleted one of your posts or you have deleted a post. It will also go down if a thread you posted in is moved to an area where posts don’t count *see the previous question for these sections*. Your post count will also go down if a thread you posted in is deleted. Most cases, a thread is moved to the landfill where posts don’t count which would cause your post count to go down.

    Spoiler: Why can’t I see my post rank?

    If you are using the orange, naruto skin, then you must have an avatar in order for you to view your rank on the forum. If you don’t have an avatar up, you can view your rank in your public profile.

    You can see your rank without an avatar on the blue Sasuke skin and it’s located under Custom User Title.

    Spoiler: Can I get a custom rank?
    If you win a forum wide contest, there is a possibility that you can win a custom rank of your choosing if you win.

    Spoiler: How do I see the latest posts made on the forum?

    Go to the top page and select “new posts”:


    Spoiler: how do I view a single post?

    Click on the number on the upper right side of a post.


    This will link you to a new window that will only display that post.

    Spoiler: Why can't I edit my post?
    The reason for this is most likely because you have an infraction. You'll be able to edit your post once again once the points expire

    Spoiler: what is multi quote and how do I use it?

    It's a feature that allows you to quote more than one post in your response. It makes the process much easier.

    To use multi-quote: You have to click the "Multi-quote" button on each post you want to quote, THEN on the last post click the "Quote" Button. At least that's what I've figured out so far.

    Also, if you click multi quote in a thread and then go into a new thread, then if youy click "go advanced", then you will see an option inbetween the message box and the icon area saying that you have X number of posts quoted from a different thread, would you like to add them in your post? Then it will give you an option to add those posts or to deselect them.
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  3. Taxman Rail Tracer Lord of the Lock

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    ~Profile and Options FAQ~

    Spoiler: how do I view my public profile?

    Either click on your avatar, your username in a thread and select “view User’s public profile” or click on your name at the bottom of the main page in the member list.

    Spoiler: How can people post even though it says they are offline?

    Members that appear offline yet still post are in “invisible” mode.

    Spoiler: how do I use “invisible mode”?
    go to your edit options and check off “use invisible mode”

    Spoiler: I don’t want the word “Newbie” appearing under my name, how do I change it?

    That is your User Custom Title. Go to your User CP -> Edit Profile and go here:


    Type in what you want your custom title to be and save your changes

    *note: there is a character limit on the custom title so don’t go crazy with it

    Spoiler: I here there are four skins/forum themes: a naruto skin, a sakura skin, a sasuke skin, and an akatsuki skin. How do I change my skin?

    Go to your user CP and Edit options. Scroll to the bottom to the Miscellaneous options and go to “forum Skin”


    Change it to the skin you want. Orange for the Naruto Skin, Uchiha Sasuke for the blue sasuke skin, Sakura for the pink sakura skin, and Akatsuki for the red akatsuki skin, and then save your changes.

    The drop down menu at the bottom of the page:
    Spoiler: don’t use this

    This does not save the skin in your options. So if you switch the skins with this drop down menu and you log out, when you log back in, you'll have the skin you were on before you switched. In order to save the skin as your preferred skin, you'll need to save that option in "user options"

    ~Thread FAQ~

    Spoiler: how do I make a new thread?

    First, use the search fuction to make sure the thread you wish to make hasn’t already been made. If it hasn’t, select “New Thread” which is located here:


    This will lead you to a page in which to type out a post to start your new thread. Give it a title and then click “submit new thread”

    Spoiler: How do I add a poll?

    There are two ways to add a poll:
    1) When creating a new thread, there will be an option at the bottom to add a poll and how many options do you want in your poll:


    2) If you already made your thread and want to add a poll, you will have approx. 10 minutes to click on the thread tools option located here:


    And select Add a poll and create your poll.

    You if you want to edit your poll…you need to contact a staff member who would be able to do that for you *see staff member question in the Miscellaneous FAQ*
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  4. Taxman Rail Tracer Lord of the Lock

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    Spoiler: why can't I vote in a poll?
    The reason for this is most likely because you have an infraction point against you. You'll be able to vote again once the point expires

    Spoiler: Can I edit the title of a thread I created?

    You have a ten to thirty minute window to edit the name of your thread before you are unable to do so. Once you are not able to edit the title of a thread, you need to contact either a smod or the mod of the particular section in which your thread was made in order to change the title of the thread

    Spoiler: How do I view all of the threads or posts I or another member have made?

