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Setting Crossover: Berserk and FMA

Discussion in 'Akihabara Records' started by Dagda_Mor, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Dagda_Mor I really need more sleep.

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    Jan 9, 2005
    Sometime in the near future, I plan to start writing a series of fanfiction pieces set in a combination of the Berserk and Fullmetal Alchemist mangas. Although there are alot of readily apparent differences between the two settings, there are also a number of interesting areas in which they have some common ground.

    (WARNING: The following material contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for the Fullmetal Alchemist and Berserk mangas, and by extension some of the corresponding animes- if you haven't read them yet, follow the links provided because they're both absolutely amazing.).

    The World:
    The world of this setting can be divided into roughly four parts: Amestris, Midland, The Great Desert and Xing.

    Amestris is a powerful nation-state to the west, a military nation that has expanded throughout its long history of border skirmishes. Amestris's military is technologically superior, with a large number of Knight-Alchemists and their development of primitive firearms (The arquebus and early muskets). Their technology is roughly on par with early 16th century Europe.

    To the north, the region of Midland has long been composed of countless warring kingdoms. However, in the past ten years many conflicts have been resolved through diplomacy or force, and a tenuous peace now exists (albeit one fraught with political infighting). Two important factors in the creation of this situation was a common enemy in the form of Amestris' increased expansion and the heroic efforts of a mercenary company known as the Band of the Hawk to check this unwanted enroachment. Midland has not been this united since Emperor Gaiseric's rule of the realm half a century ago.

    To the east is the region known as Xing, home of the mysterious and powerful Kushan Empire. Little is known about Kushans or their rumored military might, but the rest of the world will soon have a firsthand education...

    To the south, the great desert is said to once have been home to the mighty city-state of Xerxes. However, the only sign of such a city today is a series of desert ruins hinting at some great catastrophe. The great desert is occupied by the Ishvalans, a people composed of scattered tribes which have been exploited by Amestrians and Kushans alike.

    The Cosmology:
    Humans subconciously influence their surroundings. Together as a whole, they determine the shape of the world. This influence is in a way responsible for the presence of "hell", or the nether realm filled with tormented souls. Alchemy, then, draws upon the power of the nether realm to influence our own world; and the nether realm itself draws its power from the suffering and death of humans. Although normally separate worlds, the two planes are linked together through The Gate.

    The gate appears as an ornate construction, possibly of Xerxesian origin, which stands alone in a blank, white emptiness. On the other side lies the nether realm. Depending on the circumstances, one of several things may happen. First off, the gate always appears when one dies. The doors swing open, and a torrent of souls reach out towards the deceased. Some, unwilling to die even after the fact, decide not to enter and instead wander off into the blank emptiness, seeking a way to return to their world. This is how ghosts come to be.

    The second way for the gate to appear requires the use of the philosopher's stone. Philosopher's stones, or as the Ishvalans call them, Behelits, are legendary items; translucent red egg-shaped stones in the shape of a human face, which grant vast alchemical power and even provide instinctive insights into the fundamental working of alchemy. According to the rumors, only the most skilled of philosophers can create a perfect stone; but even flawed stones are still quite powerful. In reality, all Behelits are "imperfect." They can achieve their perfect form in order to open the gate, but only when certain criteria are met. They must be in contact with the blood of the one who holds the stone, and that person must subconciously offer to make a deal with the nether realms despite possessing an instinctive comprehension of the terrible price to be paid. In this case, when the gate is called it remains closed but one or more of the god hand will appear to offer the deal to the behelit's wielder, usually obscured as a silhouette. If the person accepts the term and sacrifices those who were dear to them, then the power of the nether realms will be bestowed upon them and they will become an apostle.

