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Rules. Read them You Nutjobs.

Discussion in 'Naruto Battledome' started by Vegeta, Nov 18, 2004.

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  1. Vegeta

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    Aug 20, 2003
    Spoilers ARE allowed here, BUT a WARNING of *SPOILER* then a couple of lines, or Whited out text.

    Don't go crazy with threads like Udon vs the Ramen Girl. Common sense hopefully will prevail.

    NO Non Naruto Characters.

    ;) Post away.
  2. Gooba

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    Jan 17, 2005
    A few more rules:

    Before you make a battle, search. If it already exists just bump it with whatever your opinion is.

    If you are making a thread please specify which version of a character you are using. A lot has changed after the timeskip, so it is important to know which timeframe you are talking about.

    If the thread involved a character who is already dead, do not post just saying "Haku loses because he is dead LOLZ!!!" or anything to that effect. It adds nothing to the debate, not even your opinion of what the actual outcome would be. Obviously the thread creator means the version of them that is alive, they don't need to specify.

    No flaming. These debates get heated at times, since you can be defending a character you are emotionally attached to against someone who hates him. This can make you get mad and want to get personal. Don't. A difference in opinion does not reflect badly on a person's intelligence. Explain the proponderance of evidence you may have against their opinion, but do it as a professional lawyer would. They can defend real people without calling eachother idiots or noobs, so you should be able to control yourself when defending a work of fiction. I will delete flaming posts, and excessive flaming can result in disciplinary action against the flamer, including being banned.

    Read this. It is very important to understand the general idea behind this reasoning. It is very well thought out and correct.

    This had been an unspoken rule for a long time, but it should be here too. The manga is the final word in any dispute.

    This last one is just a suggestion, but please put a poll in your post. It is a very nice feature for a thread like the ones made here.
  3. Blue Supporting Staff Retired Staff

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    Dec 5, 2004
    A word on flaming, trolling, and the like.

    Recently the amount of ridiculous arguments, purposeful antagonistic statements, and downright flaming has gotten out of hand.

    This is directed at those who start/continue flamewars and baiting contests.

    -Do not make ridiculous arguements for the purpose of getting a rise.

    -Do not respond to said ridiculous arguements, or any post, in a hostile manner

    -Do not make ridiculous threads (Sasuke vs. Yondaime, Naruto vs. Sandaime) for the purpose of continuing a war or making a point

    If you can continue to post in the battledome without being overly hostile and combative, then there will be no problem. If you cannot, then there are bans in order. This is your warning. If you are the flamebaiter type, please stop being... you. If you're like one of their detractors, do not respond negitively to posts like his. If you do, you will be banned too. Ignore people like him if you have to. Try out the ignore function.

    Let's try to make the Battledome fun for everyone again, eh?
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