    1. Click on your user name
    2. Go to "view public profile"
    3. Click on "find all threads made by *insert member name* or "find all posts by *insert member name*


    1. go to search -> advanced search
    2. search by user name -> type in the member you are looking for
    3. search for threads started by the user
    4. select search

    Spoiler: what is a subscription?

    A subscription will allow you to keep track of a thread or subforum that you wish to keep an eye on and see when it’s updated.

    Your subscriptions are listed in your User CP

    Spoiler: How do I subscribe to a thread/subforum?

    Go to thread/forum tools and select “subscribe to this thread/forum”, then select if you wish to be contacted by e-mail if your thread was updated or not *usually not…you don’t want random emails telling you that someone responded to a thread now do you..xD*…so select no e-mail notification and click ok

    Spoiler: how do I unsubscribe from a thread?

    In your user CP, click on “view all subscribed threads” which is located at the bottom of your subscriptions listing. Check off the threads you wish to unsubscribe from and scroll to the bottom where you’ll see a drop down menu. Select “delete subscriptions” and then click “go”

    Spoiler: How can I find out how many posts I have in a thread?
    Either hold your cursor over the envelope picture that is displayed to the left of the thread name and that will tell you, or click the number to the right of the thread name and it will show you the members who have posted in there and how many posts they have in that thread

    Spoiler: How can I find out who has the most posts in a thread?
    While in a forum, click on the number that appears to the right of the thread title which represent the number of posts that thread contains. The person on the top of that list has the most posts in the thread and it will tell you how many posts that member has in the thread.

    ~Coding FAQ~

    Spoiler: How do I put up spoiler tags?
    use the coding [.spoiler]enter text here[./spoiler] *remove the periods to get this
    enter text here

    Spoiler: how do I change the name of the spoiler? i.e. how do I change it from “spoiler” to “my FCs”?
    In the coding for spoiler tags do this:
    [.spoiler=My FCs]FCs[./spoiler] again remove the periods and you get
    Spoiler: My FCs

    Spoiler: how can I turn my spoiler tag into a link?

    the coding: (http://forums.narutofan.com/showthread.php?t=143601)

    Spoiler: how do I put a slash through a word like I’ve seen in some people’s posts?

    Use the coding word[./s] *remove the period and you get this

    Spoiler: How do I put up a youtube video in my post?
    use this coding"
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  5. Taxman Rail Tracer Lord of the Lock

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    Spoiler: What do the messages shown when the rep bar is hovered over mean? What are the rep ranks and how much rep do I need to get to them?

    This is another function of reputation levels. It does not directly contribute to how much power to affect others' reputations a user has.

    Rep Ranks:

    *note: as of November 3rd, 2006, the rank of "much to be proud of" at 1000-1500 rep has been changed to "bearer of wisdom"

    Spoiler: How do I see the reputations I've been left?

    In the User CP, under latest reputation recieved.

    Spoiler: How can I figure out who gave me a reputation comment?

    Unless you're a mod, or a Super Moderator or an admin checks your profile for you, there is no way to be certain. The only other way to know is if they leave their name in the rep, or you can figure it out by the comment they left.

    If you wish to know...PM a smod or admin or make a thread in the Staff Conference Room

    Spoiler: What do the colors in the reputation recieved window signify?

    Negative Rep: You lose points.
    Null Rep: Member who repped you doesn't meet the requirements to give rep away. You're points stay the same.
    Positive Rep: You gain points.

    note: On the Sakura Skin, Pink is positive rep and Blue is negative rep

    Spoiler: How often can I leave reputation comments?

    You can only give reputation to between 10 and 20 people in a 24 hour period, depending on how much time you wait between each. Giving many reputations out in a short period will quickly max you out for the day.

    Spoiler: Why can't I rep the same person again?

    To prevent abuse of the rep system, the number of times you can rep the same person is limited based upon the number of reputation comments you've left in all and the number you've left that particular person. If you find you can't give someone reputation, you'll have to rep other people before you can rep that person again.

    Spoiler: What's the difference between reputation points and reputation power?

    Reputation points is the amount of reputation you have in total; reputation power is the amount you change someone's rep points when repping them.

    Spoiler: What does it mean when someone’s rep bar is black?

    It means they disabled their rep and don’t wish for it to be shown.