    The third way to call the gate is through alchemy. When an alchemist attempts to access the nether realm, usually by trying to bring the dead back to life, they find themselves at the gate like to those who use a behelit. However, in this case the god hand is far more open in their negotiations- and the hapless alchemist has none of the instinctive clues as to the danger of their situation. While they can make the alchemist into an apostle, they can also grant other requests for other prices. The most common form of this is to open the gate only a fraction, giving the alchemist a momentary glimpse- enough to gain instinctive insights into the secrets of alchemy, but not enough to understand the full horror that lies beyond. The price of this is usually some part of the alchemist's body, which the God Hand can use in the creation of homunculi.

    The God Hand have two ways of manifesting themselves in the material world. They may create a termporary form out of whatever is present at the site- intestines, dead rats, etc. The only other option is to come into this world as a Homunculus. This is an extremely elaborate process requring a living body in the nether realm (Usually composed of parts given by foolish alchemists, though there are other methods) and an event duplicating the eclipse in the material realm. Currently, three of the seven members of the God Hand are manifest as homunculi: Femto and the two rebellious members, the Skull Knight and Ganishka.

    Character Changes:
    > or <: The 'greater' character is largely unchanged, but also occupies a role similar to the one their 'lesser' counterpart does in the other manga.
    =: The two characters will combine their characteristics.
    For your reference: and

    Guts>Scar: The brand on gut's neck is part of an elborate pattern burned across his back, shoulder and right arm, although thankfully the rest of the pattern doesn't bleed. His vendetta against monsters also includes alchemists somewhat. And is arm is automail, which basically just explains how it works as well as it does.
    Isidoro<Edward Elric: Only recently a Knight-Alchemist, Ed is still inexperienced, especially emotionally. His travels with Guts will be a large part of his emotional development. His automail is less streamlined, but still quite functional.
    Azan=Major Armstrong: Still wears armor and accompanies Farnese, although the helmet design is rather distinctively Armstrongian in shape, including the mustache.
    Godo=Dominic: He lives in a secluded area and rarely makes automail, but he's damn good at it.
    Erica>Paninya: The little girl does have automail legs, and doesn't quite realize how hard her kicks are.
    Mozgus>Father Cornello: Still an inquisitor of the church, but he takes a more active roll in managing the camps around the tower.
    Farnese>Rose: Ed interacts with farnese in a similar fasion to Rose.
    Silat=Ling Yao: More easygoing than Silat, less lackadaisical than Ling. Doesn't have that whole thing with Greed occur. Prince of a disgraced clan, which of course alters his motivation.
    Schierke>Mei Ling: She still practices Witchcraft, but is a tad more enthusiastic (if not knowlegdeable). This is not to say that the events with Flora won't affect her.

    The God Hand/The Truth/The Heralds of Sin, in order of creation:
    Skull Knight>Wrath
    Emperor Ganishka>Greed

    Caska: Like Guts, also branded in a more elaborate fashion.
    King Bradley: An apostle, albeit a damn strong one.
    Winry Rockbell: Apprenticed to Dominic/Godo.
    Roy Mustang: Fought the old Band of the Hawk, and was defeated. Currently serves on the field, but will end up joining the Neo-Band of the Hawk with his unit when he sees the threat the Kushans pose. Is actually being groomed to become an apostle by sacrificing his men. . .
    Riza Hawkeye: Guns in this period have very poor accuracy. She uses a bow.

    Where you guys come in:
    I welcome whatever feedback and questions you guys have on the choices I've made, of course, but at this point my major question is the handling of the God Hand- especially who should be associated with which of the seven deadly sins. Personally, I felt like Griffith should be associated with the sin of Envy, but there are several other interpetations (such as Pride).

    P.S: Plot points coming soon, including an outline of the Chapter of the Birth Festival.

    P.P.S: I know it's big, sorry. Those of you with short attention spans may wish to just look at the Character Changes to start out.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2006
  2. ydraliskos minimal

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    Mar 24, 2005
    If you dare do gutts x Ed or some shit I'll find where you live and come kill you.

    Consider yourself warned XD
  3. Dagda_Mor I really need more sleep.

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    Jan 9, 2005

    No, but I am considering Winry x Rickert and Ed x Shierke. (Although I wouldn't just have them "end up together" like a pairing fanfic).