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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (April 8th 2022)

Fleet Admiral Akainu

Well-Known Member
just watched the first one

just an awesome film, i cant believe i slept on this these past months

i had no idea jim carrey was in this before viewing which just enhanced my enjoyment not expecting a classic performance from the legend

the film was hilarious and had heart. Cant wait for the sequel.

The Big G

King Of The Monsters
I'm generally curious to see in what direction they go with the film.

We know Tails is going to be in it. But beyond that there's really been no hints as to what the story will be about.

Will it be some hodgepodge of S2, SCD & S3&K? Or will it go off in its own direction?

Will we see more "Mobians" other than Sonic and Tails? Knuckles? Amy Rose?

How will Tom & Maddie factor in? How much will be set on Earth as opposed to Sonic's world?
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