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Strongest opponents Adult Sakura can beat and weakest she loses to?

Discussion in 'Naruto Battledome' started by Gin Ichimaru's Shadow, May 14, 2018.

  1. Architect of the Works of Beauty

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    Jan 18, 2018
    How can one be a Genjutsu user if one can't cast it?
    She might be evasive and perceptive, but she don't seem to have a slightly above average speed to me.And if she can't blitz anyone she is useless as there aren't many kage level shinobi who engage solely in HTH combat and those who do aside from Hidan and Tsunade do it better than Sakura.
    Sakura's jutsu has formidable strength but they are useless until she can hit anyone with it.
    stamina goes to Sakura. Intelligence probably too. Kabuto noticed her when there was left about 3-4 meters between him and Kuro falling from above and she considered him to be slow. Other you mentioned are unknown. The feats she already have are enough for Kuro to win in a 1 v 1 fight against Sakura and have a better performance against others as her jutsu are better (both nin and gen) as she caught Kabuto with yoton + suiton and Kinshiki with Yoton.
    That must've been just a combined effort to increase the power/depth/scale of the jutsu.
    You said Katsuyu is indestructible.
    Kakashi couldn't cut through V2 Jins' cloak.
    I did. He is quite fast for a summon, but nothing to suggest he is faster or notably than chunin-jonin, who in any case wouldn't need to be as fast as him anyway as manda was dodging that all despite his size and blitzed Katsuyu, which shinobi who are far smaller don't need to blitz.
    I feel exactly the same about you. Another Tsunade wanker with a BS nonsense.
    It didn't reach Manda.
    your statement: "acid is unavoidable". I told you Manda on panel avoided it.
    Who is not worthy of being debated with, uh?
    you didn't. You just she doesn't have a double air palm. That doesn't somehow make her not to be able to half replicate her father's feat with one hand.
    I am getting tired from your short memory and sillyness.
    Sakura can do nothing aside from wrecking area, thrusting her into CQC or asking Katsuyu to spit acid.
    Sakura isn't dodging Kuro's attacks when she is the one who rushes into her ninjutsu and when Kuro caught Kabuto.
    Stamina, intelligence and strength which is useless both against her and other kage levels? She isn't a genjutsu user. She can only repel it.
    Again, Hinata outclasses Sakura in taijutsu, vision, hax/debuffs, range. Strength, Durability and Intelligence goes to Sakura. As Hinata's arsenal is more useful against both Sakura and other shinobi she outclasses Sakura.

    Kyubi cloak amplifies the strength of the attack by ~3 times.
    Keep telling her air palm is of the size of her palm.
    and what would the impact do to Hinata? Send her flying on the piece of rock? Impressive.
    359 degree vision won't save Hinata from combined attacks and Sakura's attempt to get closer? It will.
    And I am not taking Sakura being physically stronger than kunoichi of her age and posture should be, until it will be revealed she is another relative of Senju or implanted Hashi's DNA in her body or stated.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  2. Architect of the Works of Beauty

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    Jan 18, 2018
    how long had she been active for?
  3. AdamWiz The Great Katsuyu-sama

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    Jun 11, 2017
    So, no proof that she can’t do anything other than release genjutsu? Got it.

    She doesn’t need to blitz anyone. And by the way, remember when she punched the fission being, sending it flying at high speed, and caught up with it in a matter of seconds? That’s a nice speed feat, something Kurotsuchi and Hinata don’t have.

    Didn’t she destroy the debris without touching it in the movie? What’s to say that a full-powered ground punch won’t kill anyone standing around her?
    So, that’s the only “speed feat” Kurotsuchi has?

    She caught Kinshiki and Kabuto with the help of her teammates.
    In the anime, we saw one user do it and it was small.
    Still hard to damage.
    What can I say, inconsistent feats.
    Hinata has absolutely no speed feats. You can’t even compare her to anyone when she isn’t shown to be fast herself.

    Manda was able to dodge the acid because the acid didn’t dwarf him. Can’t say the same to Hinata.
    Never mentioned Tsunade here once.
    It reached his location. Never said it hit him.
    It’s still gonna catch most characters bar those who are fast enough or have shields.
    You don’t have proof, don’t try to support this argument.
    They as in Kurotsuchi. “A kage level opponent” is kurotsuchi but genderless, which is why i used “they”.
    She also has superior speed, intelligence, stamina and strength. And her CES is enough to take Kurotsuchi down.
    Hinata’s arsenal is only offensive. Sakura has a both offensive and defensive arsenal.

