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Rob Lucci > Katakuri Tier


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Wasn’t Lucci on Sabo’s level in the movies? I’d love to see Luffy give Lucci a beat down in their next encounter. Just to show the gap in power now.

We also saw luffy in G2 fighting Z who was able to fight Kizaru.

So you see where the problem lies when it comes to movies?


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I don't think he's even close to Katakuri in strength (no offense). I'd have to see more than him clashing with Sabo in a movie to be convinced he can beat Katakuri. Obviously he's way stronger than before and maybe he's even strong enough to fight a Yonko Commander but there isn't much to suggest he's anywhere near Katakuri in strength. It's pure speculation (obviously me saying he isn't is also speculation since he hasn't done much on screen post-timeskip). I just hope we see him do something soon so he doesn't just show up around that strength.

OG sama

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While everybody else is touching Top Tier, Rob Lucci will be like YC3 tier lol. He ain’t on Luffys level no more and most definitely won’t be in the final War or whenever they end up sharing the same arc again lol.

Maybe I will be generous and put him at YC1 level EOS.
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