    Spoiler: I’m sick of seeing my rep, how do I disable it?

    Go to your user options in your User CP and uncheck “show my reputation level”:


    Spoiler: What is rep abuse?

    Rep abuse constitutes the following:
    1. Repeatedly leaving negative reputation for the same member for no good reason
    2. Leaving nothing but or almost nothing but negative reputation comments for people in general
    3. Using flaming, cursing, and insults in reputation comments

    Rep abuse is serious misconduct, and can result in
    1. Your reputation being disabled/put into the negative
    2. A ban.
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  6. Taxman Rail Tracer Lord of the Lock

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    Spoiler: How can I tell how much rep I give out?
    There is a formula that will give you a rough estimate on how much rep you give out.

    You get one point of rep altering power for every 7 days on the forum
    You get one point of rep altering power for every 50 posts
    You get one point of rep altering power for every 1000 rep points you have

    Add those numbers together and add 2 for the two you receive when you first join and that is an estimate on how much positive rep you give out. For negative rep, take the number you got for positive rep and divide it by 2.

    Spoiler: Is there a way to remove a reputation comment from the User CP?
    Yes. There are three ways.
    One is to delete the post that you were repped for. This will remove the comment, however, any reputation points you gained or lost will still be intact due to that rep.

    The second way is to ask a smod to physically remove it. This method would leave the reputation points the same.

    The third way is to ask an admin. This method would cause the actual rep amount you gained or lost to also be removed

    Spoiler: Can I have a custom rep rank?

    ~The Ban FAQ~

    Spoiler: what does it mean when I have a slash through my name?
    You are banned....sorry...:(

    Spoiler: I can't see a particular section that I used to post in, Why?
    There is a possibility that you were section banned which means you were banned just from a particular section. This happens when you are misbehaving in one section but not all of the others.

    Spoiler: I get a message saying that my IP was banned when I click on a subforum, Why?
    If you are using AOL (America Online), you could be sharing an IP address with a member who is IP banned. Just refresh the page until it works.

    If you aren't using AOL, then make a thread in Q&C

    Spoiler: I can't make a thread, why?
    You have been placed in the "Reply only" usergroup because you have broken rules by the threads you have made

    Spoiler: I can't rep anyone, why?
    You have been reputation banned because you have broken rules in the comments you have left in other people's reputations.

    Spoiler: I can't edit my avy or sig, make threads, or rep anyone, why?
    You have been placed in the probation user group. Either you have just come off a long ban and have to be re-assimilated into the forum or you are one step from being perm banned.

    Spoiler: what is this Konoha Court I here of?
    It's the only subforum that banned members can see and post in, and it's used for banned members to plead their case as to why they should be unbanned before their required time is over

    Spoiler: Can I be banned from the courts?/What is a lvl2 ban?
    Yes, you can be banned from the courts by still breaking the rules in the court. This ban is called a level 2 ban

    Spoiler: I was banned for 3 weeks, while someone else who did the same thing was banned for 1 week, why?

    It is up to the staff members discretion based on the severity and prior conduct of the user *shown by infractions and user notes* that determines the user's ban length. If you have been banned before for the action while the other member hasn't, then you are going to get a longer ban length because bans are cumulative.

    Spoiler: why can't I post, make a thread, or view a user's profile...I don't have a slash through my name so I'm not banned

    your account is awaiting to be activated. PM a staff member so that they can get your account activated and then you'll be able to do all of those functions

    Spoiler: What are infractions?
    infractions is a system for the moderators to use that is like the warn post feature which keeps a permanent record of the members warned offenses. Getting too many infractions can lead to a forum wide ban.

    You are sent a PM when a mod gives you an infraction point and it appears in your User CP and public profile.

    Spoiler: Do the messages left with infraction points disappear?
    Even when the points expire, the comments can not be removed. It serves as a reminder of what you have gotten in trouble for and mods can further use them as evidence against you if you are in consideration of being banned.

    ~Miscellaneous FAQ~

    Spoiler: who are the moderators/smoderators/admins/advisors and what to they do?

    You can find the staffers by clicking on the “view forum leaders” link here:

    Moderators on the main page of the Forum are listed with Green, italic names. Moderators are able to edit posts/threads in the area that they are able to control.

