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Shino vs Shikamaru

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by Vance, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Vance

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    Sep 11, 2006
    The Hidden Leaf villaige is very quiet today. The skys are cloudless, the trees have no birds, or squirrels running about. The stores have closed for the day, since no business has been brewing anyway. It's just a gloomy, slow day. In the distance of the road, three ninja appear, slowly walking down the high road. It's Team 9, Shino, Kiba, and Hinata. The three ninja look odd, since Shino is spooky, and Kiba is outgoing, and Hinata is just plain shy. Despite their differences, they get along well, and have become an extreamly effective team.

    "So, Shino, what are you going to do? I mean, were supposed to have fun, and since Kurenai is at a meeting, we have training." Kiba says. Shino thinks this over for a minute, and answers plainly. "I'm going to look around, ya' know, read and maybe look for some new Jutsus to learn." Hinata stops fidgeting with her hands, but ends up fidgeting with her shirt. Hinata is more nervous than anybody, today was the day she was supposed to meet Naruto and his team for a picnic, but this was the day her and her team were to have fun, what should she do?

    "Come on Shino, your always so boring...... Hey! I know, how about we go bother Naruto and his friends!" Kiba excitingly exclaimes. Hinata gasps. Maybe she could see Naruto, and play with her frineds after all. Shino shrugs her shoulders, and mutters. "I don't know.... Okay, but if things start to get boring, I'm out." Hinata springs out of her idgeting state, into her excited happy smile. "Thats a great idea!" Kiba looks over at Hinata, who is blushing and fidgeting yet again. "Alright." Kiba announces happily, holding a fist up to his chest. "Lets go!!! Yahoooo!" Akamaru barks and woofs in excitement. Team 9 dissapears into the air.

    *To IndigoSkies. Continue if you want, let me know, because I think it could be pretty good if we both work on the story.

    Okay, here's some more fanfic

    Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are walking up a hill. Naruto is carrying a basket, full of yummy ramen and other Japanese treats. Sasuke is brining a bottle of Pepsi, and a few mini cups. Sakura is just looking at the sky. "So, we eat, then take a swim, and then we go train." Sasuke says, being annoyed at the fact that he has to waste time eating and playing. Naruto shoots Sasuke a look so cold it could freeze someone there on the spot.

    "If you don't want to be here, you don't have to.... Me and Sakura could have fun together." Naruto grins. Sakura gives a look of utter disgust, inside her, her Inner Sakura is screaming "Cha!!!! He better not even think about it!" Sasuke turns back. "Fine. I'm outta here." he says without a care. Sakura jumps in the air, and runs after Sasuke. "Wait!!!!!! You can't go!!!!!" Sakura screams like she was about to lose a million dollars. She grasps Sasuke's arm tightly, but loosens her grip after she realizes what a fool she made of herself. "Um. You can't go because......... Um....... Oh yeah!" she smiles as she snaps her fingers.

    "You can't go because we're a team, and teamates have to stay together." she cheerfully smiles, and sighs. Her Inner Sakura is gasping. "Cha! That was a close one!" Sasuke rolls his eyes, and says "Fine, I'll stay, but only a little while." Naruto is heartbroken. "Yay!! Sasuke is staying." Sakura cheers, she jumps up and down, and hugs Sasuke, who is now embarresed. "Sakura... Your hurting me!" he grunts as he feels air escape from his lungs. Sakura steps back, and Sasuke gasps for air. The three Genin sit down to a quiet lunch. Sakura keeps asking Sasuke questions, who ignores her. Naruto is pouting and burning up. Suddenly, their peaceful lunch is shattered by six ninja.

    Heres more....

    Sasuke stands up, ready for battle, so does Naruto, wielding a kunai. The ninjas stop, and chuckle. Well, five chuckle, one just stands there, no emotion. The ninjas are Shikamaru, Ino, Kiba, Choji, Hinata, and Shino. Sasuke sighs a breath of relief. The rest of them continue laughing, they finally stop, when Sakura starts to steam. "What are you doing here?" Sakura moans. They explain how they decided to play a trick on them, since the day was boring. "I have an idea!" Shikamaru announces. The rest of them look at him.

    "Lets have a mini tournament, just us, to see who of us rookies, is truly the strongest!" Everyone nods, especially Sasuke, who wants to have a match with Kiba. The battles are made by all the ninja writing their names on a piece of paper, and putting it in a hat, Hinata, however, said she didn't want to fight. "Okay, thats better, it evens it out." Ino cheerfully said. The battles were made like this. Shino vs Shikamaru/ Kiba vs Sasuke/ Ino vs Naruto/ Sakura vs Choji. Everyone was chatting, "Sakura complained. "I want to fight you Ino!" Choji got mad. "I want to fight Shikamaru!" Shino stood there, emotionless, when Shikamaru screamed. "Shut up!!!!!!!" The Genin quieted down.

    "I'm the only Chuunin here, so I'll decide the first match, me vs Shino. Everyone nodded, and let the two have enough space for a battle. "This will never work." Shino quietly said. Shikamaru agreed, so, hey made their way down to the Chuunin fields. "Mmmm.What do you kids want?" the old Chuunin who was guarding the entrance mumbled. Shikamaru explained. "We want to have a little practice." The old big man smiled, allowing the kids to go in. The two brilliant strategists took their places, with the other 6 Genin watching from the stands. Shino called his bugs to the field. A swarm of black insects emerged from Shino's arms, they floated in the air, ready for battle. Shikamaru got into battle position. Naruto coudn't help it, he always wanted to say it, and now was his chance.

    "Begin!!" Nobody cared what Naruto was doing, because the battle was already heating up. Shikamaru launched his shadow, while Shino jumped onto a high tree branch. Shikamaru grunted, and sent his shadow up the tree. Shino gasped, but jumped down. Carefully avoiding the killer shadow, Shino made his way to Shikamaru, who was smiling. "Triple shadow Jutsu!!" Shikamaru laughed. Two more strands of shadow emerged from Shikamaru's main shadow. Shino gasped again, jumping up, he dodged the second shadow, but was caught by the third. "Gotcha!" Shikamaru smiled. Shino's bug's abandoned him, running off into the forest. "You traitors!!!" Shino howled. Shikamaru smiled, focusing all his shadows to Shino, he could kill him using the "Konoha Speacial Technique: True Shadow Binding Jutsu." "You lose, Shino." Shikamaru grins.

    *I'll stop here, tell me if you want to read more. If you do, I'll write more:oh
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