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Sealing Questions

Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki' started by Ultra Instinct Senjutsu, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Ultra Instinct Senjutsu Mokuton of Fun

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    Aug 2, 2018
    United States
    We have seen seals used in a variety of ways, especially for containing a tailed beast within a jinchuriki.

    A couple Q's about seals in general.

    Could you, in theory, seal another person within yourself, and utilize their chakra, not unlike that done to a tailed beast?
    Example: If you were to defeat Naruto/Sasuke to a inch of their lives, and someone helped to seal them within you, would you then be able to tap into either their chakra, or abilities?

    **This is potentially how I think Karma somewhat works, by tapping into abilities and chakra of those used to give the seal.
    Also, I think Karma takes "life force" to give, and this may be brought up as to why Kawaki is a "vessel", as I think Jigen is either getting weaker, or needs a fresh body, not unlike Orochimaru, but in Jigens case, its O'clan power he wants to keep recycling, not get a little boy with Sharingan.

    Does being sealed make you temporarily immortal?
    Example: You are sick, near death, or defeated, but have an ability that would be critical to others later in life, perhaps a hundred years.
    Could you be sealed within an inanimate vessel, and kept there for however long, then released when you are needed?
    We see Sai use his tiger to drag people into a scroll to be sealed, so would they die after a certain amount of time, or just exist, straight Schrodinger style?

    Could you make a pseudo Juubi clone by literally sealing a tiny portion of each tailed beast into a single person, or would the different chakras fade away if they weren't given willingly?
    Gold/Silver brothers seemed to keep their chakra they got from Kurama, seems somewhat feasible if a tny bit of each was absorbed, and someone helped to cast a seal, they'd be semi comparable to Naruto, at least when he got a knuckle tap from each beast.
    Minato was able to seal his, and Kushina's chakra within Naruto, where it remained for easily over a decade, granted Naruto couldn't use it, as much as it can assist him in someway.
    Potentially sealing that shred from each tailed beast could still grant the Kekei some have, like Son Goku granting Lava Style to his Jinchuriki.
    Seems like a fan fic of building a juubi chakra wielding army.