    Super Moderators are listed as italic Dark Blue, Pink, and Red:
    Dark Blue for male smods
    Pink for Female smods

    Smods have the same powers as mods, but they are able to do it in all the subforum whereas mods only have certain subforums that they can control. Smods also have the power to ban people.

    Admins are listed with bold, italic, black names.
    Admins have the powers of mods and smods, but they also can control the inner framework of the forum which means they can add and remove subforums, set post ranks, rep ranks, avatar size, etc

    Members listed in bold black letters have some admin powers, but you should go to those listed on the forum leaders page for your questions.

    Advisors are members with Dark Red names, they have the ability to help the staff with cerain issues.

    Spoiler: how do I inform a staff member of a problem?

    either PM a staff member, make a post in the staff conference room located here: staff conference room (http://www.narutoforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=143), or if it's a problem with a member, click on the warn post button which is located right next to the give reputation button.

    Spoiler: how do I change my user name?
    refer to this thread and make sure to read the first post:
    ]Member Name Change Service (http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=77474)

You will be led to this page:

Type the members’ names who you wish to ignore and click save. This will cause those members’ posts to appear as if they were deleted

Spoiler: When I use the akatsuki skin, there is an "f" on the corner, why and how do I get rid of it?

The "f" was something accidentally put in by the creators of the skin. We know where it is (in the header) but the active admins cannot remove it. Only the sadmins (Tazmo and Mbxx) can remove it, but they're rarely on.

Spoiler: What are referrals?
simply put, they are the number of people who have listed you as the person who showed them the forum. When a member registers, there is an option to put down the member, if any, that introduced them to NF. The member they listed will gain one referral

Spoiler: Do you get anything based on the number of referrals you have?
No....unless you count the satisfaction of leading people to the forum something worth getting

Spoiler: what are the requirements for being a senior member and how do I become one?

The requirements are
1000 posts
3000 rep points
6 months on NF

When you have met the requirements go to your Group memberships in your User CP and apply.

Spoiler: The forum keeps logging me out after 10 minutes...how can I fix this?
when you log in, make sure that you have "remember me" checked and that you are allowing cookies to be enabled

Spoiler: I've lost my senior membership...why?
You broke a rule and as a punishment, you were removed from the user group

Spoiler: I’ve heard of a Bathhouse subforum, what is that and How do I apply to it?

The bathhouse is a subforum meant for 18+ material and conversations.

Once you are 18 and have 100 posts you can apply for the bath house by going to your group memberships and requesting to join.

You can be not be accepted if we discover you really aren’t 18. You can be kicked out after you are accepted if we learn you are not 18 or if you are breaking the rules in there.

Spoiler: I lost my membership to the 18+ user group...why?
Reasons could be that you were flaming in the BH, spamming in the BH, or you were found out to be younger than 18

Spoiler: What is the character limit for a post? rep comment?
The character limit for a post is 10000 characters. The character limit for a rep comment is 235 characters.

Spoiler: why was my FC trashed?
Most of the time, it is because the FC you created has been made before also known as a “dupe”. Use the search function to make sure a FC hasn’t already been made for your topic. Another reason could be that your FC was filled with Spam and/or flaming or wasn’t considered a FC at all.

More info on FC policy can be found here:

FC rules (http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=193291)

And if you have any issues, you should PM Ruri (http://www.narutoforums.com/member.php?u=28136)
She’ll be happy to help you.
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Taxman, Oct 9, 2006
Taxman, Oct 9, 2006
  • Taxman Rail Tracer Lord of the Lock

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    Spoiler: What are Private Messages?
    Private messages are used so that one member can specifically talk to another member without making a post in the public forum for everyone to see.

    Normal members are capable of having 100 messages total. Senior members are allowed to have 200 private message space.

    Spoiler: How do I view my Private messages?
    By clicking the word “Private Messages” located here:


    Spoiler: how do I save my PMs onto my hard drive or delete my PMs?
    you'll see a box where you can check mark the PMs you wish to delete/save. After checking the boxes of the PMs you wish to delete/save, scroll to the bottom and you'll see a drop down menu. To delete, select delete in the drop down menu and then press go. To save your PMs onto your hard drive, select "save as txt files" in the drop down menu and then press go.

    Spoiler: I see "+" symbols next to certain people's usernames...what does it mean?
    This means that the member is on your "buddy list"...if you wish to remove the member from your buddy list, go to your user cP -> buddy/ignore lists and remove the member from the buddy list, or go to the user's public profile and click "remove user from your buddy list".

