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Sasuke vs. Naruto: Sasuke can't lose.

Discussion in 'Konoha Library' started by Xerces, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Xerces Active Member

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    The topic of 'Naruto vs. Sasuke' has been debated thoroughly in the past, and with good reason. Their upcoming battle is upon us, and many have taken the liberty of predicting the outcome. However, countless predictions have been filled with logical fallacies, and baseless speculation. The goal of this thread was to analyze manga evidence and create a rational prediction.

    One can only accurately predict the outcome of this battle, when analyzing the manga from an unbiased, and oblique perspective. In doing this, I could only conclude that Naruto cannot defeat Sasuke. This premise is based on 4 fundamental pillars, that strengthen the argument:

    Sasuke is too fast.

    This particular topic had been debated with much controversy in the past. However, I believe that we can finally come to a consensus and factually state that Sasuke is indeed faster than Naruto.

    Conversely, Sasuke blitz V1 Raikage, dodged his Lightning Elbow, and landed a blow to Raikage's vital area, all in an instant. From looking at these two case studies, any rational reader should be able to use deductive reasoning, and verify that Sasuke is faster than Naruto.

    Sasuke is too smart

    Time and time again, we have seen Sasuke display his cunning ability to assess, adapt and succeed. Without faulter he has always had the ability to avert dangerous scenarios, from taking advantage of rudimentary tools in his fight with Zabuza, to realizing his elemental advantage in his duel with Deidara. Even when pitted against 5 Kages, he still had the acumen to live to fight another day.

    On the other hand, Naruto has not displayed his tactical maturity in a very long time. Time and time again, he has reverted to the 'Rasengan' to conveniently get him out of dangerous situations. Although this technique has worked in the past, a tactical maturity has not been observed in the process. For this reason, Naruto is putting himself in danger.

    Sasuke is an Uchiha

    As the old axiom goes, "Only an Uchiha can defeat an Uchiha". Throughout the manga, this old postulate has been strengthened every time it has been challenged.

    • Zabuza failed to kill Sasuke
    • Naruto failed to defeat Sasuke, multiple times.
    • Kakashi failed to defeat Sasuke
    • Orochimaru failed to defeat Sasuke
    • Deidara failed to defeat Sasuke
    • 5 Kages failed to defeat Sasuke.

    And the list goes on. Moreover, on the single occasion where the positive premise of this postulate was tested, it turned out to be true. Itachi, an Uchiha, died at the hands of Sasuke, another Uchiha. Furthermore, any rational reader must accept this notion, until proven false. Therefore the notion of Naruto 'defeating' Sasuke is a false premise, and can never happen.

    Sasuke has EMS

    The EMS has been regarded as the 'final secret of the Sharingan', and rightfully so. The details and full power of the EMS have not yet been revealed, therefore the technicalities of this premise will not be explained in high detail. With that being said, Naruto has not displayed any technique or maneuver with the capabilities of penetrating a full powered Susanoo or avoiding Amaterasu.

    • Naruto was blitz by V1 Raikage
    • Raikage needed to jump from V1 to V2 to dodge Amaterasu

    This in itself should tell any rational reader, that Naruto would be burned to a crisp the instant Sasuke decides to use Amaterasu. Moreover, the EMS still has undiscovered abilities that are not yet known to the reader. With that being said, any rational reader should conclude that the EMS gives Sasuke a gargantuan advantage in this fight.


    When any rational reader amalgamates these premises together, it becomes strikingly obvious that Naruto is outclassed. Naruto is still chasing the shadow of his father, while Sasuke is chasing the shadow of Rikudou Sennin. After realizing this fact, the comparison between these two is humorous.

    At this threads inception, I did not know what the outcome of this fight would be. However, after analyzing the manga from a rational viewpoint, this was the conclusion that was made. Hopefully this thread can clear up some misconceptions about this topic, and give us a better understanding of the manga's intentions.

  2. Naruto Henge! Administrator

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