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Discussion in 'Art Lounge' started by HAL 9000, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. HAL 9000 My mission is too important

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    Oct 10, 2006
    This is not technically an artist showcase though I'm hoping it will become one. I have a script for a graphic novel/webcomic/whatever and I need assistance with it. You see I can write, but I can't draw. At all. So I need an artist. Therefore I am putting an advertisment on these forums looking for an artist. I'm posting the description of the opening cover on here. I'd like anyone who thinks they can be an artist for and wants to, to either post their illustration here or e-mail it to me at Warning: This comic will contain drug and alcahol references, sex and nudity, several gay or lesbian character and huge amounts of intense violence. If your green with that then... Anyway here's the cover:

    Cover illustration: A tall man, wearing a closed black trench coat. He has black hair, black jeans (from what you can see) and black leather boots. He has his left eye covered by bandages the other is closed. His head is hung. In his left hand is a large semi-auto pistol (45) and in the other is a huge suitcase. He is walking in an alley with a cobble stone sidewalk. Behind him is a New York-esque sci-fi cityscape.