    Spoiler: why is the forum laggy?
    The forum can be laggy if two many members are online at once. This is usually caused by a DoDS attack which means many packets are being sent to the site. They are listed as “guests” but there isn’t a real person looking at the site, just packets of information taking up server slots.

    The forum can also be laggy if the servers are having issues or being updated.

    Spoiler: what does it mean when I get a database error or a 500 internet error?

    This means that the forums' servers have encountered a problem and will be back up soon.

    Spoiler: I keep getting this annoying "vb short update" message...what does it mean and why do I get it?

    well...vbulletin which is the software for this forum was updated and has to work it's way through all of the servers. Getting this error means that some things haven't been fully updated in the server you are in. If you get this message...keep refreshing the page, it will go away. Until then, you just have to wait it out.

    Spoiler: Where can I find these "forum contests" and what are the prizes?

    forum contests can be found in many sections such as the library, artist gallery, graphics studio, chatterbox, blender, fanart/fanworks, fanclub contests.

    Prizes that are usually offered are:
    sparkley name
    custom post rank
    custom user title
    150x200 avatar
    getting a smilie updated

    Spoiler: I've been sig disabled/reply only'd/section banned/etc, why am I also rep sealed/banned?
    All ban user groups cause a rep seal in which you cannot be repped but you can still rep others.

    Only the probation user group and the Rep Disabled user group remove your ability to rep other members.

    It's just something that vbulletin does, deal with it

    Spoiler: what are "modfucks"?
    Modfucks are jokes the staff like to play on members by editing their avatar, signature, etc. They usually don't last long and can be reversed

    Spoiler: How do I end my narutofan plus account via paypal?

    Even though this forum has nothing to do with narutofan + or the fact that the questions and complaints subforum even states in its own description " NOT for NarutoFan PLUS! questions.", I've still seen a number of these complaints pop up about how to end one's narutofan plus account via paypal so I'm making this thread in the one subforum where these questions pop up the most in the hope that they will stop being made.

    How to cancel your narutofan plus account via paypal:

    1) go to paypal and go to your account

    2) click on the History tab

    3) then go to Show Subscriptions

    4) Then go to the details for the Narutofan PLUS payment

    5) and finally select cancel.

    One final tip:
    Read the Announcements on the top of the forums...it will save you a lot of time since it mentions some of the newer rules and when there isn’t a new chapter or episode that week.
    The announcements are located here:
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    ~BitTorrent FAQ~

    use this thread: BitTorrent Tutorial (http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=139759)

    Spoiler: Why Use BitTorrent
    There are many different reasons why fansubbing groups such as ADC, KF, Dattebayo, and Gerusama use BitTorrent as their preferred method of distributing their releases, here are a few:
    It's Cheaper - Using BitTorrent frees up Bandwith for the Fansubbers' Websites by reallocating it between seeders and leechers.
    Files become available longer - As long as people are seeding the files on a BitTorrent client then the download is still available.
    It's actually faster* - Because bandwith is switched from one server to many different peers dealing directly with one another more bandwith becomes available and leechers do not consume all the filer server's bandwith.
    I'm sure there are more reasons, but this is all I can think of at the moment.

    Spoiler: Definitions/What is Bittorent?
    Bittorrent is a file-sharing program without a centralized server. While downloading a torrent you are a "leecher". While upload a torrent you are a "seed". Usually, you are downloading and uploading at the same time, so you are both.
    BitTorrent is a protocol designed for transferring files. It is peer-to-peer in nature, as users connect to each other directly to send and receive portions of the file. There is also one central server (called a tracker) which coordinates the action of all such peers.