    Her having Jyuken and Byakugan is not as useful as having destructivle capabilities and medical ninjutsu.
    Her air palm is of the size of her palm.
    Using a feat where she was heavily implified is desperate at this point.
    It would kill her, like it did with some of the Juubi fissions bar the giant ones.
    It won’t save her from things she can’t defend herself from. Unless she can jump fast away enough, she’s not surviving the impact.
    I already said that I don’t take it seriously, and your statement that CES grants the user great lifting strength is still vague.
  4. AdamWiz The Great Katsuyu-sama

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    Jun 11, 2017
    Sakura was promoted at the age of 19.

    Hinata was an active kunoichi until she either married Naruto or gave birth to Boruto.
  5. Architect of the Works of Beauty

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    Jan 18, 2018
    releasing genjutsu is the basic skill available for many, but not every of them are genjutsu user. Here is your proof.
    speed feat for mini juubi to suggest Sakura's speed feat is that of above common shinobi's?
    Fire dragons crushed through the ceiling of uchiha hideout but did little to Itachi's hand.
    Kakashi got hit through several trees and fought well after that.
    I think you got it.
    yes, she is almost featles, just like Sakura.
    I brought Kinshiki to show she doesn't need to combine yoton with sution.
    Naruto anime isn't canon.
    No inconsistensy here, just hyperbole.
    Comparing her speed at least to chunin level is flawless I think.

    The bigger you are the harder you avoid.
    If Sakura was in Hinata's position here I bet you would be making a case for her dodging it like she did with Satetsu.
    all the same.
    it would reach his past location eventually, so...
    Also, manga depicte it that as manda reached katsuyu the moment her acid reached the ground
    Most chunins? Maybe.
    No, it's not.

    not speed.
    no, unless she lands a hit.
    air palm is also defensive.
    having destructive capabilities is the most useless ability to have if you can't land a fit on your opponent.
    Byakugan 360 (as well as X-ray and zoom) vision is almost OP.
    Hinata has options to hit opponent at short-mid range with air palm, hitting their vitals then finish their tenketsu/drain their chakra.
    And it seemed like you were talking about kage level opponent in general, then narrowed it down to Kuro's two jutsus.
    mini juubis are canon fodders.
    What shinobi Sakura ever killed with punching the ground?
    as well as I do.
    but it makes sense.
    4th Great War ended 14-15 years prior to Boruto series.
    Boruto is 12.
    Hinata was 16 when war ended. So, she was 18-19 y.o. when she retired.
  6. Speedyamell Respect hardwork

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    May 15, 2017
    Tsunade uses seal chakra to be vital at all.
    Sakura is a young human at her peak.

    Was tsunade bisected & could still stay alive to summon katsuyu? Yes impressive.
    On the other hand even if we pretend sakura can't do it,even tho it was highlighted that tsunade's will was drilled into her, she still has better regeneration & stamina.
    Tsunade didn't use byakugo healing because it was almost totally depleted & she had to save the other kage. Which katsuyu was better for. Sakura if put in that exact situation,would have been able to heal herself with mitotic regeneration & still summon katsuyu to heal the others,vitality doesn't give tsunade an advantage over someone with more chakra & healing power than her,not to mention its harder for sakura to get caught in such situation,since she is faster,she can avoid such level of damage.
  7. Matto Chosen One

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    Jun 13, 2007
    I didn't say that Tsunade was better than Adult Sakura. I was only refuting the point about Sakura having better vitality.

    If Sakura already has Strength of a Hundred - Creation Rebirth active, she can survive almost anything, anyway.
  8. Alita54 Alita>You

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    Apr 6, 2010
    If sakura is in her byogou state and has katsuyu then she can definitely beat...

    -Any ninja that isn't kage tier(This should be obvious. And a big lol at hinata beating her.)

    -Sasori(She already was giving sasori problems at the start of shippuden when she was substantially weaker and even took out his best puppet.)

    -Kakuzu(Even his doton armor can't take a punch from her considering tsunade could damage madara's incomplete susano. And she can tank/regen from anything he throws at her. And he can't restrain her with his strings since she is much stronger physically in that state.)

    -4th kazekage(The punch she used against the juubi clones alone would probably kill him and completely disperse his gold dust.)

    -3rd kazekage(Considering her performance against sasori in a much weaker state.)