    Terminology: Here's some basic terminology you'll want to get firmiliar with:
    • Torrent - The file which tells your client what to download. Essentially it's the key to your download and your client is the door.
    • Tracker - A server on the Internet that acts to coordinate the action of BitTorrent clients.
    • Client - This can also be referred to as your program. It is the service you use to download your programs. (i.e. µTorrent, Azureus, etc.)
    • Peer - Another computer connected to the peer to peer (p2p) network to share information.
    • Peer to Peer (p2p) - A term used to describe file sharing from computer to computer rather than downloading from a file server.
    • Direct Download - A download from a file server to a computer.
    • Seeders - Those who let others download files from them, essentially sharing their bandwith and file with a group of peers.
    • Leechers - Those who download the files. Sometimes Leechers download a torrent file and close the BitTorrent client right afterwards; this is very rude and very frowned upon by all involved in the BitTorrent community.
    • Reseeding - This is a phenomena that occurs when no one is seeding a specific torrent. Reseeding is the act of putting a file back onto the torrent client for others to download upon request (Usually the requester will seed the file for a lengthened period of time as gratitude for the reseeding.)
    • [Batch] - This is a term you usually see at the end of a torrent filename. This is used to describe a torrent that allows you to download multiple files into the same folder (i.e. ADC_One_Piece_220_230_[Batch].torrent) Usually if you only want one specific file from the batch and cannot find an individual torrent for it then your client will allow you to pick that specific file from the [Batch] torrent.
    Spoiler: Clients

    • µTorrent available at http://www.utorrent.com/ (µTorrent is the one I use).
    • Azureus available at http://azureus.sourceforge.net/ (Very popular)
    • BitTorrent (Official Client) available at http://www.bittorrent.com/download.html
    • BitTornado available at http://bittornado.com/
    • TorrentFlux available at http://www.torrentflux.com/
    • Torrent Swapper available at http://bit-torrent.sourceforge.net/
    • Burst! available at http://krypt.dyndns.org:81/torrent/
    • cTorrent available at http://ctorrent.sourceforge.net/
    • G3 Torrent available at http://g3torrent.sourceforge.net/
    • Yet Another Bittorent Client available at http://pingpong-abc.sourceforge.net/download.php

    Spoiler: The Process

    Download. Setup. Download Torrent. Open Torrent. Wait. Play. Be Happy.
    Download the BitTorrent Program. For a list of recommended programs please scroll down.
    Once you download the BitTorrent Program, or CLIENT, set it up as you would any other program. Note: you may need to configure ports or contact a network administrator or check the respective Program's website's FAQ's for tips/troubleshooting issues. I know there are also threads on here dedicated to BitTorrent Troubeshooting, but this specific thread is dedicated to helping you understand/setup BitTorrent.

    Go to the respective fansubbing sites(or other torrent sites), and download the torrent. Once you have dowloaded the torrent open it up and your BitTorrent program should automatically open up. You can also chose to open your program first then search or the newly downloaded torrent.

    If downloading a [BATCH] torrent File: If you've downloaded a [Batch] torrent file then repeat the same steps as a regular torrent file to start downloading. THE KEY DIFFERENCE is in selecting which files within the batch you wish to select. In most BitTorrent client's once you open up the [Batch] torrent file you'll get to select which files from the batch and you download what you want. [Batch] files usually have their own folder where individual files have no folder. The folder with the episode pack (with only the episodes you want) show up on the desktop or wherever you designate your files to be downloaded to.

    Spoiler: Etiquette
    BitTorrent Etiquette: It is very important to understand the proper Etiquette for downloading and using any torrent related files.

    This is essential to keeping BitTorrents available at a regular and consistent rate. People are being courteous when they allow you their bandwith and files when you leech, please return the favor to others.
    As a general rules I recommend everyone seed for as long as they have leeched.
    Honestly I can't emphasize this enough. If a file needs to be reseeded and you are the requester, chances are other people might want the Torrent as well. Please keep the file open until you see a reasonable amount of seeders available again. Again, seeding is the Backbone of the BitTorrent community.

    DON'T Refresh torrent pages more than once per half hour or so. They'll ban you and you'll have to wait forever to get the precious, precious episode.

    Seed. Seed. Seed. Seed.

    Spoiler: Speed up your bittorrent
    The most effective and useful way to increase your rate is to increase your participate. To do this, leave your torrent open after you've finished DLing. This will allow other users to get the file too. Don't be greedy!

    Spoiler: Another, riskier way

    Also, opening ports is a risky way to increase your BT speed.
    NOTE: This may increase you suspectability to spyware, hacking, viruses, etc. Do it at your own risk.
    Enter Control Panel and find the settings for your firewall (usually under Network settings)
    Open as a many ports between 6881 and 6889 as your fell like. Opening them all can up to quintuple your download rate. My recommendation is to only open the posts when downloading a torrent, and then close it when you are done.

    ~IRC FAQ~



    Blue for most of the Reputation questions.
    mvlax22 and Reznor for the bittorrent FAQ
    Pek for the IRC FAQ
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