    -Hebi Sauce(Outside of kirin he can do nothing to her. Genjutsu is very doubtful to work considering her skill in seeing through and dispersing it.)

    -Orochimaru without ET(Like kakuzu he has no way to put her down and he can't tank hits from her.)

    -Tsunade(She was portrayed as superior to her even by War Arc. Adult sakura should only be stronger.)

    -Mei(Mei potentially could kill her via melting her but the punch she used against the juubi clones would at least stun her to give sakura a opening and she has no real answer to it.)

    -Old Hiruzen(Same as orochimaru. Shiki fujin would be a last resort but he would likely be dead before using it and it would only give him a stalemate anyways at best.)

    -Base Minato(Gonna probably get a lot of shit over this but outside of a stalemate via shiki fujin he has no way to put her down. A regular rasengan isn't doing shit to her no matter how many times it is used while a punch from her has the range and firepower to easily kill him. A prolonged battle of minato trying to play keep away from her will go in her favor as she has way more chakra and stamina.)

    People she can arguably but with no guarantees defeat...

    -SM Jiraiya(I say this mostly cause Byougou Tsunade can probably give him at least a mid to high diff fight and sakura is superior to her.)

    -SM Naruto(She got less of a chance here then against jiraiya but it's not by any means impossible odds for her. Naruto can only really put her down with a FRS and maybe frog song.)

    -SM Kabuto without ET(This is another I'll probably get shit over but it's hard to see how kabuto can put her down outside maybe V2 manda and maybe the flute genjutsu.)

    -KN4(If you consider sakura's light novel canon she could beat it in a similar way she beat the fake jin in the novel tho that jin didn't have as impressive feats from what I remember. His bijuu bomb was very small for example. Even without them she still has a good shot to damage KN4 with her attacks considering even incomplete susano can't tank them.)

    -Bijuu form kinkakku and ginkakku(Depending on how strong you think these 2 are. Kinkakku had 6 tails in his bijuu form so he's arguably comparable to KN6 which would be too much for sakura but that can be argued over.)

    -Danzou without Koto(If he cuts her head off he can kill her imo since sakura hasn't shown the ability to regen a whole head but I doubt he'll do that right off the bat and sakura is pretty smart it likely won't be long for her to catch on to Izanagi considering even Karin could mostly figure it out. Once she figures it out danzou will be screwed.)

    -Deidara(His long range fighting style gives him a big edge over sakura but between her regen and katsuyu is questionable/debatable how he can even kill her outside of the suicide move.)

    -War Arc Gaara(Flight gives him an edge over her but it will be near impossible for him to hold her down with anything which would need to be done in order to seal her. Sand burial on a wide scale might work but it still requires him holding her down/restraining her which will be very hard.)

    -Kisame(Could go either way imo.)

    -Gengetsu(If she can figure out how to deal with the clam genjutsu she has a shot but it's unlikely.)

    People she is unlikely to beat or gets outright stomped by...

    -KCM Naruto(He's mostly on another level to SM Naruto who sakura is going to have a hard time with at minimum.)

    -Any V2 jin(KCM Naruto was getting overwhelmed and out sped by the V2 jins during the war so sakura is not keeping up at all and they can probably decapitate her with their attacks considering V2 bee blew a hole into kisame and he's more durable than sakura imo.)

    -MS Itachi(She would need full knowledge and even then if she is caught by tsuyokomi or amateratsu or totsuka or koto she is screwed and it's gonna be hard to avoid that stuff completely even with full knowledge.)

    -MS sauce(Same as itachi but she has a better chance here since he has far less hax. With full knowledge it's a 50% chance for her imo.)

    -Kakashi(Only if it's pain arc or above and only if he goes for kamui from getgo.)

    -EMS Sauce(Should be obvious.)

    -Any full bijuu(Don't see her or katsuyu surviving a serious bijuu bomb from a full bijuu.)

    -3rd Raikage(She can't harm him and he can cut her head off. I'm not convinced she can regen a whole head.)

    -4th Raikage(She can kill him but he's faster and can cut her head off.)

    -Muu(Can erase his presence and jinton would destroy her whole body beyond her regen since there would be nothing left. Doubt katsuyu could survive either.)

    -Onoki(Portrayed as strongest of 5 kage against madara nevermind flight and jinton.)

    -BM Naruto(Should be obvious.)

    -Boruto era kages(They can hold their own against god tiers.)

    You should get the point from here. So strongest she may beat would be MS sauce and weakest she may lose to is deidara.
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